We keep our little girl on a strict media diet that reinforces sexual objectification of women. Especially little girls.

Thankfully there’s a wealth of resources out there on the internet for concerned parents.

I took her on a special father-daughter trip to Hentailand’s Rule34 district, where she could see all the heroine’s and princesses she admired being used like cheap fuck-toys.

“Look how good this cunt makes daddy feel”, I grunted, looking my darling in the eye while driving down into princess-pussy, while a tiny Tinkerbell desperately tried to lick my shaft as it reappeared and disappeared.

“Yes daddy”, my girl said, unblinking and wide eyed.

“Ashly’s Birthday Bimbo Blowout” by Kris P Kreme

Michael wants his girlfriend Ashly’s birthday to be mindblowing. After picking up a cake and supplies at The Kremery he gets his wish and more.

Ashly’s Birthday Bimbo Blowout by Kris P Kreme

Ashly sat there leaned over the cake, cramming it down her throat, licking her lips as she ate messily. The creamy icing was so amazing. It seemed so familiar though. She just couldn’t place it. She giggled, realizing she just wasn’t much for facts. All she knew was being arm candy for Michael. Suddenly her stomach grumbled, making strange noises as she continued swallowing down bite after bite. She gasped and reached down grabbing her hips tightly.

Michael walked back in the dining room and promptly dropped his plate to the floor. He stared open-mouthed at his girlfriend. She was writhing around, wiggling in the chair, her hands on her hips and cake dribbling from her mouth. She’d nearly managed to eat the whole thing herself.

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WONDER UNDONE (Manip by Maria)

Black Widow wasn’t the only heroine to fall to the power of Hundehersteller at the behest of a cooperative and ambitious nemesis. Wonder Woman’s strident condemnation of the Hundehersteller Empire and her efforts to resist the Natural Order made her as much a threat to domestic stability and happiness as she was the plans of Ares. The God of War was quick to offer a partnership with the good Doctor, and a bargain was struck.

It was only natural, then, that when her fall came, it was as humiliating, irreversible, and complete as possible. There would be no more meddling by Diana of Themyscira. There would only be another fat-titted hick slut burning with need to please the hard-working men of the holler…and bring a smile to the face of its victorious “Pappy.”