“An Afternoon Well Spent” by Mr Grey

Mr Grey’s classic story about having fun at the mall.

Mr. Grey stood at the entrance to his city’s local mall, watching as people filed past him to get inside and do whatever it is they plan to do. He received a few strange glances here and there, but no one really paid any attention to him. A long, grey trench coat was draped over him, which blew back in the wind. A pair of reflective sunglasses blanketed his eyes.

The reason he stood here is because he was preparing himself for the chaos he was about to wreak upon this unsuspecting, yet ordinary, building. Innocent civilians pushed their way through the crowds to consume anything and everything their hearts desired. Moments from now, though, they’ll wish they had stayed at home. Instead, they came here for clothes, food, CDs, DVDs, video games, toys… One swipe of a credit card and they could have it all.

This just seemed a little too boring.

Mr. Grey knew they needed little excitement to their world.

Finally, he entered through the heavy glass doors. The murmurings of the crowd filling his ears, he made his way through the busy food court. This mall was two stories tall: More room to pack more potential buyers, and more room to pack more people to cure Mr. Grey’s boredom.

This was going to be fun.

1 – Wild Mood Swings

He spotted his first victims: a mother and daughter out shopping on a Saturday afternoon, their hands supporting stacks of shopping bags. They seemed so ordinary; Mr. Grey just couldn’t let this continue. With a smile, he calmly began to follow them.

The daughter looked to be about eighteen, her brunette hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She wore conservative clothes, tennis shoes and jeans. The mother wasn’t much better. They both had great bodies, disguised as law-abiding, Christian, good Samaritans.

“Do you think I could have Sandy over tonight, Mom?” the daughter asked politely.

“Oh, I don’t know, honey,” she answered back, just as polite, “Your father’s parents are coming over for dinner tonight.”

The daughter was more than happy to back down, “Oh, alright. How about tomorrow?” The mother shot her eyes in a threatening manner at the young girl, who then rolled her eyes, “I know, I know…school night.”

Mr. Grey couldn’t stand this any longer. He walked silently behind the two prim and proper ladies and with a snap of fingers, began his entertainment. The two women turned around at the popping sound Mr. Grey made with his hand; he just smiled and nodded as they kept walking.

The young girl started the conversation up again, “So, anyway, I told the director that I didn’t feel like doing another anal scene. All I was really in the mood for was sucking cock! So he pulled me in the back room and told me to get it out of my system—“

“You sucked his dick?”

“Well, almost…”

Mr. Grey stopped and watched them walk off. Their whole demeanor began to shift as their new reality as cheap porn stars set in. His day was already beginning to brighten. He spun back around to go another direction when a short and slender Asian woman bumped into him.

“Watch where you’re going!” she shouted, rather rudely.

Mr. Grey grinned and held his hand up to her face, and snapped. She flinched at the popping sound and gave him a very strange look, which then turned into a very confused look. She glanced down at her modest chest and watched as her breasts began to swell.

“Hey! Wha—“ was all she could say as her shirt began to strain against her growing tits. She dropped the bags she was carrying to cover up her embarrassing new assets. “Oh my!” she screamed, as she turned and ran for the bathroom as fast as she could.

She would find later than her new tits were extremely sensitive and wouldn’t leave the bathroom for another three hours so she could fingerfuck herself while she tugged and pulled at her puffy nipples.

The manager to the store Mr. Grey stood outside walked over. He was a middle-aged man with glasses and neatly combed hair. “Is she gonna be alright? What did you do to her?”

Mr. Grey smiled and walked off.

“Hey! You get back here!” the man yelled, “I’ll call the cops!”

Still walking away, Mr. Grey raised his hand above his shoulder and snapped again. The man suddenly knew something was wrong. A strange feeling in his throat followed a funny feeling deep in his stomach. He didn’t know it yet, but he had just lost the ability to speak.

