A Family for Dr Gizmo

Witchgirl and Flexi have been captured by the mysterious Dr. Gizmo!

Not my work, stumbled on this in a backed up folder. Finally was able to locate the original author and site: Witchgirl on the now archived SuperStories.net

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Chapter 1: Digital Universe

While investigating the appearance of zombies near a city power station, Witchgirl and Flexi have been captured by the mysterious Dr. Gizmo. Using a strange robotic creation named Digitron 5000, Dr. Gizmo has converted the two women into digital information. Witchgirl and Flexi now stand in a strange, featureless void, facing each other and wondering what will happen next.

“Witchgirl?” Flexi asked. “Are you all right?”

“Yes. I think so,” she answers, looking herself over. “And you?”

“I… I… I think so.”

“This is certainly strange. I have to admit I’m out of my element, technology actually gives me the willies sometimes, but we’ve beaten Gizmo before. We’ll find a way out of this.” She squeezes her hands into fists, testing the reality of her body. “I feel… solid… but different too.”

“I am SO sorry… I should have just had you run away. Now you’ve been caught and it’s my fault,” Flexi says.

Witchgirl looks back at Flexi. “It’s not your fault.”

“Yes it is! Dr. Gizmo was MY master… I should have stayed where I was.”

“It’s okay, Flexi. Remember how easily we defeated him before. “I’d say that in two hours we’ll be laughing about this whole thing.” Witchgirl points her finger at her. “And don’t ever let me hear you say that you should have stayed where you were. You’re place is with us.” Witchgirl smiles and winks.

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B-virus by thebiggestever


She had caught a rare form of the B-virus that turned her into a red headed bimbo instead of blond one.  It was slower acting, so she hadn’t progressed to the point where she liked to show off all her new assets.  However, she was getting more of said assets by the hour.


Title: Halloween S2

“Trick or Treat” as the kids knock on Dani House. Dani mom open the house with a big smile and pass them lots of Candy. “Thank you” as they walk away.

“Ouch, Something hit my head” Rex look below and saw this Gun. Its look like a toy gun and just keep inside his candy bag.

“Eh wait for me” as he chase the girls. Rex, Jennifer and Annie was enjoy their halloween, they are all childhood friend and are very close to each other.

Jennifer call the rest, “lets go to my house and open up the candy”.

All jump with joy and rush straight to Jennifer house.

Back at Jennifer house, “Not Fair Annie you have more candy then me “ as Jennifer complain.

“Guys I found this toy gun! Its fall out someone house when we trick or treak” Rex pull out the gun from his candy bags.

“Wow you must be lucky to get a toy from space” joke Jennifer.

“That true”say Annie.

“Haha, shut up Jenni, you naughty Evil Witch” Joke Rex pointing the gun at Jennifer and shoot.

Suddenly Jennifer felt different, she was feeling something strange. She grew taller and more mature, her body was going tru puberty. Her hair grew longer and her costume change to suit her new teenage body. Makeup form on her face.

“Ohhhh I could feel the change! The evil fills in me! Give me more more power!” As Jennifer orgasm form the change.

Then a wicked smile form on her face.

“Thank you Rex, let me get that gun from you”

Annie and Rex was in shock from what is happening to their friend.

“Now now I feeling Horny and need a strong man to fuck my Pussy, well Rex I got something in mind”

Jennifer zap Rex as his body grew and looking mature, he was becoming more muscular and rip. He look at his own body cannot believe what is happening.

“Now that a boyfriend that I wanted” as Jennifer touch Rex.

Annie was scare and was trying to crawl to the door but then it was lock.

“Naughty Annie you be a good girl and stay there” Annie felt unable to move

“Now Rex show me what you got”

Rex rips Jennifer costume and lick her pussy. She just use her Magic and remove Rex firefighter costume.

“Now fuck me hard and don’t you ever Rest till I orgasm really hard”

Rex Fuck Jennifer as she look at the little scare girl and smile.

“Ohh babby that the spot !! Give me more you beast!”

They fuck for hours, all Annie could do is cry in fear of what have become of her friends.

Then she felt she could move and thinking if she could get the gun she could change everything back to normal. She jump to the gun but Jennifer was to quick to react and pull the gun toward her hand.

“Hmmm what you doing Girl, wanting to use the gun to get back your boring friends” Annie fall back cant move cause of the fear that Jennifer posses.

“What should I do to you, be my pet or change you into something else.”

“Ahhh yes, You be my sweet Sister and we can be together and rule the night” Jennifer point to Annie and Shoot her.

