Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 6

Reposting of Mr Grey’s epic bimbofication story

“Goddamit, Nikki, why’d you turn me into some trashy whore?” Sophie asked while pinching her nipples through her shirt.

Nikki just continued rubbing her clit as she stared at what she had created.  Just from her words only, she was able to transform the tough Sophie into some one-track minded fuckslut.

“Come on, at least tell me why you did it,” Sophie demanded, casually caressing her own body as if her hands had a life of their own.

Nikki’s eyes were clenched shut, on the verge of cumming.  “Because… (pant) it’s such a fucking turn-on!“

“Me being a slut, or you turning me into one?”

Nikki didn’t feel like answering questions right now, but she explained herself, “Me turning you into one… (pant pant)  The power of it all…   You’re such a slut now aren’t you Sophie?”

Sophie perked up and smiled, “You bet your ass I’m a slut.  Biggest whore-bitch around…”

That was all Nikki needed.  With a shivering scream, she came hard, bucking her hips against her hand while Sophie watched in disbelief at the thought that she was causing this by just being turned against her will into a slut…

After Nikki regained her composure, she locked eyes with Sophie.  Sophie just stared back at her with impatient eyes, “So are you just gonna leave me like this or what?”  Nikki just smiled at her.  “What are you smiling at?  Are you gonna leave me a dick-hungry little tramp or are you gonna change me back?  You have to tell me that I’m not a slut.  Remember with Cassie…?“

Nikki remembered.  She remembered how sexy Cassie was giggling and loving being a simple little bimboslut.  Nikki couldn’t wait to have her turn with Linda and Cassie.  These girls were going to be her little playthings for the summer.  Nikki was getting drunk with power…  “I think I’m just gonna leave you like this…”

Sophie’s eyes grew wide.  “You can’t just leave like this!“ she said, reaching further down her pants to finger her tight butthole, “Look at me!  I’m sitting here fingering my ass and I love it!  This isn’t me!”

Now, under normal circumstances, Nikki would never have down something like this to her friend.  Even though Nikki was not the most trustworthy or loyal friend’s a person could have, she still respected the friendship enough to never compromise it.  But, Nikki was way too turned on at this point.  Looking at Sophie with her short red hair and her thick make-up…  Her manicured hand shoved down the front of her pants…  It was too much fun for Nikki…

“Sure it is!” Nikki finally responded, “This is how you’ve always been!”

Sophie couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  “You little bitch…“

“You’ve gone your whole life being a whore to all the boys at school… You always liked it then, why wouldn’t you like it now?” she asked.

“Nikki…” Sophie said, trying to show her seriousness while she fucked her own ass with her middle finger, “I’m not kidding…  Even though I’ve been a slut all my life, it doesn’t give you the right…  Wait’stop!  See what you’re doing!?”

“Your reputation precedes you Sophie.  You know you’re a slut.  You accept you’re a slut.  You are a slut, you little cocksucker!”

Sophie sighed and laid her head down, calming down, “I know, I know…”  Sophie fit her other hand down her pants and softly moaned as she stared at the ceiling, fantasizing about all the cocks in the world…

“Ok, so we’re, like, dumb now?” Cassie asked.

Linda just nodded, her brain already hurting from having to think about it.

“How are we ‘posed to get outta here?” Cassie asked, sounding like a little kid.

Linda thought long and hard about it.  She scratched her head, staring at the doorknob.  “I can’t ‘member how those things work…“

“Do we push it?” Cassie suggested.  Linda took her up on that offer and placed her hand on the knob.  With all her power, she pushed it forward.


Linda pouted.  “It won’t open.“

Cassie thought about her predicament, “Wow, he really made us dum-dums.”  Something about the word “dum-dum” made Linda giggle a bit.  “It’s not funny,“ she stressed, “We’re idiots!  We don’t even know how to open a door that’s not locked!”  Cassie slumped into the corner of the closet and stuck her bottom lip out.  “I don’t wanna be stupid…“

Linda suddenly had an idea, “Maybe you’re ‘posed to tell the door to open!”

Cassie didn’t say anything, but didn’t see that as a bad idea either.

Linda gathered up all of her strength and courage and turned to the door, “Hey, door!  Open up!”


“Open up, door!  Open!  Open!”

Again, nothing.

Linda shrugged her shoulders, “It’s not workin’…”

Cassie shook her head, “Just forget.  We’re stuck here forever.”  Linda slumped in the opposite corner, facing Cassie.  “We’re just dumb girls sittin’ in a closet.“

Cassie sighed and laid her head back.  She happened to hit something the wrong way, causing a chain reaction of things falling down.  Cassie jumped as a cardboard box slid off of a shelf and landed right in front of her.  The two girls examined the box with cautious eyes.  “What is it?” Linda asked, not taking her eyes off the box.  Cassie didn’t respond, but instead reached out to the box and opened up the flaps.

Inside we’re hundreds of newspaper clippings.

Cassie picked up one of the articles near the top of the pile.  The headline read “MYSTERIOUS CAMP STILL ON THE MOVE”.

“What’s it say?” Linda asked.

Cassie felt a little sadder as she slowly realized that she couldn’t read it.  “I don’t know…“  She set the article down and picked up another that said “ANOTHER GIRL MISSING AFTER CAMP STAY”.  Cassie furrowed her brow, “I think that word is ‘girl’…”  She was almost positive, but still a little unsure.  Everything just looked like a collection straight lines and swirls.

After staring at it for a few more minutes, Cassie had an epiphany.  “Hey!  These words are in both of the articles…“ she yelled excitedly, pointing at the word “camp”.

“Maybe they’re about the camp,” Linda said.

Hearing the word out loud while staring at it jogged Cassie’s damaged memory, “Camp!  It says camp!”

Linda was impressed, “Wow, you’re, like…smart.”

Hearing this made Cassie’s mind twitch.  “What did you say?“ she asked, almost forgetting all about learning to read.

“I said you’re smart.  Way smarter than me.  I’m just a dummy head stup’”

“Linda!” Cassie interrupted, “That’s how we fix ourselves!”  Linda just looked at her with her mouth hanging open.  “Tell me how smart I am!“

Linda snorted and laughed, “Cassie, you’re not that smart.  You just figured how how to spell ‘camp’…  You’re just as big a dummy as me!”

