Which is sexier, finding a dumb slut and calling her stupid, or finding a clever slut, degrading and humiliating her to the point that she believe she is, or may actually be, dumb?



While they’re both great choices, sweet sub, allow me to propose an alternative!

Finding a clever cutie, and slowly showing her all her her smarts and thoughts are just getting in the way of the fun and freedom that being a dumb, lusty fuckbunny brings.

Lovingly allowing her to let her thoughts slip from her happy head as she sinks into trance and fills the empty space in her brain with bubbly bliss.

Hearing her beg to be a blank ditzy dollie as she eagerly edges any thought other than “I need to get fucked.” out of her mind.

Watching the shock and satisfaction spread over her as you drill her desperate fuckholes, keeping her from climaxing until she can’t even think of the words to beg you anymore, before breaking her blank brain on the purest pleasure she’s ever experienced with a single command,


And, of course, smiling sweetly as she wakes up and leaves, knowing that the memory of her mind-melting trance time will seep into her waking world, until she crawls back begging to be a blissful blank bimbodoll again 💗

I don’t know about you, but that sure gets me hot under the collar, honey 😙

I didn’t reed all this yet but the first port ways hot


The plan was conceived with the best intentions.

Kelly would join her friend Sara in a three-way for Sara’s husband’s birthday.

The next steps, however, were with the help of Master PC: They’d use the app to transform Kelly into Sara’s identical twin. What husband could pass up the opportunity to have a near-orgy with multiples of his own wife?

They even tweaked their own personalities to make sure that everyone had a fun time: sluttier, sexier, desperate for dick and a healthy dose of bisexuality.

The problems started to arise when Sara and Sara’s new bimbofied personalities kept playing with the Master PC app.

Before too long they even started to forget who was Sara and who was Kelly.


Omg, when did this slut girl show up?

Like, wait… that’s me.

No way!

Ohmygawd I’ve got to take a selfie!

I’m like so fucking hawt!

Can… can… can you imagine…?

Can you imagine how much the boys would go crazy if I had, like, a great rack.

You know, like really big dumb sexy ta-tas. 

C’mon. Why don’t you, like, do it?

With your Universal Remote?

Just one click.



I’ll do anything.




Tara felt her face start to tingle as the freckles started to spread – though she couldn’t quite see for herself what was happening.

But she could guess judging by the reddish color spreading throughout her quickly lengthening hair and as her once-professional blouse transformed into a soft body-hugging sweater.

“You know,” she heard herself say in an unfamiliarly soft lilt, “if you give me a hotter butt, I promise to suck your dick.”


Every good baby-whore has to realize that a large part of her life is going to revolve around dressing like a total slut for Daddy’s pleasure and then eagerly exhibiting herself so that everyone can *see* what a whore she is. So it’s important that she learns quickly that her comfort is a distant second to dressing properly for Daddy – to showing off as much of her tits and ass as she can in public! Stockings and skirts that clearly show the tops of them are also a must, as well as makeup that marks her as an obvious fuck-toy and cock-doll. Most importantly, she has to have the confidence to show all of this preparation off for him – to flaunt herself as nothing but a filthy, nasty cum-addicted cock-doll who needs to be violated, abused and filled with Daddy’s cock every day.

Kozakura and her mother!


“OMG Mother!!!! How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to know my daughter would rather bring her new White boyfriend over to see her father, rather than her own mother. Hmmph.”

“Mother, you can’t barge in like that. You don’t even live here any more! I deserve some privacy!”

“Ohhh privacy? Is that the new term for sucking White dick?”

“Mother please, this is embarrassing!”

“No! Embarrassing is finding out my own daughter now has a White boyfriend. And who has to tell me? My useless rice dick ex husband. My own daughter can’t even tell me!!”

“Mother, please. I was going to tell you eventually. Anyway, Brian, this is my mom. Mother, this is Brian!”

“Hello Brian! How are you? How are you enjoying my daughter?”


“You know Brian, when I was Kozakura‘s age, I didn’t have any White dick to suck. I didn’t even know about White dick until we came to America!”

“Mother! Please don’t tell him these stories. Brian get your pants and we will leave. My mother is a crazy old pervert!”

“NOOOO! Brian, just stay here! Kozakura, you continue what you started! I will continue my story. First of all, I am not old. I am 45 but I am fit, and I could teach Brian here a few things!”


“Kozakura! Shut up  and suck! Get it in your mouth! That’s it! Now shut up!”

“Oh Brian, you are so handsome and cute,you don’t need a girlfriend who is always talking, do you? Of course not. Kozakura needs to learn how to keep her mouth full of your cock and stop yammering so much! Yes? Now wait, let me move to the other side.”

“Kozakura your posture is all wrong. White guys love to see ass. Get your ass in the air. That’s it. Wiggle as you suck! See Brian you like that don’t you?”

“Ummm yea! I guess!”

“Of course you do! I know you White guys well. I used to used to fuck them endlessly when I was married to her useless rice dick father. There was one guy in particular who was my regular visitor; he is actually Kozakura‘s real father. That’s why her eyes are so different than mine. Oh Brian, help me pull out the futon, so you have more room!”


“Mmm let me get Brian ready! Kozakura you don’t want him going in dry!

“Mother you don’t have to, I am soaking wet!”

“Now Brian, I know you White guys like having more than one pussy in your life! My daughter and I will do everything we can to keep you happy and satisfied. I don’t ever want you to break my little Kozakura‘s heart! You fuck my Kozakura and you stay committed to her pussy!”


“Now you ride this beautiful White dick and give me beautiful grandchildren Kozakura! We are destined to have White Devil’s babies.”

“MMMmmm yes mother!”

“And don’t bring him over here where you have no privacy. Let him move in with me, rent-free and you can come over and fuck him anytime you want Kozakura!”

Yessssss, mmmm, I will tell him!”

“And you know your mother loves White dick. What is the harm of me riding him now and then?”

“Okay mother!”

“Kozakura, you don’t have to spend so much time making it wet, get it inside me. NOW!”

“Oh Brian, I know you love two pussies, just wait and see what Kozakura and I are capable of. Let us give you a sample! Are you ready Kozakura?”