Mr. Grey walked into a lingerie store. Photos on the wall showed amazingly beautiful models, showing the public how they could look if they bought these products. Mannequins sported the lacy and stylish clothing as well. A woman walked up to him, giving him a strange look. “Can I…um, help you, sir?” She was tall and young. She wore a pair of glasses and had her hair in a bonnet, giving the impression that she worked in a library on the side.

Mr. Grey nodded slowly, grinning.

The woman looked around the store, a little confused. “Ok. How can I help you?”

Lifting his hand, Mr. Grey snapped his fingers.

The reserved woman’s eyes glazed over and her mouth went slack. She then reach up to her blouse and ripped it open. A satin bra held her tits up, but she then yanked that off as well. Next, she bent over and pulled her pants down, hooking her thumbs underneath her panties, pulling them down too.

She now stood naked in her store, staring off into space. Mr. Grey picked up a black lingerie set, a soft bra, garter belt and thong. He handed these to her, which she quickly put on. She then walked towards the front of the store and stood just on the outside of the entrance. People who were walking by suddenly stopped as the zombie-like woman stood quietly outside her stood, clothed like one of the models lining the walls of her store.

Mr. Grey then snapped his fingers again. Her eyes fluttered and she shook her head. “Huh? What?” she asked no one in particular. Then she caught sight of the crowd of shoppers that had assembled around her. Panic filled her eyes as her cheeks turned a bright red of embarrassment. She tried to run away, but her legs weren’t cooperating. She tried to cover herself, but her arms were just as stubborn. As she could do was scream, “What’s happening to me?! Someone help me!”

Mr. Grey casually walked up to her. The crowd, looking terrified, followed him with their horror-filled eyes. She pleaded with him, “I don’t know how you did this but please stop! Please!” Mr. Grey slowly raised his hand and snapped one last time.

She furrowed her brow at the strange, but powerful man, and then looked down at her feet. They were beginning to take on a shiny color to them. It was strange. Then, she looked back at Mr. Grey, who just smiled. Panic filled her eyes.

“Plastic! My feet are plastic!”

The crowd looked on with fascinated terror. The whole mall had gotten almost silent as the screaming woman looked around for help. “Someone please stop him! He’s doing something to me! I can’t feel my legs anymore!” Not only were her legs turning to plastic, her arms were becoming more and more stiff as well. The shiny finish flowed up her abdomen and up to her chest as her tits became like rocks. It continued up to her neck and the look of panic began to subside. As if against her will, she began to make a sultry, sexy stare at the wall.

Then, just like that, she was done. The store manager had been transformed into a mannequin to sell her product. She looked wonderful too.

Mr. Grey was pleased with his creation. But the audience he had attracted was less than entertained.

They all began to scream and run. With another snap of his fingers, all the doors and exits slammed shut. The glass became unbreakable and the phones became inoperable.

That’s when the real show began.

2 – Mixed Up

“Ladies and gentlemen!” Mr. Grey shouted from a crosswalk above the bottom floor, “Could I be so honored as to have your complete and undivided attention?”

An uneasy silence invaded the entire mall, all of its customers congregated underneath the powerful man in a large open area of the mall to see what was happening. Husbands and wives, sons and daughters, they all were at the mercy of Mr. Grey.

“My name is Mr. Grey! I am delighted to be here on the glorious Saturday afternoon! Although I’m sure you all regret immensely ever setting foot in this place. But, here we are! And from the looks of it…” Mr. Grey glanced as the indefinitely useless exits, “…here we stay!”

A few gasps and stifled yells jumped up from the crowd, but grew silent again. “I know some of you have seen what I’m capable of…” he now glanced at the frozen store manager, who still posed sexily a short distance across from where he now stood. “…but, just to make sure we all are at an understanding of just who is in charge now… You!” he pointed at a single woman from the large crowd.

She looked around her. She appeared to be here by herself. “M-me?” she asked meekly.

“Yes, you!”

“Yes?” she asked.