Cassie started to protest, but looked off into the distance and closed her mouth.  “But…  I forgot what I was gonna say…“

Linda just nodded, “See?  You’re a big stupid.”

Cassie figured she must be right. After all, it was just one word.  Cassie glanced back at the article and realized she couldn’t remember what the word even was…  Must’ve not been important…  “So, now wha’ do we do?“ she asked, pouting again.

Linda shrugged her shoulders, “I dunno.  We need to figure out how to open this door.”

Cassie nodded in agreement.  “We need to figure out how to get out of this camp…“  That last word lingered in Cassie’s mind for a moment before an enormous lightbulb lit in her mind, “Camp!  That’s what it said!  Right!”

Linda nodded, remembering now.

“’and then you said…  You said that I was smart!”  Cassie was getting very excited.

“Yeah…” Linda responded, not as impressed, “So?”

“So, if you tell me I’m smart, I’ll be smart again!”

Linda looked at her a little skeptical, “Really?”


“Are you sure?”

Cassie was getting frustrated, “Just hurry up and say it before I get too dumb to remember it again!”

“Okay, okay.  Sheesh…  You’re…um, you’re really smart and stuff,” Linda said with no enthusiasm.

Cassie slapped her hands on the ground, “No!  You gotta make it sound real!  Like when Mr. Max told me I was dumb…  He said it like it was true, like I was already dumb!”

“Alright, alright,” Linda said, beginning to see the urgency, “Cassie, you’re not dumb.  You’re really a smart girl.”

Cassie was feeling it.  Some small spark.  Like trying to light a wet match.  “Keep going, keep going!“

“You’re so smart!  You’re smarter than me!  I’m just a dummy, but…but you’re not a dummy!  Yeah!”

Cassie’s brain caught for a minute.  For a split second she knew exactly how to answer that door.  But, then, she lost it.  “Don’t stop!“ she urged.

Linda struggled to find new ways to say the same sentence. It was a tough job for such a stupid girl.  “You never were dumb.  You used to be smart.  You’re only dumb because Mr. Max said so.  It’s not true.  You’re really really really really really really really’”

Cassie’s head snapped up.  Her eyes focused and the match in her brain ignited into flame.

She looked her dumb friend in the eyes with a smile, “Okay, I’ve got a plan.”

Miles and miles away, Jenna Hatcher paced back and forth in her living room.  Her husband had been at work all day.  She had been home alone all day.  Being at home for that long and not hearing from your daughter for almost two and a half days since she had left home for the first time can make a mother’s mind wander.

She stared at the phone.  She could report her as missing, but doing that would mean having to admit that something was wrong.

Jenna knew what she had to do.

She walked with conviction toward the front door, grabbing her purse on the way, and headed out the door.  If this camp wasn’t going to answer it’s phones so she could check on her daughter, she was going to have to go to this camp and see for herself.  She looked over the directions Cassie had copied for her as she turned the ignition in her car.  The motor revved up and she backed out of the driveway.  With a roar of the engine, Jenna was on her way to Camp Whol-Nu-Yu.

Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 5

Reposting of Mr Grey’s epic bimbofication story

“He pushed her too far,” Sophie muttered.

“They didn’t even give her a chance…” said Cassie.

Nikki was staring into space, while Linda sat with her face buried in her hands.

After getting a first hand look at what they were in danger of, the four girls were more worried than ever.  They went back in their cabin to wait for dinner and had been discussing their plight since.

“She was helpless…” Nikki said, mostly to herself, “She just sat their while he turned her into a bimbo…”

“I know, Nikki,” Cassie said, consolingly, “We’re going to get out of here, don’t worry.”

Nikki kept talking, “Just like that…she wasn’t smart anymore…  Like her IQ had just dropped…  She was just dumb and happy…”

Cassie thought back to her temporary transformation the previous night.  Happy was definitely the word for it.  She remembered not caring at all that she had been turned into a bimbo.  She was comfortable with it, and more relaxed than she had ever been.  Not a thought in her head…

Suddenly, the four girls looked up, hearing a strange sound.

Someone was screaming outside.

“Somebody was trying to escape,” Sophie stated.

Sophie, Cassie, and Linda got up and peeked through the window to see the girl with the purple hair just past the dirt border and among the trees in the forest.  She was wiggling on the ground, bucking her hips in the air.  “Oh god!  O-o-O-oh god!“ she cried as she came.  Just then, one of the Bimbo Counselors came to gather up the convulsing girl.  Cassie watched with wonder as the woman walked with ease into the forest and grabbed the girl’s arm.  “Oh shit!  Fuck me.  Fuck me-e-E-e-E.  Just lick me please!  That’s all I need!  Holy shit, lick my pussy!”

“The forest doesn’t effect her,” Cassie said, watching the woman grab the young girl’s arm and drag her a few yards back to the camp grounds.

The purple haired girl was dropped on the ground and left panting, to tired to move.  The woman said something to her, pointing her finger as one would to a naughty pet, and then walked happily back where she came from, leaving the girl on the ground.

Sophie, Cassie, and Linda sat back.

“We need to learn more about those women,” Linda suggested.

Cassie seemed to like that idea, “Yeah, we need to find out just who they are, where they came from.”

Linda stood up, “Come on, let’s do a little spying.”

Cassie seemed to agree with this, but Sophie and Nikki didn’t move.  “I think I’m gonna take a nap,“ Sophie explained.

Nikki smiled ambiguously, “Yeah, me too…”

Linda nodded, “It’s probably best that we have as few of us as possible so we don’t make too much noise.  Come on, Cassie.”

Linda and Cassie walked out of the cabin, their ass shaking back and forth uncontrollably due to their attire.

The cabin grew silent as Nikki and Sophie sat quietly in their beds.  The fading footsteps of their friends walking outside was all they could hear, until eventually they were gone.  The two girls glanced at each other, suddenly remembering a few months ago when the only problems they had were studying for finals and deciding what to do on a Friday night.

Sophie got up to go into the bathroom.

“What do you think they’re gonna find out about those women?” Nikki asked, about Linda and Cassie.

“Probably that they’re aliens or terrorists or something… I don’t know…” she replied from the bathroom.

