New User Demographics

Jordan tries out a new fashion app, but it seems to keep forcing them into problematic self-identities.

Jordan leaned back and looked at the app’s description.

Use the latest in AR tech to change your looks!

It was a beta, one that had popped up on the style blog Jordan frequented. Looked spammy as hell, but they were curious. It seemed to be getting rave reviews from the big bloggers, so they were willing to give it a shot.


It bubbled across the screen in a sickeningly bright pink font.

Jordan clicked the CREATE THE NEW U button and was greeted with the first menu.


Already, there was a red flag. There were only two choices.


Jordan sighed. You couldn’t expect the world to change overnight, but it seemed like a pretty bullheaded move to force that right up front. They debated just quitting here, but… fuck it, gendered pronouns weren’t the end of the world.


The bubble around the text popped, and the screen flashed bright pink.

Jordan blinked. Something felt off, though she couldn’t place it.



Ugh, the app had glitched out all the options. She could tell there were more text, but the UI had clipped it off. She fumbled around the screen, even exited and reloaded the app, but she was stuck with those two options.


At least they had her option. Jordan had sometimes called herself a lesbian for convenience, but what self respecting girl didn’t dream of some cock now and again?

What is your ethnicity?

Christ, the person who designed this FTUI really needed to sit down with their HR department. Seriously, asking for race?


It wasn’t even a good list. Jordan sighed, she was three quarters Japanese and had always identified as mixed. But, what the hell… she clicked Asian.


She glanced down at herself. Definitely not a skinny bitch. Curvy may have been a poetic licence, but it was more accurate.


Jordan was suddenly aware of how uncomfortable her outfit was. Everything seemed tight or loose. Her bra seemed way too small, but her pant waist at least a size too big. How had she not noticed it until now?

You are a…


Is this correct?

Jordan looked at the statement. She never would have said as much, but yeah, she supposed that felt… right.

She confirmed.


User review by JordynXoXo:

i totally luv NewU2!! It super change me and it sooooo much fun ^_^meet lots fun guy and girl on message. They all really nice & cute ❤ & ok if you no speak english good.super recommend!!



Kelly didn’t want to dress up as a slutty kitty for Halloween.

She didn’t want to get on her knees in front of her boyfriend.

She didn’t want to have DD-cup tits and she certainly didn’t want to show them off like that.

But with the collar around her neck, it didn’t really matter what she wanted.


So, Daddy, what do you think of my new look?


That’s right, I’m calling you Daddy now, Sir. At least I will until this Bimbo Ray wears off.

Hey, it was your idea! Now you’ve got to live with it, Daddy.

Seriously, I feel so, like, dumb and peppy. If I don’t think about it for a sec my mind is all … hmm, I wonder if there are any cool parties on campus tonight? Fer realz! Can you imagine if I actually dressed like this back in college? How many boys do you think would get total hardons if I just walked into class like this? Not to mention the girls, too.


I swear, I’m like 30 percent bi now.

Oh come on, Daddy, you know you love it.


Mother knows best too: Like mother like daughter

This is a sequel to my story Mother knows best

It had been a few months since Evelyn had taken over her daughters body and become the bitchy Isabelle. Her plan had been to dropout of college and pursue a life of luxury from the first rich sap that she could ensnare. Her plans changed when she realized that there were already of plenty rich idiots attending the college that she could wrap around her little finger.

She had gone through several already. Each one eager to bed the infamous Isabelle. The same Isabelle who manipulated her way into taking over the Alpha Phi Sorority even though she was only a freshman. The same Isabelle who had taken joy in blackmailing her professors into giving her straight A’s. The same Isabelle who was currently receiving oral sex from the Captain of the football team.

“Mmmmm that’s it baby, just a few minutes longer and I’ll let you score a touchdown.” She moaned in pleasure. She had never had a chance to attend college due to getting pregnant with Issy so it seemed fitting to her now that she would get to live it in her daughter’s body. She had left Issy’s old boring life behind and had become the evil bitch Isabelle so quickly everyone simply accepted it. Everyone except her friend Nat.

Nat and Issy had been roommates for the first few months of college and had immediately hit it off. The night Isabelle emerged Nat arrived home to find her moving out. Isabelle belittled Nat and treated her like dirt. “Why would I ever be friends with such a loser like you.” She had said as laughed in her face.

