The Test: Part 24 – “Foster Care”

“Daddy did you see? Did you see?” asked my adopted Daughter, Trina. She was excitedly referring to the gaggle of teen girls on the boardwalk she had just hypnotized. “Can they sleep over at our place this weekend? Pleeeeeease?”

“I suppose, but your mother will need to talk with their parents first” I explained.


Beth had met Danielle (her real name) on campus and was instantly smitten. Even though she was an eighteen year old college freshman she looked like a freshman in high school…. so Beth decided that’s exactly what she would be from now on. She quickly went to work on hypnotizing her into believe her name was Trina, that she was adopted by us and that we just enrolled her into a private high school. Since then Beth has taken to being a mother with great enthusiasm, teaching her new daughter how to put on make-up, taking her shopping, teaching her hypnosis and most importantly talking about how to be a good girl for daddy. 


Beth set up a sweet little bedroom for her and the two of them would giggle and talk. Since it connected directly to the master bedroom I
could easily listen in while I had a couple of the maids suck me off. “Mommy I have a confession to make” Trina shyly said to my wife, “I’ve been thinking about daddy when I touch with myself…”

“Of course you do sweetheart!” I heard Beth reply excitedly, “Your daddy is so handsome and perfect, why wouldn’t you think about him when you touch yourself?”

“Isn’t it wrong?”

“No baby,” Beth explained, “your daddy is very special that’s why mommy shares him with all the maids and your aunts and any woman daddy desires.”

“Do you think daddy…desires me?” Trina asked shyly

“I know he does,” Beth said encouragingly, “In fact the other day when you were swimming in the pool, I gave your daddy a blowjob while he watched you…”

Trina stuttered as a sensation she was unfamiliar with started building, “mommy…my pussy is dripping…”

“You like hearing about your daddy watching you don’t you?” Beth asked and scooted closer to her little girl. “You want to suck your daddy’s cock, don’t you?” Beth asked in her hypnotic tone as she moved her finger up under Trina’s skirt and into her wet pussy.

“Oh yes mommy…please…”

“Then let mommy start teaching you” she said


“That’s very good baby girl” said Beth as Trina kissed the Popsicle with her full pouty lips.

“I’m sorry mommy, I dripped some…” Trina apologetically responded.

“No that’s good, daddy likes his blowjobs nice and sloppy” her mother explained, “show mommy how sloppy you can get.”


“Like this?” Trina asked as she gagged and dripped Popsicle juices down her body.

“Perfect, let mommy clean you up while you keep practicing” Beth said as she started to lick up and down our daughter’s body. I saw her look over at the window where I was watching from and she smiled.


“Did I earn a star daddy?” Trina asked knowing that she just needed one more to earn her reward. My wife truly knew
what pleased me and as far as innocent young things go, Trina was
perfect. I took a seat on the stairs and brushed her hair back.

“You did,” I said “Which would you like first? To suck more cock or to have me pound your little virgin pussy?”

“Mommy says I should get your cock nice and sloppy wet first,” she answered, “May I please suck it daddy?” I nodded and presented my cock to her and watch her lips part and drool begin to form as she hungered for it. “Thank you daddy…” she said and slowly rubbed her big beautiful around the tip of my stiff cock. Then she kissed up and down my
shaft lovingly, until lightly rubbing her braces on it before taking it all the way down her throat.

“Such a good little girl,” I said, as she held it there choking and gagging as drool poured from where her tongue thrashed around trying to lick my balls. She throat fucked herself for a few more minutes, then I simply couldn’t wait any longer.   “Daddy’s going to reward you now…”


I flipped her over, slid off her panties and pushed myself into her tight virgin pussy. Her eyes went wide with pleasure as her innocent young face stared up at me with
total obedience and love. “Thank you daddy, thank you for being my first!” she moaned and began to kiss me as I slid in and out of her.


I looked up the stairs to see my wife posing for me as I fucked our adopted daughter. She simply nodded, confirming that Trina was indeed a virgin. “I love you so much daddy” Trina said as Beth spooned up behind her, sandwiching her between us.

“You’re taking daddy’s cock so well” Beth whispered encouragingly, causing Trina’s eyes to well up with tears. “Maybe if you beg, daddy will cum inside you.”

“Please cum inside me daddy…” Trina pleaded, “please daddy…I need your cum so bad…I love you and mommy so much…. please I’ll be a good girl!” I silenced her with a kiss and my wife soon joined us. The perfect family, kissing together as one…mother, daughter and master. Trina’s eyes opened wide…

“Thank you daddy…I’m such a lucky little girl…” she said as her eyes rolled back and my cum drained into her pussy. Her mommy kissed her as she climaxed from feeling her father’s load. When I pulled out, I instantly felt their mouths cleaning my cock…this was the best family a man could ask for. 


She was a grumpy girl on her first day back in High School. “I was so wet.. all day long daddy!” she pouted, “none of the other girls even knew how to eat pussy so I had to play with myself all day!”

