Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 11

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“So, are the police on their way, Cassie?”

Cassie didn’t know how to respond.  She was terrified.  Mr. Max stared her down as she sat looking up at him from the desk.  The phone sat guiltily silent next to her.  She kept looking in its direction, as if to coax it to save her from this man.

“Cassie…  I asked you a question,” Mr. Max repeated.

That was when impulse took over.  Cassie erupted from her seat and shoved past Mr. Max.  Her heels made her escape a challenge, but a bimbo like Cassie could run a marathon in a good pair of heels.  Mr. Max fell backwards as the tanned blonde rushed past him.  His face turned a bright red as Mr. Max’s true emotions came boiling to the surface of his normally composed persona.

Cassie, get your ass back here!

This was a distant yelp behind the cloud of dust Cassie had stirred up behind her as she sped out of Mr. Max’s cabin.  She knew that time was short now.  There was no turning back at this point.  Either she got out this time, or she would be stuck here forever.  Mr. Max wouldn’t be so kind to her again.  If he ever got his hands on her again, there’s no telling where she would end up.  Cassie tried not to think of such horrors.

The police are on their way… The police are on their way… The police are on their way…

This became a mantra in Cassie’s brain as she ran toward the cabin that housed her friends and her mother.

Suddenly, a body jumped out in front of her.

“You’re, like, not going anywhere,” the voice commanded as Cassie screeched to a halt, almost colliding with the tall woman.  Valerie stood confidently in front of Cassie, blocking her escape.

“Valerie,” Cassie pleaded, out of breath, “This isn’t you.  Wake up!”

Valerie seemed to struggle with this logic for a moment then  scowled, “My name’s Valie!”  With that said, Valerie lunged at Cassie, grabbing her by her uniform and dragging Cassie to the ground.

Cassie fought back, trying to get back on her feet.  She didn’t have time to wrestle in the dirt with another bimbo.  But, Valerie kept her down, tugging at the neck of her uniform.  Cassie grabbed Valerie’s collar, splitting it down her back.  Buttons popped off of Cassie’s uniform, but instantly regenerated, though also causing her bust to expand.

Stop pulling at the uniform, you bitch!” Cassie yelled as she frantically quit trying to get on her feet, but rather keeping her uniform in order so as not to transform her body any further.  But, it was too late.  Cassie’s tits grew and grew, as did her ass, as her uniform was in the grip of this slut, causing her body to keep up with it.  The more make-up was wiped off, the thicker it grew back.  The more her hair got messed up, the sluttier it looked, now looking like a cheap dye job.

Valerie had on a different uniform than Cassie.  Valie had already gone through her transformation.  Her uniform just tore to shreds.  Valie’s tits sprung out, her ass was half exposed . . .  Any man watching this was remember it the rest of his life, as one girl wore less and less, and the other’s body became more and more perfect.

“Cassie, you’re too ditzy to escape.”

Cassie knew what would happen if Valerie was allowed to talk.  Summoning all her energy, Cassie brought her fist hard on the bridge of Valerie’s nose.  The thunk of Valerie being hit was followed by her falling over, out cold.

Cassie, stood up quickly, giggling as the last sentence Valerie managed to get out resonated in her brain.  Cassie thought for a minute what it was she had been doing, then suddenly it clicked.

Shit, that’s too close, she thought.  Cassie shook off her near defeat and kept running, her enlarged breasts bouncing along for the ride.

Cassie, you fucking cunt!” came a distant scream, “When I get my hands on you, you’ll be sucking dicks all over the world with a goddam smile!

Cassie knew that was true, so she sprinted back to her cabin, leaving a dirty, naked Valerie snoring on the ground.

When Cassie entered the cabin, she found her mother painting her toenails a bright blue color, while Linda and Sophie made out in front of Nikki.  “Now, rub your hands down her chest…” Nikki commanded.

Without saying a word, Cassie walked up to Nikki, who only had enough time to look up before Cassie’s hand struck her across the face.  Nikki fell backwards, dazed, but not unconscious.  “Come on!  Quickly!  We have to go!”  Cassie grabbed her mother’s hand, who whined a bit at the thought of running, stomped her feet, but followed along.  Sophie and Linda did as they were told, Sophie with a bit of an attitude, but Linda did so without a change of her vapid facial expression.

The girls ran out the cabin door.

“Where are we goin’?” Sophie asked, adjusting her carefully placed cleavage in case she ran into any boys.

