Just a Phase – Building an Asian Bimbo

Having fun with Stable Diffusion to build my own Asian Bimbo™

One of the things I’m loving about the current AI image generation stuff:

I can finally make the exact reference and caption pics I have in my head.

In this case, for my Just a Phase story I’ve had a specific look and style for Mary/Mai since the beginning.

I don’t want to deepfake or use a specific model without consent, but there’s an amalgamation of a half dozen Instagram girls that are consistent enough to build a “Mary” embedding.

It’s still a work in progress, but it’s getting better very quickly – and I expect to have a go-to, reusable “model” that can hold up to the transformations I have in store for her. 😈

In the meantime, enjoy some “almost there” pics of a fully bimbofied, thicc egirl Mei!