Drunk on Ginny

Looking through my flagged posts on Tumblr, I found this from the before times. Actually, I think this predates any of my original writing.

The lovely @drunk-on-ginny made this story from a prompt I submitted. It’s too good to have disappear from the internet, so republishing it here with a SFWish image so future generations can enjoy.

Thanks for the submission and suggestion 800milesisadrive! The suggestion was like an inverted transformation scenario – the subject doesn’t transform, but her world does…

When “the event” happened, Crystal was actually away looking at schools. She came back and all anyone was talking about was how dark it had gotten that fateful day, and how the storm had come down, and how everything was different now. Well she agreed with that. It was like the whole town had just gotten weird. People even looked different. Girls were louder and laughed a lot. Guys walked around with smiles on their faces. School wasn’t the same either. The teachers didn’t really seem to be trying anymore. There were parties all the time, and parents didn’t seem to mind. Rules had just gone out the window. As the days went on it got like dangerous to even go outside. So many traffic accidents. But then again, there wasn’t as much traffic either, because people were making themselves busy with other stuff, mostly fucking.
Crystal’s neighbor, Grace, had been away that weekend too, visiting her sister someplace, and it seemed like they were they were the only two halfway normal people in town now. When Crystal’s mom didn’t come home one night, probably “working late” with her boss again, she knocked on Grace’s door. She could hear the sounds of sex in the background, and shouts in Korean. Sounded sort of like Grace’s mom, probably with the gardener, by the looks of the abandoned lawnmower out front.
Crystal and Grace had never been close. To Crystal, Grace was one of those bookish Asian churchmice who never really said much. To Grace, Crystal was one of those full-of-herself types who was too busy arguing with the teachers to even remember other people were trying to learn. But now, things were different.
Grace said, “how are we going to get into college if our school just disappears…?”
Crystal agreed that seemed to be happening. They commiserated over some of Grace’s really strange food, while from the back Grace’s mom screamed “My asshole for your cock!” Grace wasn’t even embarrassed anymore, this was going on everywhere, but she said, “Sorry.”
Crystal said, “forget it, I think my sister fucked the entire police department yesterday. This world is going nuts…”
After a while, Crystal remembered that overhearing Kevin say something about planning to go away. Was that the same weekend the event happened? Grace wasn’t sure…Kevin, the youth minister hadn’t been in church last week, but then, that had been a serious clusterfuck, so who knows. He was a smart guy, and he’d have some ideas about what was going on if he wasn’t affected, or infected, or…well, whatever.
He didn’t pick up his phone. So they went to his apartment building to look for his car, which wasn’t there. Neither of them knew which apartment he lived in, so they knocked on doors. Scene after scene of debauchery, at least when the doors opened. Finally they ran into Kevin’s friend Nancy. She said, “oh no, cuties, he’s been out of town, I think he’s coming back in a few days!”
There was hope!
After a few days, Crystal and Grace managed to convince their single moms (well, sort of single) to move in together. The two moms immediately started making out. It was gross! Crystal and Grace moved in together in Crystal’s place. Life started seeming…well, a little boring. They could hardly talk to anyone. The TV was broken, and both Crystal and Grace’s moms had been burning books for warmth it seemed. Everyone else seemed to be having fun though. People were so damned happy! Didn’t they realize that their world was ending. I mean, there were more important things to do other than fucking all the time, right?
After a while though, and a few drinks of Crystal’s mom’s vodka, Grace observed that the reason everyone was so happy was because sex is supposed to be fun. And well, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to try it. They both laughed when Grace said, “let’s do it…let’s fuck someone! I’ve never done it before!” As if on cue, the doorbell rang.
When Crystal opened the door, there was Pastor Kevin, in all his glory. He said, “I heard you’ve been looking for me. I was in the city.”
Grace said, “Kevin…where were you when the event happened?”
Grace and Crystal exchanged looks and they both giggled.
Crystal looked him in the eyes, grabbed his crotch through his pants and said, “Good!”
Grace was already removing her clothes. When she was completely naked, and Crystal was following suit, she said, “show us why everyone’s smiling, huh?”

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