Changing the Rules – Asian Stereotypes

Taken from a CHYOA thread (with two minor edits).

Anna pulled her jet-black hair back into a ponytail and adjusted her glasses. She knew that the ponytail and the glasses, combined with her Asian ancestry, made her look like a tech-geek cliche, but she didn’t mind. Since she was a computer engineer, she’d pretty much accepted that she was living the cliche.

Her phone made a strange beep. She’d never heard that particular notification sound before, which was odd. She’d explored everything her phone could do within an hour of buying it.

“What’s this?” thought Anna as she looked over the app. “It’s got a note attached. ‘What the hel is ths, got it from stupid bfriend.’ Well, that doesn’t narrow it down, every girl I know thinks her boyfriend is an idiot.”

Anna scrolled through the app, but there didn’t appear to be any instructions. She tried to read through all the rules to see if there was a pattern, but there were thousands, maybe tens of thousands.

Then Anna saw one rule that stuck out. She couldn’t help editing it.

  • The perception that Asian women are submissive and docile, but also sexually promiscuous, is a stereotype.

Anna sighed. Yeah, she was somewhat introverted and shy, but she was by no means submissive or docile. She had made it this far in life on her own strength. She had always had a troubled dating life for the same reasons. Weird nerdy guys with ‘yellow fever’ would always try to treat her like a plaything.

She shuddered thinking back to one guy in particular who tried to finger her on a movie date. She had barely even said anything to him!

She wondered if this app really could do anything. She might as well try. Maybe she could get rid of the yellow fever stereotypes once and for all. She would help herself and millions of other women just like her.

She was about to begin typing, but realize she really only needed to add one word.

  • The perception that Asian women are submissive and docile, but also sexually promiscuous, is not a stereotype.

That should fix it, she thought. Now she would be treated just like any other woman. “No more creepy guys with yellow fever!” She thought to herself.

She hit enter.

A rush of dizziness overwhelmed Anna, but soon her vision soon began cleared. Things seemed… different. She looked around and noticed that she was no longer in her apartment. It wasn’t better or worse than her own home, but she certainly didn’t recognize it. As her wooziness faded away, it became apparent that she was in a kitchen. A dirty one at that. The sink was filled with dirty dishes, something she would never let happen at her place. Strangely she felt a desire to approach the sink and begin cleaning.

Why would she want to clean up someone else’s mess? It almost felt like she wanted to please whoever lived here. That’s when it hit her that the changes might not have gone quite as she expected. Suddenly struck with sudden dread, she realized her clothing had changed as well. Anna rushed down out of the kitchen looking for a mirror. A door near the end of the hallway stood ajar.

She entered the room and glanced around. Much like the kitchen, this room was a mess too. Again, that strange feeling of wanting to tidy things up returned. The dropping feeling in her chest became even stronger as she realized that someone she wanted to please… or was it serve?? This was their room.

Her eyes searched around and stopped on a dresser with a large mirror.

Before looking into the mirror , she noticed a myriad of condoms, lubes, and sex-toys strewn across the top of the cabinet. Normally she would have shuddered at the perverseness, but this time she felt excitement. She felt her nipples harden and again that nervous feeling returned.

That’s when she saw past the sex devices. Staring back at Anna was what could only be described as the epitome of the Asian Schoolgirl stereotype. Anna’s jaw dropped. The schoolgirl’s jaw dropped at the same time. The Schoolgirl was Anna.

Anna had on a white blouse that showed far too much stomach. Her skirt barely extended beyond her butt cheeks. Long socks extended up her lower legs and dainty shoes covered her feet. Her hair was done up in twin tails with pink bows. She had makeup on, something she almost never would be seen in. She looked like everything she hated.

Her rule change hadn’t fixed things but made her worse fears a reality. Asian girls weren’t just stereotyped as docile, submissive, and sexually adventurous. Now they were docile, submissive, and sexually adventurous. She had seriously messed things up.

Anna began to panic. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from her own reflection. On one hand, she despised what she had become, but something tugged at her. Something deep inside her. It was a form of pleasure. She realized with a mix of horror and delight that the reflection turned her on. That strange feeling returned. The source of the pleasure and arousal dawned on her. She was horny because she was dressed up like he wanted. But who was he?

“He” was whoever lived in this apartment. She looked around for more signs of who this mysterious man was when she heard a buzzing noise coming from the kitchen. She rushed to find her cell phone vibrating on the counter. She had received a text. Picking up the phone she looked at who it was from. She discovered who “He” was. The text was from someone called David. Well that wasn’t the whole name on the contact. The full name was “Master David ;).”

Upon seeing that name, a shiver rushed through Anna’s body. Just reading that name excited her. All of this confused Anna, but she also felt strangely comfortable with the whole situation. She opened her phone to see the text.

