The Replacement by Mr Grey

Ami, the token overachieving, Asian High School senior, has found out she’s been made redundant. Now, her class gets to decide what niche she should fill.

Disclaimer: This is not my story. Check out my earlier post for an explanation and where to find more by this author.

Ami had everything figured out.

Having the brains and talent that she did, Ami didn’t have to worry.  Sure, she was stuck as a high school senior for now, but as soon as that was out of the way, Ami had plans.  She knew business school would be a breeze.  After she finished that up, she planned to jump right to the top of a big company.  Ami wanted to take control of some struggling company and show everyone just how serious she was.  She’d be the most revered Japanese-American business woman on the planet.  She’d make millions, smile on business magazine covers, and be loved over the world.

Having such ambition in high school can really be frustrating.  Of course, Ami did her best to always appear ahead of her class and her age.  She didn’t wear the normal high school attire.  In fact, she looked down on the simple, immature appearance of most of her classmates.  Ami preferred to wear her power suits to school.  If she didn’t look so young, one would assume she was a thirty year old business woman.  And, as long as people kept making that assumption, Ami was doing everything right.

The problem with being so mature and talented in high school is not being favored by the rest of the class.  Being prettier and much smarter than most of the school—including the faculty—created a very defensive attitude towards Ami by the rest of the school.  Ami wasn’t deliberately cruel.  She just didn’t associate herself with anyone dumber than her.  She just didn’t have the time.  Ami was a harder working girl, and such hard work can give the impression of arrogance and superiority.

Ami’s nickname was the Ice Queen.

When it wasn’t Ice Queen, it was usually just “bitch”.

These names didn’t bother Ami though.  She didn’t have time to let them bother her.

The afternoon that changed all of Ami’s plans was on a Friday.  The bell was ringing through the halls, sending all the students to their lockers.  Ami walked through the murmuring crowd of students, ready to go home.  As Ami walked through the halls, she noticed that she was being stared at quite a lot.  Students at their locker would look up at her and then quickly look away when Ami made eye contract.  What the hell’s going on?

That was when she saw her.

Oh God… Ami thought, sighing out loud.  Jamie came walking up to Ami with her usually vapid smile.  Jamie’s blonde hair bounced with each step in her ridiculous high heels.  Is she even wearing underwear?Ami thought, rolling her eyes at the long legs dripping from the tight mini skirt Jamie had on.  Jamie was the oldest student at the school.  Ami had heard that she had been a very promising young woman, but her senior year…something happened.  That had been several years ago.  Jamie was still here, repeating her last year of high school over and over again.

“Like, hi Ami!” Jamie in her usual perkiness.

Ami put on her best smile, which still didn’t look very genuine, but Ami knew that a girl as dumb as Jamie wouldn’t be able to tell a difference.  “Hi, Jamie.  How are you?“  Just say ‘good’, and walk away…Just say ‘good’, and walk away…Just say ‘good’, and w—

“Oh, I’m totally awesome!  Guess what?” Jamie was beaming.  She was happier than usual.

Ami sighed again, looking over Jamie’s shoulder and staring at her locker just out of reach.  She didn’t want to play the guessing game with the dumb slut, but Ami didn’t like to be rude.  She knew she’d have to deal with people she didn’t like in the business world, talking to Jamie was just practice.  She smiled again and asked, “What?”

“I’m dropping out!”

Oh thank God, Ami thought.  This poor girl needed to throw in the towel years ago.  Better late than never, Ami thought.  “So, that’s good news?”

Jamie giggled, “Ya, silly!  Now I can finally get, like, a job and stuff!”

Ami was stunned.  This personified glory hole actually had aspirations.  “Well, congratulations Jamie.  What kind of job are you looking for?“  Ami was a little scared to know.  Who knew what she could do without a high school diploma.  Maybe if she got a GED she could wind up managing a fast food restaurant or something.  No, probably not…

Jamie thought about the question for a moment, “I dunno.  Like, I guess a stripper or something—or a whore.  Maybe a porn star!  I, like, gots big titties!“  Jamie accented this by grabbing her fun bags and giving them a proud squeeze and giggling.