Nikki nodded.  “That was pretty freaky what happened at lunch, huh?“

Sophie nodded solemnly, “Yeah.  Freaky…”

“I mean, all they had to do was keep telling her something, and soon it was true,” Nikki said, a little too fascinated.  Sophie agreed and laid back on her bed, closing her eyes.  “With these uniforms on, its so easy to change someone’s personality by just saying it out loud to them…“

Something in the back of Sophie’s mind told her that Nikki was acting a little strangely, but Sophie just wrote it off as it just being Nikki’s usual strange behavior and continued to lay with her eyes closed, trying to take a nap.

”…like, if we had these uniforms in high school, you could easily fuck with someone’s reputation.  All you would have to do is tell them what a slut they are while they were wearing them,“ Nikki continued, “I’d just have to say something like, ‘Sophie, you’re such a cocksucking tart’ and eventually, you’d start to be one…”

Sophie slowly opened her eyes.  Something wasn’t right here…

“…or what if I said, ‘Sophie, you’re just a slut that you’d fuck a girl if she asked you’, it’d become true!  Isn’t that crazy?”

Sophie sat up, looking at Nikki suspiciously.  “What are you doing?“

Nikki shrugged her shoulders, “Just chit-chatting.  Just talking about how much of a whore you are.”

Sophie’s mind was saying ‘Oh shit’.  She slowly shook her head back and forth.  “Don’t.“

“Don’t  what, Sophie?” Nikki said, grinning devilishly, “Don’t tell you what a slut you are?”

Sophie felt dizzy.  She rubbed her temples with her fingers.  “Stop.  Please…“

“Sophie, you’re the filthiest cum-guzzling bitch I’ve ever met!  I bet you’d suck a dick for a quarter!  A nickel!”

Sophie tossed her head up, “Fuck yeah, I’d suck a dick for nickel!  It’s a fuckin’ nickel’!  Wait…no…”  Sophie stopped herself, realizing what was happening.

“You’re a nasty little fuck-whore that’ll lick a pussy for a stick of gum!”

“Nikki…why are you’?”

“You know it’s true, Sophie.  You. Are. A. S-s-s-slut.”

Then, Sophie knew it was true.  She relaxed and released a long breath of air.  “Yeah, so what?“ she said, shrugging her shoulders.  Sophie didn’t understand why Nikki was telling her stuff she already knew.  She knew she was a whore.  It didn’t bother Sophie.  There are just some things people are meant for, and Sophie knew that she was meant for fucking.

Nikki smiled in shock, “Sophie?”

Sophie didn’t get what this bitch was staring at, “Yeah…  What?”

“Nothing…” Nikki said, dreamily, slowly inching her hand down the front of her pants.

Sophie noticed this and grinned, “You need some help with that?”

Cassie and Linda tiptoed in between the log cabins, looking for Mr. Max’s headquarters.  The girls had found that tiptoeing in heels was quite hard, but they managed.  Cassie mostly followed Linda, who seemed to be quite the expert in spying.

“That building looks different from the rest,” Linda said, looking towards a large cabin with lights on inside.  It was just now starting to get dark outside, so the girls were subtly hidden, but still out in the open.

“How’s it different?” Cassie asked.

“Look at the extension on the side.  That could be an office…  Plus, the roof’s taller…”

“Well, let’s go,” Cassie said.  Linda lead the way as the girls crossed the camp grounds.  They reached the large cabin and pressed their backs up against the side wall.  They scooted against the wall until the found themselves underneath the window of room with activity coming from inside it.

There was the murmur of voices present, along with the bass of deep moans vibrating through the wall, and sprinkled with a high pitched giggle every now and then.  It sounded like there was about ten people moving around in there.

Cautiously, Cassie and Linda grabbed the windowsill and pulled themselves up to the very tips of their heels, allowing them to peek their heads through the bottom of the window.

“Oh my god.”

Cassie couldn’t believe her eyes.  It was unlike anything her virgin eyes had ever seen.

Once in tenth grade, Sophie had shown her a picture from a Playgirl they had found in a dumpster.  The man’s penis had been long, and his pubic hair had been shaved.  Cassie didn’t really know how to feel about it.  She wasn’t turned on beyond control, but there was a small stirring in her pants when she first laid eyes on it.

It was the same feel she was having now.

“They’re like his servants…” Linda whispered.

Mr. Max was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room.  Surrounding him were all the tanned, made-up women that had given Cassie and her friends their make-over, put them in their captive uniforms, and were watching to make sure they didn’t try to escape.  One was straddling his lap right now.  Linda and Cassie watched as she would lift herself off of his hard, slippery cock  long enough for another girl to slide it into her mouth.  They would almost fight over the chance to be the next to put that big, meaty dick between their lips, but eventually the girl on his lap was snatch it back and put it back in her pussy.

“This is more serious than I thought,” Cassie whispered.

“Yes, it sure is!”

Cassie thought that it was Linda that had replied; but, when Linda glanced at Cassie with worry in her eyes, they both turned around to see a familiar face smiling at them.

“Tammi,” Linda said menacingly.

The smiling blonde grabbed the two girls and called cheerfully, “Oh, Mr. Ma-ax!”

“So, you girls think you’re pretty smart, huh?” Mr. Max asked, staring at Linda and Cassie.

The two guilty girls stared at him as one would stare at a drill sergeant.  He paced back and forth in front of them, shaking his head.  His sex bunny counselors stood on the sidelines, giggling, twirling their perfect hair around, and watching the two girls with excitement.

“Well, you both seem like you need the most help of any of the girls here,” he said condescendingly.  “You’ve broken one too many rules, I’m afraid.  We always let an escape attempt go.  It’s inevitable that you all will try that.  It’s human nature…  But, sticking your nose into my business…that’s inexcusable, and for that, you smart girls are going to have to be punished.“

“You’re an asshole…” Linda coldly.

“And you’re not as smart as you think you are,” he replied.  “Neither of you.“  Cassie suddenly knew what was going on, but Linda was too furious to think of Mr. Max’s next move.  “You’re both just two simple girls that think they know what’s going on, when they have no idea.”

Cassie and Linda’s head began to feel funny.