Nat couldn’t accept that her friend had changed so rapidly, so suddenly. Over the next few months Nat kept tabs on her. She noted that whenever she saw her she wore the saw pair of hooped earrings. She began to investigate them online and in old dusty books she found in the library. Soon she was convinced that they were earrings that belonged to a long dead Inca Queen who sold her soul to imbue the earrings with dark magic. She was sure that Isabelle’s earrings and these earrings were one in the same.

She knew if she could remove the earrings from Isabelle then her friend could be saved. Unbeknownst to her of course was that Evelyn had put her own soul into the jewelry and was in control of Issy. She came up with a plan to drug her friend and take the earrings off without her becoming wise to her.

Luckily for her Isabelle was a huge party girl and loved to drink, smoke and take drugs so slipping a little sedative into the mix proved easy. She snuck into the Sorority house where Isabelle now lived and crept up to the master bedroom where she found Isabelle passed out on her bed.

She couldn’t be sure how long she would be out for as she didn’t know how much sedative she would of taken so she had to act fast. She slowly moved to the bed until she was right above her. Nat couldn’t believe how beautiful she was up close. She had been pretty when she was plain old Issy but she was an absolute knockout now. Her tits were bigger, her body slimmer without an ounce of fat on it and even though she was asleep Nat was in fear of her just like everyone else.

Nat slowly moved her hands to Isabelle’s ears and unclipped the earrings. She stepped back successful in her mission. She held the earrings in her hand and thought about how beautiful they looked. She looked over at her sleeping friend and took in her beauty again. She caught her own reflection in the earrings and a compulsion came over her.

Had she come all this way to save her friend or had she come to take what she truly wanted. The more she thought about it the more it made sense to her that what she really wanted was to have what Isabelle had. She wanted to be beautiful and feared. She wanted men to fall at her feet and worship her. Before she knew she had put on the earrings and was looking at herself in the mirror.

“Mmmmm yes give me the power, I deserve the power.” She commanded but nothing was happening. Suddenly she heard a voice in her head.

“Well this is unexpected now isn’t it? You are that friend of my daughter’s aren’t you? Nat right? I thought that I could only possess members of my own bloodline but this opens up so many more… mmmm delicious possibilities.” The sultry voice said.

“Possession? What do you mean possession? I thought I would be getting the power of the Inca queen.“ Nat said worriedly.

“Oh my dear that power is bound with my soul now but you will get your wish.”

“What do you-“ Nat had begun to say but then against her will threw her head back and moaned. She let out an evil cackle as her head slowly lowered back. She ran a hand over her body examining it in the mirror.

“Hmmmm this is a delightful surprise.” Said Evelyn now in full control of Nat. “I’ll have to do something about this dreadful look though.”

The new Nat waved her hand over her body and if began to reshape and change. Her butt plumped up, her tits shot out and her waist tightened. Her nails grew long and sharp and hair disappeared all over her body except on her head.

She waved her now perfectly manicured hand over her face and it warped into a cold and calculating skew of what it once was. Her hair curled and her lips puffed up.

“Now this I can live with.” She said as she moved her hand down and stroked her hairless pussy. “Ohhhh and another virgin, this will be fun.” She said as she smiled wickedly to herself. Suddenly she heard stirring coming from the bed.

“What’s going on? Where am I? Nat? Is that you?” Issy said coming too.

“It’s Natalia now my darling daughter.” Natalia stated while admiring herself some more in the mirror.

Issy quickly got up and faced her mother. “Mom? Oh I remember now, you tricked me and stole my body and turned me into this… This…” Issy tried to finish but she was distracted by her own reflection.

“… Sexy bitch.” She finished as she marvelled at her changed body. “How did you do this? I look like such a fucking bitch I love it.”

“Im glad you like it, I made only slight improvements but the evil bitch was in you all along I just had to let her out. Now that I don’t need to take your body to have my fun I can mould you into the evil daughter I always wanted.” Natalia said stoking her daughters hair.

She conjured up two hoop earrings similar to her own out of thin air and handed them to Issy. “Take these, they are a fraction of my power but will still allow you to do whatever you feel like Issy.”

“Call me Isabelle, that name suits a hot slut like me better.” Isabelle said putting on the earrings while Natalia looked at her daughter with evil pride and thought ‘like mother like daughter’.



Wish Come True

Danielle was a nice girl, pretty, smart. Everything people like about young adults. She has a boyfriend Called Frank who was a little shy and small but she loved him anyway.