Ami nodded, clearly having had enough of this pointless conversation.  “That’s great, Jamie.  It’s good to see you have such well thought out plans.  Good luck with all your future endeavors.”

With that said, Ami walked away, leaving Jamie confused and trying to sound out that last mysterious word Ami had used, pondering its meaning.  Ami was tired and annoyed.  She just wanted to go home.

“Ami Takahashi, please come to the principal’s office.”

Ami stopped in her tracks and cocked her ear to the overhead intercom.  There were more stares by the leftover students in the hallways as Ami’s name was announced over the intercom.  Ami was confused, not remembering any previously made appointment to meet in the principal’s office this afternoon.  Probably just some award I have to pick up, she thought.

Most stares followed Ami as she made her way back up the hall towards the principal’s office.

“Ami, I’m afraid I have some bad news…”

Ami furrowed her brow as she sat across from Mr. Copeland’s desk.  “What kind of bad news?” she asked cautiously.

Mr. Copeland stood up, “Well…it depends on how you look at it as to whether it’s actually bad news or not.  It may be good news!”

Ami was just as confused as ever now, but she kept listening.

“Look, Ami.  All schools have regulations.  We have to keep a certain number on staff, we have to have so many available bathrooms, we have to have so many fire alarms, exits, parking spaces…”  Mr. Copeland sat on the edge of his desk, peering down at Ami.  “We have  to have a football team.  We have to have a Science team.  We need jocks and nerds…”

Ami had no idea where this was going.

“All the crucial components of high school have been present for decades.  It’s not a coincidence that they occur every year in every school either.  It’s all planned.  You have to have a bully.  There was a school in the next county a few years ago that got slapped with a hefty fine for not having a bully on hand—the school board is very strict with these regulations—”

“What does this have to do with me?” Ami asked, getting annoyed all over again.

Mr. Copeland took a deep breath, not looking Ami in the eye.  “You’re very important to us Ami.  You don’t know it, but you are our token “Ambitious Girl”, Troy Perkins is the boy…“  Mr. Copeland looked a little nervous.  He kept fidgeting his hands and wiping his brow.  “With you graduating next year, we went ahead and enrolled a young woman from Wisconsin to move here.  She started this year.  She’s a freshmen.  You probably don’t know her.  She’s a very talented, smart young woman—”

“Get to the point, Mr. Copeland,” Ami urged.

“What it all comes down to, is you’re a remainder.  We don’t need two ‘Ambitious Girl’s’.”  Mr. Copeland sighed, “What we do need is a replacement for another position.”

Ami shook her head.  None of this was making any sense to her.  Why does he have to be so goddamed vague!

“It usually turns out this way.  ‘The most hated girl in school’…  Unfortuately, that’s you,” Mr. Copeland looked up at her.  “This position is the only position voted on by the student council.”

Ami cringed.  She hadn’t wanted to join the student council.  It seemed so juvenile and pointless.  She knew she’d never stand out in the student council…

“You’ve been voted as our replacement Ami—”

“Replacement for what?”

Mr. Copeland took a deep breath.  “We lost Jamie Peterson today, Ami.  We voted on her just like we voted on you.  It’s your turn to be the “School Slut”.

“You can’t do this!  I’ll report you!  You bastards!  This is against the law!!!”

Ami kicked and screamed as the members of the student council carried her down the hallway.  Mr. Copeland walked casually behind them.  Ami was hoisted over everyone’s shoulders and carted out of Mr. Copeland’s office, like she had scored the winning Homecoming touchdown.

“Put me down!  Don’t you know who I am!  I’m Ami Takahashi!”

Her protests weren’t having any affect on the excited student council.  Instead, they ignored her and carried her into the science lab.  Ami was carried to the back of the lab and dropped into a chair.  Ropes were quickly tied around her arms and feet.  She rocked back and forth, opting to tip the chair over than just sit helpless and pathetic, but nothing was happening.

Ami was stuck.


Ami’s face was filled with fury and anger.  No one treated her like this.  No one.

