A Family for Dr Gizmo – Part Two

Witchgirl and Flexi have been transformed by the mysterious Dr. Gizmo!

Not my work, stumbled on this in a backed up folder. Finally was able to locate the original author and site: Witchgirl on the now archived SuperStories.net

Read Part One here.

Chapter 3: A Family Affair

Dr. Gizmo checks the data on his instruments. All the readings are perfect. Flexi and Witchgirl have completely embraced their programming. Their bodies have stabilized. They are now no longer who they once were; they are now Trudy, otherwise known as Mommy Gizmo, and Jenny, otherwise known as Cheerleader Gizmo. “Digitron,” he says. “Download my family.”

Mommy Gizmo and Jenny Gizmo appear in the center of the room, Mommy Gizmo teetering on her 5 inch heels. Jenny Gizmo smiles and sighs deeply. Her new body feels absolutely great!

“Thank you, dear.” Mommy Gizmo says to her husband. “It’s so nice to have our family back together again!”

Jenny Gizmo looks down at herself. “Thanks for the great redesign, dad! I especially like what you did with my tits.”

“Jenny!” Mommy Gizmo says. “Nice girls don’t use the word ‘tits’!”

Dr. Gizmo grins. Jenny Gizmo smiles slyly. “Sorry, mom.” She turns back to Dr. Gizmo. “My breasts. I like what you did with my breasts.”

Mommy Gizmo nods approvingly. “That’s better, dear.”

Jenny Gizmo pushes out her chest a little more. She’s so proud.

Dr. Gizmo takes a step forward, leering at his daughter’s chest. “Let me get a better look at them.” Mommy Gizmo feels a bit jealous and thrusts her own mammoth chest out a bit.

“Of course, they’re not as big as mommy’s,” Jenny says.

Dr. Gizmo smiles rudely, staring down at her. “No. But you’re still a growing girl.”

Jenny Gizmo is so excited she’s almost hopping up and down.

Dr Gizmo says, “I like both sets.” Then he looks at Mommy Gizmo and back at Jenny. “Why don’t you show each other how nice they really are?”

“Sure, dad!” Jenny Gizmo says.

“Of course,” Mommy Gizmo says. She turns to Jenny and removes her blouse. Jenny begins to pull her top off over her head, wiggling out of it. Dr. Gizmo smiles.

Jenny looks her mother over. “Gosh, mom. You sure are a knock-out.”

Mommy Gizmo drops her top on the ground, revealing a lacy bra that definitely doesn’t come from the 50’s. Daughter Gizmo is wearing a white sports bra.

Mommy Gizmo moves over and embraces her daughter, giving her a motherly kiss on the forehead. Jenny smiles and accepts the kiss on her forehead. “Gosh, mom,” Jenny says. “Everything is just so… fucktastic!”

Mommy Gizmo pulls back, a bit of dark disapproval on her face. “What did you say, young lady? I’ve warned you before about using that sort of language.”

Jenny rolls her eyes. “Oh, mom.”

“Perhaps you need a little punishment to learn to behave like a proper lady.”

“…but Mom.”

“Don’t ‘But Mom’ me, young lady!”

Jenny looks down at her sneakers in shame. Mommy Gizmo moves over to a convenient chair and sits. “Take off your skirt. Right now!”

Jenny takes off her skirt and drops it around her feet, revealing little white panties. Mommy Gizmo gestures to her lap. “Bend over.”

As Dr. Gizmo watches, a bulge forming in his pants, Jenny walks over to Mommy Gizmo and bends down over her lap, her ass jutting up in the air. Mommy Gizmo spanks Jenny, making the experience as erotic as the Doctor could possibly want.

Jenny gasps and moans as the hand comes down on her bottom. “Oh.” Slap. “Mommy.” Slap. “I’m.” Slap. “So.” Slap. “So.” Slap. “Very.” Slap. “Sorry.” Slap. “I’ll be.” Slap. “A good.” Slap. “Girl.”

Mommy Gizmo pauses, her hand hovering over Jenny’s bottom. “How good will you be?”

“Soooooooo good, mommy. “I’ll be the best girl ever. I promise.”

Dr. Gizmo slowly strokes his dick. “What do you think dear?” he asks Mommy Gizmo. “Has she learned her lesson?” He walks over and places her hand beneath her chin, tilting her head up she he can look down into her face. “Your daddy’s little girl, aren’t you?”

Jenny’s eyes are big and contrite, her voice girlish and high. “Oh, yes. Yes.”

