Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 8

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As Jenna was led away from her parked car, an unknown sanctuary to the oblivious woman, by a group of happy, blonde haired women, Cassie sat in the bushes and watched helplessly as her mother was led to her doom.

“They’re gonna do something to her,” she said, keeping her eyes fixed on Mr. Max’s cabin, which now housed her mother.  The four girls watched as Jenna disappeared into the building and the door closed shut behind her, leaving them alone to the outside.  Across the commons area, they could see a few other campers wandering around, some with a smile on their face, others with a depressed and tired look.

Cassie’s group had been reduced to a slutty, and barely comprehending, Sophie; a still not so smart Linda; a turned-on, untrustworthy Nikki; and herself, barely able to keep her emotions buried inside her enough to get anything useful done.  She felt like she had failed as a leader.  But, they weren’t done yet.  Right now, the plan was to get her mother and get out of here as fast as they could.

“She probably knew something was wrong,” Cassie told the group, “I had told her I was going to call her the first night.  She must have come to see if we were alright…”

Sophie felt a spark of remembrance to this woman that had fed her peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches on many occasions, but her memories quickly devolved into a worry that she was wasting time and that she could be making money right now…  Sophie shook those false thoughts away, “What are we gonna do?  I have to get out of here.  I don’t think I can take much more of this…  My mind keeps slipping back.”

Get down!” Linda whispered.

The four girls watched as a blonde girl appeared walking around Jenna’s parked car.  She had the same type of uniform as the Stepford counselors…

My God, that’s Valerie…” Cassie whispered.

“Who?” asked Nikki.

The girl that lost the bake-off.”

The rest of the girls all realized that it was indeed Valerie that was now entering Jenna’s car.  They watched as the former camper started the car and began to drive it around the back of the cabin towards the other end of the campgrounds.

“I guess we know what happened to my Jeep…” Cassie stated glumly.

“So she’s one of them now?” Nikki asked.

“I guess so…”

Nikki quietly moaned to herself.  She felt herself getting wet as she imagined the transformation of Valerie from a reluctant and camper to Mr. Max’s servant and a counselor to the very camp that transformed her…  “Wow…” was all she could manage to say.

Cassie heard Nikki’s wonderment at seeing someone from their side helping the enemy and she felt a chill go up her spine.  Nikki’s behavior was definitely becoming an issue.  Cassie swore to herself that she would keep a closer eye on Nikki until they finally got out of here.  Apparently, there was a perverted side to Nikki that she had no idea about, and from what Cassie had seen, neither did Nikki.

Thoughts of Nikki’s sanity were soon replaced by the thought of her mother being transformed into a slutty bimbo counselor like Valerie.  “We have to get in there,” she said to the others.

Linda shook her head, “We can’t.  You know what will happen to us.”

“Let’s jus’ leave…” Sophie spit out.  She still had trouble communicating properly, but she was very conscious of what was going on.

Cassie understood what Linda and Sophie were saying, but she couldn’t do that.  “We’re not leaving without her.”

*    *    *

“I’m sure your daughter is around here somewhere,” Mr. Max explained to Jenna, who sat in a chair opposite Mr. Max at his desk, “Valerie should be back soon with little Cassie.”

Jenna smiled warmly, “Thank you so much.  This isn’t like her to not call.  She’s always been very good about letting me know she’s okay.”

Mr. Max put on his best smile, “She’s probably just having too much fun.”

Jenna laughed, “That must be it.”  She looked around the office.  It had a naturists quality to it: books, fireplace, oak furniture…  A person could get lost in this atmosphere.  It’s so peaceful…

“Well, while we’re waiting,” Mr. Max spoke up, “Why don’t I show you around the place?”

Jenna was not interested in seeing this place, though she was curious as to where all the children were…  “That would be nice,” she faked.

“Tammi,” he called, summoning the giddy blonde from the door behind Jenna, “Please show Mrs. Clarkson our fine facility here.”

Tammi nodded, “Like, sure thing, Mr. Max!”  Jenna faked another smile and began to follow the happy, and very voluptuous, woman.

“Oh, and Tammi,” Mr. Max called again.  Tammi stopped and turned back to her boss.  “Start with the changing room.”

Jenna didn’t like the way those two looked at each other after hearing that, but Jenna followed her anyway.  Mr. Max sat back in his quiet office and reflected on his wonderful life.  What he didn’t notice was the eyes of a young girl peering through the window behind him…

*    *    *

“Can you see anything?”

“Mr. Max is there…  He’s alone.”  Linda sat on Cassie’s shoulders as they peaked through Mr. Max’s office window.  Nikki stood to the side and giggled as Sophie tried to divert her attention from Nikki’s breasts.  “Your mom’s not in there.”

Cassie cursed to herself and let Linda down. 

“She’s probably one of Mr. Max’s fuck slaves already…” Nikki said, fantasizing out loud.  Linda gave Nikki a dirty look, while Cassie ignored her.  “Don’t you guys want to try it out, just to see what it’s like?”