“This is due to the fact that you two simply don’t have the brain power to follow any complex instructions.  Maybe that’s why you can’t seem to follow the rules.  Maybe that’s why you continue to do what’s wrong.  Maybe you’re both just a couple of dumb bitches.”

Cassie and Linda struggled to hold on to their diminishing IQ, but it was no use.  Mr. Max was convincing them of their stupidity, and slowly but surely, they were realizing that he was right.  They were dumb.

“For your punishment, you’re going to spend some time in the closet.  There’s no lock on the closet, but I know that I don’t need one, since you’re too dumb to know how to open the door once it’s closed shut.”

Cassie and Linda were embarrassed at how stupid they were.  Their mouths hung open as they tried desperately to follow what they were being told, but he was leaving them in the dust.  Then, before they knew it, Tammi was pulling them into a big walk-in closet and shutting the door.

Cassie and Linda looked at each other.  They looked at their surroundings.  This appeared to be a storage closet of some kind.  There were shelves and papers lining the walls.  Their only light source was a light bulb dangling from the ceiling with a chain hanging underneath it.

“What are we gonna do?” Cassie asked, using the most of her intelligence she could.

Linda shrugged nonchalantly, “I dunno.”

They looked at the knob.

“Is that the way out?” Linda asked.

Cassie nodded, “I think so.”

“How’s it work?”

Cassie shook her head and mumbled, “I dunno…”

Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 4

Table of Contents

The sunlight slowly crept up the wall to meet Cassie’s dangling manicured hand.  As the light reached her eyes, she breathed in deeply and peeked through her eyelids.  At first, she thought that her blanket was bunched up in front of her eyes.  Then, she realized that her breasts had grown during the night.  She couldn’t see over them, lying the way she was.

Sophie, Linda, and Nikki were all sound asleep.  Cassie stretched her arms and legs out.  She had such a cramp from the night.  Sleeping in heels is not comfortable…

She sat up and swiveled to the side of the bed, letting her long heels click on the wooden floor.  Her long legs draped across the bedside, bowing out from the tightness of her shrunken pants.  Cassie dreaded going out in daylight like this.  She knew Mr. Max would take one look at her and know that she had tried to mess with her uniform.

He wouldn’t be happy.

But, then again, every time they did mess with their uniform, one would think that it would be better for him.

“Good morning.”

Cassie jumped at the sudden voice and turned around to see Nikki awake and staring at her. “Oh, hi…” was all she could muster.

“You’re not still mad at me are you?” Nikki asked with a smile.

Cassie shrugged her shoulders, then smiled the best she could manage, “Nah, I guess not.”

“Well, good!” Nikki said perkily, throwing the covers off of her.  “Now, I say, that we make the best of this little ordeal we have here.“

Cassie couldn’t believe how naive her friend was, “What’?”

“We’re obviously stuck here, as demonstrated by you three’s little orgy in the woods last night’”

“You heard that?”

Nikki looked at her as if she were crazy, “Cassie, the whole state heard that.  ‘Just grab my titties while I’m cumming!’”  Nikki laughed as she mocked Sophie’s uncontrollable words.

Cassie looked at the floor, remembering her night, “It was so strange…  The minute we set foot in the forest, it was like…  Like…  I don’t know.”

“Was that your first cum?” Nikki asked.

Cassie just scoffed at her friend, “No.”  Nikki cut her eyes at Cassie, looking at her from the side as if to ask, ‘Are you sure?’.  “It wasn’t!“ Cassie defended.

Nikki knew she was lying and decided to leave it at that.  “Whatever, let’s get up.  I think we’re supposed to meet outside for something today.”

“Nikki!” Cassie yelled, appalled, “I can’t believe you’re actually considering  participating in this sick game.  We’ve been kidnapped.  Doesn’t that make you…upset?”

“What’s getting upset going to do?” Nikki replied, “If we’re here, let’s make it as easy as possible.”

Cassie didn’t agree, but she didn’t really have a better argument.  She knew they were stuck here, she just didn’t want to admit it.

Linda and Sophie eventually woke up.  None of them spoke of what happened last night, no matter how much Nikki tried to pry it out of them.  They didn’t need to get dressed since they were already wearing clothing that they couldn’t remove.

“How are we supposed to shower?” Sophie wondered.

“I guess we just treat it like a bathing suit…” Linda suggested.

After showering, the four girls wondered out of their cabin.  Their uniforms clung to their enhanced boobs as they dried, creating an even more embarrassing spectacle.

The other “campers” were gathered in the commons area, still looking as angry as yesterday.  A few of the girls had obviously been trying to reverse their new makeover.  Cassie spotted one girl whose makeup would make an Italian woman in Jersey gasp.  The thick mascara and the bright eye shadow made her eye ooze with sex.  Her cheek bones were heavily accented by her pink blush and her lips looked as if she had been chugging tropical fruit Kool-Aid all night.

“Oh my god, look at her,” Sophie said, gesturing with her eyes who she was talking about.  The other three girls spun around to see the girl that had been the first chosen to go into the makeover room yesterday.  Her hair had been dyed a bright blonde with purple tips; but, looking at her now, she looked as if she had just gotten back from a punk rock concert.  Her hair was now purple with blonde highlights and styled to a spiky “wild” look, like Sophie’s had been done.

The four girl walked up to the girl and asked her how her hair had changed.  “I tried to shave it all off last night…“ she explained, “It all grew back within two minutes…like this.”  She seemed embarrassed to be seen.  “At least your hair looks normal.“

“You call this normal?” Linda said, picking at her platinum blonde hair.  When she felt it, she looked confused, “Hey, it’s dry…”

The purple haired girl nodded, “Yeah, it styles itself automatically as it dries.  Something in the dye I guess…”

All of the girls stood around discussing their plight, when Mr. Max finally showed himself from inside the main building.  His usual ensemble of groupies followed him, smiling their less-than-brilliant smiles.  “Good morning, campers!  I see we all made it through our first night.  However, today begins your first day of camp, and I have a very special activity planned for you all before we have lunch…“

“This is the worst camp ever.”

Sophie stirred the large pot in front of her.  Her uniform was now accented by a frilly pink apron.

