Wish Come True

Danielle was a nice girl, pretty, smart. Everything people like about young adults. She has a boyfriend Called Frank who was a little shy and small but she loved him anyway.

Her and Frank were helping her mother move house, while in the attic packing boxes, Frank finds a very old lamp. He throws it to Danielle, “Hey is this your mom’s?” She takes it and looks at it. “No way! It’s nothing like I’ve seen in this house and I grew up here.” Giving it a rub a big cloud of smoke fills the room and with a flash of light they are stunned. A person only that can be described as a genie is standing in front of the stunned couple. She looks at Danielle. “You have freed me. Since you both held the lamp I will grant each of you 3 wishes. Who would like to go first?”

Danielle looks at Frank in shock and steps forward as she wants to go first. She never really wanted anything for herself but she looks back at Frank and wonders if she can fulfil his life a little more. He has always being shy, it has held him back in his job and his life she decides when will help him.

“What is your first wish?” The genie asks. “I wish Frank was a more assertive.” She sees him turn his head quickly to the side like he has just been hit with something he seems dazed so she makes her other wishes. “I wish he was better with money”. Same again, he looks to be hit and dazed. “And last I wish he was a bit more muscular” she says biting her lip. “Maybe that last one was a bit more selfish” she thinks to herself.

Closing her eyes and turning around to see her new boyfriend. She feels a hand grab her waist and pulling her in before she can open them. It didn’t feel like Frank but it she knew it was him. Opening her eyes after and embracing kiss. Frank looks at her and rubs her cheek softly, he then looks up at the geine and says “I wish Danielle had the body of a stunning blonde bimbo”.

The genie nods and Danielle cannot believes the words the came out of his mouth! She pushes him away but before she can say anything she feels like she has just be hit. She feels her lips plump up and her vision is blurred for a second. The changes stop long enough for her to run to find a mirror. Her lips are so full and sexy, her eyes seem bigger and are now blue. She feels another hit, this time her hair changes to golden blonde. Her waist pulls in and she feels her hips and ass stick out turning around her pants struggles to contain her new figure. She feels her nails grow and change colour, tingling now travels up her arms into her chest she can feel her breast swell, It seems to stop but soon starts again this time like they are being filled. Soon she knows she now has huge fake breasts. She falls to the floor she seems to shake and convulse as the last of the changes take hold. Her skin tans, legs take more shape and lengthen, all blemishes disappear and makeup appears on her new stunning facial features and perfect straight white teeth match her new sex lips, she feels her pussy tighten and expand out to look pump and moisten to match her new lips. She lays there as the changes stop. She tries to stand up but now finds herself wearing high black heels. Stand up and looking in the mirror she sees nothing familiar, that wasn’t her. Black bra, Tight thong and sexy black stockings and suspenders to match is all that covers her. She looks at the geine and back at Frank, cleary with a big erection in his pants and a smile on his face. She turns to the geine in desress “I wish I was back to normal!”

She feels stuck again but this time no changes, she is forced to her knees. “These are not your wishes to make.” Frank walks over to her, dick in hand. “Well Danni, my bimbo, how great you turned out. Thanks for making me a dominate male, maybe you should becareful what you wish for. Now act how your new body looks, like the slut you are or I will give you a mind to match it!” She stares at his cock. Is this something she could be? A bimbo? Her and Frank were very vanilla and nornally just had sex. She puts her new lips around his head and grabs his shaft, she can feel him tense. She tries to take it further but shakes her head and pulls pack. “I can’t this isn’t me!” She cries. Frank pulls her golden hair and forces her back on his cock, to her throat and turns to the geine…“I wish Danni had a submissive personality to suit her new body”. Danni’ s eyes scream and they turn a shade of pink and her vision goes white. Her head fills with pink, cocks and orgasms all she wants now is a cock in each hole. She starts moving her head back and forth on his hard shaft. She starts to moan and suck like a pro. Danielle was gone and the bimbo Danni now exists in her place. She feels Frank ready to cun in her new tailored mouth and grabs his hips and forces herself as far down as she can on his dick. He cums in her mouth she feels a wave of pleasure hit her as she cums herself from the changes taking hold. She pulls herself off kissing the tip of his penis and stands up. “Hey babe thanks for the hot load I love sucking your cock Babe” she giggles and faces the geine. “Thanks for the body, I feel incredible! Frank Babe, what’s your last wish? Let’s get out of here and fuck, I can’t wait to try out this pussy on you.” She kneels down on all fours in front of the mirror and sticks her ass out in his direction and starts to rub her new plump pussy. “Hurry babe I need cock”

“Well let’s see…I have a new body as you wished for me and a personality like you wished for me. Let me think. How do I be better with money? I know, I wish all your friends were exactly like you.” With that said the geine nods as the last wish is granted. The lamp fades away and isn’t anywhere to be seen. Frank laughs as he moves to fuck his new slut in the attic. “I can’t wait to see what the others look like. I’m going to be rich whoring them out.” He grabs the bimbo by her hips and lines up to her ass. “Maybe I’ll whore you out if I like the other girls more” Danni didn’t care nor heard what he said, all she could think about as he pushed himself deep in her was ways to make self sexier for her man. She opens her eyes to see Frank fucking her in the mirror and a dildo appear in the mirror in front of her lips. She opens her mouth and sucks it like before knowing it’s a gift from the geine, she closes her eyes and sinks into bliss as she has everything she wants.

Great first post by @bottlemagic

I’m a sucker for ‘male corrupted’ setup! Hope to see more.

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