Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Epilogue

“Oh, you’re silly!  Of course I like football!  That’s the one with the goalie’s right?”

The crowd of men laughed at the blonde whore sitting on the bar with the TV on behind her.  She giggled for them and slid down the side of the polished wooden bar, just as the wind blew her skirt up to show her bare pussy.  “Oopise!” she said, giggling some more. 

“Cassie, don’t you ever wear panties?” one of the men asked, sipping from a cool, bottled beer.

They always end up ripped up on the floor!”  This response led to high-fives and cheers from the crowd of men.  “Bye-bye, men,” Cassie said with a slutty stare as she strutted off down the beach toward a man sitting on a towel, getting felated by a red-haired woman.

“Sophie, don’t you have an appointment?” Cassie asked, her big, fake tits sizzling in the sun under the mass amounts of sun tan lotion spread on them.

Sophie looked up and wiped her mouth, “Mr. Max canceled it.”  She went back to sucking the man’s cock.

That was when Cassie finally looked at the man’s face, “Oh!  Mr. Max, I didn’t realize!”  She giggled some more.

Mr. Max laughed and waved his hand, “That’s fine, my dear.  What are you up to?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “Just bein’ a whore.  That’s what you pay me for right?”

Mr. Max laughed through closed eyes as he soaked up the sun, “You bet, and it’s worth every penny.”

Cassie giggled some more, “Well, you’d know that better than anyone else right?”

They shared another friendly laugh before Mr. Max looked up at her, “Well, you put an end to my other business, so I had to come up with something.  I don’t know if I could have handled another strong-willed, intelligent girl like you were.”

Cassie shook her head, “I, like, can’t believe that was even me.  I was so sad . . .”

Mr. Max snickered, “It was pretty impressive . . .”

“Well, if I didn’t do it, you never would have opened up the Beach-side Brothel, right?”

Mr. Max nodded, running his fingers through Sophie’s hair, “You got that right, my little bimbo.”

Cassie shivered with pleasure.  She loved being called that.  “I’m still sorry I ruined your camp, Maxy.”

“That’s quite alright dear.”

“I’ll lick your balls to make up for it,” she said with an excited grin.

“Okay, get to work,” he responded quickly.

Cassie and Sophie brought Mr. Max to orgasm, Sophie deep-throating his huge cock while Cassie lapped at his nuts.  The girls giggled together like old friends do as they made the man squirt his cum all over their faces.  Sophie rolled over and fell asleep, naked in the sun.

Cassie stood back up.  “Like, where’s Linda at?” she asked, wiping a little jizz off of her forehead and sucking on her finger, like it was a snack.

“I think she’s inside with your mother.  They’re both with a customer.”

“Someone bought them both for the day?” she asked in amazement, still licking her fingers as if it were simply melted ice cream.

“Yeah, some guy from Wall Street . . .”

“Well, maybe I’ll stop by . . .” she said with a grin as she started to walk away.

Mr. Max sat up, “Hey – no freebies, alright?  If you end up with another dick in your ass without getting paid you’ll be in real trouble this time.”

Cassie pouted a bit, then smiled knowing that probably meant being tied up in Max’s room with a porno in front of her.  It was torture, but the following night would be amazing, in a tantric sort of way.

The plastic bimbo walked up the beach, her ass exposed by the surging wind and her hard jugs swaying back and forth as she walked through the hot sand.  The sound of the waves faded out as she entered the main building.  She walked past men on business trips, usually getting a pop on her ass when she walked past them.  Sometimes she looked back at them and giggled, other times she just kept walking, barely noticing.  She walked through the maze of hallways and stairs before coming to Linda’s room.

Inside, she heard moans and giggles and grunts.  Cassie opened the door to see Linda straddling her mother’s face as some man stood over them, jerking off his cock. 

“Cassie!  Hi!” Linda said.  Her tattoo covered body looked good with the dangling rings and chains hanging from her nipples, lips, ears.  She still wasn’t too bright, but at least you could have a conversation with the girl now.

“Hey, Linda, whatcha up to?” she asked, looking hungrily at the man jerking off in front of her.

Linda looked lovingly at the man in front of her, “Billy here was just about to cum on my face.  He wanted to see your mom lick my asshole while he did it . . .  So here I am!”  Linda giggled.

“Mmmhphhmm,” came a sound underneath Linda.

“What’s that on your face?” Linda asked Cassie.

Cassie didn’t know what she was talking about at first, then it donned on her, “Oh!  Mr. Max’s jizz.  Me and Sophie sucked him off.”

“Cool, can I have some?” she asked.

“Hmmph!” came the sound again.

Cassie laughed, wiping a glob off and holding it out to Linda, “Sure, but I think mom wants to say something.”

Linda lifted her ass off Jenna Clarkson’s face, then leaned over at Cassie’s hand, licking the cum off.  Billy didn’t know what was going on, but he liked it and came all over Linda’s smiling face as she licked another man’s cum from her fingers. 

Jenna sat up smiling.  She smelled of way too much perfume and her make-up was extra-caked on today.  “Like, what’s up, Cassie?”