“Turn into a street whore!” Mr. Grey commanded.

A quick look of shock was visible, but then vanished as her traditional suburban clothing faded into a ripped thigh-high stockings, a cigarette burned, lycra tube top and a micro-skirt, complete with a great view of her ass. A grinned up at Mr. Grey, “Sure thing, sugar! Anybody got two bucks for a blowjob?” She laughed at herself, now having a wonderful time being locked in the mall. Her point of view now saw her situation as a great place to do some business.

The crowd looked fearfully at each other, wondering who would be next.

“You!” Mr. Grey pointed at a twenty-year old boy.

“M-me?” he asked meekly.

“Yes, you!”


“Turn into a little girl!”

The boy gasped with horror but then giggled a bit and shrugged his shoulders. “’K, mister!” he said with a voice that didn’t belong to him moments ago. A pair of blonde pigtails sprouted from his head as he began to shrink in size. His designer jeans and expensive t-shirt faded into a pink floral dress. The boy was now a five-year old girl. His thoughts were occupied with cartoons and playing with dolls.

Mr. Grey looked around some more, “You!” He spotted a thirty-something woman with her husband.

She screamed, knowing her fate, “No! Not me!”

“Turn into a monkey!”

“No!!!” She was terrified, but soon began to hunch over and drag her knuckles on the ground. Her brain shrank and shrank, as she got dumber and dumber, until she was just a babbling animal. Hair began to sprout over her body and she began to get smaller. Soon a smiling monkey crawled out from a pile of women’s clothing and jumped onto its former husbands shoulder.

The man could only wonder, What would that strange man want with my pet monkey? He pulled some jellybeans out of his pocket and hand fed the dirty simian.

Mr. Grey was satisfied now. The crowd trembled and shook with his every gesture. “Now that you all can see what I am capable of, would you all be so kind as to remain calm and I promise I’ll try to make this as painless as possible!” He slowly descended a staircase to join the crowd on the lower level.

“Now,” he began, “I would like for all the women to go to one side of this area and the men to go to the other.” A few uncertain glances were seen throughout the gathered faces. “Now!” Mr. Grey shouted.

He spotted a nice looking woman following the other women against the wall. “You there!” he shouted, pointing. She froze and slowly turned around, terrified. She looked to be about college age. The intellectual type. “You’d love to suck my cock.”

Then, suddenly, it was true.

He sat down on a wooden bench and awaited his newly created cocksucker. The young woman’s mouth watered as she scampered over to the tall man and ungracefully fell to her knees. This was what she wanted more than anything else in the world…a cock in her mouth.

Mr. Grey watched the crowds segregate and then grow silent again. The young woman enthusiastically slurped up and down his large dick, not caring about all the eyes on her. “Now, let’s have a little entertainment!” he said, rubbing his hands together like he was about to have a large Thanksgiving dinner.

He appeared to be scanning the crowd of women. “Hmmm…” he carefully looked at all the suburban woman and their daughters. Then, he had it. “You two!” You pointed at a middle-aged woman and her teenaged daughter. “Front and center!”

The two women exchanged nervous glances, then slowly made their way to the middle of the open area, the large crowd keeping fearful eyes on them. The mother and daughter clung to each other, too afraid to imagine what was about to happen to them.

The young woman still slurped and sucked between Mr. Grey’s legs as he watched the unfolding show. It was so much fun having a girl suck your dick while you commanded and transformed a crowd of people for your entertainment.

“What’s your name?” he asked the mother.

She stood confident and strong for her daughter’s sake and answered, “Terri.”

Mr. Grey nodded, “Terri, what would you like to see your daughter do with her life?”

The daughter flinched at the reference to her. Terri looked at her and said, “All I want is for Becky to lead a respectful and successful life.”

Mr. Grey grinned. The young woman grabbed his cock in her hands and jerked him off while she sucked his balls. He could see that she was smiling now. This was all she wanted in life now. “How would you like it if your daughter became a stripper?”