She looked up after the commotion died down and found herself face to face with the science teacher, Dr. Kira.

“Hello, Ami,” Dr. Kira said in a soothing voice, “I see you’ve been chosen.”  Dr. Kira bent down and touched noses with Ami.  Ami felt her breath on her face.  Dr. Kira had always seemed so pleasant and nice.  This woman standing before her did not seem as nice…  “Are you ready to have some fun?”  It sounded sinister, yet playful.  “Let’s start with that body.”

Ami felt the blood rush out of her face.  Images of Jamie’s enormous chest and butt flashed in her mind.  Her hourglass figure appeared in Ami’s mind, taunting her with her fate to don that same figure.  Ami’s hourglass had run out.  Her time was finished.  Sadly, she knew it.  But, this realization just sent her into a angry tantrum.

“Noooooo!  Let me go!  I hate you all!  You’re all useless!”  Ami screamed at anyone that would listen to her as she watched Dr. Kira pound away on a computer.  “You’re a hack, Dr. Kira!  A hack!  You don’t know a thing about science!  You’re beneath me!  You all are!!!”

Dr. Kira smiled as she attached the electrodes to Ami’s temples.  Red and black wires ran from the white circles to the back of the computer monitor.  Ami couldn’t see what was on the screen.  She wondered if she even wanted to…

“What are those for?  What are you doing?” Ami pleaded to know.  She had never felt so out of control—so helpless.  “What’s going to happen to me?  You can’t just make me a slut.  I refuse!  I refu—!”

“It doesn’t matter what you want, dear,” Dr. Kira explained.  “The program I’m about to run on your brain will create what ever I want.  In fact, it’s going to create whatever the student council wants…”

Ami was dumbfounded.  Her competitors stared down at her in her chair.  All of these people hated her.  She hated them back, but she would never wish any harm to them.  Ami had been asking for this since she first walked into this school.  She didn’t worry about making friends.  Allies.  No one was on her side.  They’d all love to see her downfall, and that was just what they were going to get.

“Now,” Dr. Kira started, “What’s first?”

Ami watched a mesh of hands thrust into the air.  Everyone was jumping at the chance to give the first command to be sent to Ami’s brain.  She was nothing but molding clay at this point…

“Sally!” Dr. Kira called, pointing out a rich, spoiled blonde in the front row.

“I think Ami needs some pornstar tits.  Some that will guarantee no one will take her seriously for anything.”

Ami couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  She looked to Dr. Kira who started typing on the keyboard again.  She could feel a tingling in her mind.  Her face felt warm.  Looking down, Ami watched as her shirt expanded.  And expanded.  And expanded.

They looked like torpedoes.  Two pointy cones were now jutted from underneath her shirt.  There was nothing real about them.  They were completely and utter fake, and as big as her head.  Ami could feel the saline hanging from her chest.

“Be sure she doesn’t call them ‘breasts’, or anything stupid like that!” someone called.

“Ah, of course,” Dr. Kira said, typing more.

Ami felt the tingling again as her mind was rewired.  Words were erased and new ones implanted.

“What are those things on your chest, Ami?” Dr. Kira asked.

Ami scowled.  She looked at her chest.  All modesty had been wiped clean from her image.  She looked like a pornstar, alright…  “They’re my ta-tas.”  Ami blushed at the blunt, degradation she subjected herself to.  Not ta-tas!  she thought, What was the other word for them?  The real word!

Everyone laughed at Ami as she blushed.  “What else are they called?” someone asked.

“My whoppers!” she yelled, taking another stab at the “right” word.  More laughter followed.  “Cans!…no…Knockers!…no…Gozongas…Gozingas…”  More laughter.  “Bikini Stuffers!” she finally yelled, confidently.

Dr. Kira wiped tears from her eyes, “Is that your final answer?”

Ami nodded, “Yes!  See, your little plan didn’t work.  These are called bikini stuffers.  Check any science book, you quack!”

Dr. Kira caught her breath from laughter.  “Well, alright, I guess you won that round.  Let’s try something else.  Who’s next?”  More hands flung to the sky.  “How about…Thomas!”