“Hey, mom.  What’s going on?”

Jenna shrugged, “Just lickin’ Linda’s ass.”

Cassie nodded as if she had said “nothin'”.  Jenna looked like any typical teeny-bopper.  Her hair was pulled into a pair of pigtails, which matched her plaid skirt and white blouse, knotted up under her tits, showing her tits.  Cassie was proud of her mom.  Jenna was one of the top sellers at  Beach-Side Brothel.  Her school-girl look drove them wild . . .  “Well, it looks like he enjoyed it,” she said, gesturing toward Billy.

Billy sat back on the bed, catching his breath, “That was fucking good . . . (pant pant).”

Linda giggled, wiping the cum from her eyes, licking after each wipe, “I’m glad you liked it!  I’ll be your cashier when you’re ready!”

“Wait, wait, wait . . .” Billy said, “I’m not done yet.  I wanna see this Ms. Blow-Up Doll you have advertised all over this place.”

“Oh, Nikki?  Sure!” Cassie said, taking charge, “But, she is kinda pricey . . .”

“That’s fine.  I’ll pay whatever you want as long as she’s as good as you guys say she is.”

Cassie nodded, “Oh, Nikki’s unlike anything you’ve ever had . . .”

Linda looked confused, “Where is Nikki anyway?  I haven’t seen her in a while.”

Jenna twirled her pigtails, “Yeah, totally.  Who, like, had her last?”

“Oh, Mr. Max has her in his room,” Cassie said, “Come on, I’ll let you in.”

Cassie led the group up more stairs until they were at the top floor.  A large wooden door was the only door on the whole floor.  She twisted the knob and led the group into the large room.  Oriental rugs, silk curtains, and gold-plated decorations adorned the room.  A large four post bed sat against the wall next to a large ocean front window.  The whole resort could be seen from here, and nothing but ocean behind it on the tiny island.

Billy looked around, confused, “Well?  Where is she?”

The girls laughed.  Cassie walked over to the closet, “We keep Nikki in closets whenever she’s not being used.”

Billy couldn’t believe it, “What?  That’s . . . That’s . . .”

“That’s what she want,” Jenna finished for him, “Besides, we would never do anything to hurt Nikki.”

I love Nikki!” Linda yelled from the window.

Jenna looked back at Billy, “I love Nikki, too . . .

Cassie joined them, responding dreamily, “Oh, I love Nikki too . . .”

Billy watched as Cassie opened up the closet and pulled out the sluttiest looking girl he had ever seen.  She really did look like a blow-up doll.  Her tits were like beach-balls.  Her tan was perfect.  Cassie dragged her by her shoulder and tossed the girl on the bed.

“Is this for real?” he asked.  “Hello?” he called the girl.

“Oh, Nikki doesn’t talk,” Cassie interrupted.

“She doesn’t do anything but get fucked,” Jenna said.

“Like a big sssslut,” Linda said, curling her lip in seduction.  “I wanna lick her titties,” she said on impulse and climbed on Nikki’s still body and ran her tongue all over her enhanced chest.

“Nikki’s so beautiful,” Jenna said, staring at Nikki’s gaping cunt.  “Go stick your dick in her,” she told Billy, which was all he needed.   The rich man jumped on top of Nikki and stuck his cock in her pussy without so much as a peep from her.  She just kept smiling, her eyes radiant.

“You’re making her dream come true,” Cassie told Billy, rubbing her clit.  “All she wanted to be was a toy for men to play with.  She didn’t want any control.  She wanted to be a breathing, blow-up doll.”

Cassie and her mother held hands as they approached the bed to join Linda and Billy.  The three girls licked all over Nikki’s body as Billy alternated between her ass and pussy.  At one point, he reached over to Cassie’s elevated ass and stuck two fingers in.  She gasped, but just giggled and kept licking Nikki’s silent lips. 

What did I say Cassie?”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and look back at Mr. Max and Sophie standing at the door.  Sophie was biting his shoulder and running her hand over his crotch, clearly about to bust at the erotic sight of her friends licking Ms. Blow-Up Doll while she had a dick in her ass.  The fingers in Cassie’s ass looked yummy too.

Cassie blushed just as Billy finished up.  “Sorry . . . ” she said meekly as Billy backed away from the four girls. 

Mr. Max just laughed and shook her his, “It’s fine, just put Nikki away when you girls are done with her.”  The girls giggled and went back to their friend.  “Sophie, go ahead and join them if you want to.”

Sophie was delighted and happily jumped onto the bed with her naked friends.  “I’ll come check on you in a moment,” Mr. Max said as he led Billy out of the room.

So, the five friends happily fucked and sucked each other the rest of the day.  Their bond of friendship lasted them through think and thin, proving what real friends were for.  They selflessly ate each other out and were courteous enough to touch-up each others make-up as they wiggled around on the silk sheets.

Even now and then, Nikki’s body would shiver as it had another orgasm.  The four girls would squeal and hug each other as they made Nikki cum over and over and over and over.  The only time Nikki closed her eyes was when the girls curled up next to her to sleep soundly, but none of their smiles ever faded again, even while they slept . . .

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