Terri gasped, “You monster! How dare you suggest such things?!”

“But isn’t it true that you have tried and tried to persuade her to get into the stripping business?”

Terri now looked confused, “Well, sure…er, I mean…NO! Of course not! You’re doing something to me… My head…”

“Isn’t it true that you’ve wanted her to follow your footsteps, Terri Towers?”

Terri looked around the room. Something was definitely wrong. She didn’t go by Terri Towers did she? Well, not since she worked at the titty bars… No, wait…that wasn’t right. Was it?

“Yes, that’s true!” Terri Towers said. Then, her blouse began to balloon up at a pair of DD’s surfaced on her chest. Her respectful looking dark hair soon transformed into a cheaply done blonde dye job, the roots growing out. Her dress turned into a pair of cutoff jeans and her nice shoes became shiny red knee high boots. Tattoos appeared all over her body, including her tits and ass.

She was nothing now but an old washed up stripper.

Becky looked at her mother with horror, “Mom, what’s happening to you?”

“The fuck you talkin’ about, hon?” Terri Towers asked.

Mr. Grey answered for her, “She’s gone through some changes, Becky.” Becky looked at Mr. Grey with wide eyes. “Yep, your mom was a big name back in her day. Isn’t that right, Terri?”

“You bet yer ass I was! This ass could get any dick it wanted hard and stiff,” she proclaimed. All her years of education was erased and replaced by the intelligence of a high school dropout. “Now, if I could just get this daughter of mine up on stage, we could bring in the big bucks again!”

“Mom!” Beck protested in front of the crowd of onlookers.

“Now, honey, we’ve had this conversation before. You already got some nice tits…”

Mr. Grey had seen enough, “That’ll be enough, ladies. And, Becky, you’re going to drop out of school next week like your mother says, ok?”

Becky didn’t know what to say as the two women walked back to join the rest of the crowd, but her mother’s ideas didn’t seem so bad anymore…

This was going great so far. Mr. Grey was having the time of his life now. He glanced down at his personal cocksucker. “What’s your name, bitch?”

She popped his dick from her mouth long enough to say, “Amanda,” she shoved it back in.

“Not anymore. You’re name is now, Cocksucker. Is that clear?”

She popped it out again, “Yep!”

“What’s your name, Amanda?”

She looked confused, “Um…Cocksucker. Who’s Amanda?” She didn’t know what this dude was talking about, but she sure knew she loved sucking his dick.

Mr. Grey looked back up at the crowd of people. “Who wants to be next?” he asked. Silence answered him back. “Well, I’ll just have to pick someone.”

A woman in her mid-thirties looked just confident enough to catch Mr. Grey’s eye, so he called her over to the center of the room. She wore glasses and a nice long dress.

“What’s your name?” he asked the intelligent looking woman.

“Jennifer Daniels,” she said strongly.

“What’s your occupation, Jennifer Daniels?”

“I teach Cultural Anthropology at the university.”

“Oh really?” Mr. Grey was impressed. “You must have a pretty high IQ, huh?”

Jennifer was getting an idea of where this was going, “Um…I suppose.” She looked a little more scared now, “Look, I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I promise you we can work something out if you just let us all leave. Just tell us what it is you wan—“

“Your IQ is now 20,” Mr. Grey interrupted.

Jennifer’s eyes went wide, then hung almost closed and glazed over. Her mouth slowly drooped open as a line of drool escaped her. A few seconds passed as the woman stared into space and then she stumbled backwards, landing on her ass.

“How do you feel, Ms. Daniels?”

Jennifer looked around and answered, “Mmmm… Uhhh.. Ugh…. Err…”

“I see. Could you stand back up please, you stupid bitch.”

She laughed a dopey laugh and got back to her feet. She slouched over, her arms swinging in front of her with a dumb smile on her face. A puddle of drool was gathering under her.