Her and Frank were helping her mother move house, while in the attic packing boxes, Frank finds a very old lamp. He throws it to Danielle, “Hey is this your mom’s?” She takes it and looks at it. “No way! It’s nothing like I’ve seen in this house and I grew up here.” Giving it a rub a big cloud of smoke fills the room and with a flash of light they are stunned. A person only that can be described as a genie is standing in front of the stunned couple. She looks at Danielle. “You have freed me. Since you both held the lamp I will grant each of you 3 wishes. Who would like to go first?”

Danielle looks at Frank in shock and steps forward as she wants to go first. She never really wanted anything for herself but she looks back at Frank and wonders if she can fulfil his life a little more. He has always being shy, it has held him back in his job and his life she decides when will help him.

“What is your first wish?” The genie asks. “I wish Frank was a more assertive.” She sees him turn his head quickly to the side like he has just been hit with something he seems dazed so she makes her other wishes. “I wish he was better with money”. Same again, he looks to be hit and dazed. “And last I wish he was a bit more muscular” she says biting her lip. “Maybe that last one was a bit more selfish” she thinks to herself.

Closing her eyes and turning around to see her new boyfriend. She feels a hand grab her waist and pulling her in before she can open them. It didn’t feel like Frank but it she knew it was him. Opening her eyes after and embracing kiss. Frank looks at her and rubs her cheek softly, he then looks up at the geine and says “I wish Danielle had the body of a stunning blonde bimbo”.

The genie nods and Danielle cannot believes the words the came out of his mouth! She pushes him away but before she can say anything she feels like she has just be hit. She feels her lips plump up and her vision is blurred for a second. The changes stop long enough for her to run to find a mirror. Her lips are so full and sexy, her eyes seem bigger and are now blue. She feels another hit, this time her hair changes to golden blonde. Her waist pulls in and she feels her hips and ass stick out turning around her pants struggles to contain her new figure. She feels her nails grow and change colour, tingling now travels up her arms into her chest she can feel her breast swell, It seems to stop but soon starts again this time like they are being filled. Soon she knows she now has huge fake breasts. She falls to the floor she seems to shake and convulse as the last of the changes take hold. Her skin tans, legs take more shape and lengthen, all blemishes disappear and makeup appears on her new stunning facial features and perfect straight white teeth match her new sex lips, she feels her pussy tighten and expand out to look pump and moisten to match her new lips. She lays there as the changes stop. She tries to stand up but now finds herself wearing high black heels. Stand up and looking in the mirror she sees nothing familiar, that wasn’t her. Black bra, Tight thong and sexy black stockings and suspenders to match is all that covers her. She looks at the geine and back at Frank, cleary with a big erection in his pants and a smile on his face. She turns to the geine in desress “I wish I was back to normal!”

She feels stuck again but this time no changes, she is forced to her knees. “These are not your wishes to make.” Frank walks over to her, dick in hand. “Well Danni, my bimbo, how great you turned out. Thanks for making me a dominate male, maybe you should becareful what you wish for. Now act how your new body looks, like the slut you are or I will give you a mind to match it!” She stares at his cock. Is this something she could be? A bimbo? Her and Frank were very vanilla and nornally just had sex. She puts her new lips around his head and grabs his shaft, she can feel him tense. She tries to take it further but shakes her head and pulls pack. “I can’t this isn’t me!” She cries. Frank pulls her golden hair and forces her back on his cock, to her throat and turns to the geine…“I wish Danni had a submissive personality to suit her new body”. Danni’ s eyes scream and they turn a shade of pink and her vision goes white. Her head fills with pink, cocks and orgasms all she wants now is a cock in each hole. She starts moving her head back and forth on his hard shaft. She starts to moan and suck like a pro. Danielle was gone and the bimbo Danni now exists in her place. She feels Frank ready to cun in her new tailored mouth and grabs his hips and forces herself as far down as she can on his dick. He cums in her mouth she feels a wave of pleasure hit her as she cums herself from the changes taking hold. She pulls herself off kissing the tip of his penis and stands up. “Hey babe thanks for the hot load I love sucking your cock Babe” she giggles and faces the geine. “Thanks for the body, I feel incredible! Frank Babe, what’s your last wish? Let’s get out of here and fuck, I can’t wait to try out this pussy on you.” She kneels down on all fours in front of the mirror and sticks her ass out in his direction and starts to rub her new plump pussy. “Hurry babe I need cock”