Mommy Gizmo nods. “She sounds like she’s sorry.”

“Good,” he says. “Jenny, get up.” She immediately stands, rubbing her ass and looking down at her sneakers, still somewhat ashamed. Then she smiles slightly as she notices Dr. Gizmo’s erect cock. Gosh, he’s so awesome. So big and manly. She wishes that HE’D spank her a little.

Mommy Gizmo stands as well. “Would you like me to make dinner now, or would you like me to suck your cock, dear?” she asks. “Or would you just like to fuck me in the ass.”

Dr. Gizmo smiles. “Well…… that little scene did get me all worked up” He looks down at his pants. Mommy Gizmo moves over and kneels at his feet.

Jenny narrows her eyes at her mother. “Mom, how come when I say stuff like that I get spanked, but it’s okay for you!?!”

Mommy Gizmo feels her cheeks burn as the dirty words come out of her mouth. She’s so embarrassed that her husband makes her feel like such a whore. She opens her mouth to say something else, to speak more of those wonderful, shameful dirty words, but when she does he slides his cock between her lips. She begins to suck it enthusiastically.

“Good point Jenny,” Mommy Gizmo sucks Dr. Gizmo’s cock enthusiastically.

“Good point, Jenny,” Dr. Gizmo announces. “Jenny, pull your mother’s panties down.”

Jenny rolls her eyes again. Her mom is SUCH a whore. But that’s only natural when it comes to Dad. He is their lord and master, after all. “Okay, dad,” she says, and she walks over and pulls Mommy Gizmo’s panties down her thighs to her knees.

Dr. Gizmo nods his approval. “Good. Now spank her while she pleasures me”

Jenny begins to spank Mommy Gizmo, reluctantly and lightly at first, then harder with each swing. Without removing her mouth from his organ, Mommy gets up off the floor and bends at the waist, continuing to pleasure her husband. She whimpers around the massive cock between her lips as Jenny counts off the slaps. “One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight.” She pauses for a second. “Bet you feel pretty Fucktastic right now, huh mom?” she says.

“Mmmmmmph,” Mommy Gizmo replies.

“Nine. Ten. Eleven.” Another pause. “God, mom, what a great ass you have. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen.”

On slap eighteen, Dr. Gizmo blows a load down Mommy Gizmo’s throat He leans back and sighs, his pot belly bulging out slightly from his clothing.

“Aaaaah,” he says. “Much better. Thank you, dear.” He pats Mommy Gizmo on the head and pulls his pants up, immediately walking away, disinterested now that he’s satisfied. “Now clean up the mess and start dinner.”

Chapter 4: Dinner at the Gizmos

“You were AWESOME, dad,” Jenny says to her father as they enter the dining room. She comes up behind him and gives him a little hug. “The way you fucked mom’s mouth like that, and then it was like, pow, bam, you just came right into her mouth and zap, she was all like….”

“Silence, Jenny,” Dr. Gizmo says, as he sits down at the head table.

“Okay, Dad!” she says happily. She shuts her mouth immediately.

“Go help your mother in the kitchen,” she says.

Jenny enters the kitchen where he mother is fixing dinner, clad only in her heels and the string of pearls around her neck. “Hello, Jenny,” she says. “Can you set the table for me? Use the good china.”

“Okay, mom!” She begins to get down the dishes. Then she turns to her mother and says, “God, I feel peppy. I just want to jump up and down and do a cheer right here in the middle of the room.” She shrugs and gets out the utensils. “Guess that’s how he programmed me, huh?”

Mommy Gizmo smiles. “Isn’t it wonderful? We don’t even have to worry about making mistakes. He’s so thoughtful.”

“He’s the BEST!” She leaves the room and sets the table, then returns.

Mommy Gizmo smiles at Jenny. “Why don’t you practice some of your cheers for me, Jenny, while I finish up dinner? You know how I love your routines.”

“Sure, mom!” Mommy Gizmo continues to make dinner as Jenny Gizmo practices her cheers.

Jenny jumps up and down in place, waving her arms. “Who’s the best dad there is? A scientist named Dr. Giz!”

“Pretty good, huh, mom?”

Mommy Gizmo smiles. “VERY good, Jenny!”

Jenny begins to do stretching exercises. “Some people don’t think of cheerleaders as athletes, but that’s what I am. An athlete. I have to stay in absolutely PERFECT SHAPE or I can’t do my job.”

Mommy Gizmo arranges food in a delicate pattern on a plate. “Yes, dear. You’re very athletic. Your father wanted it that way.”

