A Family for Dr Gizmo – Part Two

Witchgirl and Flexi have been transformed by the mysterious Dr. Gizmo!

Not my work, stumbled on this in a backed up folder. Finally was able to locate the original author and site: Witchgirl on the now archived SuperStories.net

Read Part One here.

Chapter 3: A Family Affair

Dr. Gizmo checks the data on his instruments. All the readings are perfect. Flexi and Witchgirl have completely embraced their programming. Their bodies have stabilized. They are now no longer who they once were; they are now Trudy, otherwise known as Mommy Gizmo, and Jenny, otherwise known as Cheerleader Gizmo. “Digitron,” he says. “Download my family.”

Mommy Gizmo and Jenny Gizmo appear in the center of the room, Mommy Gizmo teetering on her 5 inch heels. Jenny Gizmo smiles and sighs deeply. Her new body feels absolutely great!

“Thank you, dear.” Mommy Gizmo says to her husband. “It’s so nice to have our family back together again!”

Jenny Gizmo looks down at herself. “Thanks for the great redesign, dad! I especially like what you did with my tits.”

“Jenny!” Mommy Gizmo says. “Nice girls don’t use the word ‘tits’!”

Dr. Gizmo grins. Jenny Gizmo smiles slyly. “Sorry, mom.” She turns back to Dr. Gizmo. “My breasts. I like what you did with my breasts.”

Mommy Gizmo nods approvingly. “That’s better, dear.”

Jenny Gizmo pushes out her chest a little more. She’s so proud.

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Just a Phase

Mary finds herself staying with her Uncle during the last few months of high school. He doesn’t approve of her girlfriend, her style or her politics. She hates to admit it, but maybe he has a point. Maybe she’s just ‘going through a phase’. It’s difficult to argue when her mind’s cloudy and he’s so convincing…

Part 1

It was a shit situation. Mary’s mother had been laid off from her job right after New Year. Though she didn’t know the exact details about their finances, Mary was certain whatever slim savings her single mother had been able to set aside had been quickly wiped out while unemployment was being sorted out.

Between the bureaucracy, the costly COBRA health insurance and Mary’s deposits for college, they were in dire straights.

That’s why, as shitty as it was to be left behind, Mary understood why her mother had to take the new job immediately. There were lots of nights of yelling and crying over the details. The how, the when, the why. Mary had only a few months left until she graduated high school, but those few months were more than they could afford to live without a paycheck.

In the end, it was her Uncle Adam who’d saved the day. Mary’s mother had no family locally and few close friends left in the area. Adam wasn’t even Mary’s real Uncle, just a close neighbor that had always looked after them both through some tough times.

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The Replacement by Mr Grey

Ami, the token overachieving, Asian High School senior, has found out she’s been made redundant. Now, her class gets to decide what niche she should fill.

Disclaimer: This is not my story. Check out my earlier post for an explanation and where to find more by this author.

Ami had everything figured out.

Having the brains and talent that she did, Ami didn’t have to worry.  Sure, she was stuck as a high school senior for now, but as soon as that was out of the way, Ami had plans.  She knew business school would be a breeze.  After she finished that up, she planned to jump right to the top of a big company.  Ami wanted to take control of some struggling company and show everyone just how serious she was.  She’d be the most revered Japanese-American business woman on the planet.  She’d make millions, smile on business magazine covers, and be loved over the world.

Having such ambition in high school can really be frustrating.  Of course, Ami did her best to always appear ahead of her class and her age.  She didn’t wear the normal high school attire.  In fact, she looked down on the simple, immature appearance of most of her classmates.  Ami preferred to wear her power suits to school.  If she didn’t look so young, one would assume she was a thirty year old business woman.  And, as long as people kept making that assumption, Ami was doing everything right.

The problem with being so mature and talented in high school is not being favored by the rest of the class.  Being prettier and much smarter than most of the school—including the faculty—created a very defensive attitude towards Ami by the rest of the school.  Ami wasn’t deliberately cruel.  She just didn’t associate herself with anyone dumber than her.  She just didn’t have the time.  Ami was a harder working girl, and such hard work can give the impression of arrogance and superiority.

Ami’s nickname was the Ice Queen.

When it wasn’t Ice Queen, it was usually just “bitch”.

These names didn’t bother Ami though.  She didn’t have time to let them bother her.

The afternoon that changed all of Ami’s plans was on a Friday.  The bell was ringing through the halls, sending all the students to their lockers.  Ami walked through the murmuring crowd of students, ready to go home.  As Ami walked through the halls, she noticed that she was being stared at quite a lot.  Students at their locker would look up at her and then quickly look away when Ami made eye contract.  What the hell’s going on?

That was when she saw her.

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“An Afternoon Well Spent” by Mr Grey

Mr Grey’s classic story about having fun at the mall.

Mr. Grey stood at the entrance to his city’s local mall, watching as people filed past him to get inside and do whatever it is they plan to do. He received a few strange glances here and there, but no one really paid any attention to him. A long, grey trench coat was draped over him, which blew back in the wind. A pair of reflective sunglasses blanketed his eyes.

