Off to School

Today was the day. Your stepdaughter was moving out to spend a year at Catholic college. Everyone agreed that she needed the strict surroundings, to tighten up some of her morals, and keep her straight.

Ever since she turned 18, she had become a magic wielding slut. No one, could explain how she got her powers overnight, or why they seemed to have turned her into a horny teenage bombshell.

It had become a bigger problem, when she started to like older men, and had slept with more than half the faculty at her college.

When you woke up that morning, you made breakfast and finished packing some of Tessa’s belongings in the car.

When you were done, you called out for her, and heard her running down the stairs.

“What do you think?” Tessa asked cheerfully, as she came round the corner.

Your cock was fully erect before your eyes could even register the outfit your stepdaughter was wearing. It vaguely resembled the traditional schoolgirl outfit, but there was some massive difference.

To begin with, Tessa huge tits, which she had given herself with her new powers, strained the material of the tiny white top she was wearing. If it wasn’t because you had ordered the uniform, you would have thought that it was 4 sizes too small, but Tessa’s impossible tits made the traditional shirt look like a stripper’s favourite top.

Equally, the skirt she was wearing was barely hiding her ass. It was short enough, that you could make out the puffy lips of her pussy through her panties, as she spun around, showing you her outfit.

You hadn’t managed to formulate a cohesive sentence, as you were staring at your stepdaughters incredible body, which was being highlighted by your fantasy uniform.

“Hi hi, I’ll take that as a yes, Daddy.” She giggled, and put her finger to her pouting lips.

“Thank you so much for buying it for me, Daddy. I found some underwear that matches it perfectly. Do you wanna see?” She asked, and looked at you with her big beautiful eyes.

“Tessa, don’t do this. This is the reason why you have to go to this special school, sweetheart.” You managed to almost sound sincere, while you tried not to stare as she lifted the front of her skirt.

“I know, Daddy, but I wanted to show you how thankful I am, before I leave.” She said, as she put her skirt back.

Suddenly, she tensed up, which made her huge tits bounce, and smiled as if she just had a great idea.

“You know, Daddy, most of the teachers at my new school are old nuns, who won’t appreciate my abilities. But I know that you do. I’ve seen the way you looked at me, when mom spanked me for fucking Mr. Peterson. You liked that, didn’t you, Daddy?” She said with a twinkle in her eyes and a big smile.

You remembered that moment very well. You wife had been very mad at Tessa, and she had torn off her pants, leaving her with only a G-string covering her young pussy. The spanking only lasted for a few seconds, but they had replayed in slow motion in your head, over and over again. You had noticed how Tessa had stopped yelling out in pain after the first few spanks. After that she began to moan and groan as your wife continued to punish her little slut.

“That’s right, you love my little ass, Daddy.” She teased, as she turned around and stuck out her butt. “Or do you prefer it a little bigger?” She asked, as she looked over her shoulder.

You hadn’t seen this trick before, but as you watched, Tessa’s ass grew into a big juicy bubble-butt. You couldn’t move, as your cock threatened to explode at the sight of your sexy stepdaughter using her powers to tease you with her incredible body.

“I knew you would like that, daddy!” She squealed with glee and bounded up and down.

“If you liked that, I’ll show you my favourite trick, that always gets my professors hard. But first I have a secret, that you have to promise not to tell mom about. Do you promise not to tell her what I’m gonna say or do, daddy?” She said with a serious tone.

At this point, you were glad to be reminded that you even had a wife. Your brain had been reduced to a horny mess, as you barely managed to nod in agreement with Tessa request.

“Good. I don’t know how many of my new teachers I’ll be able to seduce. So before I leave, I want to live out my fantasy. Fucking you, daddy. You’re the reason why I’m horny for older men. Please, daddy. Let me show you all my skills, and then I want you to use me like a little plaything. Will you do that for me?” She asked sincerely.

You hadn’t stopped nodding, and you actually barely heard what she was saying. You only heard the words “fuck” and “plaything”.

She jumped with joy, and threw her arms in the air to hug you. As you embraced, you felt her moving further away from you, yet her tits were still tight squeezed against your chest. As she moved back, you saw her top fall open, which released her tits. 

She had grown. Or rather, her tits had. They were almost twice as big, and you couldn’t take your eyes off your stepdaughters rapidly growing tits. 

“I know you’re a tit-guy, Daddy. Sure you loved it when Mom spanked my naughty ass, but I’ve noticed every time you glanced at my big juicy tits. Well, here you are. I am gonna make them bigger that your wildest dreams, and then I want you to put that big dad cock between them, as I jerk you off.” she said with the eyes of a predator. 

“Sit back, daddy, and watch as your naughty little step daughter grows to into the woman of your dreams.” she offered with a smile. 

As you sat down on the couch, you saw that Tessa’s now had to brace herself on the doorway, as her tits had grown to be the size of her torso. in fact, she continued to grow, far beyond anything you had ever seen.

Soon, she began to walk towards you, swaying her hips in a dramatic fashion, which made her gigantic tits shift from one side to the other.

You had already taken off you pants, when Tessa stood over you. You could barely see her face, past her massive breasts. As you reached up and cupped them with your hands, she moaned out in an incredible release of pleasure.

“Yes, Daddy! Grab my tits. Squeeze them, massage them, do whatever you like. I want to take it slow, and show you want this young and magical body can do.” She panted as she grabbed the sides of her huge tits, and lowered herself to her knees.

Your entire lap, and lower body was covered in her tits, as she reached under them to grab hold of your throbbing cock, which she placed in her incredible cleavage.

“Enjoy the ride, Daddy. I know I will.” She moaned, as she began to jerk your hard rod, with a fantastic breasts.

You did everything you had every dreamed off, that day. Tessa’s tits had grown so big, that she could barely move, so you had taken her from behind. You fucked her dripping, young pussy for hours, before she begged you to shoved your cock in her ass.

Over the next year, you visited Tessa every week, when she was tired of the nuns eating her out, and she needed her Daddy cock.

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