“Well let’s see…I have a new body as you wished for me and a personality like you wished for me. Let me think. How do I be better with money? I know, I wish all your friends were exactly like you.” With that said the geine nods as the last wish is granted. The lamp fades away and isn’t anywhere to be seen. Frank laughs as he moves to fuck his new slut in the attic. “I can’t wait to see what the others look like. I’m going to be rich whoring them out.” He grabs the bimbo by her hips and lines up to her ass. “Maybe I’ll whore you out if I like the other girls more” Danni didn’t care nor heard what he said, all she could think about as he pushed himself deep in her was ways to make self sexier for her man. She opens her eyes to see Frank fucking her in the mirror and a dildo appear in the mirror in front of her lips. She opens her mouth and sucks it like before knowing it’s a gift from the geine, she closes her eyes and sinks into bliss as she has everything she wants.

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I’m a sucker for ‘male corrupted’ setup! Hope to see more.


Off to School

Today was the day. Your stepdaughter was moving out to spend a year at Catholic college. Everyone agreed that she needed the strict surroundings, to tighten up some of her morals, and keep her straight.

Ever since she turned 18, she had become a magic wielding slut. No one, could explain how she got her powers overnight, or why they seemed to have turned her into a horny teenage bombshell.

It had become a bigger problem, when she started to like older men, and had slept with more than half the faculty at her college.

When you woke up that morning, you made breakfast and finished packing some of Tessa’s belongings in the car.

When you were done, you called out for her, and heard her running down the stairs.

“What do you think?” Tessa asked cheerfully, as she came round the corner.

Your cock was fully erect before your eyes could even register the outfit your stepdaughter was wearing. It vaguely resembled the traditional schoolgirl outfit, but there was some massive difference.

To begin with, Tessa huge tits, which she had given herself with her new powers, strained the material of the tiny white top she was wearing. If it wasn’t because you had ordered the uniform, you would have thought that it was 4 sizes too small, but Tessa’s impossible tits made the traditional shirt look like a stripper’s favourite top.

Equally, the skirt she was wearing was barely hiding her ass. It was short enough, that you could make out the puffy lips of her pussy through her panties, as she spun around, showing you her outfit.

You hadn’t managed to formulate a cohesive sentence, as you were staring at your stepdaughters incredible body, which was being highlighted by your fantasy uniform.

“Hi hi, I’ll take that as a yes, Daddy.” She giggled, and put her finger to her pouting lips.

“Thank you so much for buying it for me, Daddy. I found some underwear that matches it perfectly. Do you wanna see?” She asked, and looked at you with her big beautiful eyes.

“Tessa, don’t do this. This is the reason why you have to go to this special school, sweetheart.” You managed to almost sound sincere, while you tried not to stare as she lifted the front of her skirt.

“I know, Daddy, but I wanted to show you how thankful I am, before I leave.” She said, as she put her skirt back.

Suddenly, she tensed up, which made her huge tits bounce, and smiled as if she just had a great idea.

“You know, Daddy, most of the teachers at my new school are old nuns, who won’t appreciate my abilities. But I know that you do. I’ve seen the way you looked at me, when mom spanked me for fucking Mr. Peterson. You liked that, didn’t you, Daddy?” She said with a twinkle in her eyes and a big smile.

You remembered that moment very well. You wife had been very mad at Tessa, and she had torn off her pants, leaving her with only a G-string covering her young pussy. The spanking only lasted for a few seconds, but they had replayed in slow motion in your head, over and over again. You had noticed how Tessa had stopped yelling out in pain after the first few spanks. After that she began to moan and groan as your wife continued to punish her little slut.

“That’s right, you love my little ass, Daddy.” She teased, as she turned around and stuck out her butt. “Or do you prefer it a little bigger?” She asked, as she looked over her shoulder.

You hadn’t seen this trick before, but as you watched, Tessa’s ass grew into a big juicy bubble-butt. You couldn’t move, as your cock threatened to explode at the sight of your sexy stepdaughter using her powers to tease you with her incredible body.

“I knew you would like that, daddy!” She squealed with glee and bounded up and down.

“If you liked that, I’ll show you my favourite trick, that always gets my professors hard. But first I have a secret, that you have to promise not to tell mom about. Do you promise not to tell her what I’m gonna say or do, daddy?” She said with a serious tone.