The reason he stood here is because he was preparing himself for the chaos he was about to wreak upon this unsuspecting, yet ordinary, building. Innocent civilians pushed their way through the crowds to consume anything and everything their hearts desired. Moments from now, though, they’ll wish they had stayed at home. Instead, they came here for clothes, food, CDs, DVDs, video games, toys… One swipe of a credit card and they could have it all.

This just seemed a little too boring.

Mr. Grey knew they needed little excitement to their world.

Finally, he entered through the heavy glass doors. The murmurings of the crowd filling his ears, he made his way through the busy food court. This mall was two stories tall: More room to pack more potential buyers, and more room to pack more people to cure Mr. Grey’s boredom.

This was going to be fun.

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Game Changer

As the last puzzle piece fell into place, Lara could hear the click behind the wall. Finally, after weeks of searching for the rune keys in the surrounding jungle, she’d finally get to see if the mysterious legends we’re true.

Pushing the stone door inward, she took the first careful steps into the darkness, her eyes still struggling to make out anything ahead.


Bloody hell. I should have know this was another trap!

“Man, this is boring. Seriously, this is the new Tomb Raider?”

The voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. Lara searched the inky black surroundings for some hint of the source.

A second voice chimed in. “Yup, another reboot. The graphics are amazing, and the AI is supposedly unbelievable…”

Reboot? AI? Lara wondered to herself. What is this, some dastardly hacking conspiracy? But why play her this recording?

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New User Demographics

Jordan tries out a new fashion app, but it seems to keep forcing them into problematic self-identities.

Jordan leaned back and looked at the app’s description.

Use the latest in AR tech to change your looks!

It was a beta, one that had popped up on the style blog Jordan frequented. Looked spammy as hell, but they were curious. It seemed to be getting rave reviews from the big bloggers, so they were willing to give it a shot.


It bubbled across the screen in a sickeningly bright pink font.

Jordan clicked the CREATE THE NEW U button and was greeted with the first menu.


Already, there was a red flag. There were only two choices.


Jordan sighed. You couldn’t expect the world to change overnight, but it seemed like a pretty bullheaded move to force that right up front. They debated just quitting here, but… fuck it, gendered pronouns weren’t the end of the world.


The bubble around the text popped, and the screen flashed bright pink.

Jordan blinked. Something felt off, though she couldn’t place it.



Ugh, the app had glitched out all the options. She could tell there were more text, but the UI had clipped it off. She fumbled around the screen, even exited and reloaded the app, but she was stuck with those two options.


At least they had her option. Jordan had sometimes called herself a lesbian for convenience, but what self respecting girl didn’t dream of some cock now and again?

What is your ethnicity?

Christ, the person who designed this FTUI really needed to sit down with their HR department. Seriously, asking for race?


It wasn’t even a good list. Jordan sighed, she was three quarters Japanese and had always identified as mixed. But, what the hell… she clicked Asian.


She glanced down at herself. Definitely not a skinny bitch. Curvy may have been a poetic licence, but it was more accurate.


Jordan was suddenly aware of how uncomfortable her outfit was. Everything seemed tight or loose. Her bra seemed way too small, but her pant waist at least a size too big. How had she not noticed it until now?

You are a…


Is this correct?

Jordan looked at the statement. She never would have said as much, but yeah, she supposed that felt… right.

She confirmed.


User review by JordynXoXo:

i totally luv NewU2!! It super change me and it sooooo much fun ^_^meet lots fun guy and girl on message. They all really nice & cute ❤ & ok if you no speak english good.super recommend!!



Kelly didn’t want to dress up as a slutty kitty for Halloween.

She didn’t want to get on her knees in front of her boyfriend.

She didn’t want to have DD-cup tits and she certainly didn’t want to show them off like that.

But with the collar around her neck, it didn’t really matter what she wanted.


So, Daddy, what do you think of my new look?


That’s right, I’m calling you Daddy now, Sir. At least I will until this Bimbo Ray wears off.

Hey, it was your idea! Now you’ve got to live with it, Daddy.

Seriously, I feel so, like, dumb and peppy. If I don’t think about it for a sec my mind is all … hmm, I wonder if there are any cool parties on campus tonight? Fer realz! Can you imagine if I actually dressed like this back in college? How many boys do you think would get total hardons if I just walked into class like this? Not to mention the girls, too.


I swear, I’m like 30 percent bi now.

Oh come on, Daddy, you know you love it.


Mother knows best too: Like mother like daughter

This is a sequel to my story Mother knows best

It had been a few months since Evelyn had taken over her daughters body and become the bitchy Isabelle. Her plan had been to dropout of college and pursue a life of luxury from the first rich sap that she could ensnare. Her plans changed when she realized that there were already of plenty rich idiots attending the college that she could wrap around her little finger.

She had gone through several already. Each one eager to bed the infamous Isabelle. The same Isabelle who manipulated her way into taking over the Alpha Phi Sorority even though she was only a freshman. The same Isabelle who had taken joy in blackmailing her professors into giving her straight A’s. The same Isabelle who was currently receiving oral sex from the Captain of the football team.

