Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 10

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Cassie only had to spend one hour as a bimbo to find out what the lives of Tammi and the other counselors consisted of.

Mr. Max reclined in his chair, relaxing while he watched television.  Cassie was on the floor in front of him, happily sucking his cock.  At least, she  appeared happy.  Inside of Cassie’s head were screams of protesting, denial, and furious anger.  No matter how hard she tried, she only giggle and comply.  It was as if some were controlling her voice, her words, and her actions.

“Cassie,” Mr. Max said, breaking the slurping silence of the room, “You’re such a good girl.”

Cassie was infuriated!  How dare this man belittle her in this manner.  She released his cock from her lips, letting it drop onto his thigh.  She really wanted to give him a piece of her mind.  This time, she was going to let him have it.  She mustered all of her concentration and confidence and looked up at him.

All she produced was a ditzy giggle.  She batted her eyes daintily at him and said, “Gee, like, thanks Maxy!”  She punctuated the giddy sentence with another giggle, then brushed her plastic hoop earrings out of the way to devour his balls.

“God, Linda, I can’t wait to get out of this uniform and sixty-nine with you…”

Nikki closed her eyes and dreamt of the future as Linda rubbed Nikki’s pussy.  Linda was very compliant as she was kept dumb and simple.  All commands were met with a glassy eyed stare and a nod.

“Aren’t you excited to graduate from camp and get to take your uniform off, Jenna?” Nikki asked, turning back to the teenaged adult who was sprawled out on the bed with her nose buried in Eighteen magazine.

“Sha!  Like, totally excited!  When’s that supposed to be again?” Jenna asked with immature enthusiasm.

“Oh, it won’t be long now,” Nikki explained, “Mr. Max has us all right where he wants us.  Linda’s just a dumb bitch now… Isn’t that right you dumb bitch?”  Linda made eye contact and nodded passively as she continued stroking her commanders cunt.  Nikki continued, “Sophie’s just a trashy whore…  Right, Sophie?”

Sophie was adjusting her cleavage in the mirror, “Fuck, yeah, that’s right baby.  I’m just ready to get out of here so these fuck bags of mine can bring in some cash…”  She squeezed her tits to emphasize what she was referring to with “fuck bags”.

Nikki looked back at Jenna, “And you’re just a ditzy teenager and your nosy daughter is probably on her knees being the bimboslut she was turned into…  I hear she’s ditzier than you.  Giggles at everything…”

Jenna just showed a look of disbelief, “Wow!  That’s, like, really ditzy.  I never thought of my Cassie being a slutty little bimbo…  Hmmm…”  She dwelled on it for a moment before spotting an article on Leonardo Di Caprio’s love life and lost all interest in Cassie’s well-being.

Nikki sighed in pleasure, “All that’s left is me.  All I have to do is make sure you guys don’t get into any trouble and I’ll get to be a counselor just like Tammi.”  It sounded too good be true.  It was too easy.  Finally, she could have what she had dreamed of all these years.  Just to lose all control.  To be controlled.  To be transformed into every man’s fantasy – a dumb, big titted, slut.

Nikki thought about the day that it would come as she herself came in Linda’s hand.

Cassie stood up and wiped her mouth, “Like, what can I do now Maxy?”  She absent mindedly twirled her hair around her finger, waiting for a reply.  She would have sat there all day, like a dog, waiting for Mr. Max to reply.  He knew this and took his time with finding an answer. 

FInally, he took in a deep breath and said, “Why don’t you go find me a beer?”

Cassie nodded enthusiastically, “Sure, Maxy!”  She giggled, “Whatever you want!”  Cassie then happily skipped out of the room and bounced down the hallway.  The second she was alone, she stopped.  Finally, she gained control of her body.

She was only a bimbo when there was other people around.  Cassie looked around.  She had to take advantage of this time.  She had to think of a way to get her, her friends, and her mother out of here.  The only problem was that she couldn’t do anything out of character.  Her body wouldn’t allow it.  She no longer acted like a ditz, but she still had an mission to retrieve Mr. Max a beer that she just couldn’t bring herself to abort.

As she passed different offices, she spotted a phone sitting a desk.

She kept walking, thinking where she could find a beer.  She knew there had a be a refrigerator around her somewhere…


What was that?

Cassie backtracked a bit and stopped back in front of the empty office.

Holy shit! Cassie thought frantically, A phone!

This was perfect.  But, there was a problem.  Cassie had no business being on the phone.  She knew in her mind that she could call the cops and ask for help.  They could trace her call and rescue her.  Mr. Max would be put in jail! 

But, those thoughts were deep inside her.  On the surface was a devoted, simple girl that would never do anything wrong.  The bimbo on the outside knew that the police were only for emergencies, and there was nothing wrong right now!  She was just a silly bimbo that needed to find a beer for her man!

Wait, Cassie told herself, Mr. Max’s beer is an emergency! 


She needed a beer.  Fast!  Mr. Max was waiting!  She didn’t know where to find one.  Bimbo Cassie thought long and hard want she was supposed to do if she was in trouble and needed help…  Call the police!

Yes!  Yes!

Cassie was going ballistic in her head as her body walked over to the phone and stared down at the numbers.  She hoped that Mr. Max hadn’t made her as dumb as Linda was.  Looking at the number pad, she realized that she didn’t recognize which numbers were which.  After all, bimbo’s like her were made to answer phones and take messages for the men in their lives.

Cassie put the phone under her mountain of blonde hair and pressed it against her ear with her shoulder.  She then slowly dialed 9-1-1 with the pads of her fingers, her press-on nails making the process more difficult than usual.

Finally, there was an answer.

“911, what’s your emergency?

Cassie was ecstatic, “Yeah, like, my man needs a beer, and, like, I don’t know where to find one.  So, like, could I have a police man bring me one?”

There was a silence on the other end for a minute.  “Miss, this phone line isn’t made to play on.”

“I’m, like, serious!  He’s told me to do it!  It’s one of those emergency things!”

Are your parents home?

Great, Cassie thought, This voice of mine sounds like a friggin’ kid’s.

“Um…like, my mom’s a teenager now.  So, she can’t come to the phone.”  Maybe she’ll think I’m crazy and send someone to commit her,  Cassie thought.  Anywhere was better than here.

Okay, ma’am.  I’m going to have to send someone there, if you don’t stop playing on the phone.”

Yes!  Yes!  Do it!

“Can you send a beer with them?” Cassie asked, “Tell him I’ll, like, totally suck his cock if he brings me a beer!”

Ma’am!  This is not appropriate!

“Okay, okay,” Cassie said, giving in, “He can buttfuck me too, but just for a little while, cuz I gots to get Maxy his beer and I can’t be gettin’ buttfucked while he’s waiting for his beer!”  Oh God, Cassie thought, This is so embarrassing.  She couldn’t believe this was her own words offering herself like a cheap whore.

Ma’am, you stay right where you are!”  The lady was clearly upset, “Someone is on their way right now!

Cassie couldn’t believe it.  It had worked.  It had actually worked.  She had found loophole in her bimbofied personality.  Only a bimbo would get arrested for calling the cops for a beer and then offer her own ass as a bribe.  She was saved!  Everything was going to be okay!


Oh God.

Cassie that was a big, BIG mistake.”

Cassie slowly turned around to find Mr. Max standing in the doorway and he looked incredibly angry with her.

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