Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 9

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“This cabin totally rocks!  Like, fer sure!”

Cassie sighed as she listened to her immature mother rattled on and on about her life and how “awesome” everything was.  The five campers all sat on their beds, only one thinking rationally.  Jenna talked about a mile a minute about whatever thought popped into her head.  Linda squinted her eyes as she tried to keep up with what was being said, usually giggling at the wrong moment.  Sophie just sat in the corner with her legs spread open, softly petting her crotch.  Cassie sat next to her mother with a worried expression on her face.

Nikki sat in the middle of it all with a big grin on her face.

“What kind of music do you like, Jenna?” Nikki asked with anticipation for her answer.

“Nikki, please!” Cassie pleaded, but she was just shushed by Nikki.

“Go on, Jenna.”

Jenna smiled big, looking up at the ceiling while she talked, “Oh I dunno, everything I guess!  I like mostly stuff on the radio, a little bit of rap, but not  too much.  I still like some pop music, like Britney and Christina.  Oh!  And I love Avril.  I love her whole punk rock image…”

Cassie sighed while she pinched the bridge of her nose, “Avril’s not punk rock, mom…”  She could feel a headache coming on.

Nikki was loving it though.  While she listened to everyone talk, she just stroked her clit through her pants.  God, she would give anything to get this thing off.  She spun around to face Sophie, “Sophie, what’s your favorite thing in the whole world?” 

Sophie laughed to herself, at how easy it was to answer. “Having a dick in my ass,” she said bluntly.

Cassie couldn’t believe this.  “Nikki, please stop this!”

Nikki glared at Cassie, “Now, Cassie, do you want me to tell Mr. Max about what you’ve been doing?”  Cassie quieted down.  “I already let your little ‘problem’ earlier slide.  Anymore like that and I’ll have him turn your mother into a crack-addicted streetwhore.  How would you like that?”

Cassie didn’t want to think about it, but it almost made Nikki cum just from saying it.  Perhaps she would suggest that to Mr. Max later on…  “Linda!  What’s two plus four, you dumb bitch!?”  Nikki giggled as she watched Linda struggle with the answer, oblivious to the fact that she had just been horribly insulted.  She rubbed her clit in a circular motion as she stared at her creations.  “Sophie, you’re such fucking whore!” she yelled with a smile.

Sophie grinned, “Got that right, honey…”

“How much does a blowjob cost from you?”  She kept rubbing herself, her breathing increasing.

Sophie shrugged her shoulders, “Prolly ’bout five dollas if you ain’t cute…”  Nikki loved how Sophie’s grammar had deteriorated since she turned her into a high school drop-out hooker.  Cassie had sat by helplessly and watched it happen.

“Jenna, what’s your favorite magazine?”

Jenna giggled, “Oh, I just, like, totally love Bop!  JC McCartney is, like, such a dream!”  Jenna’s eyes were lost in adolescent infatuation.  Meanwhile, Nikki’s legs twitched as she began to cum.  Watching this married woman drool over some MTV singer.  Nikki knew that Jenna would happily leave her husband just to hold JC’s hand…

Nikki collapsed backwards on the bed, panting and sweating.

Cassie suddenly saw her chance and lunged at her mother.  She grabbed Jenna by her shoulders and shouted, “You’re not a teenager, mom!  You’re 39 years old and you are happily married to an accountant.  I’m your daughter!  You had me two years after you got married.  We live at 339 Mul…!

Cassie suddenly found herself unable to talk as a hand clamped over her mouth.  Nikki was holding Cassie by her shoulders and had her hand over her mouth.  Cassie struggled a bit, but she found that Nikki was overly powerful.  “Now, Cassie, do we need to go see Mr. Max?”

Cassie had had enough.  She pushed Nikki away from her, who went sprawling to the ground, “Goddammit, Nikki!  What is wrong with you?”  Nikki looked frightened at her friend’s sudden burst of anger.  “Did you know this was going to happen all along?  Is this why you brought us here?”

Nikki shook her head, “I had no idea what this was.  I thought it was just a camp?”

“Bullshit!” Cassie yelled, “You said these ‘friends of your dad’ thought you’d be perfect for this job.  What did they mean by that?  What job are you perfect for?” 

