Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 7

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“Ok, are you ready?” Cassie asked.

Linda nodded.

Very carefully and quietly, Cassie opened the closet door and peeked her head out.  The closet they were shut in was part of a library.  The room’s walls were lined with hundreds of books, while a fireplace sat idle and unused on the opposite wall.

No one was in the room.

“Come on Linda,” Cassie whispered urgently.  The two girls continued to investigate their surroundings as they tiptoed out of the closet, closing the door back behind them, and headed towards the window.  Cassie lifted the lock off the window sill and slid open the window.  The peaceful sounds of the outdoors flooded the room as Cassie helped Linda through the window and then slid through herself.  After lowering herself to the ground, she closed the window back from the outside and the two girls began their trek back to their cabin.

After retrieving Linda’s intellect, Cassie had gone through the newspaper clippings again.  The girls found that the camp had been eluding the police for years.  Apparently girls had been lured here for quite a while now, never to be heard from again.  These were all girls like Cassie and her friends: good students, never been in trouble, good home life…  There was never any explanation for their disappearance.  When authorities tried to track down the camp, all they would find would be an empty field.  The camp would pack itself up like a traveling carnival and disappear without a trace.  Each of the newspaper articles cited a different state and a different name for the camp.  Now it was in Cassie’s state under the name Camp Whol-Nu-Yu and she knew it was only a matter of time before it packed up and took Cassie and her friends along with it; and something told Cassie that she wouldn’t be quite the same person when that happened…

“We need to get Sophie and Nikki and get the hell out of here,” Cassie stressed.

“How are we supposed to do that?” Linda asked, trying to keep up with Cassie’s urgent walking pace, “There’s nowhere for us to go.”

Cassie realized she didn’t have an answer for that, but she knew that she couldn’t just go along with Mr. Max’s games anymore to avoid confrontation.  She had witnessed first hand what he had in store for her, and she didn’t like it one bit.  This time she wasn’t going to rest until she had escaped or he had killed her, or turned her into…whatever it was he wanted to turn her into.  Cassie definitely didn’t want to think about such things, instead she focused on escaping with her brain intact.

The two girls finally reached their cabin.

“Don’t worry about packing up anything,” Cassie instructed, “Let’s just get these two and get out of he-REE!”

Cassie felt her world crumbling around her as she entered her cabin.  Linda and Cassie froze in their tracks as they stood in the open doorway.  Looking in, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Nikki sat up, surprised.  Sophie just continued rubbing herself with her hand down her pants.  Cassie didn’t notice at first, but after taking in everything she was seeing, she could see that Sophie’s uniform was so tight she was probably having trouble breathing in it.  Her huge tits looked bigger than ever, spilling over the top of her uniform with the buttons strained to their maximum pressure.

Cassie struggled with words.  “Nikki?  S-Sohpie?  What…?  What are you…?”

Sophie spoke up.  “Me horny!  Me horny girl!  You wan’ watch me rub pussy too?  Five dolla’!”

Oh my god…” Linda said quietly to herself.

Nikki looked a little scared, but didn’t back down, “I was starting to wonder when you girls were coming back.  Figured Mr. Max had found you and turned you into a couple of ‘Suzi Homemakers’ by now.”

Nikki what have you done?” Cassie asked, not able to take her eyes off of the barely recognizable girl on the bed.  Her friend of many years didn’t even seem to recognize Cassie.  Sophie’s eyes drooped and her mouth hung open, as if she had been put through so much trauma in the past few hours that she was barely awake.

Nikki looked at Sophie then back at Linda and Cassie, “Do you like her?”  Cassie couldn’t believe her ears.  “All you have to do is say the word and she becomes your every fantasy.  We were just playing ‘Cheap Vietnamese Hooker’, isn’t that right Ling-Ling?”

Sophie flinched at her new name, “Ling-Ling love dick!  Ling-Ling suck dick for dolla’!”

Nikki giggled giddily and sighed, “She’s so hot you guys…”

Nikki!” Cassie yelled, finally catching up with herself, “What is wrong with you?

