It has been bothering me for a while that this spiral did not have Bimbofied Power-Puff Girls over top of it, so as my first foray into the world of animated gifs, I decided to fix that. Of course, none of the artwork belongs to me in the slightest – I just put it together in an interesting way.

Could use a lot of things: I would have loved to put some spirals in their eyes, or to have them moving a little or drooling Like good little Mindless Bimbos. But alas this is my first ever attempt at even editing a gif, so I settled for making their pupils transparent enough to see the spiral through. Hopefully someone other than me enjoys.

Darkness becomes her



“You’re not making any sense Frank!” Julie exclaimed.

Julie had been sitting on the sofa watching TV when Frank her husband had arrived home looking nothing like himself and babbling about magic totems.

“Its simple. Like I said, when I found this totem cave diving it spoke to me. It called out to me. It promised me powers beyond my dreams. All I had to do was pledge myself to evil and become the Master of darkness. As you can see it’s delivered” Frank said.

Julie couldn’t deny that Frank looked great now. She had always loved the way he looked before but now he was taller, muscular and more handsome. He was wearing all black clothes and a tight fitting tee that showed off his muscles. She thought it was a different person at first when he walked into their living room.

“Destroy it Frank, it’s corrupting you.”

Frank laughed a long evil laugh “Well of course it is you stupid bitch and it feels so good to be bad and I want you to join me. I want you to be my evil bride, the Mistress of darkness.”

“But this isn’t who you are. You’re not the man I married” Julie sobbed.

“You’re right, I’m not him. I’m not that loser I was before, I’m better. Stronger. Confident. Give yourself to the darkness and you can be sexier than any woman alive. Tell me you don’t want that. Tell me it doesn’t make you wet thinking about how hot you will be. Tell me you don’t want me to bend you over and fuck your brains out.”

Julie wanted to tell him that she didn’t want it, that she wanted the old him back with their old lives but something deep down was telling her that he was right. Something was telling her to let the evil bitch out. She had been a doormat all her life and the idea of being an alpha bitch was making her wet. Shit was she being corrupted already she thought to herself?

“Ok what do I have to do?” She said trying to hold back her increasing excitement.

“All you have to is say these words out loud.” Frank handed her a piece of paper with the incantation.

Julie nodded and her hand trembled while taking the paper. She was scared of what would happen. She read the words to herself and then aloud: “I am the Mistress of darkness, tremble before my power”.

The totem that Frank had been holding spoke aloud and started to spew black smoke from its mouth “All will tremble before your power my Mistress”.

The black smoke shot across the room and swirled around Julie. “What’s happening? No wait I’m not… Oh fuck it feels so good.”

Julie was shocked for a second at her foul language but her mind started to focus on images of Frank plowing her.

“Oh fuck yes give me the power, make me the Mistress of Darkness. Make me Franks evil bride. Oh baby I should of never doubted you, I feel like such a bad bitch.”

More images flooded her mind of wearing slutty clothes and makeup, something she had been too prudish in life to do but now couldn’t think of anything else.

Her petit breasts started to swell to many sizes to big for her bra that it snapped exposing her new perfect nipples. She moaned in pleasure as the smoke ripped away her pants entered her wet pussy making it tighter and hairless.

“Oh fuck I cant wait to be the evil wife that Frank deserves. Oh it’s making me sooooo wet. Are you liking what you see baby?” Julie said seductively standing in front of him naked touching her newly exposed body parts.

Julie’s hair now changed from the mousey brown to jet black with a red streaks. Her glasses fell to the floor and her complexion cleared with a thick layer of makeup appearing on top. Tattoos flooded her arms and legs.

“You better be ready to fuck me you bastard, I’m almost done” Julie said with an evil smirk.

The smoke now swirled slower and closer to her becoming a part of her, grafting a shiny dress to her new body. Her breasts were held tight in place by a sharp bra line that accented her evil and gave her hypnotic cleavage. High heel boots hugged her legs. The smoke finally cleared and Julie was a new woman.

“Mmmmm that’s better” Julie said running a hand through her hair “Well babe how do you like the new me?.”


Frank walked over and pulled her tight to his body, his throbbing dick against his jeans pushing up against her sleek dress. His large hand gripping her tight ass.

“I think you look like an evil bitch that’s making me hard” Frank said lustfully.

“Well dont make me wait any longer you bastard, stick that dick in me and make me cum.” Julie said with a devilish grin.

Hot! The only thing that would make it hotter is if using the magic transfered all the power to Julie making her an evil dominatrix whilst turning Frank back to normal…






Totally agree

Girls, you don’t need to improve your minds to get a Man. Only your chest. Let your Man do the thinking, and whenever He says something smart that you don’t understand, just smile and stick out your boobs. Be bimbo. Be brainless. And just see how long He keeps you around. 🙂

So true

Mmmm absolutely

Omg like totes!


The plan was conceived with the best intentions.

Kelly would join her friend Sara in a three-way for Sara’s husband’s birthday.

The next steps, however, were with the help of Master PC: They’d use the app to transform Kelly into Sara’s identical twin. What husband could pass up the opportunity to have a near-orgy with multiples of his own wife?

They even tweaked their own personalities to make sure that everyone had a fun time: sluttier, sexier, desperate for dick and a healthy dose of bisexuality.

The problems started to arise when Sara and Sara’s new bimbofied personalities kept playing with the Master PC app.

Before too long they even started to forget who was Sara and who was Kelly.


Omg, when did this slut girl show up?

Like, wait… that’s me.

No way!

Ohmygawd I’ve got to take a selfie!

I’m like so fucking hawt!

Can… can… can you imagine…?

Can you imagine how much the boys would go crazy if I had, like, a great rack.

You know, like really big dumb sexy ta-tas. 

C’mon. Why don’t you, like, do it?

With your Universal Remote?

Just one click.



I’ll do anything.




Tara felt her face start to tingle as the freckles started to spread – though she couldn’t quite see for herself what was happening.

But she could guess judging by the reddish color spreading throughout her quickly lengthening hair and as her once-professional blouse transformed into a soft body-hugging sweater.

“You know,” she heard herself say in an unfamiliarly soft lilt, “if you give me a hotter butt, I promise to suck your dick.”