Camp Whol-Nu-Yu by Mr Grey

Mister Grey’s classic tale of bimbofication.
Will the girls figure out the mystery behind this cult-like summer camp?
How much longer can they stave off become ditzy sluts, when mere suggestions seem to warp their minds and bodies?

This is not my story, nor do I have explicit permission to share. So why am I posting this anyway?

1. This is probably one of my favorite MC stories ever.

2. It’s in serious threat of disappearing from the internet. Mr Grey was my constant favorite for many, many years. Unfortunately, Mr Grey’s work is now only accessible via the all-but-defunct Yahoo fan group. I hope that sharing this will bring the author some much deserved attention from a new generation.

If you’re concerned Mr Grey’s work being misappropriated let me know.

Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 7

Table of Contents

“Ok, are you ready?” Cassie asked.

Linda nodded.

Very carefully and quietly, Cassie opened the closet door and peeked her head out.  The closet they were shut in was part of a library.  The room’s walls were lined with hundreds of books, while a fireplace sat idle and unused on the opposite wall.

No one was in the room.

“Come on Linda,” Cassie whispered urgently.  The two girls continued to investigate their surroundings as they tiptoed out of the closet, closing the door back behind them, and headed towards the window.  Cassie lifted the lock off the window sill and slid open the window.  The peaceful sounds of the outdoors flooded the room as Cassie helped Linda through the window and then slid through herself.  After lowering herself to the ground, she closed the window back from the outside and the two girls began their trek back to their cabin.

After retrieving Linda’s intellect, Cassie had gone through the newspaper clippings again.  The girls found that the camp had been eluding the police for years.  Apparently girls had been lured here for quite a while now, never to be heard from again.  These were all girls like Cassie and her friends: good students, never been in trouble, good home life…  There was never any explanation for their disappearance.  When authorities tried to track down the camp, all they would find would be an empty field.  The camp would pack itself up like a traveling carnival and disappear without a trace.  Each of the newspaper articles cited a different state and a different name for the camp.  Now it was in Cassie’s state under the name Camp Whol-Nu-Yu and she knew it was only a matter of time before it packed up and took Cassie and her friends along with it; and something told Cassie that she wouldn’t be quite the same person when that happened…

“We need to get Sophie and Nikki and get the hell out of here,” Cassie stressed.

“How are we supposed to do that?” Linda asked, trying to keep up with Cassie’s urgent walking pace, “There’s nowhere for us to go.”

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Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 6

Table of Contents

“Goddamit, Nikki, why’d you turn me into some trashy whore?” Sophie asked while pinching her nipples through her shirt.

Nikki just continued rubbing her clit as she stared at what she had created.  Just from her words only, she was able to transform the tough Sophie into some one-track minded fuckslut.

“Come on, at least tell me why you did it,” Sophie demanded, casually caressing her own body as if her hands had a life of their own.

Nikki’s eyes were clenched shut, on the verge of cumming.  “Because… (pant) it’s such a fucking turn-on!“

“Me being a slut, or you turning me into one?”

Nikki didn’t feel like answering questions right now, but she explained herself, “Me turning you into one… (pant pant)  The power of it all…   You’re such a slut now aren’t you Sophie?”

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Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 8

Table of Contents

As Jenna was led away from her parked car, an unknown sanctuary to the oblivious woman, by a group of happy, blonde haired women, Cassie sat in the bushes and watched helplessly as her mother was led to her doom.

“They’re gonna do something to her,” she said, keeping her eyes fixed on Mr. Max’s cabin, which now housed her mother.  The four girls watched as Jenna disappeared into the building and the door closed shut behind her, leaving them alone to the outside.  Across the commons area, they could see a few other campers wandering around, some with a smile on their face, others with a depressed and tired look.

Cassie’s group had been reduced to a slutty, and barely comprehending, Sophie; a still not so smart Linda; a turned-on, untrustworthy Nikki; and herself, barely able to keep her emotions buried inside her enough to get anything useful done.  She felt like she had failed as a leader.  But, they weren’t done yet.  Right now, the plan was to get her mother and get out of here as fast as they could.

“She probably knew something was wrong,” Cassie told the group, “I had told her I was going to call her the first night.  She must have come to see if we were alright…”

Sophie felt a spark of remembrance to this woman that had fed her peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches on many occasions, but her memories quickly devolved into a worry that she was wasting time and that she could be making money right now…  Sophie shook those false thoughts away, “What are we gonna do?  I have to get out of here.  I don’t think I can take much more of this…  My mind keeps slipping back.”

