Change in mind

This is 95% true. Which parts are fantasy I’ll leave ambiguous.

I’m a liberal feminist who has mainly dated Asian girls.

I’ve fucked girls who were Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese. I’ve also slept with two hapas: Korean and Filipina.

I’ve taken virginities and hooked up with ‘lesbians’. I’m usually the first white guy they’ve slept with, always bigger than their other partners.

I keep telling myself it’s just a coincidence. That I’m not getting off on the race aspect.

But deep, down I knew how much I loved seeing these small Asian girls debased.

The Half Korean girl I slept with, I regularly fucked in her family bedroom, with her mom often in the house. She was a ditzy bimbo, half-white trash. She didn’t think twice about the reprocussions of wearing the sluttiest outfits out if it meant I’d spend more time fucking her later.

The Vietnamese girl I hooked up with was a friend with benefits. She was waitress, and model-goregous, but didn’t know how to flirt. I told her she just needed to ask questions, twirl her hair and play dumb. I’ll never forget how, with her broken, accented Engrish, she excitedly showed off her tips after her first ‘flirty’ shift. I convinced her to demonstrate her ‘dumb waitress’ routine and let her just roleplay as that while we fucked. Last I heard she married a white guy, some a local Frat brother she’d picked up from the restaurant.

My Japanese girlfriend was kinky as hell. She was 18, in high school, two years into her stay in America. She loved Playboy and female objectification. She read dirty stories about being made to masturbate in public, and I indulged her by using her and making her expose herself to strangers. One night, when my friend was over, she dropped by with a rented porno and sucked me off while my friend fingered her. The last time we fucked before she moved back to Japan, it was in her little brother’s bed, anal with no lube beside my spit what was dripping down from her soaking pussy.

The Filipina Hapa was the most kinky and fucked up partner I ever had. The first time we fucked, she told me that her mother would be happy she’d landed a white cock. Even though she was American, born and raised, she would dress up in a kimono and put on a fake accent. Her mother was some crazy whore, and she loved porn where the Asian girls were debased and fucked. She loved making friends with white, sorority girls, then getting them drunk or straight up drugging them to eat her out (or watch me fuck them). The last couple of times I saw her, it was after we’d split. She was broke and her (small dicked) boyfriend was out of town. She invited me over, pleading for money and cock. I agreed if she dressed up, in a schoolgirl or ‘asian’ outfit and beg for the money while she sucked my dick.

All of this, and I still came out thinking I didn’t have a thing for Asian girls. That it was just a coincidence that I’ve been able to find and totally own Asian girls my whole life.

But I’m ready to admit: I love Asian girls.

I love how fucked up they are, how easy it is to get them drooling over a huge, white cock.

I love how quickly they’ll debase themselves, dropping all pretense of being ‘normal’ and ‘independent’ girls.

I especially love how they’re eager to remove any expectation that they’re equal, how quickly they’ll embrace stereotypes and ‘dumb FOB bimbo’ acts if it means men will want to fuck them.

Welcome to the Family

Kim loved Frank, far more than she had ever thought capable.

The late 30s business woman had sealed herself off romantically for most of her adult life, embracing the whispered sneers of Ice Queen and Dragon Lady. If her peers wanted to throw stereotypes at her, she’d give them reason to fear and respect her, God damn it. Kim knew her stunning looks turned heads, and the Asian-American woman knew when to leverage her assets.

Then Frank came along. He was warm and patient and handsome. Sure, he was almost 15 years older, but he was fit and charming. A silver Fox through and through.

So here Kim was, likely only months away from a proposal, successful and happy. Everything was perfect.

Everything, except for Frank’s 16 year old daughter, Amy.

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“But try to put yourself in my shoes. You’re perpetuating stereotypes that are hurtful, when you talk about ‘gooks’ or ‘chinks’ or when you act like all Asian girls like being with white men, it just isn’t true. It’s just a stereotype and it’s offensive.” She’s almost shouting at this point and it’s kinda funny. She’s downed almost half the second beer and the flush is definitely showing on her tan cheeks.

“Stereotypes exist for a reason, don’t they? I mean, no one would’ve invented the idea that all oriental women like white dicks if there wasn’t some truth to it, would they?”

“That’s so ignorant. And stop calling us ‘oriental’ please. It’s ‘Asian-American’.”

“But what if I’m talking about someone from China? They’re not ‘Asian-American.’ ”

“Fine, yes, if you’re talking about a Chinese person, call them Chinese or Asian, just stop saying ‘oriental.’ ‘Oriental’ is a carpet, not a person.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Truth be told, I actually thought “oriental” was the PC term, but I guess these people keep changing what they want to be called without telling the rest of us, just to keep everyone guessing. “Anyway, it wouldn’t be a stereotype if all ‘Asian-American’ bitches did not in fact love white cock. Like I said.”

A bit more lewd than what I normally go for on this Tumblr, but damn if this story isn’t all kinds of fucked up hot.

Master PC: Wireless

Excerpt from Master PC: Wireless by Dr. Fakes

“Oh, you big stud guy. Me not know English good, but me know hot to fuck real long and good! Sandy fuck you real good. Me love you to shove dick up Sandy’s hot ass. Shit, I would love that dick in me right now big man. I fuck you so long and good baby!” Sandy said sounding just like a cheap Asian whore now.