At this point, you were glad to be reminded that you even had a wife. Your brain had been reduced to a horny mess, as you barely managed to nod in agreement with Tessa request.

“Good. I don’t know how many of my new teachers I’ll be able to seduce. So before I leave, I want to live out my fantasy. Fucking you, daddy. You’re the reason why I’m horny for older men. Please, daddy. Let me show you all my skills, and then I want you to use me like a little plaything. Will you do that for me?” She asked sincerely.

You hadn’t stopped nodding, and you actually barely heard what she was saying. You only heard the words “fuck” and “plaything”.

She jumped with joy, and threw her arms in the air to hug you. As you embraced, you felt her moving further away from you, yet her tits were still tight squeezed against your chest. As she moved back, you saw her top fall open, which released her tits. 

She had grown. Or rather, her tits had. They were almost twice as big, and you couldn’t take your eyes off your stepdaughters rapidly growing tits. 

“I know you’re a tit-guy, Daddy. Sure you loved it when Mom spanked my naughty ass, but I’ve noticed every time you glanced at my big juicy tits. Well, here you are. I am gonna make them bigger that your wildest dreams, and then I want you to put that big dad cock between them, as I jerk you off.” she said with the eyes of a predator. 

“Sit back, daddy, and watch as your naughty little step daughter grows to into the woman of your dreams.” she offered with a smile. 

As you sat down on the couch, you saw that Tessa’s now had to brace herself on the doorway, as her tits had grown to be the size of her torso. in fact, she continued to grow, far beyond anything you had ever seen.

Soon, she began to walk towards you, swaying her hips in a dramatic fashion, which made her gigantic tits shift from one side to the other.

You had already taken off you pants, when Tessa stood over you. You could barely see her face, past her massive breasts. As you reached up and cupped them with your hands, she moaned out in an incredible release of pleasure.

“Yes, Daddy! Grab my tits. Squeeze them, massage them, do whatever you like. I want to take it slow, and show you want this young and magical body can do.” She panted as she grabbed the sides of her huge tits, and lowered herself to her knees.

Your entire lap, and lower body was covered in her tits, as she reached under them to grab hold of your throbbing cock, which she placed in her incredible cleavage.

“Enjoy the ride, Daddy. I know I will.” She moaned, as she began to jerk your hard rod, with a fantastic breasts.

You did everything you had every dreamed off, that day. Tessa’s tits had grown so big, that she could barely move, so you had taken her from behind. You fucked her dripping, young pussy for hours, before she begged you to shoved your cock in her ass.

Over the next year, you visited Tessa every week, when she was tired of the nuns eating her out, and she needed her Daddy cock.


She’s got the power

Come over, I got something to show you.

That was the text you had received from Riley, your best friend, and the girl you had a crush on since the 7th grade. Both of you were currently enrolled at the same university. Riley’s family were well off, and she had her own off-campus apartment.

Riley had become your friend, after she defended you against the school bully, Travis. He might have been bigger and dumber than anyone else at the school, but he was as paralyzed as any boy would be when the hottest girl in school started to scold him. Ever since, the two of you had been so close that many mistook the two of you as girlfriend and boyfriend. However, you had never worked up the courage to tell Riley your true feelings.

After school, you rushed over to Riley’s place. Arriving at the upscale apartment complex, you rushed up the stairs and knocked on her door. She called out for you to come in, as she laughed and giggled.

“What’s so funn…?” You lost your words, when you saw Riley. Something was off, and it wasn’t just the majority of her clothes. The skimpy schoolgirl outfit she was wearing was showing off an ass that looked bigger and firmer than usual.

“Danny! I’m so happy you’re here. My dad sent me this bracelet, and when I put it on, my butt grew to the size I’ve dreamt of having for so long.” She laughed, and slapped her own ass in an overly dramatic gesture. “You gotta touch it, Danny. It feels incredible.”

The closest you had ever gotten to touching that sexy butt was the movie nights where she had fallen asleep in your lap, with your arm wrapped around her.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Riley. Are you feeling alright? I’ve never heard of bracelets giving people magical butts.” You half joked, as always.

“Oh, but it’s so much more than my ass, Danny. I can change my body in any way I want. Look at this!” Her face was flushed with excitement, as she seemed to tense her body and close her eyes.