“This is innocent enough for me.  I was worried we were going to be doing something late-night-Cinemaxish,” Cassie remarked, cutting up carrots on the counter across from Sophie.

“What kind of camp has cooking as an activity?” Sophie vented.

Nikki’s head suddenly appeared over Sophie’s shoulder, “One that wants you to be a docile, submissive, doe-eyed little lady.  You’re apron looks so cute by the way!  You look so pretty, Sophie!”

Sophie giggled and flipped her hair around her head, “Cool!  Thanks!”  Her eyes widened as her stirring hand froze, “Dammit, Nikki!  Quit fucking around like that!”

Nikki just laughed going back to basting the huge turkey in front of her, “I’m sorry, I just love seeing you like that.  These are uniforms would be so much fun at a slumber party or something.  We’re going to have to take these home with us when we go home.”

Linda spun around from her casserole, “You dimwit, are you still not understanding what’s happening here!”

Nikki sighed, “Yes, yeah, sure.  We’re gonna be brainwashed.  We’re gonna die.  We’ll never go back to Kansas…”

“Don’t make me dump this casserole over your head.”

Nikki grinned, “But it looks like such a lovely casserole Linda!  You simply must give me the recipe.”

Linda giggled, “You really like it?  Well, like, the macaroni noodle are the key ingredient’”  She stopped herself and gave Nikki a very angry look, “That’s the last time you’re doing that.”

Nikki laughed some more.

Cassie put her knife down, “She’s right, Nikki.  Too much of that she could slip too far…  Tone it down some.”

Nikki sighed at her ruined fun, “Fine, fine.”

After finishing their meal, all of the girls brought forth their creations to the dining hall.  The large room was complete with a stage at the far end and rows and rows of table and chairs.  A microphone stood on the stage, silent, as the girls all filled in, putting their plates and bowls on the rows of tables.

Cassie and Linda sat down at a table, with Linda and Nikki right behind them.  “Are we having some sort of bake-off?“ Linda asked.

Before anyone could answer her, Mr. Max appeared on the stage with his posse behind him.  “Ladies and…ladies!  Everything looks simply wonderful!  I can see that you all already have a talent in the culinary arts.  But, this was not arranged to find a winner.  It was arranged to find the first…loser.”

Worried glances filled the dining hall.

“Now, Tammi, if you will…  Let’s get this thing started!”

One by one, each of the dishes was brought to Mr. Max by his servant girl.  The campers watched her and her clones giggle and twirl their hair as they fed Mr. Max spoonfuls of chili, shoveled meat loaf into his mouth, and helped him slurp up bites of spaghetti.  He took one or two bites from everything until he nodded in approval, then proceeded on to the next one.

Cassie tensed up as she watched her spicy vegetable soup was handed to Tammi.  “That’s mine,“ she whispered to the other girls.  They watched as Tammi filled a spoon with the soup and brought it to his hungry lips.  He chewed it up, looking around the room in thought.

Cassie was sweating.

Finally, Mr. Max said, “Hm, pretty damn good!”

Cassie let out a long breath.

Sophie, Nikki, and Linda watched their dishes be tested and approved.  All of the foods were almost gone when a large tenderloin steak was held up in front of Tammi.  She grasped the knife and fork and began to cut Mr. Max a piece.  None of the girls in the audience could see, but the women on the stage suddenly gasped in horror.  Everyone was confused as they watched Mr. Max walk up to the plate to inspect it.  He smiled at finally finding a victim.

“This steak isn’t done…”  he said softly to his audience, “So…Valerie!  Won’t you please come up on stage for us?”

The girls looked around for girl he was referring to, when finally they saw a meek young girl stand up from the back of the hall and begin her long trek to the front of the room.  She slowly climbed the steps, shaking.   When she reached the top, she stood across from Mr. Max.

“Come closer, dear…” he said, kindly.  As she walked closer, he held up the plate with the steak she had prepared.  “Now, tell me.  Is a steak supposed to brown on the outside and red on the inside?“

Valerie didn’t say anything.

“This isn’t even warm on the inside.  It’s cold.  It’s still breathing!”  He tossed the plate to the ground, shattering the plate.  Valerie jumped at the loud crashing sound.  The blonde women behind him smiled, knowing at what was coming.  “You must not be very smart, Valerie.“

Valerie looked at the audience for help and support, but only seeing girls as scared as she was.  Though, there was a hint of fascination in everyone’s face, still not entirely sure what kind danger they exactly were in.

“Is that is, Valerie?  Are you just a ditzy girl that can’t even follow simple instructions?”

“She looks like it to me,” Tammi said, cocking her hip to the side and giggling evilly.

“Valerie the Valley girl!  That’s sounds like a better name for you, don’t you think?” Mr. Max asked.

Valerie swallowed, “I…uh, I don’t know.”  Cassie could see something happening beneath her eyes.  She knew the feeling that she was experiencing right now all too well.

“My god…” Nikki whispered from behind them.  The other three girls were a little surprised, yet relieved, to finally her some humanity and concern coming from her.

“Just some dumb, giggly girl like Tammi here, aren’t you, Valie?”

Valerie giggled, “Yeah, I guess so…”

“Yeah, she’s just a ditzy bitch, like us!” one of the blondes yelled.

A brunette beside Mr. Max joined in, “Bet you suck cock pretty good, huh?  You could show us a thing or two?”

Valerie smiled, her IQ slowly dropping from her attention, and muttered softly, “I guess I’m alright.”

“Dumb cunt!” one blonde yelled.

“Slutty tramp!” another called.

“Hee hee, a ditzy ditz!” one giggled behind her.

Mr. Max saw it coming and announced to the dining hall, “Ladies, I’d like you to meet, Valie!”

Something snapped into place in Valerie’s head as she spun around to the audience and waved like an idiot.  She giggled and said proudly, “Hey guys!  I’m Valie!  Hee hee!”

“Oh Jesus!” Nikki said, urgently rushing towards the door.

Sophie, Cassie, and Linda were just as horrified by what they had just witnessed, but even more surprised by Nikki’s sudden departure.  “I guess she finally figured out that this isn’t a joke…“ Sophie remarked.

