She’s got the power

Come over, I got something to show you.

That was the text you had received from Riley, your best friend, and the girl you had a crush on since the 7th grade. Both of you were currently enrolled at the same university. Riley’s family were well off, and she had her own off-campus apartment.

Riley had become your friend, after she defended you against the school bully, Travis. He might have been bigger and dumber than anyone else at the school, but he was as paralyzed as any boy would be when the hottest girl in school started to scold him. Ever since, the two of you had been so close that many mistook the two of you as girlfriend and boyfriend. However, you had never worked up the courage to tell Riley your true feelings.

After school, you rushed over to Riley’s place. Arriving at the upscale apartment complex, you rushed up the stairs and knocked on her door. She called out for you to come in, as she laughed and giggled.

“What’s so funn…?” You lost your words, when you saw Riley. Something was off, and it wasn’t just the majority of her clothes. The skimpy schoolgirl outfit she was wearing was showing off an ass that looked bigger and firmer than usual.

“Danny! I’m so happy you’re here. My dad sent me this bracelet, and when I put it on, my butt grew to the size I’ve dreamt of having for so long.” She laughed, and slapped her own ass in an overly dramatic gesture. “You gotta touch it, Danny. It feels incredible.”

The closest you had ever gotten to touching that sexy butt was the movie nights where she had fallen asleep in your lap, with your arm wrapped around her.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Riley. Are you feeling alright? I’ve never heard of bracelets giving people magical butts.” You half joked, as always.

“Oh, but it’s so much more than my ass, Danny. I can change my body in any way I want. Look at this!” Her face was flushed with excitement, as she seemed to tense her body and close her eyes.

Riley seemed to shimmer for a moment, as if she was flickering in and out of existence several times per second. Each time, you caught a glimpse of her, she looked a little different. Her hair was turning jet black, the outfit she was wearing simply became a pink top, and her complection was getting more tanned. Lastly, her breasts were growing from the perfectly flat chest that Riley was always complaining about, to a pair of big perky tits.

“What do you think, Danny? Do you like me as a busty Latina stripper?” Riley voice asked from the mouth of an unfamiliar Hispanic woman, sitting on her couch. Her top was unable to contain her new full tits, which sat high and perky on her chest. Riley’s plump ass was emphasized when she climbed on the couch, and got on her knees.

You struggled to form coherent thoughts and words, as you kept staring at her sexy curves.

“Riley, you look incredible! I mean, you always look incredible, but you’re so different. Also, your tits are out!” You gestured towards her chest, and made a half-assed attempt to cover your eyes.

She laughed at your theatrics, and turned to face you, legs spread revealing her bald pussy.

“oh my gosh, you’re right. My boobs are exposed, and there you are, just staring at them. That’s not fair.” She smirked and snapped her fingers. Your zipper flew open, and your erect penis immerged triumphantly. Panic coursed through you, at the embarrassment of Riley seeing your dick.

“Don’t be shy, I wanna see your little friend.” She mused, and made a flurry a gestures. “Or maybe I should call him your big friend?” She locked eyes with you, and gave you a comforting smile.

You felt your body relax and the embarrassment leave your mind. Soon, you felt the tip of your cock hit the back of your hand, which you were using to hide it from Riley. The feeling of flexing and relaxing muscles made you look down at your crotch, just in time to see your cock growing at an alarming rate.

The shock of seeing the expanding rod made you instinctively grasp it with both hands. You soon found, that the growth meant that your hands were moving further and further apart, as you cock grew bigger than your arm.

“Wow, Danny! Your cock is gigantic! It’s much too big for a little Latina slut like me. Only an experienced MILF would be able to handle that beast.” With that, Riley’s body began to shimmer and shift again.

Her top split into two parts, that became a set of sexy lingerie. The ass that Riley had dreamt off grew, becaming fuller and thicker. You saw her face transform, as it took on the mature features of a beautiful MILF. Finally, her tits began to expand, and quickly doubled in size.

Riley looked down at her self, and ran her hands across her body.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Now get on the couch, young man. I need that huge cock in my mouth.” Riley demanded in the tone of a mom scolding her son.

You were speechless at your own cock growth, and Riley’s transformation, as you promptly did as you were told and sat down. Riley didn’t hesitate. She pounced on you, dragging her huge tits across you throbbing cock, before she opened her mouth as wide as possible and ramming your dick down her throat.

She moaned and gagged at the invading member. Your wildest wishes were coming true. Not only was the girl of your dreams choking herself on your cock, but she was in the body of the perfect MILF.

Riley continued to fuck her own throat, as she furiously fingered her pussy.

Finally, she pulled her head back with a gasp.

“I know how much you loved that, Danny. I’ve always known how much you wanted my body, but now it’s my turn. I want this fat cock inside my horny pussy, so sit back, and watch me bounce this big juicy ass on you.” Riley sneered, as she grasped the base of your cock with one hand, and used the other to jerk off your spit-covered dick.

She got up, and turned around while she stuck out her big ass. She spread her legs, to stand on either side of your legs, before she lowered herself down. Your cock was hard as a rock, and neither one of you needed to help line it up, as Riley’s pussy made contact, and slowly started to swallow your giant rod.

Riley took a quick breath through her teeth, when your cock started to stretch her tight cunt. The massive size would normally make it impossible to penetrate any women, but you figured that Riley had made some modifications to her body, which made it a perfect fit.

Bounce after bounce, Riley was forcing more and more of your cock inside her. Each time she bottomed out, a low moan escaped her throat. Finally, the last bounce made a wet smack, as she managed to hide your huge cock, inside her body.

For a moment, she stared down at her pussy, almost seeming proud of their shared accomplishment. Then she started to rock back and forth. The movement made her pussy grab and massage your giant member. You couldn’t help but gasp at the feeling of the a dream coming true, in a way you could never have imagined.

“We made it, Danny. Now let’s see what this body can do.” Riley said, and glanced at you over her shoulder. Immediately, she lifted her magnificent ass up, until only your tip remained inside her, before she slammed down again. The sensation of your cock instantly filling her tight hungry pussy made the two of you scream in orgasmic bliss.

But she needed more. Riley worked up a steady rhythm, and soon she was riding you in earnest while she laughed and screamed in ecstasy. You felt her pussy throbbing and pulsating as she came, time after time. Despite her rolling orgasms, she never slowed down or stopped.

It didn’t take long before you felt your own orgasm approaching. The tightness in your balls signaled the sizable load that was about to be released. You pulled out of Riley, and brought her to her knees.

She begged and lapped at the tip of you cock, as you stroked it before her face. Finally, you felt the first massive load flowing through the tremendous length of your giant cock. Riley opened her mouth in anticipation, just as a big glob of cum blasted down her throat. She drank it down, like a hungry slut, as load after load landed on her face and covered her still growing tits.

When you finally recovered from the biggest orgasm of your life, you looked down at Riley, who was licking her lips and fingers clean from your thick jizz.

“I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun with this bracelet, Danny. Thank you for satisfying my slutty body. Would you mind doing it again, right now?” Riley smiled and blew you a kiss.

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