Riley seemed to shimmer for a moment, as if she was flickering in and out of existence several times per second. Each time, you caught a glimpse of her, she looked a little different. Her hair was turning jet black, the outfit she was wearing simply became a pink top, and her complection was getting more tanned. Lastly, her breasts were growing from the perfectly flat chest that Riley was always complaining about, to a pair of big perky tits.

“What do you think, Danny? Do you like me as a busty Latina stripper?” Riley voice asked from the mouth of an unfamiliar Hispanic woman, sitting on her couch. Her top was unable to contain her new full tits, which sat high and perky on her chest. Riley’s plump ass was emphasized when she climbed on the couch, and got on her knees.

You struggled to form coherent thoughts and words, as you kept staring at her sexy curves.

“Riley, you look incredible! I mean, you always look incredible, but you’re so different. Also, your tits are out!” You gestured towards her chest, and made a half-assed attempt to cover your eyes.

She laughed at your theatrics, and turned to face you, legs spread revealing her bald pussy.

“oh my gosh, you’re right. My boobs are exposed, and there you are, just staring at them. That’s not fair.” She smirked and snapped her fingers. Your zipper flew open, and your erect penis immerged triumphantly. Panic coursed through you, at the embarrassment of Riley seeing your dick.

“Don’t be shy, I wanna see your little friend.” She mused, and made a flurry a gestures. “Or maybe I should call him your big friend?” She locked eyes with you, and gave you a comforting smile.

You felt your body relax and the embarrassment leave your mind. Soon, you felt the tip of your cock hit the back of your hand, which you were using to hide it from Riley. The feeling of flexing and relaxing muscles made you look down at your crotch, just in time to see your cock growing at an alarming rate.

The shock of seeing the expanding rod made you instinctively grasp it with both hands. You soon found, that the growth meant that your hands were moving further and further apart, as you cock grew bigger than your arm.

“Wow, Danny! Your cock is gigantic! It’s much too big for a little Latina slut like me. Only an experienced MILF would be able to handle that beast.” With that, Riley’s body began to shimmer and shift again.

Her top split into two parts, that became a set of sexy lingerie. The ass that Riley had dreamt off grew, becaming fuller and thicker. You saw her face transform, as it took on the mature features of a beautiful MILF. Finally, her tits began to expand, and quickly doubled in size.

Riley looked down at her self, and ran her hands across her body.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Now get on the couch, young man. I need that huge cock in my mouth.” Riley demanded in the tone of a mom scolding her son.

You were speechless at your own cock growth, and Riley’s transformation, as you promptly did as you were told and sat down. Riley didn’t hesitate. She pounced on you, dragging her huge tits across you throbbing cock, before she opened her mouth as wide as possible and ramming your dick down her throat.

She moaned and gagged at the invading member. Your wildest wishes were coming true. Not only was the girl of your dreams choking herself on your cock, but she was in the body of the perfect MILF.

Riley continued to fuck her own throat, as she furiously fingered her pussy.

Finally, she pulled her head back with a gasp.

“I know how much you loved that, Danny. I’ve always known how much you wanted my body, but now it’s my turn. I want this fat cock inside my horny pussy, so sit back, and watch me bounce this big juicy ass on you.” Riley sneered, as she grasped the base of your cock with one hand, and used the other to jerk off your spit-covered dick.

She got up, and turned around while she stuck out her big ass. She spread her legs, to stand on either side of your legs, before she lowered herself down. Your cock was hard as a rock, and neither one of you needed to help line it up, as Riley’s pussy made contact, and slowly started to swallow your giant rod.

Riley took a quick breath through her teeth, when your cock started to stretch her tight cunt. The massive size would normally make it impossible to penetrate any women, but you figured that Riley had made some modifications to her body, which made it a perfect fit.

Bounce after bounce, Riley was forcing more and more of your cock inside her. Each time she bottomed out, a low moan escaped her throat. Finally, the last bounce made a wet smack, as she managed to hide your huge cock, inside her body.

For a moment, she stared down at her pussy, almost seeming proud of their shared accomplishment. Then she started to rock back and forth. The movement made her pussy grab and massage your giant member. You couldn’t help but gasp at the feeling of the a dream coming true, in a way you could never have imagined.

“We made it, Danny. Now let’s see what this body can do.” Riley said, and glanced at you over her shoulder. Immediately, she lifted her magnificent ass up, until only your tip remained inside her, before she slammed down again. The sensation of your cock instantly filling her tight hungry pussy made the two of you scream in orgasmic bliss.