Annie was in horror as her body grew older, her hair grew longer. She could felt pain and pleasure from the transformation. She was looking mature and her body curve to fit her new dress.

“Omg this is so intense, the feeling is so wonderful. I could feel the evil and slutty feeling. I am feeling sexy.”

As Annie look at Jennifer, running her tongue tru her lips.

“Ohhh I am feeling sexy horny, this is much better then be a Little scare girl Sister” Annie touch her breast admire herself.

“Well Sister, lets go out find more Prey to Fuck. The night aint over yet”

Jennifer,Annie and Rex continue their night trick or treat Party and enjoying their own wicked fantasy bullies and terrorising the night.

This night could not get more interesting then that.

About the gun, we will never know what happen to it.

(Hope You Like It)

Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 5

Reposting of Mr Grey’s epic bimbofication story

“He pushed her too far,” Sophie muttered.

“They didn’t even give her a chance…” said Cassie.

Nikki was staring into space, while Linda sat with her face buried in her hands.

After getting a first hand look at what they were in danger of, the four girls were more worried than ever.  They went back in their cabin to wait for dinner and had been discussing their plight since.

“She was helpless…” Nikki said, mostly to herself, “She just sat their while he turned her into a bimbo…”

“I know, Nikki,” Cassie said, consolingly, “We’re going to get out of here, don’t worry.”

Nikki kept talking, “Just like that…she wasn’t smart anymore…  Like her IQ had just dropped…  She was just dumb and happy…”

Cassie thought back to her temporary transformation the previous night.  Happy was definitely the word for it.  She remembered not caring at all that she had been turned into a bimbo.  She was comfortable with it, and more relaxed than she had ever been.  Not a thought in her head…

Suddenly, the four girls looked up, hearing a strange sound.

Someone was screaming outside.

“Somebody was trying to escape,” Sophie stated.

Sophie, Cassie, and Linda got up and peeked through the window to see the girl with the purple hair just past the dirt border and among the trees in the forest.  She was wiggling on the ground, bucking her hips in the air.  “Oh god!  O-o-O-oh god!“ she cried as she came.  Just then, one of the Bimbo Counselors came to gather up the convulsing girl.  Cassie watched with wonder as the woman walked with ease into the forest and grabbed the girl’s arm.  “Oh shit!  Fuck me.  Fuck me-e-E-e-E.  Just lick me please!  That’s all I need!  Holy shit, lick my pussy!”

“The forest doesn’t effect her,” Cassie said, watching the woman grab the young girl’s arm and drag her a few yards back to the camp grounds.

The purple haired girl was dropped on the ground and left panting, to tired to move.  The woman said something to her, pointing her finger as one would to a naughty pet, and then walked happily back where she came from, leaving the girl on the ground.

Sophie, Cassie, and Linda sat back.

“We need to learn more about those women,” Linda suggested.

Cassie seemed to like that idea, “Yeah, we need to find out just who they are, where they came from.”

Linda stood up, “Come on, let’s do a little spying.”

Cassie seemed to agree with this, but Sophie and Nikki didn’t move.  “I think I’m gonna take a nap,“ Sophie explained.

Nikki smiled ambiguously, “Yeah, me too…”

Linda nodded, “It’s probably best that we have as few of us as possible so we don’t make too much noise.  Come on, Cassie.”

Linda and Cassie walked out of the cabin, their ass shaking back and forth uncontrollably due to their attire.

The cabin grew silent as Nikki and Sophie sat quietly in their beds.  The fading footsteps of their friends walking outside was all they could hear, until eventually they were gone.  The two girls glanced at each other, suddenly remembering a few months ago when the only problems they had were studying for finals and deciding what to do on a Friday night.

Sophie got up to go into the bathroom.

“What do you think they’re gonna find out about those women?” Nikki asked, about Linda and Cassie.

“Probably that they’re aliens or terrorists or something… I don’t know…” she replied from the bathroom.

Nikki nodded.  “That was pretty freaky what happened at lunch, huh?“

Sophie nodded solemnly, “Yeah.  Freaky…”

“I mean, all they had to do was keep telling her something, and soon it was true,” Nikki said, a little too fascinated.  Sophie agreed and laid back on her bed, closing her eyes.  “With these uniforms on, its so easy to change someone’s personality by just saying it out loud to them…“

Something in the back of Sophie’s mind told her that Nikki was acting a little strangely, but Sophie just wrote it off as it just being Nikki’s usual strange behavior and continued to lay with her eyes closed, trying to take a nap.