“She should have big lips.  That bee-stung look.  Perfect for sucking cock…”

“Good idea, Thomas!” Dr. Kira said enthusiastically.  She typed and typed as Ami began to feel a numbness in her mouth.

Soon Ami lips were full and pouty.  She licked them, feeling the numbness as they ballooned up.

“Don’t forget her other lips!” someone shouted, followed by snickering.  Dr. Kira giggled herself and typed away.

Ami began to feel a tingling her pants.  Two students grabbed the bottom of Ami’s suit and pulled her slacks off.  Her panties went next.  Soon, the entire student coucil watched as Ami’s pussylips grew until it just as inviting for dick as her bubble mouth.

“Do her ass!” someone yelled.

Ami’s butt bubbled out as she raised a few inched in the air.  Her plump rear was now perfect was smacking as she walked down the hallways.

“I want blonde hair!”

“I want nipple piercings!”

“Tattoo ‘whore’ across her stomach!”

“Three inch pink finger nails!  Make sure they’re press-ons!”

“Big plastic jewelry!  Hoops!”

“No more pubic hair!  Ever!”

Ami convulsed and jumped as her body was altered and jolted with changes.  She was helpless as her body lost all sophistication.  Soon she was left a panting and out of breath.  “I’m gonna fucking…(pant pant)…kill all of you…” she looked up through half-open, tired eyes, “You’re all going to jail…”

Dr. Kira smirked, “Well,  you didn’t think we would just leave you like this, did you?”  Ami’s face slackened with all loss of hope.  “You pretty little mind is the next on our list.  We need to come up with a new personality for you!  Not to mention a few trigger phrases for when the boys want a little role-playing.”

Ami was stunned, “Role-playing?”

“Ami,” Dr. Kira said, leaning in close again, “You’re the new school whore.  You’re going to be filled with cocks and cum for the next several years until you drop out of high school in your twenties like Jamie.  We need to per-fect you.”  Dr. Kira smiled as she stepped back to her computer.  “So, who has some ideas…?”

“She should be horny—all the time.”

Dr. Kira nodded, “Perfect, Hanna.”  A few more clicks from the keyboard and then Dr. Kira looked up at Ami with anticipation.

Ami could feel it.  She didn’t want to believe it.  She looked down at her betraying crotch as it moistened and glistening before everyone’s eyes.  A small puddle began to form on the seat of the chair.  A few students held up vibrators in Ami’s line of sight.  Ami licked her lips at the sight of that buzzing phallic object.  Please put that in my pussy, she thought desperately, not wanting to say it out loud.  She was practically humping the air as she watching the vibrators held just out of her reach.  The students just laughed and put the vibrators away.  The disappointment was clear on Ami’s face.

“What’s wrong, Ami?” Dr. Kira asked with a smile.

Ami said nothing.

“You want to borrow one of those vibrators for a moment?”

Still nothing.  Her mind screamed, Yes!  Please let me use it—just for a minute!  I’ll give it right back!

Dr. Kira shrugged, “Well, alright.  If there’s nothing you’d like to say, we’ll just be moving on—”

“No!” Ami gave in, “Please put that things in me!  I’m about to bust!”  She humped the chair like a toddler not wanting to tell their mother they needed to use the bathroom.  Ami blushed as everyone pointed and laughed at her pathetic pleas to fuck a vibrator.

Dr. Kira shook her head, “How about a real dick, Ami?  How does that sound?”

Ami didn’t know how to feel about that.  She just needed to cum.  It didn’t matter how—

Dr. Kira was typing again.

That was when Ami was suddenly filled with the desire to suck dick—to fuck dick—to play with dick—to love dick.  Ami gasped at the suddenly urges appearing in her brain.  “Oh my god…”

Dr. Kira was just having fun at this point, “Something wrong, Ami?”

“I need it…” Ami pleaded.

“What do you need?”

“I need a real penis!  I don’t want a vibrator!  I want a real one!”

Everyone laughed at the Ice Queen begging for “penis”.