“Now, tell me, what do you find most interesting about Cultural Anthropology?”

She had no idea was this man was saying to her. She had no idea where she was. In fact, she didn’t really know much of anything any longer. Her head was just a cloudy mess. “Heeeeh…Hehhhh…” she said, probably accidentally. She laughed again.

“Ok, that’s enough. You now have the IQ of a ditzy sixteen year old. Now go back with the other women,” he commanded.

Jennifer shook her head a bit. “Ummm, like, okay then! But, like, don’t you do anything, ummmmm…to me again, promise?”

Mr. Grey nodded, “Sure sure, by the way, you’re now a lesbian and will try to have sleep with all your female students from now on.” The dumb woman nodded slowly, trying to comprehend what she had just been told.

3 – Seventeen Seconds

“Ok, now in an attempt to speed things up, I’m going to call on random people and give you seventeen seconds to tell me why I should leave you alone.”

A soft murmur went through the crowd. “Now, first up is a…Mary Beals! Would Mary Beals please come forward?” A young blonde haired woman came emerged from the crowd and walked into the clearing.

“Ok, Mary… Seventeen seconds. GO!”

Mary flinched, then tried to save herself, “Um…Well, I really don’t deserve anything done to me. I haven’t done anything wrong in my life and I’ve tried my best to be a good person. I…I just…I just want to go home…” She looked as if she was about to cry.

Mr. Grey nodded, “Hm…” The thought a moment, then shook his head and sighed, “No, I’m sorry, I’m not impressed. You’re now a Mexican gang whore. Get going.”

Suddenly, Mary’s hair turned jet black and her skin became a rich tan color. Long golden hoop earrings how hung from her ear and her fingernails grew two inches long. She scoffed at Mr. Grey and strutted off. “Whateva’, man! I don’t need none ‘o dis shit! Maria does whateva’ da fuck she wan’ to!”

Mr. Grey laughed at his creation as the woman, now wearing horribly trashy clothing, walked off to find her “boys”. He looked down at Cocksucker. He grabbed the back of her head and face fucked her until he came down her throat. He then tossed her back to the ground. She sat up, wiping her arms across her cum-filled mouth, “How was it?”

“Fine,” Mr. Grey said, “But you’re now a cheap hooker, so go make some money.” Her nice clothes morphed into the appropriate streetwalker clothes and she ran off. “Now,” he began as he scanned the crowd, “Let’s have…Valerie Wilcox! Come on down!” he said, laughing as a pretty young woman walked up. “Seventeen seconds Valerie…”

“Well, um, Mr. Grey is it?” Mr. Grey nodded. “I promise I won’t tell anybody about you. If you let me go I’ll just go about my life as I have been. I swear. So, if you let me and my friends go…” she gestured at a group of girls her age, “…you’ll never have to see us again.”

Mr. Grey sighed, “As you can see, Valerie, I’m mostly interested in the ladies. But…I see you’re pretty interested in them as well… Am I right?”

Valerie blushed a bit, since she was here with her friends. She had been trying to keep it a secret that she was lesbian, but that was all coming out in the open now. She nodded, not making eye contact with Mr. Grey.

“Look at me,” he said sternly. She slowly looked up. “It’s ok, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. But, let’s play with that sexual orientation of yours for a moment. How about…I make you exclusively heterosexual?”

Valerie suddenly found women sexually disgusting. There was nothing she liked better than a tan, muscular man on top of her. The thought of jerking off a big juicy cock was sending shivers down her spine.

“Ok, back to lesbian!” Mr. Grey shouted, playfully.

Valerie’s thoughts suddenly repulsed her. She fought to erased that horrible picture of her head and replace it with the beauty of woman. The soft touch of a woman’s breast and her sweet juices on her tongue was all she needed for satisfaction.

“Now, you’re a bimbo!”

Valerie’s appearance altered drastically. Bright blonde curls sprouted from her head and pink glittery clothing covered her now. She giggled and twirled a strand of that bright blonde hair around a finger, looking around, confused, at the crowd of people watching her.