”…like, if we had these uniforms in high school, you could easily fuck with someone’s reputation.  All you would have to do is tell them what a slut they are while they were wearing them,“ Nikki continued, “I’d just have to say something like, ‘Sophie, you’re such a cocksucking tart’ and eventually, you’d start to be one…”

Sophie slowly opened her eyes.  Something wasn’t right here…

“…or what if I said, ‘Sophie, you’re just a slut that you’d fuck a girl if she asked you’, it’d become true!  Isn’t that crazy?”

Sophie sat up, looking at Nikki suspiciously.  “What are you doing?“

Nikki shrugged her shoulders, “Just chit-chatting.  Just talking about how much of a whore you are.”

Sophie’s mind was saying ‘Oh shit’.  She slowly shook her head back and forth.  “Don’t.“

“Don’t  what, Sophie?” Nikki said, grinning devilishly, “Don’t tell you what a slut you are?”

Sophie felt dizzy.  She rubbed her temples with her fingers.  “Stop.  Please…“

“Sophie, you’re the filthiest cum-guzzling bitch I’ve ever met!  I bet you’d suck a dick for a quarter!  A nickel!”

Sophie tossed her head up, “Fuck yeah, I’d suck a dick for nickel!  It’s a fuckin’ nickel’!  Wait…no…”  Sophie stopped herself, realizing what was happening.

“You’re a nasty little fuck-whore that’ll lick a pussy for a stick of gum!”

“Nikki…why are you’?”

“You know it’s true, Sophie.  You. Are. A. S-s-s-slut.”

Then, Sophie knew it was true.  She relaxed and released a long breath of air.  “Yeah, so what?“ she said, shrugging her shoulders.  Sophie didn’t understand why Nikki was telling her stuff she already knew.  She knew she was a whore.  It didn’t bother Sophie.  There are just some things people are meant for, and Sophie knew that she was meant for fucking.

Nikki smiled in shock, “Sophie?”

Sophie didn’t get what this bitch was staring at, “Yeah…  What?”

“Nothing…” Nikki said, dreamily, slowly inching her hand down the front of her pants.

Sophie noticed this and grinned, “You need some help with that?”

Cassie and Linda tiptoed in between the log cabins, looking for Mr. Max’s headquarters.  The girls had found that tiptoeing in heels was quite hard, but they managed.  Cassie mostly followed Linda, who seemed to be quite the expert in spying.

“That building looks different from the rest,” Linda said, looking towards a large cabin with lights on inside.  It was just now starting to get dark outside, so the girls were subtly hidden, but still out in the open.

“How’s it different?” Cassie asked.

“Look at the extension on the side.  That could be an office…  Plus, the roof’s taller…”

“Well, let’s go,” Cassie said.  Linda lead the way as the girls crossed the camp grounds.  They reached the large cabin and pressed their backs up against the side wall.  They scooted against the wall until the found themselves underneath the window of room with activity coming from inside it.

There was the murmur of voices present, along with the bass of deep moans vibrating through the wall, and sprinkled with a high pitched giggle every now and then.  It sounded like there was about ten people moving around in there.

Cautiously, Cassie and Linda grabbed the windowsill and pulled themselves up to the very tips of their heels, allowing them to peek their heads through the bottom of the window.

“Oh my god.”

Cassie couldn’t believe her eyes.  It was unlike anything her virgin eyes had ever seen.

Once in tenth grade, Sophie had shown her a picture from a Playgirl they had found in a dumpster.  The man’s penis had been long, and his pubic hair had been shaved.  Cassie didn’t really know how to feel about it.  She wasn’t turned on beyond control, but there was a small stirring in her pants when she first laid eyes on it.

It was the same feel she was having now.

“They’re like his servants…” Linda whispered.

Mr. Max was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room.  Surrounding him were all the tanned, made-up women that had given Cassie and her friends their make-over, put them in their captive uniforms, and were watching to make sure they didn’t try to escape.  One was straddling his lap right now.  Linda and Cassie watched as she would lift herself off of his hard, slippery cock  long enough for another girl to slide it into her mouth.  They would almost fight over the chance to be the next to put that big, meaty dick between their lips, but eventually the girl on his lap was snatch it back and put it back in her pussy.

“This is more serious than I thought,” Cassie whispered.

“Yes, it sure is!”

Cassie thought that it was Linda that had replied; but, when Linda glanced at Cassie with worry in her eyes, they both turned around to see a familiar face smiling at them.

“Tammi,” Linda said menacingly.

The smiling blonde grabbed the two girls and called cheerfully, “Oh, Mr. Ma-ax!”

“So, you girls think you’re pretty smart, huh?” Mr. Max asked, staring at Linda and Cassie.