“Hey Kitty. I’ll be home soon, why don’t you send me a little gift to hold me over? Remember to be ready when I get there.”

Just like reading the name, the language of the text ratcheted up her arousal. At first she wasn’t sure what he meant by a “little gift” but her body began moving on its own. She walked back to the room with the mirror. She turned on the phone’s front facing camera and leaned it against the mirror. Setting a 5 second timer she walked back, turned around, pulled her skirt up, and bent over.


To Anna’s surprise, she realized her underwear was missing. No, that wasn’t right. It wasn’t missing, she just didn’t wear underwear in Master’s home. She shook her head, what a strange thought! Why would she not wear underwear, especially in a stranger’s home? Conflicting memories and thoughts clashed in her head. It was as if she had two lives trying to fit together at once. She was able to focus and the battle in her mind cleared. She walked over to the phone and looked at the photo.

Damn, she never realized her ass looked like that. It was pretty sexy actually. That was a though both of her selves could get behind (hehe). She quickly wrote up a reply to Master David and attached the photo. The words seemed to type themselves.

“Kitty has missed daddy 😦 Here’s your kitty’s ass for your enjoyment. Please cum home soon :)”


Confused and disoriented, Anna began to panic. Things were not right, but they also felt normal. Had she always been this way? No, no, no. She was a computer engineer. She had a full-time job and a career. Wait. Was that true? She wasn’t sure.

Anna picked up the phone and opened the app that seemed to be the source of all of this. Her mind was flush with conflicting thoughts. On one hand she wanted reverse her changes and go back to her “past self.” On the other hand, she felt an overwhelming desire to show Master this app.

She suddenly bubbled with excitement. She could modify reality to her master’s desires!!! Wait no that was the exact last thing she wanted to do… but it also felt so good. As she stared at the wall in front of her, the phone buzzed. “Master” had sent another text.

“Almost home babe. Warm yourself up for me, I’ve been aching for you all day :)”

Anna felt a smile spread across her face. It quickly vanished as her other-self took control.

“No!” She thought. “I can’t let this happen!”

She began searching through the rules finding the one that had messed this all up.

  • The perception that Asian women are submissive and docile, but also sexually promiscuous, is not a stereotype.

Anna stared at the phone and realized her previous mistake.

“Gah I’m so stupid!” she called out in frustration. Oddly saying that outside turned her on a little.

She began typing, changing the rule back to what it was previously.

  • The perception that Asian women are submissive and docile, but also sexually promiscuous, is a stereotype.

Satisfied, she moved her finger to hit enter, but she couldn’t bring herself to follow through. It was as if someone was holding her finger back, just a millimeter from the screen. She was trying with all her might. Her other-self was fighting back. An inner struggle raged.

“AHHHHH! Damnit!” She slammed the phone down on the counter. She couldn’t do it. Anna began to cry.

Just as the first tear rolled down her cheek, she heard a noise at the door to the apartment. Someone was trying to unlock the door.

Anna jumped up in excitement, all previous thoughts of her past-life faded away. Running towards the door she felt a sense of relief and satisfaction wash over her.

The door began to open.

In through the door walked a slightly overweight man with glasses. Not the most attractive guy, but not ugly either. This didn’t bother Anna much. Instead, just the sight of the man made Anna get wet.

She began bouncing on her feet waiting for him to say something to her. The man closed the door, walked into the kitchen, threw his jacket down on a chair and his keys onto the counter before he even looked at Anna. Finally his eyes met hers.

“How’s my little kitty? Has she been a good girl today?”

The words dripped like honey off his tongue. Anna was at a loss for words. The man stared at her, the silence stretching. She finally gathered up the courage to say something, but as she began to answer the question she realized it was rude for her to talk to the man so directly.

Gazing her eyes downward, Anna bowed her head and spoke

“This kitty has been naughty. Kitty had bad thoughts about you today. Kitty needs to be punished.”

Raising an eyebrow, the man looked intrigued.

“Naughty? We’ll have to see about that….the punishment can wait though.”

Anna remembered the phone and the app that had changed her life so suddenly. Should she tell “Master” about the app? Should she use it on her own to make him happy? Either way she had to use the power of the phone to give him pleasure.

Making a quick judgement, Anna ran back across the room, grabbed the phone, and ran back to the strange man.

“Master, I know I’ve been bad, but I have a new toy for you!”

Anna handed the phone to her “Master.”

“Look at this app! It allows you to change reality! I know it sounds crazy, but just this morning I was an independent computer engineer and now I’m your slutty kitty!”

Anna’s “Master” chuckled, but opened the app anyways.