“Now, now Trina you’re not supposed to be getting eaten out by freshmen,” explained my wife. “Only teachers and seniors that you know are over eighteen.” Despite the fact that Beth had already taken complete mind control of the facility she was always very careful not to break any laws and endanger the harem. “And if you need to cum you know how you’re supposed to ask your father.”


“I’m sorry mommy,” said as she spread her legs, “Daddy, please use my pussy….its so wet and warm…I’ll be a good girl and get straight As I promise!” It didn’t take much pleading before I was fucking my little girl on the kitchen counter while my wife held Trina’s head in her lap.

“Say it again…say it looking right into daddy’s eyes” Beth commanded.

“I’m a good little girl for my daddy…when I’m a good girl daddy give me his cum…when daddy give me his cum, I cum….I’m a good girl for daddy…”


Beth told me it was important for a father and daughter to bond for
first few months of adoption so I always set aside daddy/daughter time on the weekend.
“Daddy, are you sure?” she asked as I let her have a sip of my

“Of course, just don’t tell your mother ok?” I said

“I won’t daddy, I promise!” she said excited to have a secret with me.

“Now finish up and let’s go home so you can show daddy the cheer moves you learned.”


“Daddy I need it,” Trina drunkenly begged. I let her drink a
little too much, but it was kind of sex watching her fumble around,
unable to get her panties down all the way as she desperately begged to
fuck me.

I sat down on the chair and guided her pussy to my cock. My hands roamed over her tight little body, there’s something about the feel of an eighteen year old’s flesh. Their skin is so smooth and firm, as she grinded on me I could feel the perkiness of her tits as they pressed up against my chest. “Please may I cum daddy?” she whimpered in my ear.

“Yes…” I said and began to cum myself. She squeezed me tight a she panted her orgasm subsiding, but my cock remained hard inside her. Soon the sensation built in her again as she started to move her hips anew.

“Oh daddy…” she whispered, “you’re still so hard for your little girl. Let me keep taking care of you.”


Take care of me she did and
like any new toy I wanted to use her all the time. She’d ride my cock everywhere and anywhere. Her big beautiful bracey smile looking down at me as she played with those perky young tits while she fucked me on the pool table.


will you read me a bedtime story?” she asked as I walked into her room.
We barely made it two pages in before my little girl was grinding her
dripping wet, bare pussy on my thigh and jerking me off. Her warm breath
was on my neck, feeling her braces lightly scratch me with each
kiss she gave. “I love you daddy” she whispered over and over as I read to her. I could sense her climax building as she held me tighter, “Daddy can I cum?”

“Did you finish all your homework?” I asked.

“Yes daddy!” she pleaded desperately

“Did you obey your mother today?” I asked closing my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her lips on my neck and hand on my cock.

“Yes daddy!” she was bucking wildly on my leg now, “I was a good girl for mommy…please…” I squeezed her ass and heard her moan put with even more neediness.

“What if I don’t let you?” I said and instantly felt bad as Trina began to cry uncontrollably.

“Please don’t….am I doing something wrong daddy?” she whimpered, her tears falling onto my cheek, “Am I…am I being a bad girl?” she asked just before I filled her hand up with my cum.

“Cum with daddy little girl….” I said and she about lost her mind in a tsunami of pleasure. She kept licking her little hand, cleaning off daddy’s cum and cumming a little more each time she did. She went to clean off my cock with her mouth but I stopped her. “Clean it up in the morning” I said and held her close. A big bracey became stuck on her face as she snuggled up and fell asleep on her daddy’s chest.


Trina stood beaming with pride. She had aced every one of her classes. “Do I get a present daddy? I was a good little girl wasn’t I?” she asked hoping to get a reward.


Her reward was getting to sleep in bed with mommy and daddy that
night. Although we didn’t do much sleeping, Beth and I double teamed our
sweet adopted daughter until morning. She drank down load after load
of my cum while Beth programed her deeper and deeper, until all remnants of Danielle were completely gone and only Trina remained.


And just like her mother Trina was always surprising me. “Happy daddy’s day daddy!” she said as the maids prepared dinner around her naked body.

“It’s not father’s day sweetie” I explained as my cock hardened.

“Everyday is daddy’s day silly!” she said. I couldn’t disagree, I thought as I pulled out my cock. The maid’s all started touching themselves as they tried to work, but seeing me fuck my daughter right in front of them was too much as they began to beg for permission to cum.


“Daddy, if you cum in my mouth I’ll share it with the maids, since they’ve been such good girls by begging for permission to cum.” Trina said as she sucked the whipped cream off her fingers.

“You’re such a sweet little girl…” I said and aimed my cock at her mouth filling it to the brim with my cum. Like she was serving communion each of the maid’s knelt before her and she dripped a little of my cum in each of their mouths, giving them permission to cum.


