Deforum AI Outtakes: “Emily’s Transformation”

I’ve been experimenting with the Stable Diffusions Deforum plugin lately. Some of the results I’ll end up posting here or elsewhere as their own captions, but wanted to share the ones that didn’t quite make the cut.

Some are just a little too janky, others go sideways and surreal. Posting theme here for people into race change and bimbo transformation, since I do find them fun!

Here are a few attempts at an “Emily” transformation. Inspired by “The Unholy Whale” by Wiseman.

Swapping Subjects

BFF’s find out how toxic it can be to bottle in those feelings.

“Ok, girls – SMILE!” Jason pointed his new toy at the two girls. His jock sister, Val, and her slutty Chinese “bestie” Mary.

The Mary and Val were normally joined at the hip, but today they were both just barely standing each other. Family weekend at college was just a powder keg, waiting to go off.

Luckily, Val’s little brother had a special gift for them – though they would be unaware the whole time. Even though the camera’s special “internal monologue” heads up, the two girls voices were screaming.

Sneaking peaks at the two while pretending to adjust settings, he had already gotten the full backstory. Mary had skipped out on her planned girls night out, and showing up late for brunch wearing the same outfit as last night. Not only was this throwing off the A-Type Val’s whole planned schedule, but Jason’s blonde jock sister was furious about Mary sleeping with Val’s crush.

Taking the first pic, Jason saw his sister’s thoughts in the readout overlay.

GOD, she’s such a slut! Always looking for attention! Everyone thinks she’s smart because she’s Asian, but she’s just a bimbo!

Mary was also fuming below her cheery glow.

UGH. Val is going to just be grumpy all day. Just because she’s missing her workout. What self obsessed Karen!

Jason adjusted some settings and locked in “subject” on each, using each girl’s internal thoughts to reset the other’s personalities.

Maybe Val could see just what a “pornstar Asian slut” really was!

And hey, while Mary’s idea of an “uptight, image obsessed, entitled blonde jock” wasn’t Jason’s first choice for his sister’s transformation, she’d definitely be showing off a lot more… especially once he tweaked some settings.

“Say ‘BESTIES’!” Jason instructed, letting the camera do it’s job.

Just a Phase – Building an Asian Bimbo

Having fun with Stable Diffusion to build my own Asian Bimbo™

One of the things I’m loving about the current AI image generation stuff:

I can finally make the exact reference and caption pics I have in my head.

In this case, for my Just a Phase story I’ve had a specific look and style for Mary/Mai since the beginning.

I don’t want to deepfake or use a specific model without consent, but there’s an amalgamation of a half dozen Instagram girls that are consistent enough to build a “Mary” embedding.

It’s still a work in progress, but it’s getting better very quickly – and I expect to have a go-to, reusable “model” that can hold up to the transformations I have in store for her. 😈

In the meantime, enjoy some “almost there” pics of a fully bimbofied, thicc egirl Mei!

Not Just a Phase – Part 4

Mary catches up with Emily in the dorms.

Mary didn’t even recognize her girlfriend.

The two girls had been talking almost every day for months since the summer ended. Standing there in the dorm hallway, Mary, with her jaw open, didn’t even clock her partner until the blonde girl embraced her. Later, upon a moment of increasingly rare self reflection, Mary did find it amusing how quickly she let some assumed stranger pull her into a hug. How quickly her body just leaned into the firm arms of this unfamiliar woman.

“Mai!” the long haired, perfectly made up and perfumed white girl squeaked into Mary’s ear.

“E-Emily?” Mary stammered, catching her breath, and felt the blood rush to her face. “Emily? O-M-G!!”

Emily shifted her hands to Mary’s shoulder’s, positioning her at arm’s length and looking her still shocked girlfriend up and down. Mary had a brief moment thinking how hot her cleavage must be with her framed squeezed…

“Mai!” Emily said again, finally seeing the glint of recognition on Mary’s wide-eyed face. “I’m so happy you made it, sweetie!”

Mary stood there, unable to process the woman holding her – almost towering over her. When Emily had left for school four months ago, she had been just at Mary’s height, even slightly shorter. Em’s hair had been a short, undercut side swept, mousy brown and held up by styler to give her a pseudo-pompadour greaser look. Combined with her wardrobe of baggy shirts and military-style pants, Emily’s look had screamed DYKE throughout the Junior and Senior years Mary had dated her – even going more “out lesbian” as the girls had become more comfortable with their queerness.

“Honey, you look just aghast!” Emily said, leading Mary gently to the couch in the common room. “Have you been eating today? You look in shock, and barely skin and bones.”

Some part of Mary’s brain was aware how absurd the assertion was. Since moving in with Adam earlier this year, Mary had given up on trying to track her weight around 40 lbs gained. TikTok followers were very exacting about her looks week-to-week, so she’d used some of her graduation money to invest in a fancy scale to keep better track of her figure. After a few stressful weeks of watching her weight and body fat percentage climb unabated, the tracker app tied to the scale had started throwing up errors – apparently Mary’s calculated rates of both muscle and fat had broken some algorithm. The support team had tried to help her calibrate, but all the instructions about phone resetting and firmware had made her eyes glaze over. She should have followed up with them, they seemed so concerned, it was kind of adorable-

“Hey, airhead!” Emily snapped her fingers in front of Mary’s face. She refocused from her lost train of thought and reflexively gave her most charming, puppy dog “who-me” eyes to the frustrated blonde still holding her shoulders.

Emily sighed deeply, and took a hand off her girlfriend to twirl her hair in frustration. The slight shake of her head, the long rich blonde hair, almost made Mary lose train of thought again. It was so beautiful! Her girlfriend was such a hottie! When did this happen??