Nikki struggled with an answer, “Taking care of kids…”

“No!” Cassie argued, “You don’t have an ounce of maternal instinct in you!  Now tell me, what were you perfect for?”

Linda and Jenna looked a little frightened, while Sophie just thought about all the money she could be making right now.  The four girls watched Nikki sigh and stare at the floor.  “My dad caught me looking at online erotica…”

“What the hell does that mean?”

Nikki sounded embarrassed, “There are websites…forums…online groups…  They talk about…mind control…and hypnosis…”  Cassie was dumbfounded, but she listened intently.  “Dad found want I had been looking at.  They were just stories and stuff…  But, he said that he was going to send me here for the summer instead of me ‘sitting around looking at porn’.  I…I was too embarrassed to tell you, Cassie…”

Cassie shook her head, “So what?  You get off on this kind of stuff Mr. Max is doing to us?”

Nikki was ashamed.  She sat down on the edge of the bed and slowly nodded her head.

Cassie got down on her knees.  “It’s okay, Nikki.  We’ll get you some help for this…”  Cassie turned on her motherly voice that usually calmed her little cousins when she babysat them.  She stroked Nikki’s hair, “It’s just an addiction.  You can overcome it.”

Nikki remained silent.

“We have to get out of here first,” Cassie insisted.  “So just let me turn Linda, Sophie, and Mom back so we can leave…  Ok?”

Nikki say anything.  Cassie didn’t wait for an answer.  She got up and sat next to her mom.  “Mom?”

“Yeah?” Jenna replied meekly, nervously twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

“You are not a teenager?”


Cassie slowly turned around.  Nikki was staring at her with a frightening grin on her face.

“It’s too late,” Nikki slowly explained, “You’d have to tell her that for an entire day before it caught hold.  She’d too far gone, Cassie.”


NO!  Mr. Max promised me more!  I just have to keep you in line.”  Nikki stood up, suddenly finding the strength to stand up against her long time friend.  “Don’t you get it?  I’m auditioning for a job!  I’m going to be a counselor…  Just like my dad said.  He said I’d be perfect for it…”

*    *    *

As the sun slowly set, the girls were called out for a camp meeting.  All of the campers assembled in the commons area.  Cassie watched as her mother seemed to fit in just well, giggling and gossiping like a teenager.  Jenna’s hair was pulled back into a ponytail, which she kept flipping back and forth with each tilt of her head as she talked.

Cassie spotted various girls that had obviously gone through some changes.  The girl with the purple, spiky hair now had a pair of EE tits hanging from her chest and a pair of lips that looked like she had gotten them caught in a vacuum cleaner.  She caught Cassie staring at her and curled her lip as she squeezed her tits, clearly trying to get out a rise out of the sheltered young girl Cassie appeared to be.

Some girls remained their normal selves, while others had developed the most vile, disgusting language.  Talking about “cocks” and “cunts” like it was nothing.  The girls punctuated each sentence with a giggle, while sprinkling them with a few “like’s” and “ya know’s”.  It was like being in high school again…

Ladies!” came the booming voice from the main cabin.

Hi, Mr. Max!

Cassie gulped.  That hadn’t happened before.  Most of the girls had hated this man a few days ago, now they were greeting him like a morning classroom.  Cassie glanced at Nikki, who had a big smile on her face, like she was waiting for her favorite rock star to appear on stage.

“Hello, girls!  How are you all feeling this evening?”

Good, Mr. Max!”

Mr. Max began to pace across the wooden porch of the main cabin.  Tammi and the other counselors kept their smiles on the whole time.  “It appears we’ve had a bit of a problem…”  There were whispers winding through the assembly of young ladies as they all wondered what he was talking about.  Mr. Max quickly answered them, “It would appear that our little here is not safe from intruders…”

More murmuring…

Jenna Clarkson!  Would you please come up here?”

Jenna looked a little nervous as she climbed up the porch to stand next to Mr. Max.  “Jenna Clarkson used to be a typical housewife in her late thirties.  Isn’t that right, Jenna?”

Jenna shrugged her shoulders, smiling.