“Get rid of that word!” someone shouted, the same person that wanted to get rid of breasts.  Dr. Kira nodded behind her and started typing.

“Now, what do you want, Ami?”

“I need a big stiffy in me!” Ami cringed at her words again.  That’s not right! she scolded herself, Say the right word!

“A what?” someone asked behind laughter.

“A big sausage…no…a cock…a-a rod…a purple-headed meat scepter!  No!” Ami found with her own mind as she tried to remember the right word for a dick—  “A dick!” she shouted.  That was the right word.  “I need a fat dick in my pussy right now!”

Dr. Kira was now typing as she was talking.  “How about in your mouth?”

“What?  Ew!—I mean, please!  Please give me a dick to suck!  I need someone’s prick between my fat lips!”

That was when Troy Perkins stepped up.  Ami gasped.  It was her male rival—and he had a huge cock hanging out of the zipper of his pants.

He stepped up to Ami’s wet mouth and offered his cock before her in front of everyone.  Ami struggled and strained to reached that glorious cock, but Troy kept it right out of her neck’s reach, laughing the whole time.  The student council laughed, cried, and cringed.  They playfully pushed each other, covering their friends eyes as they wiped tears of laughter from their own.  Finally, Troy let Ami get a hold of that treasure she was desperately seeking.


Ami drooled all over Troy’s big dick, deepthroating like a professional as Dr. Kira added that talent to her brain.  Troy grunted and came in Ami’s mouth.  That was when a look of disgust came over her face.

“Ahhh!  Mmmoh my God-mmm!  That’s tho fucking sick-mmm!”  Ami tried to spit the gross jizz out of her mouth, but soon Dr. Kira was typing away, suddenly changing Ami’s attitude.  “Mmmmmm…(slurp)…so good…”  Ami’s licked all around her puffy lips, getting all the cum she had tried to get rid of before and swallowing it all down into her hungry belly.

Dr. Kira caught her breath.  “Okay, I think Ami’s a slut now.  Let’s make her a little more tolerable in the hallways now—after all she’s going to be her for a loooong time.”

“Make her an airhead!” someone suggested.

“Make her nicer!” someone else shouted.

Dr. Kira nodded and typed.  “Ami, how do you feel?”

Ami’s eyes were completely void of anything.  Her eyes rolled back a bit, her eyelids fluttering.

“Ami?” Dr. Kira repeated.

Then, Ami’s eyes opened.  They were brand new eyes.  Gone was the scorn and arrogance of her old ones, now her eyes projected a love of anyone that gave her attention.  She looked like a big bowl of sunshine—just like Jamie.

“Like, yes, Dr. Kira?”

That voice.

It just sounded weird coming from Ami—even though the women sitting in that chair didn’t resemble Ami in the slightest.  Laughter didn’t follow this, just amazement.  Wow’s and Ooh’s floated through the student council as they all started asking questions.

“What’s your name?” someone shouted.

“Ami, silly!” she said, and giggled.  Giggled.

“What do you think of the student council?”

She shrugged her shoulders, still smiling, “They’re pretty cool, I guess.”

“What’s 2 + 2?”

Ami furrowed her brow, “4.”  She shook her head, wondering why someone would ask such a simple question.

“She needs to be dumber!” someone yelled, “A lot dumber.”

Dr. Kira nodded in all seriousness.  This was a must.

As Dr. Kira typed on the keyboard.  Ami’s smile grew and grew.  Her eyes widened as a tingling spread through her head.  Her pussy was tingling with the wonderful feeling of letting go of her smart thoughts.  She was enjoying this part.  She could actually feel all her opinions and ideas drifting away like a dandelion in the wind.  Math, Science, Social Studies…  Ami got dumber and dumber on the spot.  Her wide eyes began to droop as pure stupidity took over her.

“What’s 2 + 2, Ami?” the same voice shouted.

Ami just drooled on herself and looked around the room in a dazed expression.

“Oops,” Dr. Kira said, covering her smile, “I think I took her a little too far.”  A few more keystrokes and Ami’s vibrant look reappeared in her eyes.