Get down!” Linda whispered.

The four girls watched as a blonde girl appeared walking around Jenna’s parked car.  She had the same type of uniform as the Stepford counselors…

My God, that’s Valerie…” Cassie whispered.

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Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 9

Table of Contents

“This cabin totally rocks!  Like, fer sure!”

Cassie sighed as she listened to her immature mother rattled on and on about her life and how “awesome” everything was.  The five campers all sat on their beds, only one thinking rationally.  Jenna talked about a mile a minute about whatever thought popped into her head.  Linda squinted her eyes as she tried to keep up with what was being said, usually giggling at the wrong moment.  Sophie just sat in the corner with her legs spread open, softly petting her crotch.  Cassie sat next to her mother with a worried expression on her face.

Nikki sat in the middle of it all with a big grin on her face.

“What kind of music do you like, Jenna?” Nikki asked with anticipation for her answer.

“Nikki, please!” Cassie pleaded, but she was just shushed by Nikki.

“Go on, Jenna.”

Jenna smiled big, looking up at the ceiling while she talked, “Oh I dunno, everything I guess!  I like mostly stuff on the radio, a little bit of rap, but not  too much.  I still like some pop music, like Britney and Christina.  Oh!  And I love Avril.  I love her whole punk rock image…”

Cassie sighed while she pinched the bridge of her nose, “Avril’s not punk rock, mom…”  She could feel a headache coming on.

Nikki was loving it though.  While she listened to everyone talk, she just stroked her clit through her pants.  God, she would give anything to get this thing off.  She spun around to face Sophie, “Sophie, what’s your favorite thing in the whole world?” 

Sophie laughed to herself, at how easy it was to answer. “Having a dick in my ass,” she said bluntly.

Cassie couldn’t believe this.  “Nikki, please stop this!”

Nikki glared at Cassie, “Now, Cassie, do you want me to tell Mr. Max about what you’ve been doing?”  Cassie quieted down.  “I already let your little ‘problem’ earlier slide.  Anymore like that and I’ll have him turn your mother into a crack-addicted streetwhore.  How would you like that?”

Cassie didn’t want to think about it, but it almost made Nikki cum just from saying it.  Perhaps she would suggest that to Mr. Max later on…  “Linda!  What’s two plus four, you dumb bitch!?”  Nikki giggled as she watched Linda struggle with the answer, oblivious to the fact that she had just been horribly insulted.  She rubbed her clit in a circular motion as she stared at her creations.  “Sophie, you’re such fucking whore!” she yelled with a smile.

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Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 10

Table of Contents

Cassie only had to spend one hour as a bimbo to find out what the lives of Tammi and the other counselors consisted of.

Mr. Max reclined in his chair, relaxing while he watched television.  Cassie was on the floor in front of him, happily sucking his cock.  At least, she  appeared happy.  Inside of Cassie’s head were screams of protesting, denial, and furious anger.  No matter how hard she tried, she only giggle and comply.  It was as if some were controlling her voice, her words, and her actions.

“Cassie,” Mr. Max said, breaking the slurping silence of the room, “You’re such a good girl.”

Cassie was infuriated!  How dare this man belittle her in this manner.  She released his cock from her lips, letting it drop onto his thigh.  She really wanted to give him a piece of her mind.  This time, she was going to let him have it.  She mustered all of her concentration and confidence and looked up at him.

All she produced was a ditzy giggle.  She batted her eyes daintily at him and said, “Gee, like, thanks Maxy!”  She punctuated the giddy sentence with another giggle, then brushed her plastic hoop earrings out of the way to devour his balls.

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Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 11

Table of Contents

“So, are the police on their way, Cassie?”

Cassie didn’t know how to respond.  She was terrified.  Mr. Max stared her down as she sat looking up at him from the desk.  The phone sat guiltily silent next to her.  She kept looking in its direction, as if to coax it to save her from this man.

“Cassie…  I asked you a question,” Mr. Max repeated.

That was when impulse took over.  Cassie erupted from her seat and shoved past Mr. Max.  Her heels made her escape a challenge, but a bimbo like Cassie could run a marathon in a good pair of heels.  Mr. Max fell backwards as the tanned blonde rushed past him.  His face turned a bright red as Mr. Max’s true emotions came boiling to the surface of his normally composed persona.