Nikki’s feelings were hurt.  “I can’t help it alright!  It just makes me so…so…  I feel so good when I watch it.  When I watch her change in front of me…”

“But, that’s Sophie!  That’s our friend!”

Nikki shrugged her shoulders, “What’s the big deal?  We can change her back, just like we did with you!”

“It’s not so easy, especially after she’s been through so much.  Have you been fucking with her since we left?”

“Yeah…” Nikki confessed, grinning a little.

It’s nothing to smile about, Nikki!” Cassie scolded, “We were just turned into a couple of morons by Mr. Max and I can still feel it a little bit.  You don’t fully recover!  Sophie may never be the same again thanks to you…”

Nikki didn’t buy it, “Whatever…  Sophie!  Hey Sophie!”

Ling-Ling didn’t respond to that name.

Nikki sighed, embarrassed at having her fetishes exposed, “I mean…Ling-Ling…”

Ling-Ling butt fuck for quarter!  You wan’ butt fuck?

“Not right now, Ling-Ling.  But, you’re name is Sophie again, okay.”  A glimpse of Sophie appeared in her eyes, but then receded again under the surface of this sexpot Nikki had created.  “Sophie.  Okay?  Your name is Sophie.  And you’re not Vietnamese.  You’re American.  Just like you always were.  Remember?”

Sophie coughed, the Vietnamese accent forcing its way out of her.  “Wait… What?”

Cassie was relieved to see Sophie begin to return to her normal self, but the struggle was still visible in Sophie’s distressed face.  Not only was she having trouble returning to form, but it was obvious that she was aware of it.  Nikki seemed a little worried that indeed she had gone too far with her fun and games, but that wasn’t enough for Nikki to actually express that guilt.  She knelt down in front of the girl she had almost ruined and looked her square in the eyes.  “You’re Sophie, you’re not a slut.  All of those thoughts going through your head right now are not you.  You are our friend…”

Sophie looked up, confused, at the scantily clad girls that were apparently her friends.  “C-Cassie?” she managed to spit out.

Cassie let out a long breath of relief as she sat down beside Sophie.  “Yes, Sophie, its me.”

“What the fuck happened?” she asked, rubbing her forehead.

Cassie gave Nikki another angry look and searched her mind for the right words.

“Nothing happened,” Nikki spoke up.  Cassie glared at her.  Nikki glared back as she continued.  “You took a nap.  Probably just a bad dream.”

Sophie nodded, chuckling a bit, “Yeah, it was pretty…ummmm…pretty…”

“Strange?” Linda suggested.

“Weird?” Nikki asked.

Sophie furrowed her brow.  She didn’t really recognize those words…  “Oh, uh…yeah.  I guess that’s it.”  God, I could go for some cock right now, she thought to herself.

Cassie stood up, ready to get things in action, “Alright, girls, listen up.”  She had the attention of all three girls now as they settled down, ready to hear what was going to happen to them.  “We have to leave tonight.  No matter what happens.  Either we escape, or we get caught trying.  We can’t sit back any longer…”

The rest of the crew seemed in agreement with this and they confidently followed Cassie out the door.  The four girls tried their best not to look suspicious as they crossed the camp.  Cassie and Linda eyed Mr. Max’s cabin with fear as they passed by.  When they reached the outskirts of the camp, they huddled together in behind another random cabin.

“Okay, here’s the plan,” Cassie started.  “That’s the road we drove in on.”

“Where’s our Jeep?” Nikki asked.

“Jeep?” Sophie inquired, confused by the American girl’s words.  It was confusing, since she knew that she herself was American, but she  couldn’t help but think of these girls as “American girls” as if she was in contrast to that…

“Yeah, its a transportation vehicle…” Nikki explained.

Cassie sighed, “She doesn’t know what a Jeep is anymore?”  She glared disapprovingly at Nikki.

Nikki rolled her eyes, “She knows what a Jeep is…  She just doesn’t know what the word is in our language…”

“Well, what fucking language does she speak?” Linda asked.

Nikki was getting a headache trying to explain it, “I think I turned into a Vietnamese prostitute.”

