Mrs. Kato by javalar



The new teacher was incredibly young. Apparently she was some kind of super intelligent crack, some “intellectually gifted” or whatnot, who had skipped several grades and then had finished university in no time. Basically, in a nutshell, she was just a few years older than Steve.

But somehow, all that overachievement hadn’t saved her from starting her career at one of the worst schools in the worst neighbourhood. Why she hadn’t applied for a private school, Steve could not imagine. Maybe because of goodwill and the moral urge to help the “difficult youth”, or some stupid stuff like that.

Steve didn’t care. He drooled over her as soon as she set foot into the classroom. Steve was, in basically every aspect, the opposite of “Mrs. Kato”. His grades were abysmal, and he didn’t care. Teachers feared him. More precise: They feared his father. And his whole clan. It was an open secret that Steve belonged to the clan who ruled the streets and the drugs in the city. Even Steve himself feared his own father, it was that fear which kept him at school at all.

But “Mrs. Kato” did not seem to know.

Nobody had told her, apparently. And she was naive enough to treat him just like any other student. Worse: It turned out that the young, innocent looking teacher actually had a quite severe and strict side. Steve didn’t care that much about bad grades (although he had to explain those to his father, and that was a problem), but he cared a lot about being humiliated in front of others. There was a danger in being seen as weak. And recieving a stern lecture from a tiny Asian bitch certainly made Steve look weak. The first time, he was way too surprised to react. And then it was too late. His mates were laughing already.

“I will fuck your ass, cunt!”, he said.

The young woman did not shy away at all. She stared at him, firm. Holding ground. Only when he looked away did Steve realize that he had just lost a staring contest against a fucking girly teacher with slant eyes.

“You just earned yourself some extra homework, Steve, and I want to talk to your father next week”, Mrs. Kato said. Fucking nobody “wanted” to talk to his father! Teachers were happy certainly NOT to talk to his father!! But if she really did, he’d be in big trouble, because, although he was, of course, a mobster, his father had a very strange belief in manners and good grades.

Steve went home, fuming. A part of him still wondered how this could have happened at all, another was filled with rage and hate about that Asian teacher bitch. He so wanted to teach her a lesson!

And why not just break into her house and beat her and rape her? Or assault her in the street? But if his father found out… His father did not care one single bit if Steve mishandled one of the prostitutes in the street – but we would care if Steve misbehaved against a teacher. (Luckily enough, no teacher was really aware of this; they were all way too afraid of his father. The Asian bitch had called his bluff, and he suddenly found himself with an empty hand).

Frustrated, Steve went online. Into the depths of the dark web. His clan owned some porn sites and porn servers that normally only catered to rich people. Like… very rich people, with very exquisite tastes. Steve did have some of the passwords to sidestep the payment. He wasn’t really supposed to, but nobody really cared. He also normally did not use them. Why having stupid weird online sex if you can fuck a real girl? But today, he wanted to humiliate an Asian bitch, and there were none in the city. He logged onto a Japanese server, and clicked on a profile that said “Yumi, 19, submissive, wants to be degraded and abused”.

As the webcam on the other side flickered to life, Steve stared at the picture. For a moment he thought his rage and imagination played a trick on him.

“Well, Mrs. Kato!”, he said then, slowly. “Or should I call you ‘Yumi’?”

His teacher, dressed in some slutty lingerie, froze. “How did you…? How…? This is a Japanese server! You cannot… This is very expensive. It’s impossible, that you… You… I… I…”.

Shock was replaced by fear on the finely chiselled features.

“Please don’t tell anyone!”, she whispered. “This is… just my amusement. I relax when I…”

“Shut the fuck up, Yumi”, Steve said. “I fucking don’t care why you do this or if you need to escape your life as a strict teacher by playing the submissive slut. But if you don’t want the whole school to know about this account, you meet me tomorrow after lessons in the class room. Alone.” He paused. And grinned. “And I want you to wear that slutty stuff under your teacher’s outfit for the whole day.”

Steve logged off.

He knew she would comply.

The next day, Mrs. Kato did not address him once during lessons. But every time she passed by, he imagined the things he would do to her.

After school, she stayed behind, as ordered. Steve closed the door. “Strip, Yumi!”, he said. “Strip for me, and make it look good.”

She did.

As she stood before him, in bra and pantyhose, she was not intimidating at all anymore. She was just a frightened stupid bitch who needed to be taught a lesson. Steve felt his cock rock hard in his pants. He walked over to her.

“Listen, slut”, he said, softly. “I own you. I own you completely. Your cunt, your ass, your body, your soul.”

She shivered and looked down, meekly. She knew he was right.

“Today, I will fuck your brains out, and you will put on a show for me like the submissive little slut that you are. I will spank your ass flaming red to teach you what it means to cross me. And from today on, we will play a game. Every day. The game is called: You obey. Everything I say. If I tell you to come to school with two fucking huge dildos stuffed into your holes, you will do that. If I tell you to get on your knees and suck all my friends in class, you will do that. If I order you to seduce another teacher, you will try everything in your power to do just that. Rest assured the headmaster and your other superiors outside of this school will never find out about any of this, if you play your cards right. You can keep your job and your dignity for the rest of the outside world, but for me, for me and my friends, you are, from today on, our slutty bitch. And I have a very big imagination, believe me. From today on, you will be my cum dump, ‘Yumi’, my slave, my bitch, my fuck doll. I will find million ways to humiliate you and to reward you with my cock. Are we understood?”

She looked up at him, fear in her eyes. Nodding slightly.

“Are we understood, bitch?”

“Yes, sir”, she whispered. She knew the codes. Of course she knew. She played the submissive slut for paying customers online, after all. She probably knew one or two quite interesting things.

“Great”, Steve said, smiling. “Now bend over, spread your cheeks and beg me to assfuck you! And try to stay quiet, before somebody hears you.”

As he rammed his big, hard cock into the whimpering teacher, Steve thanked fate for having sent her to his school.

Totally forgot about this blackmailing story of mine. Maybe some of you have too, so here’s a repost.

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