The two guilty girls stared at him as one would stare at a drill sergeant.  He paced back and forth in front of them, shaking his head.  His sex bunny counselors stood on the sidelines, giggling, twirling their perfect hair around, and watching the two girls with excitement.

“Well, you both seem like you need the most help of any of the girls here,” he said condescendingly.  “You’ve broken one too many rules, I’m afraid.  We always let an escape attempt go.  It’s inevitable that you all will try that.  It’s human nature…  But, sticking your nose into my business…that’s inexcusable, and for that, you smart girls are going to have to be punished.“

“You’re an asshole…” Linda coldly.

“And you’re not as smart as you think you are,” he replied.  “Neither of you.“  Cassie suddenly knew what was going on, but Linda was too furious to think of Mr. Max’s next move.  “You’re both just two simple girls that think they know what’s going on, when they have no idea.”

Cassie and Linda’s head began to feel funny.

“This is due to the fact that you two simply don’t have the brain power to follow any complex instructions.  Maybe that’s why you can’t seem to follow the rules.  Maybe that’s why you continue to do what’s wrong.  Maybe you’re both just a couple of dumb bitches.”

Cassie and Linda struggled to hold on to their diminishing IQ, but it was no use.  Mr. Max was convincing them of their stupidity, and slowly but surely, they were realizing that he was right.  They were dumb.

“For your punishment, you’re going to spend some time in the closet.  There’s no lock on the closet, but I know that I don’t need one, since you’re too dumb to know how to open the door once it’s closed shut.”

Cassie and Linda were embarrassed at how stupid they were.  Their mouths hung open as they tried desperately to follow what they were being told, but he was leaving them in the dust.  Then, before they knew it, Tammi was pulling them into a big walk-in closet and shutting the door.

Cassie and Linda looked at each other.  They looked at their surroundings.  This appeared to be a storage closet of some kind.  There were shelves and papers lining the walls.  Their only light source was a light bulb dangling from the ceiling with a chain hanging underneath it.

“What are we gonna do?” Cassie asked, using the most of her intelligence she could.

Linda shrugged nonchalantly, “I dunno.”

They looked at the knob.

“Is that the way out?” Linda asked.

Cassie nodded, “I think so.”

“How’s it work?”

Cassie shook her head and mumbled, “I dunno…”


The Wishmaster – Go Bigger or Go Home

Everyday at the park, people of all ages gathered to take in the fresh air, bright sunshine, and warm atmosphere that it provided. You could find all kinds of kids playing tag, adults chit-chatting about hot gossip, and joggers getting their daily exercise in. It was a place for everyone to be happy. 

Now it just so happens on that day that there was a young hot dog vendor by the name of Abigail strolling the park. Nothing seemed out of place for the young twenty-something selling weiners until a sparkling shiny object caught her eye. Reaching down for it on the grass she came upon a dazzling ring. 

“Oooh you’re quite pretty aren’t you?” she said to herself, “I think I might just have to claim you as my own.”

No sooner had she adorned the ring to her own finger that she began to feel a special little tingle. It started at the core of her being and worked it’s way past her belly button down until it reached her special nether regions. There it rested, spreading a feeling of warmth and content to her entire body. Not expecting to feel such heat Abigail let out a refreshing sigh. 

“I am the sex genie of the Fertilia Empire” the ring whispered into her vulnerable ears, “You have found me and now it is custom to grant you 3 wishes. What is it you desire Mistress?”

Still caught up in the warmth that it provided, Abigail merely whispered back to the ring, “Where are you? Who are you? And why does this feel so good?”

“The who, where, and why are unimportant my dear seller of weiners.” it said back, “What matters is your desire. How can I help you attract more of what you sell?”

The dangerous words poisoned dear Abigail from resisting the genie’s temptations. She was a small business owner and if the genie could help her sell more hot dogs she was down for her assistance. She just needed to ask one more important question. 

“Genie,” she said nervously, “What do I need to wish for to increase my business and make more money?”

If the poor girl could’ve seen the genie smirk within the ring she would’ve tossed it to the side of the pavement and gone about her business. Yet, she couldn’t and so the ring told her what it could do for her.

“Honey, what does a successful chain restaurant like Hooters have over a tiny nobody girl like you?”

It was an odd question, Abigail thought, but Hooters was a popular place to eat for people. And the more she thought about it, the more one thing became painfully obvious to her. The girls that worked their all had bigger breasts than her. It served as an attraction for all the hungry males to eat and be entertained. Soon an idea clicked in her brain. She needed to expand her assets!

“Genie, Genie, Genie!” she said, “I know what I want my first wish to be! I wish for bigger boobs!”

