This is a completely normal goodbye where they’re from. What, you’re not familiar with it?

Maybe that’s because I just made it up about an hour ago, specifically for my neighbors. The two hot Asian girls, last apartment down the hall.

Until recently, they both normal, American twenty-somethings and spoke with zero accent. I’m almost certain they weren’t related, or even shared the same culture. Probably just roommates.

Now these two think they’re mother-daughter, and that the ‘white stud’ next door can give them English lessons.

I’m not sure which change is more degrading: making them roleplay as family, or replacing their real heritage with a generic collection of Asian stereotypes.

I should visit them again tomorrow, just to figure out which change I should feel more guilty about.

Social Studies

She looks up at me, her skin flushed, her eyes glazed a bit, goosebumps on her bare skin, only her black panties still on her slim body. She stares at me for a moment, takes a step towards me, obviously undergoing some furious internal struggle, then take another step.

“Jake, listen. You’re so wrong. I want you to know, you offend me… with everything you say. You’re a racist, sexist pig. Fuck. I hate you, so much. Everything you stand for, you misogynist fucking pig, I… I hate you.” 

She takes another step towards the bed. 

“Tell me again… tell me what your friend said to that girl. Tell me what he said to her when she was… when she was sucking his white dick.”

excerpt from Social Studies by Ling00