“Ok, your turn Sandy. Come on over here and stand next to me.” Sandy bounced over in her little ‘Hooters’ outfit and stood smiling next to me.

“Oh, Mark are you going to make me more sexy too?! I’d love you to do that. I feel so fucking hot now, but I know I can be even hotter. It would be great to be even a bigger bimbo slut than I already am I think.” Sandy said giggling and smiling some.

“Well, ok Sandy. I think I can arrange that. You know I have seen a lot of Asian type girls at ‘Hooters.’ I think I’ll make you Asian now. Yes, that’s a good idea. Sandy I want your face to turn into a hot Asian whore. You should have dark eyes, long straight black hair and become a bit thinner overall. Shrink down a couple of inches too but keep your sexy figure. Yeah, I want you to end up looking like a hot Asian porn star that works at ‘Hooters’ right now.” I said to her.

Again the changes happened fast. Sandy’s face became oriental and her hair changed into deep black long tresses flowing down her arching backside. Her eyes became almond shaped and very dark as her face rounded some. She thinned out like I had said and got a bit shorted. She looked like she could do a whole platoon of marines now all by herself. There really wasn’t much left of the old Sandy now.

“Oh, man that was weird. I feel so odd, but so cock hungry too now. I’d love to serve some army guys some beer and let them paw all over me in this outfit. Yeah that would be fucking hot!” Sandy said as she also ran to look in the mirror.

“How do you like the new you Sandy? I think you look like a real Asian whore now baby!” I yelled at her from the other room.

“Oh, I love it Mark. I love my hair and eyes. I look like a some kind of geisha whore right now! God, it feels so good.” Sandy said coming back and tossing her arms around me. She gave me a kiss on the neck and started to fondle my cock outside my pants.

“Well, Sandy let’s finish you up. I now want you to talk like an Asian whore would. I want you to have a real dirty mouth and try to attract and guys by talking to them or showing off your hot body. Now, I want you to start acting like that now and try it out on me.” I told her. I could see her head shake a little then she got a big grin on her face.

“Oh, you big stud guy. Me not know English good, but me know hot to fuck real long and good! Sandy fuck you real good. Me love you to shove dick up Sandy’s hot ass. Shit, I would love that dick in me right now big man. I fuck you so long and good baby!” Sandy said sounding just like a cheap Asian whore now.

Movie Night – Chapter 2


Read Chapter 1 – Pretty Fate Machine

Concept and characters generously provided by VoidGolem. Special thanks to @talesforsluts everyone who provided edits and feedback on this chapter, including @generalwizardtragedy​, @totallynotskynet and @paradoxguild679.


The Line Begins to Blur – Late June 1999

Sneaking around wasn’t something I was good at.

I’d gotten drunk once. It was some post-track meet party, and someone handed me a Jack and Coke. I spent most of the night just in a side room, playing video games, trying not to throw up from the awful taste. To be honest, most of that night was a blur.

The clearest memory was trying, and failing, to act nonchalant. I puked as soon as I’d walked in my front the door, mostly from nerves of my parents catching me stumbling in so late.

Playing it cool was not my strength.

“You’re absolutely, positively sure she’s at the gym all afternoon?” I was keeping my voice low while Naomi let me into her foyer.

“HEY MOM!” Naomi screamed, cupping her hand to her mouth for effect. “RYAN AND I ARE GOING TO DO CRACK IF YOU WANT TO JOIN!”

I flinched a bit, but the silence proved her point. We were totally alone in the house.

“Point made.” I said, slipping off my shoes.

“You turn red so easily.” Naomi chuckled. “Seriously, your ears look like they’re on fire.”

“Hardy-har-har. I’m glad you’re taking this seriously.”

She led me down the hall to the computer room, more of a nook just off the kitchen. Unlike the attic, it was immaculately staged. Not a hint of dust or clutter.

It was also totally exposed. if someone were to walk through the front door, we’d have seconds before our cover was blown.

“So if she comes home early…?” I dragged a kitchen chair next to the monitor.

“If she comes home early, I’ll just yank out the power cable before she can see anything.” Naomi sat at the keyboard and flicked on the screen.

“It’s a laptop though.” I pointed at black, closed Gateway locked into the docking. “You pull the plug and nothing will happen.”

“Then I’ll turn off the screen. Keep it cool, Mr. Privacy.” she was already connecting. The modem started it’s mechanical cry of life as she logged in.

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Super-Dark: Quarantine

It had only been three days since Krystal had been pulled back from the Dark Realm by the Wonder Teens, her skin-tight costume torn to shreds, but otherwise her normal, spunky self.

Sure, she couldn’t remember what happened between getting dragged into the Hell Portal and being summoned back to reality by her team. But she’d only been gone for a few hours, and temporary amnesia wasn’t anything new to the super hero game.

Krystal crossed her arms and paced her transparent, force field cell, cursing Eclipse Girl. It was her mumbled warning about Dark Demons setting traps for mortals that had convinced the team to quarantine their returning hero.

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