Heavy breathing pulsed from behind the bathroom door. It got deeper and deeper, rising in intensity.  Finally, hushed screaming erupted from the bathroom stall.  The girls bathroom finally became silent and still.  Slow, satisfied panting bounced off the echoing bathroom walls.  Finally, the door opened and Nikki stumbled out.

“Fuck, that was hot…”

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Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 3

Table of Contents

“We’re the children here…” Sophie muttered to herself.  “We’re the ones at camp…“

The three girls, plus Linda, sat on their beds in their brightly lit cabin.  Inspirational posters adorned the walls and encouraged them to “SMILE!” and reminded them that “A kitten dies every time you bend your knees to pick something up… KEEP ‘EM STRAIGHT!”.

“This place is a nightmare,” Sophie continued, mostly talking to herself at this point.

The girls were very depressed.  They avoided mirrors and eye contact at all costs, ashamed of their appearance.  Nikki would catch a glance at herself every now and then, a little impressed with the work she had been given, but knew the others didn’t approve of herself support of the camp’s “lifestyle”.

“Okay, we need to start thinking of how we’re going to get out of here…” Cassie began.

“I told you already,” Linda stressed, “There is no way out.  There’s no one to call…  Face it, we’re stuck at Camp Whol-Nu-Yu.”

Cassie snapped back at her, “Well, I don’t believe that!  We’re four smart girls’”  Cassie glanced at Nikki admiring the permanent make-up on her face  in a small compact and reevaluated her statement, “’Er, three’smart girls…”  Nikki just curled her lip at her and mocked her voice.  “…and we’re more than capable of finding a way out of a bad situation.“

Linda snorted, “This is a little more than a bad situation.”

“I don’t see what you guys problem is…” Nikki said from the corner, “You know how much this would have cost if we had done this ourselves?”  Nikki’s comment was met with disbelieving stares.  She decided to just shut-up.

“Nikki, I can’t believe you’re taking this so lightly!” Sophie responded.  “You do realize that we are illegally being held against our will here, right?  I mean, can you process this information through all that thick make-up?“

Nikki laughed, “Only as much as you can, doll.”

Sophie was about to jump across the room to hurt her friend when Cassie interrupted, sensing the impending drama as usual, “Alright!  Alright…let’s start with that…”

“With what?” Linda asked, interested.

“We’re being held here against our will… Why?”  Cassie asked.

“Because Mr. Max is insane,” Sophie answered.

“Maybe,” Cassie continued, “But, what is it he wants from us.”

Linda had a suggestion, “I think it has something to do with these uniforms, and the make-over…”

“Obviously,” Cassie nodded, “What did he say about them earlier?”

“They’re going to make us respond to support and encouragement,” Linda answered.

“Right, so what does that mean?”

“Well, he said there was a ‘special ingredient’ that made it do that… It must be something biological… Like our minds will actually be altered…”

“Altered to what?” Cassie asked.

The four girls felt chills through their spine as visions of the blonde, Stepford women popped into their heads.

“Those women are the real counselors…” Sophie said.

Nikki just laughed, “You guys are getting a little too dramatic, don’t you think?”

Cassie wasn’t listening.  Instead, she was remembering another bit of information that Mr. Max had said, “He said that we were supposed to encourage each other.”  Sophie and Linda nodded.  “But, how would he possibly think that we would do this to each other?  That we would brainwash  ourselves…?“

“Brainwash?  Oh come on…” Nikki kept on.

Cassie’s eyes lit up, “Encourage me, guys.”  The three girls didn’t understand exactly what Cassie was talking about.  Cassie looked back and forth across their confused faces.  “Encourage me!  Like he said.  Tell me I’m like those women out there!“

“Why in the hell would you want us to do that?” Linda asked.

“It’s a test!  We need to understand what we’re dealing with here.  We need to see how this thing works.”

The girls were hesitant, but Nikki felt like playing along, “Ok, you’re a dumb slut.”

Sophie couldn’t believe her friend, “Nikki’!”

But, Cassie wasn’t insulted, “No, go on!  That’s would I want you to do.”

Nikki smiled at proving Sophie wrong, “See.”

“You can’t be serious,” Sophie said.

“We need to see if this actually works…” Cassie explained, “Now, tell me what a ditzy whore I am.”

The girls were still hesitant, but once again, Nikki chimed up, “Cassie, you’re such a silly little tramp!”  She said it with glee and confidence, like Richard Simmons himself was saying it.

Sophie and Linda were still a little embarrassed to say such things, but after a little push from Cassie’s insistent face, Sophie finally caved, “Cassie, you’re a nasty little tart.”

She said this with hardly any enthusiasm.  Nikki shook her head, having fun, “No, you have to say it supportively…  Like this:  Oh, Cassie!  I can’t believe how slutty you are!”

Linda joined in, “Cassie, you dirty little bitch!”

“Cassie, I’m so proud of how dense you are!”

“Cassie, I could learn so much from you about being a whore!”

Cassie took all of this in, keeping her senses open for any sign of actually believ’  Wait.  There it was.  It started as a little tingle in her crotch.  Cassie could feel her pussy getting wetter as these insulting compliments were heaved at her from all directions.  The tingling traveled through her body until it reached her head, right behind her eyes.  A garden of sunflowers was blooming inside Cassie’s head.  She felt so good!  She didn’t feel it, but a smile was slowly taking form across her face.  The three girls stopped their encouragement and watched as Cassie slowly opened her eyes.  She didn’t seem to be completely there.  She looked like she had just woken up, but as if a part of Cassie was sleeping.  She tilted her head softly to the side and said with a steamy, breathy voice, “Gee…thanks guys…”

“Oh my god,” Sophie said whispered.

Nikki had stopped laughing as she stared at her friend’s strange expression, “Cassie?”

Cassie giggled, “Yeah?”

Linda wasn’t surprised, “Cassie, how do you feel?”

Cassie couldn’t help but giggle!  It was like a secret language to her.  She struggled with a answer, “I dunno… Just kinda…cool, I guess…”

“Okay, it’s time to stop this,” Sophie said.  She snapped her fingers in front of Cassie’s grinning face.  When that produced no results, she grabbed Cassie’s shoulders and shook her.  This shook out more giggles from Cassie as she laughed and laughed as her head bobbed back and forth, her eyes floating around the room.  “Cassie!“ Sophie shouted, “Cassie, this isn’t you!  Come back!”