Nikki!” Cassie and Linda shouted in unison.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry!  It was just…random…  Anyway, she probably still has a little bit of it lingering in mind.  When she was fully transformed, she hardly knew any English.  I’d say she’s improved quite a bit!”  Cassie just rolled her eyes.  Nikki went back to her question, “But, about the Jeep:  Where is it?”

Cassie hadn’t even thought about her Jeep since they had gotten here.  She had parked it close to Mr. Max’s cabin when they first arrived.  Just thinking of that moment made Cassie shiver.  How easy it would have been to just turn back around and speed out of here…  Now they were stuck here, fighting for their sanity.  “They must have taken it…  It’s okay.  We’ll be better off without it.”

Cassie led the girls down the long dirt road, toward the front gates.  They were careful not to set foot in the pine straw laden ground  bordering the dirt road.  They knew what would happen if they did that…  And the screaming would be a definite way to halt their great escape…

Stop!” Linda whispered urgently.  The other three froze and looked at what Linda was pointing at. 

It was the fence and the guard station.

Cassie turned to her friends, “Okay, that’s our way out.  It’s just one person in there.  Just one dumb…dainty…easily distracted woman.  The four of us can definitely take her.”

“What if she calls Mr. Max?” Linda asked.

“We won’t give her a chance…”

The four girls slowly crept closer to the small guard station.  They hunched down, keeping out of sight from anyone looking through the window.  As they got closer, the muffled sounds of moaning and blasphemy could be heard coming from the station.

Oh God!  Yes!  Yes!  God…”

“What’s that?” Linda asked.

Sophie didn’t say anything, but it definitely sounded like something she’d like to be doing right now.

Cassie listened intently for a moment she realized what it was.  “I think she’s watching porn…”

Nikki grinned confidently, “This shouldn’t be hard at all.”

“Don’t get stupid, Nikki,” Cassie scolded.

Hearing those words sent a wave of soft pleasure through Nikki’s body that finished and settled in her head.  A part of her brain numbed, ceasing to function, and left her panties soaked.  “Say that again…” she whispered, clenching her eyes, turned on at the thought of her own mental demise…

Cassie understood exactly what was going on and lightly slapped Nikki’s face, “No.  Get a hold of yourself, Nikki.  You’re not stupid.  You’re brillant.”

That numbing pleasure slowly faded away as Nikki’s grasp of any internal transformation ended.  She was a little disappointed, but understood that this wasn’t the place.  She knew she had to escape…  But, she was sure going to miss these magical uniforms…

Shit!  Get down!” Cassie shouted, as a car suddenly appeared entering through the woods and parked in front of the closed gate.  The girls were still a good fifty yards away, but it was still strange for someone to show up now.

“Oh my God.”

Cassie felt a sinking feeling in her stomach as all of her hopes and plans were suddenly crushed.  “That’s my mom…”

The four girls watched carefully as the blonde woman they had encountered themselves at this very same spot days ago exited the guard station and approached Jenna Clarkson, mother of Cassie Clarkson.  The blonde bent over, her shorts riding up her ass to show the bottom of her tanned butt, and spoke with Jenna through the window.

“What’s she doing here?” Linda asked.

Cassie shook her head, unable to close her mouth, “I…I don’t know.”

The girls took a few steps back.

“If that gate opens, we need to haul ass back.  That woman will have us surrounded if your mom finds us on the this road and stops,” Nikki suggested.

“But-” Cassie protested.

“She’s right, Cassie,” Linda agreed.  Just as that was said, the metal gate was slowly pushed open by the blonde woman.  “We need to go!”

The four girls took off, back down the road, their heels feeling like crosstraining shoes at this point in their make-over.  After returning to the camp, the girls ducked to the side, creating a curtain of the thick trees, as Jenna’s car emerged from the forest and coasted toward the middle of the camp.

Mrs. Jenna Clarkson had arrived at Camp Whol-Nu-Yu, looking for her daughter, and Cassie was filled with the dark feeling that something bad could happen soon.

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