“What’s 2 + 2, Ami?”

Ami shrugged, “I dunno.  Like, math is stupid.  Let me suck your meat stick!”  Ami giggled as she waited, then pouted when she realized no one was going to let her suck their meat stick.  Everyone was too busy laughing at her.  Of course, Ami didn’t really follow that they were laughing at her.  She was glad that everyone was happy, and if she knew that she was the source of that happiness, it would have only made Ami happier.

Dr. Kira nodded in approval.  “I think we’ve created our perfect school slut, ladies and gentlemen.  From now on, this is the Ami that will roam the hallways, begging for blowjobs and failing all her classes…”  Dr. Kira held her hands out as the student council applauded.

Ami still didn’t fully understand what was going on, but she knew that everyone was clapping for her.  Ami was walking on clouds with giddiness.  She couldn’t believe she had made everyone so happy!  She smiled back at them modestly, nodding her head in thank you while still tied to the chair.

“Let’s go ahead and set some personalities for her…” Dr. Kira said, getting back behind her computer.  “Remember, the personality will effect her at upon hearing the keyword.  I’ll select the keyword for you, you just supply the personality change.  What you see before you now is normalAmi.  This is the Ami we will all know and love now.  If she’s under a personality change, you have to say ‘normal’ for her to change back to this.”  Dr. Kira held her hand out at the giggling, pantsless cunt in the chair.  Her huge tits had now fallen out of her blouse and blazer.  Ami just giggled as she stared down at them jiggle with each giggle.  It was an endless cycle—a game Ami would now play for hours on end, especially in class.

“I want a valleygirl bimbo,” came a suggestion.

Dr. Kira nodded, typing, “Okay, okay.  Valleygirl bimbo is set…  Keyword:  ‘Muffy’.”

Upon hearing the keyword “Muffy”, Ami’s eyes fluttered and reset, “Omigawd!  Like, I’ll suck your dick if you, like, take me to the mall.”  Her voice was bouncy and nasally, with that perfect southern California accent—”dick” sounded like “deck” and “me” was more of a “meh”.  Ami said this no one in particular.  It was offered anyone.  Everyone was tired of laughed at this point.  They just smiled and nodded, thinking of how much fun it will be to shout “Muffy” down the hallway until graduation, and how much fun the underclassmen will have doing the same next year.

“Normal.” Dr. Kira said.  Ami’s eyes fluttered and reset.  She took a deep breath and smiled, like waking from a nap.  “What else, guys?  Let’s do this quick!”

“I want the stereotypical Asian prostitute!”

Dr. Kira liked that idea, “Ooh, good one!” She typed a little faster, “Asian whore…set.  Keyword…:Fucky-Fucky.”

Ami’s eyes fluttered again.  When she opened them again, she looked lost.  She looked around the room and spread her legs, “Anyone gah fi’ dolla’?  Me good fuck fo’ fi’ dolla’!  Sucky-sucky long time!”

This brought the laughter back.  Seeing the most sophisticated Japanese-American girl in school—a girl that spoke perfect grammar and always presented herself professionally—becoming an uneducated street whore speaking broken English was just too much.  This was what everyone was wanting out of this.  This was why Ami was chosen to be the new school slut.

“Normal,” Dr. Kira sat back at the keyboard.  “More.  Let’s go people.”

“How about a dumb redneck?  Like a Jerry Springer guest!”

“How about a New York pornstar?”

“How about a Beverly Hills trophy wife?”

“How about a Stepford wife?”

Personality were offered and given keywords.  This went on for hours.  When the sun went down, Ami was untied.  She giggled as the boys of the student council stole handfuls of her tits and ass.  The girls just shook their heads at the pathetic whore they had created.

“Is she done?”

The students were met by Mr. Copeland in the dark hallway.  Ami just giggled and said, “Hi Mr. Copeland!  I’m horny!”  Mr. Copeland smiled and nodded, knowing the answer.

“The Spanish-American War lasted less than months.  Never had a war gained the support to such a degr—  Ami Takahashi!”  Ms. Reynolds halted her lecture at the sight of Ami playing with her enormous breasts again.  “What did I tell you about that?  Come to my desk.  Students, take out your textbooks and begin reading chapter 4.”

