Just for a little while…

I had promised it would be a temporary change, just a brief shift in reality. 

But as I watched her pure joy at playing with my cock, giggling and mindless, I realized her old self didn’t really have a say in how permanent this was.

She’ll be so much better off like this. I would ask her now, but she’s wired to just agree with anything I want.

I can’t wait to tell her she can just stay dumb and horny all the time. Her happy squeal is so cute, especially when she’s in the middle of sucking my cock.

Supportive Partner

“Are you sure my ass isn’t… I donno, bigger?”

I don’t know how the app knew what I’d meant when I told it to give my girlfriend ‘an ass like a Brazilian model’.

“Seriously! Like, this barely fits, right?”

I also wasn’t sure how, like magic, she had an impossibly hourglass figure. Or why she didn’t seem to concerned with the changes.

“I mean, it’s totally hot though. Look!”

Her skin darkening from pasty to deeply tan. Her normally short hair now halfway down her back.

“I bet I could, like, model or something!”

Most of the adjustments weren’t even manual. Something about the setup projecting the operator’s desires on to reality?

“Or do one of those cam thingies? Oh god, having guys all hard and making them… mmmm….”

Based on her face had changed, I guess I had a thing for Asian girls too. Her lips, nose, eyes… all subtly tweaked.

“I mean, if that’s ok with you daddy?”

This personally was also new. This sultry, giggly bimbo barely sounded like her old self.

“Oh, I know! You could totally fuck me and record it. I bet my ass looks great on camera!”

I’m not sure if this is what I would have wanted a week ago. If this was the program warping me too, making me suddenly into showing off and sharing her.

“Don’t you want to show me off? Share me sucking that huge fucking cock of yours?”

Christ, I was hard. Was I just really turned on? Was I always this big? Either way I didn’t care. I just wanted to see this slutty bimbo bent over, getting her last of her brains fucked out.

One week later…

A Friendly Check In

Are you sure you’re ok? You sounded seriously freaked out before. Something about that pervy guy from Econ class stopping by with a magic… book?

Oh, that guy? 
You’re super worry-wart all the sudden. Everything’s, like, totally awesome!

Emma, you sound really different. What’s going on?

I’m totes cool. 
(Huh? What did you say? Hehe, that’s so evil!)
I mean, actually I could really use your help over here. I’m really scared he might mess with my brain or something.
Can you join me? In case he comes again?

An Attentive Argument

He’s a fucking creep, looking at me like that.

But he is kinda hot, right?

Wait, what? I didn’t think that…

Who cares? He’s really hot. God you’re so wet just from him looking at you.

I mean… oh god, why am I so turned on right now?

Because you like getting leered at. You say you hate it, but you’ve always secretly loved it.

No! That’s…. that’s not me…

Then why are you dressed like this? Why did you get fake tits?

I’m dressed normally, and I don’t… have… fake tits?

Yes you do, you’ve always wanted them. Now everyone will want to fuck you, and you love that feeling.

Oh, I guess… I mean, I do have a hot body…

And you love showing off.

Yeah, I love showing off.

And you get off on everyone thinking you’re a mindless little slut.

I get off on everyone thinking I’m a mindless little slut.

Good, now smile for the nice man. Let’s give him a show.

Full Orientation – Going Live

Read part one – Full Orientation

Now, as happy as everyone here is with ‘Linda’ and the first round of -ahem- internal testing. I think we need to expand our closed beta to get a better idea of how True Augmented Reality will be received out in the wild.

I mean, come on Mark, Linda is American-Thai and she’s appending ’-san’ every chance she gets. And I don’t think even hentai girls say ‘arigato’ as much as that girl does after a facial.

Ok, I admit it’s been a boost to morale. We just need something more believable for the Round B investors. Something well documented, something that shows off all the hard work we’ve done.

Without further ado, I’d like to official confirm our first brand ambassador and public tester:

Ann Akira!