But she needed more. Riley worked up a steady rhythm, and soon she was riding you in earnest while she laughed and screamed in ecstasy. You felt her pussy throbbing and pulsating as she came, time after time. Despite her rolling orgasms, she never slowed down or stopped.

It didn’t take long before you felt your own orgasm approaching. The tightness in your balls signaled the sizable load that was about to be released. You pulled out of Riley, and brought her to her knees.

She begged and lapped at the tip of you cock, as you stroked it before her face. Finally, you felt the first massive load flowing through the tremendous length of your giant cock. Riley opened her mouth in anticipation, just as a big glob of cum blasted down her throat. She drank it down, like a hungry slut, as load after load landed on her face and covered her still growing tits.

When you finally recovered from the biggest orgasm of your life, you looked down at Riley, who was licking her lips and fingers clean from your thick jizz.

“I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun with this bracelet, Danny. Thank you for satisfying my slutty body. Would you mind doing it again, right now?” Riley smiled and blew you a kiss.

Welcome to the Family

Kim loved Frank, far more than she had ever thought capable.

The late 30s business woman had sealed herself off romantically for most of her adult life, embracing the whispered sneers of Ice Queen and Dragon Lady. If her peers wanted to throw stereotypes at her, she’d give them reason to fear and respect her, God damn it. Kim knew her stunning looks turned heads, and the Asian-American woman knew when to leverage her assets.

Then Frank came along. He was warm and patient and handsome. Sure, he was almost 15 years older, but he was fit and charming. A silver Fox through and through.

So here Kim was, likely only months away from a proposal, successful and happy. Everything was perfect.

Everything, except for Frank’s 16 year old daughter, Amy.

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Master PC: Wireless

Excerpt from Master PC: Wireless by Dr. Fakes

“Oh, you big stud guy. Me not know English good, but me know hot to fuck real long and good! Sandy fuck you real good. Me love you to shove dick up Sandy’s hot ass. Shit, I would love that dick in me right now big man. I fuck you so long and good baby!” Sandy said sounding just like a cheap Asian whore now.

“Ok, your turn Sandy. Come on over here and stand next to me.” Sandy bounced over in her little ‘Hooters’ outfit and stood smiling next to me.

“Oh, Mark are you going to make me more sexy too?! I’d love you to do that. I feel so fucking hot now, but I know I can be even hotter. It would be great to be even a bigger bimbo slut than I already am I think.” Sandy said giggling and smiling some.

“Well, ok Sandy. I think I can arrange that. You know I have seen a lot of Asian type girls at ‘Hooters.’ I think I’ll make you Asian now. Yes, that’s a good idea. Sandy I want your face to turn into a hot Asian whore. You should have dark eyes, long straight black hair and become a bit thinner overall. Shrink down a couple of inches too but keep your sexy figure. Yeah, I want you to end up looking like a hot Asian porn star that works at ‘Hooters’ right now.” I said to her.

Again the changes happened fast. Sandy’s face became oriental and her hair changed into deep black long tresses flowing down her arching backside. Her eyes became almond shaped and very dark as her face rounded some. She thinned out like I had said and got a bit shorted. She looked like she could do a whole platoon of marines now all by herself. There really wasn’t much left of the old Sandy now.

“Oh, man that was weird. I feel so odd, but so cock hungry too now. I’d love to serve some army guys some beer and let them paw all over me in this outfit. Yeah that would be fucking hot!” Sandy said as she also ran to look in the mirror.

“How do you like the new you Sandy? I think you look like a real Asian whore now baby!” I yelled at her from the other room.

“Oh, I love it Mark. I love my hair and eyes. I look like a some kind of geisha whore right now! God, it feels so good.” Sandy said coming back and tossing her arms around me. She gave me a kiss on the neck and started to fondle my cock outside my pants.

“Well, Sandy let’s finish you up. I now want you to talk like an Asian whore would. I want you to have a real dirty mouth and try to attract and guys by talking to them or showing off your hot body. Now, I want you to start acting like that now and try it out on me.” I told her. I could see her head shake a little then she got a big grin on her face.

“Oh, you big stud guy. Me not know English good, but me know hot to fuck real long and good! Sandy fuck you real good. Me love you to shove dick up Sandy’s hot ass. Shit, I would love that dick in me right now big man. I fuck you so long and good baby!” Sandy said sounding just like a cheap Asian whore now.