Cassie, get your ass back here!

This was a distant yelp behind the cloud of dust Cassie had stirred up behind her as she sped out of Mr. Max’s cabin.  She knew that time was short now.  There was no turning back at this point.  Either she got out this time, or she would be stuck here forever.  Mr. Max wouldn’t be so kind to her again.  If he ever got his hands on her again, there’s no telling where she would end up.  Cassie tried not to think of such horrors.

The police are on their way… The police are on their way… The police are on their way…

This became a mantra in Cassie’s brain as she ran toward the cabin that housed her friends and her mother.

Suddenly, a body jumped out in front of her.

“You’re, like, not going anywhere,” the voice commanded as Cassie screeched to a halt, almost colliding with the tall woman.  Valerie stood confidently in front of Cassie, blocking her escape.

“Valerie,” Cassie pleaded, out of breath, “This isn’t you.  Wake up!”

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Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 12

Table of Contents

Cassie thought it was finally over.  She glanced over at Sophie, pinned down by Tammi just as she was pinned down by Nikki.  They were both helpless.  Jenna and Linda were no help, not really understanding the seriousness of what was happening.

Get off me you fucking bitch!” Sophie yelled. “Nikki, get this cunt off my goddam back!”

Nikki shook her head, running her fingers through Cassie’s hair, “Sorry, girls.  You’ve finally gone too far.  Mr. Max is through playing with you now.  This is finally it for you guys.  This is the end of the road.  Huh?”

Nikki spun around the sound of rocks crunching under tires.

Cassie took advantage of the situation and kicked Nikki off of her just as the police car came to halt.  Cassie reached behind her and grabbed Nikki, wrapping her arms around her back and holding her neck in a very awkward position.  “Cassie, let me go!” Nikki screamed, clearly in pain.


Cassie snapped her head up at the sound of Mr. Max cocking his gun.  “Let my girl go Cassie,” he commanded.

No way!  I’ll break her fucking neck if you pull that trigger!”

Nikki was scared, “Cassie . . .  Don’t . . .”

Cassie didn’t listen to her, and instead turned her attention to Tammi, “Get off of Sophie, you bitch!”  Tammi looked at Mr. Max for guidance , who nodded.  The terrified bimbo slowly stood up, releasing Sophie, who sat up and slapped Tammi in the face.  The little bimbo teared up a little, but instead resorted to just a cute little pout as she went to sit next to a confused Linda.

Cassie turned back to Mr. Max, “Now drop your gun!”


Release the girl, ma’am!” came the booming male voice behind her.  Cassie didn’t turn around, knowing that she now had two guns pointed at her.  “You, sir!  Lower your weapon!  I’ve got everything under control.

“You don’t understand,” Cassie called back to the officer.  “This man’s sadistic.  He’ll kill you too!  Shoot him now!

Ma’am, please remain calm and release the girl.  Everything is going to be fine,” the officer affirmed, “Now, sir, please lower your weapon!

Drop the fucking gun, Max!” Cassie yelled.

Mr. Max smiled at the wiliness this young bitch had in her.  Cassie Clarkson had definitely been a thorn in his side this summer.  “Not a chance.”

Cassie was in no mood to be fucked with, “Do it or I’ll break her fucking neck.”  Nikki couldn’t believe her friend was saying such things.  She wondered if Cassie knew that they were only trying to make her life better!  “This is your prized possession isn’t it, Mr. Max?  That’s how you got her here.  That’s how you got us here!  Well, you’re not getting anything!  You’re through.  Your fucking camp is over!”

Mr. Max cackled, “Oh, I don’t think so.”

“I’ve seen what you’ve been doing . . .” Cassie told him, “Traveling all over the country. eluding police.  I’m sure the FBI has been looking for you for years!  I read the articles in the storage closet!”  Mr. Max continued to laugh.  “Well, you’re caught now!  What are you going to do when they get here?” she asked with a smile.

They’ve already gotten here!” Mr. Max called, bellowing with laughter.  Cassie’s smile faded.  “You really have no idea what’s going to happen to you do you?”  Cassie was confused.  She looked at Sophie who was still sitting on the ground, looking back and forth from the cop to Mr. Max.  Mr. Max started to advance toward the girls, leaving Cassie’s Jeep behind.

“The FBI found us months ago.  They just didn’t have any evidence to arrest me!” he laughed.

Cassie shook her head, “Well, I’m the evidence now.”

