Welcome to the Family

Kim loved Frank, far more than she had ever thought capable.

The late 30s business woman had sealed herself off romantically for most of her adult life, embracing the whispered sneers of Ice Queen and Dragon Lady. If her peers wanted to throw stereotypes at her, she’d give them reason to fear and respect her, God damn it. Kim knew her stunning looks turned heads, and the Asian-American woman knew when to leverage her assets.

Then Frank came along. He was warm and patient and handsome. Sure, he was almost 15 years older, but he was fit and charming. A silver Fox through and through.

So here Kim was, likely only months away from a proposal, successful and happy. Everything was perfect.

Everything, except for Frank’s 16 year old daughter, Amy.

Kim knew how ridiculous it was to hate a kid, no matter how bratty and spoiled they were. Amy had been raised mostly by Frank’s ex, a high school sweetheart that had drifted so deep into white-trash that she’d lost custody after being busted for selling meth two years ago.

But Amy was unbearable. She’d hated Kim from the moment they’d met. She’d throw tantrums whenever Kim went out with Frank, crying and screaming to pull at her father’s heartstrings. And as much as Frank tried to be a stern parent, Amy’s behavior was too much for any reasonable human not to bend.

Kim dreaded the thought of living with Amy. She knew the brat would do anything to sabotage her potential step-mother.

Which is why Kim showed up mid-day to Frank’s house. It was shortly after 3, and Fank wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours. Amy answered the door, still in her school uniform. To the unknowing eye, she looked like a picturesque angle of young adolescence; blonde, thin, with a face foretold a supermodel-like beauty.

Which made the first words out of her mouth all the more sour.

“Well, if it isn’t my dad’s Asian whore.”

Kim winced a little but ignored the insult. She’d grown used to Amy’s awful jabs flew whenever she father was out of earshot.

“Actually, I came to see you today, Amy.” Kim brushed past the diminutive hellion to the foyer, closing the front door behind her. “I have a gift for you, actually.”

Kim pulled necklace from her purse. A huge Jade stone sparkled in an ornate silver socket.

Before Kim could even offer it over, Amy snorted dismissively and snatched the jewel from her hand.

“Looks like a fucking fake piece of shit.”

Kim bit her tongue. The necklace was an heirloom, given to her by her great-grandmother. But she didn’t need Amy’s approval. No this gift was a trap, one she felt dirty setting, even for this brat.

While she was never a superstitious person, Kim had seen and believed the power of the gem Amy now held. Her great-grandmother had barely been able to articulate the myth behind the relic, but Kim understood enough; it was what some mystics referred to as a Seige Perilous.

Whenever the necklace was adorned, the wearer would become the truest version of themselves. For Kim, wearing it all these years had transformed her from a mousy klutz to a graceful woman.

If Kim had ever said it out loud in conversation, she admit how silly it all was. Probably just placebo effect and self confidence.

But deep down, Kim knew it was the necklace. It was true magic, and maybe just the push this immature little shit needed to grow the hell up.

Amy eyed the jewel, almost looking hypnotized in the sparkles dancing off her pretty face.

“You should try it on, I’m sure it would look wonderful with your complexion-” Kim started.

Amy blinked out of her trance, and in one quick motion, threw the necky to the ground.

Kim tried to yell, to stop her, but in a flash, Amy stomped with all her weight on the priceless jewel.


Amy’s face twisted into a devilishly smug grin.

“Ha! I knew it was a fake, you bitch!” Amy twisted the toe of her shoe into the shattered remains.

Kim feel to her knees, her hands at her mouth. This little monster had stomped on it! What had she done!

Amy basking in the look of her father’s girlfriend, as broken as the cheap knock off under her heel, so she didn’t notice the whips of green smoke rising from the ground below her.

Kim did see it though. The whips of emerald clouds encircling the teen; wrapping themselves around the plaid shirt of the school uniform.

“Speechless?” Amy snorted in disgust, unknowingly sucking in the rising cloud of green.

“Oh, oh no.” Kim stammered, not sure what to do, what was happening.

“See, you gold digging whore. You’re just as cheap as your chin-” Amy stopped mid-sentence, struck by a violent coughing fit.

Kim got to her feet, bracing the girl from stumbling over. Amy continue hacking, trying to push her away.

“Get-” COUGH “get away you si-” COUGH “dyke bi-”

Kim felt a phantom force push her back, and Amy suddenly jerked straight upright, lifting her chin and breathing in a deep, impossibly long gasp.

Kim watched as the girl changed, growing and filling in in perverse ways, straining the schoolgirl uniform until it could barely contain the curvaceous form.

Kim stared agape at the girl… no, the WOMAN who stood in front of her. She looked the mirror of Amy, but if Kim hadn’t just witnessed the transformation herself, she’d have though her to be a close relative. Maybe an older sister… who was also a model or porn star.

Amy moaned softly and opened her eyes. Her formerly hazel irises now glowed a bright green. The unnatural sparkle announced the jade jewel had found a new home.

“Mmmm. This mortal… This mortal will do quite nicely.” The thing living in Amy’s body announced in a beautiful, slightly accented voice. “I like the way this pitiful worm thought. Ha! So much hate and poison in her heart!”

Kim fumbled out her phone, to call 911. She didn’t know what to say or how she’d explain this, but she had to-

“Ah, I’ll take that… what’s the word?… Phone.” Amy’s new voice didn’t even command, but Kim felt compelled to pass over the device.

Amy flicked through the screens and punched in a number.

“You-you can’t be-” Kim started to protest.

“Shh.” Amy put a finger to her lips and Kim fell silent, unable to make a sound. “Don’t worry, you little bitch. You’ve got lots of time of suffer for entrapping me… Or rather, since your witch ancestors are long dead, you’ll have to suffer in their place.”

The phone clicked and Amy’s old, sweet voice came out if the thing’s beestung lips.

“Daddy?” It said, not breaking eye contact with Kim. “Something bad happened at school… I’m-I’m really worried. Can you come home? Please daddy?”

Amy smiled at Kim, who looked in silent and frozen in fear.

“Yes daddy. We couldn’t get through to you so Kim picked me up. Can you join us?”

Loosely inspired by a conversation with @adiazjr94

Not sure if I want to continue, as my mind goes in 20 directions from this point.

If anyone is inspired to follow up, I’d be super curious. Perhaps I should post this to CHYOA?

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