Asian Bimbo Transformation Stories

List of Asian Stereotype + Bimbo Transformation erotica from around the web.

OTTII Universe Stories:

Race Queen by TOXIS

An American model travels to Japan to work exclusively for a big conglomerate.

Big League Changes by James J. Craft

Nicole Smith has been drafted to play for the OTTII Proton All Star baseball team in Kobe, Japan, a farm team for a major U.S. Major League Ball Team. She knows this is her one and only shot at fulfilling her plan of playing in the “Big-Leagues”. What she doesn’t know, is that the nefarious OTTII Corporation (the team’s owner) has a very different plan for her.

Policy Changes by James J. Craft

The OTTII Corporation has just acquired the Singaporean firm where Abbey works. She’s young and aggressive and having problems dealing with the new direction the company is taking.

JPop Idol by The Mayor of Cherish

Melody is transformed into a Japanese pop star.

Poker Queen by TheHandsThatLead

Janine is a top poker play, but the men still don’t take her seriously. Now she’s in the biggest private game in LA and she’s going to play for everything.

Dani’s Final Serve by BPAP

When Danielle attends a sporting Academy in Florida it’s not just her career that begins to change…

The Nineteenth Hole by TheHandsThatLead

Mikayla is trying to break in to the professional golf tour, will a trip to Japan’s mega-conglomerate OTTII to play on their new tour get her closer to her dream?

OTTII-matic by TheHandsThatLead

Being a female executive at OTTII head office can be perilous, especially when you don’t hail from Japan.

Mr. Grey Stories

Discrimination by Mr Grey

Three co-workers find out how their office will be filling a diversity quota.

The Replacement by Mr Grey

Ami, the token overachieving, Asian High School senior, has found out she’s been made redundant. Now, her class gets to decide what niche she should fill.

Camp Whol Nu Yu (Chapter 7) by Mr Grey

Can the girls figure out the mystery behind this cult-like summer camp? How much longer can they stave off become ditzy sluts, when mere suggestions seem to warp their minds and bodies?

Cynthia and The Stone by Mr Grey

Jack has something very special to show to Cynthia.

Rev. Hale Stories and Captions

New User Demographics by Rev. Hale

Jordan tries out a new fashion app, but it seems to keep forcing them into problematic self-identities.

Hospitality by Rev. Hale

Befriending the neighbors doesn’t have to be a chore.

A Cleared Head by Rev. Hale

Harold uses an experimental gas on his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Regressive Progression by Rev. Hale

A recently dumped boyfriend decides he’s going to change his ex’s mind, along with a few other things. Luckily, he has a mysterious new power to make her into the woman he’s always wanted; the woman she’s always been afraid of becoming.

Asian Blondes Have More Fun by Rev. Hale

Some boys can just be so rude.

Full Orientation by Rev. Hale

Linda has to adjust to some unexpected changes at her new job.

Just a Thot by Rev. Hale

Why play games when you can get boys off?

Stories with Asian Stereotype Transformation scenes:

Changing the Rules: Asian Stereotypes by Various

The world is run on rules and taboos. What happens if you change a few of them?

Masks by Fool’s Page

Women are kidnapped, fitted with masks, and turned into suckfuck girls.

The Perfect Girlfriend by Twirling Thoughts

Vi is concerned about how her boyfriend wants her to act more obedient.

Halloween Sucks! by Volt Namazuros

Two girls have a great plan to get some easy grades. Surely nothing will go wrong?

A Little Knowledge by Chrystal Wynd

Two young occult students find a seemingly harmless spellbook.

Not Guilty by Reason of Omnipotence by The Sympathetic Devil

A routine reckless driving case turns out to be anything but when the defendant makes an unusual ples.

Anime DNA by Kris P Kreme

Keith’s new poster really gets under his girlfriend’s skin.

The Human Doll Program by Joe Forest

John wins his stepdaughter Kimiko in a raffle.

Eroticon Virus by Lovelynice

A teenage boy’s elaborate hoax triggers mass hysteria with erotic consequences in a Japanese city…and maybe it isn’t as much of a hoax as he thinks…

Turning Japanese by Jukebox

Josie’s a great girl, and Paul loves her a lot, but there’s something he’d like to change about her. He’d like to get her a little more interested in some of the things that he’s excited about, like anime.

Book Club by BPAP

Hina has trouble keeping up with her book club.

Wishbone: The Slutty Professor by The Sympathetic Devil

One of Dr. Elise Chen’s students has acquired the magical wishbone and uses it to make her economics class a bit more interesting.

Whee So Horny by William Pratt

Asian teen Julie and her geeky friend Debbie get challenged to a video game at their youth center. The fighting game seems to have every annoying stereotype, and each match seems to have serious consequences…

Careful What You Wish For by Unknown

A wish to “fuck like a pornstar” means more than one couple expects.

Too Hot To Handle by InkyLeaf

Cindy and Phil embrace the Las Vegas lifestyle.

Yellow Fever by InkyLeaf

Zoe becomes a better girlfriend.

How Not To Embellish A Resume by Wesley King

Zoe is reassigned after her company discovers some discrepancies on her job application.

Japan Guide by Wesley King

Mary has just moved to Japan for her JYA year and it’s not long before she receives an offer she can’t refuse.

and one shameless plug for my collected version of “Movie Night”.

Pretty Fate Machine

Asian American teenager Naomi finds out her mother wasn’t always a brainless bimbo, but can she figure out the truth before she loses her own mind?

(General message for current and future browsers: I have a ton of snippets and captions that got pulled down with on Asian Race Change. I’m looking for a home, but if anyone is really into it and can’t find an archive, feel free to DM or email me at revhale202 (at) gmail)

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