“You’re not dumb!” Linda added in from the sidelines.

“You’re not slutty!” Sophie continued.

Finally, Cassie’s eyes fluttered.  Sophie stopped shaking her, “Cassie?”

Cassie was out of breath, “Oh my god…  That was…  That was’”

“That was cool!  Do me next!” Nikki said, relaxing to her normal self again.

Sophie snapped at her, “We’re not doing anyone else.  That was scary.  We’re obviously dealing with something very powerful here…”

Cassie was almost in tears at her behavior.  It was slowly coming back to her, like waking from a dream.  She remembered the feeling of being happy that someone would call her a whore.  It was like it was something to be proud of…  Like winning a trophy…  She had wanted everyone to know.  She would have been willing to do anything to show them just how big of a slut she really was.  And she had felt like such a moron…

Cassie jumped up, becoming restless.  “We have to figure out how to get out of here!“ she shouted, becoming panicked with the realization of their predicament.  “We have to get this stuff off of us!”  Cassie began to claw at the tight yellow one-piece uniform.  “It’s going to turn us all into brain-dead tarts!“

She yanked the neck of the uniform, but it did nothing.  Cassie felt around for a zipper, but couldn’t find anything.  There were no buttons, no strings…  “How did they get this thing on me!?” she shouted, becoming frustrated.  She torn at the hem of her shorts, and fought with the loose fabric around her waist.  She reached to her feet and tried to pull the matching heels off, but they didn’t seem to budge either.

When she finally gave up, catching her breath, the three girls were staring at her.  “What?“

“Your uniform…”  Sophie began.

Cassie looked down at herself and gasped.  Her uniform had gotten even tighter.  The bottom of her ass was now hanging out the back of her shorts, where the other girls’ uniforms stopped right before that.  Her thighs were fully on display and her long legs seemed to grow straight out of the uniform down to a taller pair of heels than she was wearing a moment ago.  Looking in the mirror, she saw that her tits were pushed so tightly together that they looked like two grapes being pushed together.  They looked as if they were about to pop out of her top.  The cleavage that used to be a mere peek at the tops of her breasts was now a deep valley that could be used as a storage for small objects.  A frilly black bra that Cassie didn’t even know she was wearing was now visible as the edges of her shirt.

“Oh fuck…” she said bluntly.

“Cassie, you look really hot…” Nikki said sincerely.

The three other girls just shot her an “eat shit” look and then all stood up.  Nikki watched as her friends walked out of the cabin, not exactly mad at her, but just needing time alone.  But didn’t feel any better being left alone the way they did.

After Nikki was by herself, she looked at herself in the mirror without shame.  She looked up at the poster of a supermodel baring her teeth, stating, “SMILE!” and looked back at her reflection.  Nikki mimicked the smile and said to herself, “This isn’t so bad…  I just wish someone would encourage me…”

“I don’t think your friend really understands what’s going on,” Linda said as the three girls walked through the camp, against the edge of the trees.  The moon shove down on their somber faces as they walked through the cool air.

“She does,” Sophie explained, “but this is just how she deals with things.  She just pretends they’re not happening, or not as big a deal’”

“Well, this is a big deal,” Cassie said through drying tears.  She could barely walk with her shorts hiked up her round ass and the long heels she was wearing.  Every time the wind blew, she was reminded at how she was dressed and it made her more and more angry.  Her bowed legs fought with the tight material as she tried her best to keep herself moving.

The three girls stopped and stared through the trees.

“Let’s just run,” Linda suggested.

Sophie didn’t believe it would work, “Don’t you think they would have thought of that?”

Cassie spoke up, “Besides, we’d have to go back for Nikki anyway.

Linda didn’t seem too worried about her, “Suit yourself.  But, I bet that if we just ran…and kept going straight, we’d find ourselves back in town, or at least find a road that leads out of here.”

Sophie was still skeptic, “Nah, I don’t think that would work’”

“We have to try!” Linda screamed as she bolted for the woods.

She didn’t get far as Cassie and Sophie watched Linda’s legs begin to shake as she suddenly stopped cold and steadied herself against a tree.

“Linda?” Cassie called, “Are you okay?”

Linda slowly turned around from inside the forest and stared them standing on the campground, “Oh…g-g-god…”  Her face was twisted into a mix of pleasure and resistance.  Her hips bucked as she collapsed on the ground and began to hump the air, “Fuck it feels good!”  Cassie and Sophie were horrified as they watched their new friend shove her hand between her legs and began to rub herself with fury, kicking her legs in the air.  “God!  I’m fucking cumming!  Fuck!  Fuck!“

“We have to get her!” Cassie yelled, grabbing Sophie’s hand and pulling her into the forest after Linda.  They reached the wiggling girl and pulled her up to her weak feet, but Cassie and Sophie then felt a sudden wave of fireworks in their pants.

“Shit, yeah!” Sophie yelled, moving her hand from Linda’s arm to her enlarged tits.  “I’m fucking cumming too!  How about you Cassie?“

“We…(pant), oh god!  We have to move!”  Cassie fought the urge to shove her tongue down Sophie yummy looking mouth and pulled her and Linda back towards the camp ground.

“No wait, baby!” Sophie yelled, sliding her pussy against Cassie’s leg like a stripper on a pole.  “Just grab my titties while I’m cumming!  Oh fuck!  It’ll make it feel so much better!“

“Ohhhhh!” Cassie screamed with her, trying to stay reasonable.  “I don’t…(pant, pant)…think we’re going to stop cumming!“

Linda’s eyes were rolling back in her head as a zombie smile was plastered on her face.  She continued to hump the air as a never-ending orgasm rushed through her body.

Finally, Cassie pulled her friends over the forests border and they all collapsed into a sweaty pile in the dirt.  They were out of breath and sticky.

“It’s…(pant, pant)   It’s the uniforms…” Cassie said, “They knew we were in the forest.”

Sophie swallowed, “We won’t get far like that…  All I wanted was to keep it going…”

Linda fought back tears, “I’m sorry, guys…”

The three girls were too tired to move as they recovered.  They laid in the dirt for the next half-hour before finally giving up on escaping and retreating back to their cabin where they found Nikki sound asleep.

