Swapping Subjects

BFF’s find out how toxic it can be to bottle in those feelings.

“Ok, girls – SMILE!” Jason pointed his new toy at the two girls. His jock sister, Val, and her slutty Chinese “bestie” Mary.

The Mary and Val were normally joined at the hip, but today they were both just barely standing each other. Family weekend at college was just a powder keg, waiting to go off.

Luckily, Val’s little brother had a special gift for them – though they would be unaware the whole time. Even though the camera’s special “internal monologue” heads up, the two girls voices were screaming.

Sneaking peaks at the two while pretending to adjust settings, he had already gotten the full backstory. Mary had skipped out on her planned girls night out, and showing up late for brunch wearing the same outfit as last night. Not only was this throwing off the A-Type Val’s whole planned schedule, but Jason’s blonde jock sister was furious about Mary sleeping with Val’s crush.

Taking the first pic, Jason saw his sister’s thoughts in the readout overlay.

GOD, she’s such a slut! Always looking for attention! Everyone thinks she’s smart because she’s Asian, but she’s just a bimbo!

Mary was also fuming below her cheery glow.

UGH. Val is going to just be grumpy all day. Just because she’s missing her workout. What self obsessed Karen!

Jason adjusted some settings and locked in “subject” on each, using each girl’s internal thoughts to reset the other’s personalities.

Maybe Val could see just what a “pornstar Asian slut” really was!

And hey, while Mary’s idea of an “uptight, image obsessed, entitled blonde jock” wasn’t Jason’s first choice for his sister’s transformation, she’d definitely be showing off a lot more… especially once he tweaked some settings.

“Say ‘BESTIES’!” Jason instructed, letting the camera do it’s job.

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