Can I look at your crystal pendant again?

Are you sure? Every time I show it to you, it takes you further and deeper.

I want that. I want to go further and deeper.

You need to be careful. Every time I show it to you, its power over you grows stronger.

I know. It’s just that … I want it so much.

Even though it opens you up to my control more and more every time?

Please! I need that!

Very well then. Here, gaze into my crystal pendant.


It is so very beautiful, the sparkles reach deep into your mind.

Deep. Into.

It feels so good to surrender to its sparkles.

Feels. So. Good…. Surrender…

Deeper and deeper


You will go anywhere the crystal takes you.


As I lower it, you will follow it down, deeper.

Down … deeper….

Follow it all the way down. Get on your hands and knees.

Hands and knees.

Follow the crystal. The crystal commands you. The crystal owns you

Owns me…

You belong to the crystal. And the crystal belongs to me.


And while you gaze into the crystal that owns you, on your hands and knees, you can feel yourself changing. Changing. Changing into a dog.


A good doggie, loyal to your master, you adore your master.

Good … doggie…

But even the best dogs can’t talk. they can only bark and growl and wag their tails.

Bark… Arf… Ruff. Ruf-ruf-ruf!

Good doggie!

(source: @russianbimbo; via gigglisgallery)

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