“Good choice!” the ring responded, “A bigger pair of puppy sweaters coming right up!”

For a moment the world felt off. A woozy sensation gripped Abigail and the hot dog vendor doubled over onto the park bench. A wave of euphoria engulfed the woman as her breasts began to jut outwards. First growing into a b-cup and then a generous c-cup. By the time the first wish had faded an entirely new hot dog vendor had appeared. Sporting a fresh looking spring outfit and body. 

“Wow these are great!” she said, “I’m probably going to attract all kinds of business now. Thanks genie!”

“You’re welcome, but I think you still have a problem.” it said back, “you never specified how big you really wanted your breasts inflated. I don’t know if those new ones are quite big enough.” 

Abigail looked down and felt up her breasts. They were definitely nice, but the genie had a point. Were they really the best ones around? Kicking herself for her poor wish choice, she began to imagine the impact she would have with sporting a pair of huge knockers on her chest. Having huge boobs would be impossible for all the guys in the park to ignore. 

“Dammit, I think you’re right.” the young woman said, “I wish I had the best and biggest tits around!”

Warping reality once more, the Genie’s perverted magic was released into the world again. Targeting the modest girl with great boobs and turning her into something quite overtly sexual. As both her tits inflated, Abi felt her brain begin to numb. Two giant pillows now adorned the sex goddess who sold weiners. Her mind and body felt like it was on cloud nine. Nothing but happiness and pleasure filled her world. At least, not until the ring spoke again. 

“My, my, my, you are quite the vision now. How do you feel?”

“Like, incredible” Abi gushed, “My tits and pussy are just super duper sensitive. Hey! Why am I like, talking like a total bimbo now?”

After a few moments of sinister giggling from the ring, the genie spoke up, seductively purring into new bimbo’s ear. “You wanted the best and biggest tits my dear. The only kinds of girls who get to have those are the ditziest girls on the planet. Therefore, when you made the wish, I extended to you all the other traits that were attached to it. There’s no need to thank me.”

Abi’s face scrunched up a bit when she heard that. It all sounded a bit off. Just because she wanted the biggest and most sensitive titties didn’t mean she wanted to become a dumb little slut. Or did she? It was so hard for her to focus on any crucial or serious thought when her tits stuck out so comically. Feeling the denim of her new uniform come over her lewd looking beach balls was simply too electrifying for her to handle. 

“So mistress, you still have one more wish. Would you like me to make a suggestion on how to use it?”

Once again there was a nagging feeling at the base of Abi’s skull. A dull throbbing from her old self struggling to get through. One wish could reset everything, or at the very least, restore her old life back to the way it was. All she needed to do was form the words to do it. It was that or listen to what the sex genie had to say. And dumb girls like Abi did just that. 

“Well sexy genie, you’ve like, gotten me this far” she giggled twirling her hair. “What like, do you want me to wish for?”

The ring wasted no time making it’s final suggestion. “I think a sexy bimbo like you really shouldn’t be selling boring old hot dogs.” it purred, “That’s a poor woman’s job. I think you would be much better suited for a different job. Maybe a job where you got to service big juicy, yummy, cocks all day. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Abi never thought about changing careers so soon, but then again, she never thought she’d have money making melons either. She then looked down again at her ridiculous assets that she now had acquired. Minutes ago they had been mosquito bites, now she had trouble containing them within her obscene uniform. Her hard nipples now effortlessly poking against the denim straps. 

“You know genie! I like the way you think!” she said, “I wish I had like, the perfect job for my perfect body!”

Everything in the world faded to darkness, but soon enough Abi woke up in a luxurious bed. Cameras, lights, and sound equipment all pointed at her as she felt the rock hard cock of her male co-star enter her dripping wet cunt. The cock split her wide open and in minutes the deep pounding he gave her caused her to cum like she never had before. In the coming years she filmed over five hundred professional and amateur films, attended countless adult conventions and performed in many premium webcam shows. By the time she was at her peak, she had become one of the most popular porn stars in the whole world. Yes, Abi Jugs had gotten her professional success. And it was all thanks to the huge assets that were now permanently stuck on her chest. 

As for the ring, it mysteriously evaporated into thin air. Lost into the world again until another unsuspecting soul could collect and use it…

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“Ohmygawd! You really did turn Chrissie’s hair blue! So what else can that remote do?”

Well you used to be my coworkers until I used it to turn you into a pair of ditzy roommates who lived in my apartment complex.

“Wait.. what?”

Kidding! Jeez, Katie, you really are gullible.

“Ugh, shut up! Ok, my turn next. I want you to make my titties bigger than Chrissie’s!”