No!” Cassie shouted, “Nikki, you have to get over this.  Whatever’s turning you on to this stuff…you have to overcome it.  We’ll never get out of her if a part of you wants to stay.”

Here they are Mr. Max!

All four girls froze, then quickly spun around to see Valerie standing behind them.  Her blonde mane cascading down her back while she held her arm outstretched, pointing a finger at the girls like a hunter’s dog.  Linda looked back at the window to see Mr. Max looking out at them with a smile.

The four girls frowned as they sat and waited for Mr. Max to come outside.  He was joined by two other whores, strutting in their heels while their asses shook back and forth.  “Well, hello, girls,” he said in his usually smug tone.  “Have you been playing detective?”

No one said a word.

“I see you finally found your way out of that closet.  Was it a tough problem to solve, girls?” Linda and Cassie shot him a glare that would have hurt most people’s feelings, but Mr. Max’s feeling were unlike anyone else’s.  “Well, you will have to be punished for your disobedience.”

Nikki felt a shiver in her panties.

“Cassie, I think the best way to punish you will be you keeping your normal frame of mind while you watch your friends become proper young ladies.”  He looked at Linda, “So, Linda, I’m sorry.  But, I’m afraid you’re just a dumb little girl again.”

“No…” Linda protested.

“Yes, I’m afraid it’s true.  You thought you were a smart young woman, but apparently you’re just a stupid little bitch that can’t tell her head from a hole in the ground.”

“I’m not dumb…”

“Oh, of course you are, honey.  You’re a…”

“…not dumb…”

“…pitiful idiot…”

“…no dumb…me…”

“…moron cunt…”


“…no good piece of trash.”

Linda wasn’t paying attention anymore.  Instead, she stared at the clouds with a happy look on her face as any intelligent thought faded from her brain, erasing any worry she could have experienced.

Nikki thought she was going to cum right there.

“What’s wrong, Nikki?” Mr. Max asked with a grin.  “You look like you might be enjoying this.”  Nikki confessed.  She nodded her head, not making eye contact.  “You like the thought of these girls not being in control of their own minds?”

Nikki nodded, “I…uh…I turned Sophie into a slut earlier…  It makes me feel so…so…”

“I understand.  Well, you’ll get your wish, because, Sophie, I’m afraid you’re a slut again.”

Sophie shook her head.

“Oh yes, it’s true.  You’re a dick-hungry little tramp.  Someone one tells you ‘bend over’, you ask ‘how far?'”

Sophie didn’t think that was true, but, then again…

“I bet you’d suck my cock right here, right now.  Wouldn’t you?”

Sophie nodded her head, not really understanding why.

“You’re a fucking whore.”

It’s finding the groove on a record.  Suddenly, Sophie’s brain locked into place and she sucked her teeth and eyed Mr. Max’s crotch, “Fuck, yeah, I’d suck your dick.  Come over here.”  She wiggled her finger towards her, beckoning her captor.

Mr. Max laughed, “Maybe later, honey.”  He turned to Nikki.  “Now, Nikki.  I bet you’d love to turn into one of my little bitches wouldn’t you?”

Nikki thought about this, not completely sure.

“Wouldn’t you just love to feel your will slipping away and becoming whatever I desire?”

Nikki realized it was true.  That was what she wanted.  More than anything…

She nodded her head, ashamed.

“Well, I’ll grant your wish if you keep these two just like this for a while,” he said, glancing at Sophie and a giggling Linda, “That means making sure Cassie doesn’t try anything funny.  Can you do that?”

Nikki thought about this, then quietly asked, “Can’t you just change Cassie too?”

Cassie looked at her “friend” in shock.

Mr. Max shook his head, “Now, now Nikki.  Don’t get greedy.  Cassie’s punishment is to watch her friends turn into dumb sluts.  If you keep them that way, I’ll turn you into a dumb slut.”  Nikki’s panties were soaked at this point.  A soft moan escaped from her lips upon hearing Mr. Max actually speak out loud of transforming her into a…dumb slut.  It was what she wanted more than anything in the world.  “So starting now, Nikki, you’re in charge of these girls.  Have fun.”

Mr. Max began to walk away, “Oh, and one more thing, Cassie.”  He walked up to Cassie real close and whispered into her ear, “If you ever try to escape again, I’ll make sure your mother ends up in Mexico doing donkey shows for a living…”

Cassie couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Until then,” he continued, before walking off, “You’ll just have to put up with this…”

Cassie didn’t understand what he meant until she looked behind him.  As Mr. Max walked off, she saw a young girl walking toward them, with Tammi standing behind her.  The girl had her hair in two long blonde pigtails with pink ribbons holding them up.  The snapping of gum echoed through her ears as the girl walked up to Cassie and giggled.

“Don’t forget, Jenna,” Mr. Max called over his shoulder, “You’re just a ditzy, horny teenager now.”

“Yea, totally!” she responded.

This girl reeked of strawberry gum and overuse of perfume, as if she had just begun using it.  Her make-up was caked on her face as if she were trying to cover up non-existent acne. 

This girl was the epitome of a high school teenager. 

This girl was the archetype of a ditzy airhead.

This girl was her mother.

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