“Regardless, you know what you are now don’t you?”

Jenna nodded, giggled, and responded, “I’m a bubbly, ditzy teenager!”

There was cheer and applause from the other girls.  Cassie was horrified, she shook her head, not believing what she was seeing or hearing.

Cassie watched her mother take a bow and bounce off the stage.  The girls laughed and pointed at the ridiculous lady, still obviously in her thirties, but dressing and acting so that she actually passed for a teenager.

“Yes, it is very exciting…” Mr. Max explained, “Be its still a problem…”

More murmuring…

“I think there’s only one way to address this problem.  We need more counselors!

There deafening cheer and applause from the crowd.  The counselors on the porch clapped and giggled, Valerie among them.  Cassie glanced at Nikki, who had her eyes clenched shut as if she were praying.  Cassie figured she had a pretty good idea what she was praying for.

“Now, this isn’t a typical graduation,” Mr. Max continued, “This is a punishment.”  More cheers followed.  “Only one of you is deserving of this!  Only one of you brought this on our fine establishment here!  Only one of you almost ruined everything for everyone…and for THAT, you will be punished!”  The crowd was growing unstable with anticipation.  “Cassie Clarkson!

Cassie’s face went pale.

Get up here!

Her only instinct was to turn and run, which she did.  But, she didn’t get far.  After she realized that her feet weren’t carrying her anywhere, Cassie looked over she shoulder to see Nikki holding her arm, grinning.  “Nikki, no!”  Nikki pulled hard as she snatched Cassie back into the crowd of chanting girls.  They taunted her as Cassie was pushed toward the stage.  Sophie and Linda chanted along with the girls: Pun-ish her!  Pun-ish her!  Cassie was horrified to see her mother grab her other arm and help Nikki pull her onto Mr. Max’s porch.  “No, Mom, you don’t understand…”

It was too late.  Tammi and two other blonde counselors had her in their grips and yanked on stage.  She could feel Mr. Max’s breath on her face as he looked her up and down.  He smiled and turned to the crowd.  “Does everybody here know what Cassie hates more than anything?”

Everyone shook their head.  “BImbos!  She hates bimbos!” Nikki yelled from the ground.

Mr. Max laughed and nodded, “That’s right, Nikki.  Cassie hates bimbos.  Does everyone here agree that its time that she join them?”

There was cheer and applause.  Cassie felt dizzy.  This couldn’t be happening.  This wasn’t real.  She was going to wake up any moment now…  She just had to open her eyes…

“Oh God!” Nikki cried, “Oh yes!  Do it, Mr. Max!  Turn her into a bimbo!”

Before Cassie even knew it, she was attacked by the other counselors.  They had hair products in their hands.  They held make-up up to her face.  Within minutes, Cassie’s beach bunny look had changed into an extreme version of a New Jersey hair stylist.  Cassie only had time to glance at her hand, which now adorned three inch hot pink nails…

Cassie, you know you’re just some silly bimbo, don’t you?!”  Mr. Max yelled over the screaming crowd.  “You’re ditzy, you’re stupid, you’re a vapid little sexpot.”

Cassie could feel it.  It was like someone was injecting cotton candy into her skull…

Your favorite book is In Style magazine.  You watch day time talk shows all day.  You don’t work, you don’t think, you just sit in your little bimbo bubble and giggle at big words…”

Cassie giggled a bit.  She tried as hard as she could to fight this, but it was too hard.  Mr. Max’s words were ten times as strong as Nikki’s.  She could feel herself letting go…

You’re just a bimbo Cassie. Just a typical little bimbo slut…and you know it...”

Cassie knew it was true…

“…and the worst part is…you know what you used to be…”

Cassie’s eyes snapped open.  She was terrified.  She was a bimbo now!  This can’t be true!  She looked around.  All the girls were staring at her.  They were pointing at her and laughing.  Laughing at what a bimbo she was.  Cassie looked down at herself.  Tammi produced a mirror and held it in front of Cassie’s face. 

All Cassie saw was a silly little bimbo slut. 

She hated what she saw! 

Her only response was a nasally giggled, and a high-pitched, “Cool!”

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