“Don’t you feel better now?” Mr. Grey asked, laughing.

“Totally!” came the high-pitched reply.

“Valerie?” The woman looked up at him with a smile, “How would you like to try some of my magic yourself?” She seemed excited at this. Valerie nodded stupidly and giggled. “Ok, Valerie, what would you like me to do?”

She thought hard. Very hard. This was a tough task for her to do now. But she finally came up with a reply, “Ummm…like, my boobies could totally be bigger. Doncha think?!”

Mr. Grey nodded and suddenly Valerie’s chest tingled. A pair of huge, and obviously fake, tits appeared. “Anything else?”

Valerie looked at her friends, “Well, my friends are, like, really hot…I’ve always thought so. So, like, could you make them lesbos like me? So we can’t, like, fuck and stuff?” Her friends looked panicked. But, suddenly, they all became a group of giggling lesbian bimbos. Valerie looked pleased at this. “Like, thanks a lot, Mr. Grey!”

Mr. Grey nodded again, “By the way, anytime someone says your name, you’ll get just a little bit dumber. For the rest of your life…”

Valerie looked frightened, “Like, really?”

“Yes, Valerie.”

Her eyes fluttered as another obnoxious giggle escaped her mouth, her IQ just a little lower than it was before, “Like, cool!” With that said, she ran off with her girlfriends to fuck for the rest of the day. She would hear her name many times, just today, and she would eventually be just a drooling live sex doll for her friends to pass around and get each other off with.

Mr. Grey turned back to the crowd, “Now, let’s have Julie and Andrew McGavin.”

Julie and Andrew were brother and sister. They emerged from the opposite crowds and met halfway. They held hands as they turned to their captor.

“Seventeen seconds,” was all he said.

Julie started to say something, but was interrupted by her brother, “Whatever we say, you’re still going to do…whatever is it your doing…to us,” he said angrily, “…you fucking bastard.” Julie looked terrified now. She knew something much worse was going to come from this, now that her brother had insulted the powerful man. Andrew continued, “I just want you to know that I’m going to kill you when this is over.”

Mr. Grey seemed impressed, “I marvel at your confidence, Andrew. But, have you ever been attracted to your sister?”

Andrew looked at Julie and sighed, “You asshole.”

Julie was on the verge of tears, “Don’t… I can’t…”

Mr. Grey was less than sympathetic, “We all know that only dumb rednecks would want to fuck their sister or brother, don’t we?”

Julie shook her head, telling herself that this was all a dream. She then opened her eyes and saw that she was wearing a flimsy cheap tank top and pair of short cut-off jeans. She wasn’t even wearing a bra. She then looked up at Andrew and almost came in her pants. That trucker’s hat he was wearing… Those dirty ripped up jeans… Had he been wearing them before? She didn’t know, but she didn’t know one thing… “Damn, bro, you lookin’ mighty fine today!” A thick southern drawl had been mixed into her voice.

“Thanks, sis. You don’ look so bad yourself, Julie Sue…” he grinned a perverted grin that got Julie Sue a little flushed.

“You wanna step ‘round back fer a lil’ bit, Andy?”

Andy nodded, not believing what a lucky guy he was to get to fuck a girl as “purty” as Julie Sue. He couldn’t wait to tell the other guys as the trailer park about this. But, they’d all know what he was talking about of course, since Julie Sue jumps from trailer to trailer “quicker than a frog on a hot tin roof”, as their mother always said.

“Have fun guys!” Mr. Grey said, waving as they walked off.

Andy slapped his sister’s ass as they walked away, where Julie Sue would suck his cock before begging him to put it in her ass. Then, she’d take it back out and suck it some more…

4 – Wish

The crowd was getting smaller and smaller.

“Let’s play a little wishing game now!” Everyone looked on in fearful anticipation. “I wish that all the women here whose name starts with an “S” would turn into a stupid bimbo!”