“Well you are my kitty, but you’re also a computer engineer, remember?”

Once gain, confusion enveloped Anna. Wait. It wasn’t that she had multiple personalities, her life hadn’t changed that much, she just acted a bit different while at home.

“Remember Kitty? We agreed on your clothing and nicknames at home, but those don’t go beyond the door. “

It all came rushing back to her. She was still a computer engineer. She still graduated college. She still worked at a software company. Today was just Saturday and her boyfriend had to run into the office this morning for an emergency. I guess it wasn’t as bad as she thought.


It dawned on her that “Master”‘s name was just Josh. They had began dating 2 years earlier after they met at a DnD convention in New York. Her worst fears had not materialized. Well, she was certainly more submissive and sexually adventurous than before, but at least she had a boyfriend now. Josh’s voice cut through her thoughts.

“So what was this app you wanted to show me? It changes rules?”

Smiling, Anna began to explain what she knew about the app and what she remembered it’s effects were when she used it. This part was a bit cloudy given her inability to differentiate her past-life and her current one.

“So I can change any of these rules or add one and it will change reality to match it?” Josh asked her.

Nodding Anna answered in the affirmative, “Yeah, it’s pretty immediate I think. There are a lot of weird rules in there.”

Josh looked at the app and began scrolling through the endless list of rules. Many of these peaked his interests and could fulfill his fantasies if the changes actually worked. Though his relationship with Anna had satisfied a number of his desires, many of his deepest darkest sexual fetishes were simply out of reach, even for someone dating an Asian women. Anna was down for quite a bit, but some things were… unrealistic.

“Hmm… well I guess I should try it out. Which one…which one…”

At his words, Anna’s natural submissiveness caused a wave of pleasure to course through her. The feeling still alien to her, the Asian girl fought a feeling of joy when she thought of what her Master was implying. Momentarily forgetting she couldn’t speak, Anna’s mind became a cacophony of thoughts, ranging from wanting to be revolted by the situation to excitement at being used by her Master to wanting to ask how she could please him. The conflicting thoughts silencing her instead.

He laughed at her lack of response, grinning at her internal struggle. “Right, you can’t speak right now.” He walked up to her and, for the first time since his arrival, she noticed his height. While still taller than her, he was much shorter than she’d originally thought. If she weren’t so focused on the ground, she’d still have to look up to meet his eyes.

“Kitty, go to our bedroom and wait for me on the bed. But change your outfit first; surprise me with something sexy.” And he kissed her forehead, dismissing her.

At the touch, Anna nearly collapsed. It was electrifying, his assertiveness and casual dismissal of her person causing her to flood her panties with arousal.

Wordless, she fumbled out of the room.

Josh watched his girlfriend leave the room, still reeling from what had just happened. His change to give women some sort of volume control had worked, much better than his wildest expectations. The app this Anna had given him was the real deal. In fact, he was glad that the girl’s natural submissiveness and dedication to their relationship had made her do so. He knew his Kitty was different than more girls, since she actually got off on pleasuring her partner. But he didn’t think it would go as far as giving him the power over… well, everything.

He wondered if maybe she’d changed something and the results had spooked her. Oh well, he had the app now so no sense in worrying about it.

Despite his earlier call to work, it was still Saturday and his plans were to spend a good part of it in bed, fucking his Kitty. But firsts, he wanted to make his wildest fantasies come true. He took Anna’s phone out of his pocket and reopened the app, ready to make some changes.

The first thing he was going to change was that Anna, despite conforming to the traditional Asian stereotypes, was much to American for his liking. While he’d never admit it to her, the only reason he’d decided to go out with the girl in the first place was because he had a huge fetish for Asian women. The fact she was Asian, and consequently docile, submissive, and sexually adventurous, was the sole foundation of his attraction towards her.

But he wanted more. He wanted Anna to fully embody the Asian girl of his dreams.

So he started typing:

  • Asian women have yellow-ish skin, jet-black hair, and piercing almond-shaped eyes. On average they have petite frames with little to no fat, small tits, and voluptuous butts. Their pussies are the tightest in the world, being just tight enough to allow penetration without hurting the intruding object.
  • Asian women born in America, in an effort to reconnect with their heritage, follow trends set by the Japanese culture, disregarding their actually Asian ancestry. Because of this, they typically speak little English, fluent Japanese, and have thick Japanese accents.
  • American-Japanese girl culture strongly revolves around wearing kimonos, finishing men’s names with the suffix “-san”, anything and everything Hello Kitty, and strongly respecting and following the wishes of the men in their lives.

Fully satisfied that Anna hit every aspect of his yellow fever, he raced to the room after her, excited to see which outfit she’d chosen.

Authors: Simple WriterYanuren, Crushedforlife

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