“Mmmmm that’s it baby, just a few minutes longer and I’ll let you score a touchdown.” She moaned in pleasure. She had never had a chance to attend college due to getting pregnant with Issy so it seemed fitting to her now that she would get to live it in her daughter’s body. She had left Issy’s old boring life behind and had become the evil bitch Isabelle so quickly everyone simply accepted it. Everyone except her friend Nat.

Nat and Issy had been roommates for the first few months of college and had immediately hit it off. The night Isabelle emerged Nat arrived home to find her moving out. Isabelle belittled Nat and treated her like dirt. “Why would I ever be friends with such a loser like you.” She had said as laughed in her face.

Nat couldn’t accept that her friend had changed so rapidly, so suddenly. Over the next few months Nat kept tabs on her. She noted that whenever she saw her she wore the saw pair of hooped earrings. She began to investigate them online and in old dusty books she found in the library. Soon she was convinced that they were earrings that belonged to a long dead Inca Queen who sold her soul to imbue the earrings with dark magic. She was sure that Isabelle’s earrings and these earrings were one in the same.

She knew if she could remove the earrings from Isabelle then her friend could be saved. Unbeknownst to her of course was that Evelyn had put her own soul into the jewelry and was in control of Issy. She came up with a plan to drug her friend and take the earrings off without her becoming wise to her.

Luckily for her Isabelle was a huge party girl and loved to drink, smoke and take drugs so slipping a little sedative into the mix proved easy. She snuck into the Sorority house where Isabelle now lived and crept up to the master bedroom where she found Isabelle passed out on her bed.

She couldn’t be sure how long she would be out for as she didn’t know how much sedative she would of taken so she had to act fast. She slowly moved to the bed until she was right above her. Nat couldn’t believe how beautiful she was up close. She had been pretty when she was plain old Issy but she was an absolute knockout now. Her tits were bigger, her body slimmer without an ounce of fat on it and even though she was asleep Nat was in fear of her just like everyone else.

Nat slowly moved her hands to Isabelle’s ears and unclipped the earrings. She stepped back successful in her mission. She held the earrings in her hand and thought about how beautiful they looked. She looked over at her sleeping friend and took in her beauty again. She caught her own reflection in the earrings and a compulsion came over her.

Had she come all this way to save her friend or had she come to take what she truly wanted. The more she thought about it the more it made sense to her that what she really wanted was to have what Isabelle had. She wanted to be beautiful and feared. She wanted men to fall at her feet and worship her. Before she knew she had put on the earrings and was looking at herself in the mirror.

“Mmmmm yes give me the power, I deserve the power.” She commanded but nothing was happening. Suddenly she heard a voice in her head.

“Well this is unexpected now isn’t it? You are that friend of my daughter’s aren’t you? Nat right? I thought that I could only possess members of my own bloodline but this opens up so many more… mmmm delicious possibilities.” The sultry voice said.

“Possession? What do you mean possession? I thought I would be getting the power of the Inca queen.“ Nat said worriedly.

“Oh my dear that power is bound with my soul now but you will get your wish.”

“What do you-“ Nat had begun to say but then against her will threw her head back and moaned. She let out an evil cackle as her head slowly lowered back. She ran a hand over her body examining it in the mirror.

“Hmmmm this is a delightful surprise.” Said Evelyn now in full control of Nat. “I’ll have to do something about this dreadful look though.”

The new Nat waved her hand over her body and if began to reshape and change. Her butt plumped up, her tits shot out and her waist tightened. Her nails grew long and sharp and hair disappeared all over her body except on her head.

She waved her now perfectly manicured hand over her face and it warped into a cold and calculating skew of what it once was. Her hair curled and her lips puffed up.

“Now this I can live with.” She said as she moved her hand down and stroked her hairless pussy. “Ohhhh and another virgin, this will be fun.” She said as she smiled wickedly to herself. Suddenly she heard stirring coming from the bed.

“What’s going on? Where am I? Nat? Is that you?” Issy said coming too.

“It’s Natalia now my darling daughter.” Natalia stated while admiring herself some more in the mirror.

Issy quickly got up and faced her mother. “Mom? Oh I remember now, you tricked me and stole my body and turned me into this… This…” Issy tried to finish but she was distracted by her own reflection.

“… Sexy bitch.” She finished as she marvelled at her changed body. “How did you do this? I look like such a fucking bitch I love it.”

“Im glad you like it, I made only slight improvements but the evil bitch was in you all along I just had to let her out. Now that I don’t need to take your body to have my fun I can mould you into the evil daughter I always wanted.” Natalia said stoking her daughters hair.

She conjured up two hoop earrings similar to her own out of thin air and handed them to Issy. “Take these, they are a fraction of my power but will still allow you to do whatever you feel like Issy.”

“Call me Isabelle, that name suits a hot slut like me better.” Isabelle said putting on the earrings while Natalia looked at her daughter with evil pride and thought ‘like mother like daughter’.