Jenny does a leg split. “Mmmmm. Feel that burn.”

“What kind of vegetable would you like, dear?”

“Some carrots, please. Raw.” Mommy Gizmo goes to the refrigerator, gets some carrots, and peels them with blinding accuracy and speed. In a matter of moments, there’s a garnish plate full of delicately carved and fluted carrot sticks.

Jenny looks thoughtfully at her mother. “It’s funny. My memories of drab little Witchgirl seem so distant right now. They’re getting smaller and smaller. Fading away.” She smiles wider. “Good riddance to them. I’m Jenny now.”

Mommy Gizmo nods in agreement has she finishes up the meal. “I know. That Flexi… whoever she was… I don’t think I would have ever wanted to be her. She was so lonely and confused. She doesn’t have a family to love her like I do.”

“She didn’t have someone to TELL her what to do, the way Dad does with us. God. Just THINKING about him telling me what to do makes me feel SOOOO hot.”

Mommy Gizmo picks up some of the food and walks across the kitchen to Jenny. “I wonder if we’ll ever see those people again.”

Jenny smiles. I’m beginning to wonder if they ever existed at all.”

“Me too,” Mommy Gizmo says. “They seem so… unreal.”

“Who were we just talking about?” Jenny asks.

Mommy Gizmo thinks for a second, then smiles. “I have no idea,” she says. The last vestige of the memories has vanished. She opens the door and they both go out to the dining room, where Dr. Gizmo is waiting at the table.

“Fried chicken,” he says. “My favorite.” She sets the food on the table and immediately begins to dig in, using his fingers, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. The two women watch adoringly.

“And save some room,” Mommy Gizmo says. “There’s apple pie a la mode for dessert!”

Jenny sits down, hands folded on her lap. “So dad. What kind of plans do you have for us? I’m just ITCHING to help you in whatever way I can, although I’m sure you know that already, since that’s how you designed me.” Jenny laughs a little. Dr Gizmo consumes a truly heroic amount of friend chicken, almost completely skipping the veggies

“Can’t talk,” he says. “Eating…….”

Dr. Gizmo finishes his meal, leans back, and burps loudly. He turns to Jenny. “You had a question Jenny?” he asks. Jenny squirms happily at the sound of his burp.

Dr. Gizmo picks his teeth with a matchbook. Jenny leans forward, both her hands under her chin. “I was wondering about your plans for us, the family, in terms of your crime career. I’m just so EAGER to…” She leans forward. “…help you in any way I can.”

Dr. Gizmo grins. “Understood.” He throws the matchbook over his shoulder. “We strike tonight. I’m going to rob the Chase Manhattan bank, and you’re going to help me.”


“Yes. In a minute, I’d like you to join me in the lab. You too, Mrs. Gizmo.” He stands up, throwing his napkin onto his plate, and leaves the room without saying good-bye.

Mommy Gizmo turns to Jenny, smiling, barely containing herself. “Oh… oh God… we’re going to help him rob a bank!” She stands up and begins to clear the dishes off the table.

Jenny nods eagerly. “Isn’t it exciting?” She can see how turned on her mother is. She touches her mother’s thigh, moving closer to her.

Mommy Gizmo nods, carrying the dirty dishes into the kitchen. “Oh yes. I’ve wanted to help your father for so long….”

Jenny follows her. “Me too. Me too. “And you. I want to help you.” Jenny leans closer. They’re both at the sink now, Mommy Gizmo running water over the plates.

Mommy Gizmo whimpers a bit and parts her legs. “I’m sorry dear. It’s the way he made me, you know.”

“I know.” Jenny speaks more quietly. “You’re a slut.”

Mommy Gizmo’s cheeks burn red. “Yes… I’m a slut.”

Jenny leans forward, her lips almost touching her Mommy’s. “Oh, you sure are. We both are.”

Their lips almost come together in a kiss, but then Mommy Gizmo notices the dirty dinner in the sink and she pulls back reluctantly. “I’ve got to clean up here,” she tells Jenny, as she gathers the dishes in her hands. “It makes me very, very uncomfortable to leave dirty dishes around.” She turns to her daughter and smiles. “Why don’t you go down to your father’s laboratory now? I’ll catch up with you in a minute.”

She begins to scrub away at the dishes in the sink, her hands immersed in the sudsy water. She smiles and rubs her pelvis against the sink. It makes her so happy to clean things. There’s only one thing that makes her happier.

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