“We’re, like, leaving,” Cassie stated bluntly as she trotted along, still holding Jenna’s hand, which now sported the same sparkly, bright blue polish as her toes.

“But…” Jenna started, then lost her train of thought, then regained it, “How?”

Cassie had thought about this.  She had finally figured the best way to get out was to just run for it, past the guard station, over the gate.  Before they would have never made it down the dirt road before they were chased down and picked up.  With the cops on the way, she may meet them halfway.

The police are on their way . . .  The police are on their way . . .

“What happened to your titties?” Sophie asked, “Your ass is rounder too…  Looks nice…”

“Shush,” Cassie scolded, “We’re just going to run for it.  The police are on their way!”

“The police?!” came a surprising response from Linda.

The other three girls looked at her as they continued running.  “Yes, Linda, the police,” Cassie assured.

“How’d you do that?” Jenna asked, sincerely interested.

“Never mind that!” Cassie was getting impatient.  She could see the dirt road, like a gaping mouth set in the trees.  “Just keep running!  Don’t stop for anything!”

The four girls sprinted into the wooded area, careful to stay on the road.  The setting sun wasn’t strong enough to bring much light into this area, making it hard to see.  Cassie kept her eyes peeled and eventually she could see the guard station up ahead.

“There it is!” she shouted.

There they are!

Jenna, Sophie, and Linda started to slow down to see who had shouted behind them.  Cassie noticed this, “No, no, no!  Keep going!  We have to keep going!”

Behind the four running girls, Mr. Max, Tammi, and Nikki sped towards them in Cassie’s Jeep.  Seeing that Jeep reminded Cassie of how the trip had begun.  She had been so excited to spend the summer with her friends.  It was supposed to be a relaxing and fun summer.  Now, here she was, babysitting two of her friends and her mother, while a demented man chased after her with her other friend.  Cassie’s world had been turned upside down, but that was all about to end.

The four girls reached the guard station.  They rushed inside, finding the same ditzy blonde with her feet propped up on a desk, while a vulgar porno moaned on a 13” television.  Her long-nailed hand was shoved down her hotpants while she smacked on a piece of gum.  “Hey, like, you’re not supposed to come in here and stuff,” she said with a bimboish attitude.

Cassie didn’t pay any attention to her, and reached for a large, brightly colored lever that she figured had to be the gate.  It was fashioned to make it obvious that this girl couldn’t work such complex machinery without drawing as much attention to it as possible.  As Cassie predicted, the gate rattled to life as it split into, opening Cassie, Jenna, Linda, and Sophie to the rest of the world.

Her salvation had been met.

Cassie was overjoyed, giggling a bit as she walked out of the boundaries of the campsite, her bimbo personality still lingering a bit from earlier.

Get back here!” came the shouting, reminding them that they were in fact being chased and that their very lives depended on them not slowing down yet.

“Come on!” Cassie commanded, grabbing Jenna and Linda’s hand.  Sophie sprinted along side them as they all kicked dirt into the air in their heels.  Cassie’s Jeep bore down on them at it came to a screeching halt ten yards behind them, letting Nikki and Tammi climb out and start chasing after the four escapees on foot.

Mr. Max sat in the driver’s seat and watched the bimbos chase the other bimbos.  It was wonderful.  He sat with a smile as his girls caught up with the fugitives, erupting into a full blown cat fight.  Nikki fought passionately, fighting for her dream of being transformed into as good a bimbo as Tammi.  Cassie fought impressively, gaining a little respect from Mr. Max, fighting for her dignity.  Mr. Max knew that this girl would meet a wonderful fate after they brought her back.  These girls clearly could not be left to toy with.  They needed complete transformation now.

He was surprised,  The camp had never encountered such strong-willed girls.  Even her bimbo-lite personality had diminished just from getting the best of him in his office.  It was amazing.  Now . . . he just had to figure out what to do with her.

Tammi and Nikki had pinned down the girls.  Linda sat quietly with her head buried between her knees, watching the fight devolve.  Jenna stared around the trees, not sure what to do.  Tammi sat on top of a cursing Sophie, while Nikki sat on a kicking and screaming Cassie.  Cassie’s huge tits arched her back as she was pinned on her stomach, her head kept almost a foot off the ground.

“We got ’em, Maxy!” Tammi called.

Mr. Max nodded, pleased with his bimbo.  But his smile slowly formed into a frown as the sight of red and blue lights reflected through the trees.

Mr. Max sighed, and for the first time in his life, he was worried.

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