Mary only half listened as Emily started rambling on about how concerned she was with some server stuff. Emily was an excellent admin for Mary’s server. She kept the tone positive, the spam bots out and everyone in line, but she seemed almost obsessed with the community and keeping them happy.

Searching back in her still confused brain, Mary struggled to think of the last time she’d spoken to Emily as “Mary” and not “Mai”. Weeks? Months? Had they really been so fixated and giddy about Mary’s Asian Thot persona, they’d stopped talking girlfriend-to-girlfriend?

“Hey, retard – this is about you!” Emily snapped her finger again in Mary’s face, bringing her focus back to the perfectly manicured hands. The slur only registered as some faint shock in Mary’s brain.

“As I was saying,” Emily continued in her newly stern ‘mommy-knows-best’ voice, “I wanted to talk to you about the second server while you were here. I felt uncomfortable saying it over the phone, and I’ve been so busy between school and updating my wardrobe…”

“Umm… Yeah!?” Mary put her hands up in exclamation, a slight bit of her old self assurance creeping back into her voice. “Can we, like, talk about… all this??” Mary gestured wildly at Emily’s body.

Emily rolled her eyes again and launched into an exasperated rant. The tone was condescending, like she was explaining something to a toddler for the tenth time. Deep down, Mary knew she should have been offended or defensive, but she was just so  happy to finally see her girlfriend, and so distracted by her hot new look – she couldn’t possibly stay mad.

In bits and pieces, Emily walked Mai through the concept of the “freshman 15” and late puberty. Something about having access to natural foods in the school cafeteria, apparently the same farm collective Adam used. Finally getting the hormones and nutrients she needed…

Whatever cause was, Emily was now a solid head taller than Mary. Her figure had gone from surfboard flat, almost boyishly androgynous, to a look Mary immediately thought of as “budding MILF breeder”. The biggest dyke she knew had gone from being mistaken for a boy, to outwardly mulling over getting some filler to keep the hip-dip from being too pronounced on her newly wide waist! 

Mary just barely kept a straight face at Emily’s newly conquered feminine presentation, smiling, nodding and giving her best puppy-dog eyes. She felt a rising pressure of insecurity – wondering if she deserved or could keep the interest of such a strong, beautiful woman.

“Anyway, dumb-dumb…” Emily said, exasperated having to explain ‘basic biology’ to her airhead Asian bimbo of a girlfriend, “The super-fan server is waiting for us. God knows you’ve been cock teasing them with your whole ditzy act long enough.”

Mary nodded and looked as apologetic as she could muster. She was still confused about Em’s concern, or what she’d apparently been neglecting, but right now Mary would do pretty much anything this assertive knockout wanted.

The idea of Emily bossing her around, pushing her down in this common room in front of the passing college students… the now-towering blonde pulling down Mary’s shirt, exposing her flushed chest to the  world… forcing Mary’s head down to lick Em’s pussy on sofa while the cute boys watched…

“UGH! Come on you slut!” Emily was moving, dragging Mary up off the couch to the dorm rooms. The click-clack of heels in confident strides, Mary put together Em’s height was even more pronounced standing up. No wonder she hadn’t recognized her girlfriend – she was almost a foot taller than her when she was on her feet!

Emily led Mary into an immaculate, beautifully decorated bedroom – one that looked more like the staging for some Maratha Stewart collection than a typical, messy dorm. Tucked in a corner, between two tasteful floral arrangements, was a sleek new silver laptop. Something top of the line, definitely not the budget clunker Mary vaguely remembered Emily hauling off to school…

Mary opened her mouth to ask, but was firmly whisked into a Herman Miller desk chair and spun to face the computer screen. Emily bent over and started typing. 

The sight of the blonde’s cleavage pushing against gravity and the loose-knit sweater quickly derail Mary’s train of thought. She couldn’t look away from her girlfriend’s newly grown tits, how suckable and firm they looked…

“Mei-Mei,” Emily snapped back at Mary using her pet name. “You’re on camera in 3, 2, 1….”

Emily refocused on the screen, and saw Discord was already up. The video preview for the camera showed her wide-eyed face, flush and slack jawed – framed just behind a great view down Emily’s shirt.

“Wait- what…” Mary stammered, as Emily hit connect and Mei-Mei went live on her new NSFW ‘super fan’ server.


My favorite find so far this year: WisemanT

The Unholy Whale

by WisemanT
A loser nerd with a penchant for breast expansion and a severe case of yellow fever is rewarded with a dark, yet powerful magical artifact after wasting a fortune on a satanic gacha mobile game.

My favorite find so far this year: WisemanT

I could rant about their entire backlog of content, but I’ll just focus on The Unholy Whale.

✅Asian girl stereotype TF with speech changes
✅Unreliable and morally corrupt POV
✅Mix a fast transformations for girls (in captured form) and slow corruption (in “everyday” form)
✅Stepsister incest
✅Memory corruption
✅Revenge and unrequited lust dynamics
✅Self-blackmail and internal voice corruption
✅Lactation and breast expansion
✅Lesbian-to-straight manipulation

This is one of those authors I read and just think “why didn’t I think of that???” constantly. Feels like a true, old school EMCSA longform like MasterPC.

Chapter 7: The Ex-girlfriend Collection in particular is feels like someone took what I had in mind for Regressive Progression and A Cleared Head, and just executed it a hundred times more effectively.

If you’re a fan of my work and like the idea of some amoral, omnipotent male protagonist warping every woman in his life into a hyper-sexual anime trope, this is a must read.