I told my daddy that I was gay and just had no interest in guys. I told him I would never have sex with a man or touch a guy’s cock. Daddy had plans to show me otherwise. He said there was one cock I was going to suck whether I wanted to or not. I learned something about myself that day. I really like being controlled and daddy’s cum is delicious. He still has the only cock I’ll suck but I do it every chance I get.


Your stepfather is waiting, are you ready?

Yes mother

And what are you going to do?

Anything daddy tells me to do

Good girl. He’s wanted you since the moment he saw you, did you know that?



When he picked me up for our first date, you were wearing a little bikini and on your way to the beach when I introduced you. You looked up at him with your big green eyes and I watched as he looked your eighteen year old body up and down. Did it make your pussy wet to look into his eyes that day?

I…I don’t remember…I think so.


Well you made his cock so hard, that we didn’t even go to dinner. After you left we went into the house he grabbed me by my throat and made me look into his eyes. I couldn’t look away, I just fell to my knees and began to rip my clothes off…I couldn’t resist him, I just stared up into his eyes and did as I was told. He made me degrade myself for his pleasure and after he made me cum so many times that I couldn’t think straight anymore he made me beg for his cum…


Did he cum mommy?

He said there was one price I had to pay to receive his cum. Do you know what that was?


You sweetheart. He made me swear to him that I would turn my own teenage daughter into his fucktoy…his slave. Does that make your pussy wet?

Y…yes mommy…

I can feel that….You look very good for your new daddy, no more slutty clothes for you, he wants you to dress respectable for school. Now have a good first day of class with daddy and when I get home from work I want you to show me everything you learned so I can be rewarded for serving my master.

Yes mother. Thank you mother.

Which is sexier, finding a dumb slut and calling her stupid, or finding a clever slut, degrading and humiliating her to the point that she believe she is, or may actually be, dumb?



While they’re both great choices, sweet sub, allow me to propose an alternative!

Finding a clever cutie, and slowly showing her all her her smarts and thoughts are just getting in the way of the fun and freedom that being a dumb, lusty fuckbunny brings.

Lovingly allowing her to let her thoughts slip from her happy head as she sinks into trance and fills the empty space in her brain with bubbly bliss.

Hearing her beg to be a blank ditzy dollie as she eagerly edges any thought other than “I need to get fucked.” out of her mind.

Watching the shock and satisfaction spread over her as you drill her desperate fuckholes, keeping her from climaxing until she can’t even think of the words to beg you anymore, before breaking her blank brain on the purest pleasure she’s ever experienced with a single command,


And, of course, smiling sweetly as she wakes up and leaves, knowing that the memory of her mind-melting trance time will seep into her waking world, until she crawls back begging to be a blissful blank bimbodoll again 💗

I don’t know about you, but that sure gets me hot under the collar, honey 😙

I didn’t reed all this yet but the first port ways hot


The plan was conceived with the best intentions.

Kelly would join her friend Sara in a three-way for Sara’s husband’s birthday.

The next steps, however, were with the help of Master PC: They’d use the app to transform Kelly into Sara’s identical twin. What husband could pass up the opportunity to have a near-orgy with multiples of his own wife?

They even tweaked their own personalities to make sure that everyone had a fun time: sluttier, sexier, desperate for dick and a healthy dose of bisexuality.

The problems started to arise when Sara and Sara’s new bimbofied personalities kept playing with the Master PC app.

Before too long they even started to forget who was Sara and who was Kelly.


Omg, when did this slut girl show up?

Like, wait… that’s me.

No way!

Ohmygawd I’ve got to take a selfie!

I’m like so fucking hawt!

Can… can… can you imagine…?

Can you imagine how much the boys would go crazy if I had, like, a great rack.

You know, like really big dumb sexy ta-tas. 

C’mon. Why don’t you, like, do it?

With your Universal Remote?

Just one click.



I’ll do anything.




Tara felt her face start to tingle as the freckles started to spread – though she couldn’t quite see for herself what was happening.

But she could guess judging by the reddish color spreading throughout her quickly lengthening hair and as her once-professional blouse transformed into a soft body-hugging sweater.

“You know,” she heard herself say in an unfamiliarly soft lilt, “if you give me a hotter butt, I promise to suck your dick.”


Every good baby-whore has to realize that a large part of her life is going to revolve around dressing like a total slut for Daddy’s pleasure and then eagerly exhibiting herself so that everyone can *see* what a whore she is. So it’s important that she learns quickly that her comfort is a distant second to dressing properly for Daddy – to showing off as much of her tits and ass as she can in public! Stockings and skirts that clearly show the tops of them are also a must, as well as makeup that marks her as an obvious fuck-toy and cock-doll. Most importantly, she has to have the confidence to show all of this preparation off for him – to flaunt herself as nothing but a filthy, nasty cum-addicted cock-doll who needs to be violated, abused and filled with Daddy’s cock every day.