Change in mind

This is 95% true. Which parts are fantasy I’ll leave ambiguous.

I’m a liberal feminist who has mainly dated Asian girls.

I’ve fucked girls who were Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese. I’ve also slept with two hapas: Korean and Filipina.

I’ve taken virginities and hooked up with ‘lesbians’. I’m usually the first white guy they’ve slept with, always bigger than their other partners.

I keep telling myself it’s just a coincidence. That I’m not getting off on the race aspect.

But deep, down I knew how much I loved seeing these small Asian girls debased.

The Half Korean girl I slept with, I regularly fucked in her family bedroom, with her mom often in the house. She was a ditzy bimbo, half-white trash. She didn’t think twice about the reprocussions of wearing the sluttiest outfits out if it meant I’d spend more time fucking her later.

The Vietnamese girl I hooked up with was a friend with benefits. She was waitress, and model-goregous, but didn’t know how to flirt. I told her she just needed to ask questions, twirl her hair and play dumb. I’ll never forget how, with her broken, accented Engrish, she excitedly showed off her tips after her first ‘flirty’ shift. I convinced her to demonstrate her ‘dumb waitress’ routine and let her just roleplay as that while we fucked. Last I heard she married a white guy, some a local Frat brother she’d picked up from the restaurant.

My Japanese girlfriend was kinky as hell. She was 18, in high school, two years into her stay in America. She loved Playboy and female objectification. She read dirty stories about being made to masturbate in public, and I indulged her by using her and making her expose herself to strangers. One night, when my friend was over, she dropped by with a rented porno and sucked me off while my friend fingered her. The last time we fucked before she moved back to Japan, it was in her little brother’s bed, anal with no lube beside my spit what was dripping down from her soaking pussy.

The Filipina Hapa was the most kinky and fucked up partner I ever had. The first time we fucked, she told me that her mother would be happy she’d landed a white cock. Even though she was American, born and raised, she would dress up in a kimono and put on a fake accent. Her mother was some crazy whore, and she loved porn where the Asian girls were debased and fucked. She loved making friends with white, sorority girls, then getting them drunk or straight up drugging them to eat her out (or watch me fuck them). The last couple of times I saw her, it was after we’d split. She was broke and her (small dicked) boyfriend was out of town. She invited me over, pleading for money and cock. I agreed if she dressed up, in a schoolgirl or ‘asian’ outfit and beg for the money while she sucked my dick.

All of this, and I still came out thinking I didn’t have a thing for Asian girls. That it was just a coincidence that I’ve been able to find and totally own Asian girls my whole life.

But I’m ready to admit: I love Asian girls.

I love how fucked up they are, how easy it is to get them drooling over a huge, white cock.

I love how quickly they’ll debase themselves, dropping all pretense of being ‘normal’ and ‘independent’ girls.

I especially love how they’re eager to remove any expectation that they’re equal, how quickly they’ll embrace stereotypes and ‘dumb FOB bimbo’ acts if it means men will want to fuck them.

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