“They didn’t need you!  They had everything they needed . . .”  Mr. Max slowly looked over at Linda.

Cassie was more confused than ever now. 

“Seems your little friend here was an undercover agent, investigating the case of Amy Herrington.”


Cassie couldn’t believe it.  She looked at Linda, practically drooling on herself and staring at the clouds. 

My friend, Amy, counseled here once…

My friend, Amy, counseled here once…

My friend, Amy, counseled here once…

Linda couldn’t be an FBI agent.  FBI agents are supposed to help people.  They were supposed to rescue, not be the ones that needed rescuing.

“So, you see, Cassie . . .  You can’t stop me,” Mr. Max said, now about ten feet from her, “I’m too fucking good at what I do.”

The next few seconds will forever be a blur to Cassie’s memory.  It started with the sound of Sophie mumbling to herself.  Cassie looked over to see her best friend on the ground, crawling toward the police officer.  “Mmmmmm . . . cock,” was all that she was saying, repeating it as if a meaty dick was the Holy Grail to her.  “Sophie, no!” Cassie called, but it was too late.  Sophie crawled dug into the protesting police officer pants and pulled out a hard cock which she began sucking on like she was feeding an addiction.  “Ma’am, get down!  I repeat . . . Get!  Down!”  But it was no use.  The officer reached for his walkie-talkie, which was strapped to his chest.  “I’m gonna need back-up!” he yelled urgently, and was immediately shot in the shoulder by Mr. Max.  The gun shot whizzed past Cassie’s ears, causing her to drop Nikki.  Nikki pounced on Cassie as she was dazed, bring her back down.  Cassie fought, causing Sophie to join the fight.  The two girls finally got Nikki off of her and was about to take off running, when they looked behind Mr. Max.

He was grinning, knowing what was behind him.

It was like an army.

A hundred bimbos in green ranger uniforms were baring down on the group of fugitives

You’re one of us . . .”  they all repeated in unison, “You’re one of us . . .”  It sounded like thunder coming from all the girls at once.

Cassie fell to her knees.

Her eyes slowly drooped as she sound of the counselors and campers lodged further and further into her brain.

This was it.

She was done.

She was finished.

The fight was over.

That was when Cassie passed out.

*    *    *

” . . . and then the girl jumped on me, and started to . . .  started to . . .”

The officer looked up from his notepad and eyed the other, shaken up, officer.  “Started to what?”

She fucking started sucking my cock!

Everyone exchanged glances.  The medic wheeled the officer away, still applying pressure to his shoulder.

Two men in suits walked around the empty field.  “This is weird.”

“Any word on Linda Mills whereabouts.”

“Officer Grant said he heard them talking about an FBI agent.”

“That’s Agent Mills alright.”

One of the men kicked the dirt, “She’s gone.”  He looked around the empty field, “They’re all gone.”

“We almost had them this time.”

The other man sighed, “Come on, lets go.  We have a lot of fucking paperwork to do.”

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Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Epilogue

“Oh, you’re silly!  Of course I like football!  That’s the one with the goalie’s right?”

The crowd of men laughed at the blonde whore sitting on the bar with the TV on behind her.  She giggled for them and slid down the side of the polished wooden bar, just as the wind blew her skirt up to show her bare pussy.  “Oopise!” she said, giggling some more. 

“Cassie, don’t you ever wear panties?” one of the men asked, sipping from a cool, bottled beer.

They always end up ripped up on the floor!”  This response led to high-fives and cheers from the crowd of men.  “Bye-bye, men,” Cassie said with a slutty stare as she strutted off down the beach toward a man sitting on a towel, getting felated by a red-haired woman.

“Sophie, don’t you have an appointment?” Cassie asked, her big, fake tits sizzling in the sun under the mass amounts of sun tan lotion spread on them.

Sophie looked up and wiped her mouth, “Mr. Max canceled it.”  She went back to sucking the man’s cock.

That was when Cassie finally looked at the man’s face, “Oh!  Mr. Max, I didn’t realize!”  She giggled some more.

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Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Part II

Part 1 (Chapters 1-3)

The saga continues in Mister Grey’s classic tale of bimbofication.

Will the girls figure out the mystery behind this cult-like summer camp?

How much longer can they stave off become ditzy sluts, when mere suggestions seem to warp their minds and bodies?

And is just me, or does Nikki seem a little too into playing around with her friends, and not worried about escaping?

Read on to find out!