Ami stood up.

The sound of her jewelry clicking and clacking with each step followed her all the way to the front of the class.  Whistles and cat-calls went on behind her as her ass was slapped.  Ami giggled and stuck her ass out farther, feeling the jolt in her clit with each smack.  Ms. Reynolds shook her head at Ami’s outfit.  The tight black mini-skirt, the puffy mesh sleeves of her black see-through pull over—a white tank top was visible underneath, only reaching the southern hemispheres of her huge globes.  Her tall, black heels clicked as she made her way to Ms. Reynolds desk.

“Like, what’s up, Ms. Reynolds?” Ami asked chirpily.

“Ami, I’m really worried about you.  Your grades have really plummeted…”

Ami giggled at this revelation, “Yeah, I guess I’m not so smart no more.  It’s okay, though.  I like school!”

Ms. Reynolds sighed, “Well, that’s a good thing, because you’re failing the 12th grade.  I don’t think you’re going to be able to graduate this year.”

Ami felt like she had won the lottery, “I get to stay?!  Cool!”

Ms. Reynolds sighed again. “I don’t think I can take this.  I’m calling a sub for tomorrow…” she muttered aloud to herself.

Something clicked in Ami’s mind upon hearing the word “sub”.  She suddenly found herself on all fours, jutting her ass at her teacher.  “Spank me, Ms. Reynolds.  I deserve it.  I’m nothing.  I’m worthless.  Spank your slave.  Give me more.”


The anonymous voice in the classroom—preceding a few snickers—seemed to bring Ami out of her daze.  Ms. Reynolds didn’t know what to make of it.  She didn’t even have time to process what Ami had just done since the bell rang.

The students got up and started walking out the door.  Troy Perkins walked up to Ami and put his arm around her, “Do you have a few minutes before your next class?”

Ami giggled and ran her hand over Troy’s cock, “You bring the cock, I’ll be the mouth.”

Troy shook his head, “I think I want your ass this time.”

Ami shrugged, “Whatever.”

He smiled and smacked her ass.  They walked down the hallway toward the bathrooms.  Ami’s name and phone number were written all over the bathroom’s of the high school—some written by fans, others by Ami herself.  AMI TAKAHASHI SUCKS BALLS was written across a locker in white-out.  No one knew Ami had actually written that one herself.  One word: Advertising.

“I can’t wait to suck your cock, Tro—” Ami was saying when she bumped into a young girl.

“Watch where you’re going, you tramp!” the young girl yelled.  She looked like she was a freshmen.

Ami giggled, “Sorry.  Hey, what’s your name?”

The young girl sighed.  She obviously didn’t have time to waste with pathetic sluts of this school, but she put on her smile and answered, “I’m Jenny Thompson.  I’m new here, but you’ll know my name soon enough.  Everyone will.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have plenty to do.”

Jenny Thompson pushed past Ami and Troy.  Ami couldn’t understand why such a pretty girl would wear a suit to school.  Ami didn’t worry too much about it as Troy leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, “Muffy…”

Ami’s eyes fluttered and reset.  “Like, what’s up, dude.  You, like, gonna fuck my ass or what?”

Troy smiled as he led Ami into the graffitti laden boy’s bathroom.

“Cool, cuz, like, I love assfuckin’.  It’s, like, sototally cool.  Hey! Do you think we could, like, go shopping after this?  That’d be awesome—Ooo…do that again *giggle* that’s makes my tits feel good…Ya, they’re fake!  I love my plastic titties…Sure I’d go bigger!  Bigger tits, like, means more cock!…Yeah just life my skirt up, I’m, like, not wearing a thong today…cuz it just gets in the way and stuff…No, I don’t need lube…my ass is stretched enough…just, like, shove it up there and—Ugh!  There you go!  Like, fuck me *giggle*  Fuck my ass, Troy!  Fuck my little bimbo vallygirl ass!  *giggle*  I lovebeing the school slut!…”


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