Enough with the groans, guys. She has a reach of 2 million followers across platforms and has already agreed to waive all personal rights for the time of testing. Plus, after her feud with her last big sponsor, we’re getting her for a steal.

Yes, there are some of you who aren’t a fan of her whole ‘War Against Objectification’ series. But that’s what makes her a perfect subject! Her sponsors will get to see a nice, improved revenue stream and we’ll have every marketing department in the country at our door, just in time for the wide rollout.

So, we’ll just take Ling-Ling’s profile and stretch it out a bit. See how a three month implementation takes, gather any bugs and enjoy the show.

Let’s get to work!

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Full Orientation

Linda has to adjust to some unexpected changes at her new job.

Full Orientation

“I don’t get it. When you interviewed me last month, you said you needed an experienced coder ASAP. Now, right when I’m about to begin orientation, you tell me you’re at go-live! After I’ve turned down an offer from OTTII and moved halfway across the country!”

Well now, Linda. Or Lin, can I can you Lin? I know you were hoping to be part of the launch team, but we’ve had a bit of a breakthrough since last we spoke. I’m sure there’s another role for you here.

“First off, NO – you can’t call me ‘Lin’. Second, if there’s no Development Director role, this is a blatant breach of our employment contact! I’m not going to be some beta tester on your live platform. I knew I shouldn’t have joined up with a bunch of brogrammers”

Let not get ahead of ourselves Lin – I mean Linda. You should really check out -heh- Orientation before walking away from this exciting position. We’ve done some wonder work in what we’re dubbing True Augmented Reality.


“Huh… what just happened… Wait WHAT AM I WEARING?! ”

It’s your new Beta Testing uniform. Once you’re done with Orientation, you’ll be free to leave for the day. Let’s not forget, you’ll be the one in breach of contract for absenteeism if you walk now.

“This is bullshit. But you know what, just keep digging your grave here you sick freak.”

I promise you, this is all in your initial contract. Since the product is going to market early, I thought the boys on the team here could get some use out of their hard work.

We had a vote, and to be honest, between the impression you made when you interviewed and Mark’s ‘Orient-ation’ pun submission, this ‘Horny Asian Schoolgirl’ stereotype easily won.

Now let’s see if the personality update is working yet.

“The personality update? Huh? I’m sorry it’s so difficult to think with all these pink clouds. Were they always there? You see those too, right?”

Ha! Looks like the update is working just fine. Why don’t we introduce you to the team? Give a nice smile!

“Ughh… guess it Lin’s job right? Tehehe… Hai everyone!”

Now let’s get you properly acquainted Ling. You don’t mind if I call you Ling right?

“Mister boss-san call Ling-Ling whatever he like!” *giggle*

Oh boy, Mark really went overboard with the stereotype part. Well, that’s what beta testers are for, right Ling-Ling? Why don’t you let the boys see how happy you are to be working with them.

Clouded Judgement


Small part of a longer outline I had. Not sure if it’s worth it to expand out, as I kind of like the ambiguity of this section. Let me know if you think I should continue.

“You know, you can still stop this at any time, right?” My wife said with a knowing smirk. At least I think she was my wife, it was getting difficult to focus. Even without the distraction of her impossibly fit body grinding against me. I could barely count on to what was ‘real’.

“You could change everything back and make us all forget this even happened.” She was teasing, not even trying to sell authenticity in the slight whimper that escaped her lips between each sentence.

My ‘wife’ was just teasing out the moment, knowing that in spite of my half-hearted pleas, I wasn’t going to save her. I wasn’t going to save myself.

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Regressive Progression

Warning – contains raceplay and forced transformation

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I”m supposed to be here, remember?”

“Oh.” she said, wondering how she could forget she had invited him over? “OK. What were you doing here anyway?”

“You were…” he paused, distracted with something on the small gizmo he had in his hand “…you were about to apologize for being such a bitch to me.”

She scoffed. “I really doubt that.”

He typed away furiously at the the small screen in front of him, then looked up with a distrustful smile. “Oh, I think that’s exactly what you’re going to do.”

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