Suddenly, all the Sally’s and Susan’s and Samantha’s began to feel very odd.

Sandra Davis struggled with her thoughts, “No! This can’t be happening! I’m smart! Don’t let this happen, Sandra. Hold on. Maybe it’ll pass and it won’t eff… Eff.. Ummmm…uh…Like, me want some cock! Hee hee!”

Stacy Thompson was terrified, “No no no! I’m a business student in college! This can’t happen to me! I’m smart! I’m brillant! I gots, like, big brains and stuff! I big brained girl! Big big big… Hmmmm… Big dick, big cock… Oooooo…I’d love to wrap my slutty lips around a cock and have him fuck my dumb head.”

Sharon McMillan slowly backed up against the wall. She rubbed her rapidly emptying head, “There isn’t anything I can do is there? I’ll never be the same Sharon again. My family…my friends… They’ll never see me again… Like, this is totally not cool! What if I, like, don’t wanna be bimbo and stuff! Err…ummmm… Wait…maybe being bimbofied will be totally awesome! Cool! I feel stupid already! Hee hee! This could be fun…”

Mr. Grey watched as a handful of women suddenly wandered off to satisfy their new libido. He laughed, “That was fun! Now, I wish that anyone here whose at the age of…27, would now become 1 year old!”

A gasp went through the crowd as anyone who was 27 felt the opposite someone would feel if they won the lottery.

Hanna Loomis looked at her friend, “Dana, help me! I’m gonna turn into a kid again! Help me, help me! Get me out of here! Ummm…like, I’m feeling weird. GASP! I’m shrinking! Oh God! What about prom!? Ummm…I mean, what about middle school? I’m supposed to start next year! Wait, that’s not right. I’m only in da first gwade, wight?! I wanna go home! I wan’ my mommy! I wan’ ma goo ga bah bah!”

David Williams started to run, “I have to get out of here. I… Oh shit, I’m getting smaller. I’m getting skinnier! I look like I did when I was fourteen! I mean, I’m not fourteen yet… I mean, I can’t wait to be ten! Then, I’ll be big! OW! I fell! *sniff* I gots a scwatch on my knee… I can’t even ‘member how ta walk now… Big meanie man… Turned me into a bah bah boo boo ga ga!”

Vicki Reynolds looked around her, “Oh god, everyone’s gonna watch me turn into a baby! This is so embarrassing! What if I have a zit!? No boys are gonna like me if I have a zit! Hey, where’d my boobies go? I mean, I can’t wait to get boobs. Boys only like girls with boobs. I mean, wait… Boys are gross! I don’ care if no boys look at me! They’re stupid heads! Yeah! Hey, what’s everyone lookin’ at? GASP! My pants are wet! I think me go pee pee! Me go pee pee dah ga ga goo!”

5 – Disintegration

“Well, this has been fun. But, I’m afraid it’s time for me to go,” Mr. Grey said to the distorted suburban mall crowd before him. “But, for those of you who haven’t been…fucked with…” Mr. Grey said this with a smile, “…I like you all now to become busty bimbo hookers. Good-bye everyone!”

Mr. Grey slowly waltzed through the crowd. He passed soccer moms tugging at their nipples, yelling that they’ll suck his cock for a dollar. He passed those soccer moms’ husbands exploring their newly formed exaggerated female bodies, fingerfucking themselves and giggling the whole time.

He passed teenagers, who came to shop for their favorite boy bands’ new CD or some new trendy outfit. They could no longer do simple math and had trouble finding words to express themselves, but they could now suck a dick like a pro and knew how to barter as much money as possible from a man. They yelled to Mr. Grey that an assfuck would only cost him twenty bucks.

This had truly been an eventful afternoon. He knew he’d be bored again soon though. He grinned as he exited the mall into the sunlight, grinning as he wondered where he’d go next time… 

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