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Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 2

Table of Contents

“Not bad…” Nikki said, looking around the commons area of the campground.  Trees curtained the surrounding area behind the wooden cabins circling the camp.  Nikki, Sophie, and Cassie felt completely alone, as if the rest of the world was just a distant memory, and this was now all that existed.

A white flag rippled in the wind above them at the top of a flag pole.  The words “Camp Whol-Nu-Yu!” was stitched across it in black.

“Hi there!” came a voice from behind them.  The three girls spun around to see a woman who looked a lot like the woman at the front gates, but still someone different…  “I’m Tammi!  Are you here for the counseling position?”  The woman had a voice like a five year old and a smile like a pageant queen.  Her blonde locks curled around her made-up face like tassels.

“Um…  Yes, we are,” Cassie finally answered, noticing how the bottom of the woman’s ass could clearly be seen due to the length of the shorts she was wearing…

“Cool!  Follow me and I’ll take you to orientation!“

The three girls reluctantly followed the giddy woman across the commons area to a larger cabin with a set of steps leading up to the front door.

Once inside, the girls were shocked.

Every woman there had the same style as the woman as the gate and Tammi.  They all had tight uniforms with porn star sized breasts.  Some had blonde hair, a few had red or brown.  But they were all made up like Barbie dolls and just as happy to be there as Tammi.  “Like, hi!” came the greetings as the three girls walked through the cabin.  Cassie, Nikki, and Sophie nervously answered back the greetings, trying to keep up with Tammi.  Finally, they made it to a living room with a fire place and several normal looking girls sitting around, looking just as weirded out as them.

Tammi sat the three down and told the group of girls that it would only be minute before Mr. Max arrived to welcome them.  Tammi left and closed the door, leaving the girls alone.

“What the hell is this place?” Sophie asked, “This doesn’t seem like a camp for troubled kids, Nikki.  What kind of place have you brought us to?”

Nikki was just as surprised, “I don’t know.  Some friend of my dad’s said that they were looking for girls like me!  I just figured you guys would have wanted to come along…  Geez… Excuse me for caring…”

Cassie saw that Nikki was offended, “Nikki, that’s not what she was saying’”

“How do you know what I’m saying’” Sophie interrupted, only to be interrupted by one of the other girls.

“Guys, calm down.”  Nikki, Cassie, and Sophie looked up at the girl.  “My name’s Linda.  I just think we all need to keep are heads right now, because I think something is going on that we’re not supposed to know about…”

“What makes you so smart?” Nikki asked.

“My friend, Amy, counseled here once…” the other girls listened intently to Linda’s story, “She was a great girl with a nice future ahead of her, never did anything wrong in her life and never got into any trouble, but after she went away for the summer to work here, she never came back…”

“What happened to her?” Cassie asked, getting scared.

“Nobody knows.  The police looked into it, but they couldn’t find anything.  The camp was clean. They said that she left.”

Nikki wasn’t believing any of this, “Well, if you think this is some kind of kidnapping camp, why did you come here?”

“I have to find out what happened to her,” Linda explained, “I just know that this place is hiding something.  This…Mr. Max guy…  He knows where Amy’s at.  I know it.”

As if he had heard her, Mr. Max then decided to show his face.

All the girls flinched as the door was suddenly opened.  Standing in the doorframe was a tall man with graying hair.  “Hello girls,” he said with a warm smile, “I’m so glad to meet you all.”

All eyes were on Mr. Max as he stepped to the center of the room.  A few of the ditzy women were watching him from the adjacent room, as if they were his followers.  Cassie noticed this, feeling a chill run down her back.

Something wasn’t right…

“As you may have noticed, this isn’t your typical camp.”  The girls looked around at each other, hearing their thoughts dictated.  “You may have come here under the impression that you would be counseling…children.  Right?”  The girls nodded, hanging on every word.  “Well, that’s not exactly true.  The only ones getting counseling are already here, but you are also counselors yourself.”

The girls were very confused now.

“Tammi!  Let’s start the changing process!”

Just then, another door opened, one behind Cassie, Sophie, and Nikki.  Tammi appeared, smiling as usual, and said, “Right this way girls!”

The girls looked at each other, unsure.  Mr. Max finally spoke up, “One at a time, girls.  You first!” He said pointing at one of the girls.  She looked confused, but stood up and walked into the room Tammi was inviting her into.  With a slam, Tammi closed the door as strange sounds began to come from the room.

“What do you mean by ‘changing process’?” Sophie asked Mr. Max.

Mr. Max seemed pleased that one of the girls was approaching him directly.  With a smile he answered, “Well…it’s a way to help you girls adjust to the camp lifestyle.”

“And what’s the ‘camp lifestyle’?” another girl asked.

“Oh, you’ll find out’” Mr. Max said, interrupted by Tammi opening the door to ask for another girl.  The first girl didn’t seem to be in the room any more.  Cassie could see that there were other women in the room, all dressed like the others in green ranger outfits, smiling with anticipation.

Mr. Max sent another girl into the room then continued, “We try to establish a sense of unity between you girls.”

“How do you do that?” Linda asked.

“The uniforms help everyone know that they are part of a group…a community!” he said with a smile.

“Uniforms?” Nikki asked, horrified by such regulations.

“Oh, of course!  But that’s just the beginning…  Each of you girls will truly look like you belong to Camp Whol-Nu-Yu after Tammi and her team get finished with all of you.”

Cassie was getting scared.  She whispered to Sophie, “That doesn’t sound very comforting.”  Sophie shook her head in agreement, just as scared.

Tammi returned, “Next!”  She giggled as she waited for another girl to be sent to her.

This time, Mr. Max pointed at Sophie.  “Your turn,” he ordered.

Cassie squeezed her friends hand.  Nikki looked at her with unsure eyes.  Sophie just nodded her head and went into the room.

“So what are we here for if we’re not counseling children?” one girl asked.

“Well, you’ll be counseling each other!” Mr. Max said plainly.

“I don’t need counseling!” Nikki argued.

“See?  That’s just part of it.  All girls need counseling.  You girls are going to help each other realize this and help each other.”  Cassie didn’t like the way he said ‘all girls need counseling’.  “Tammi is in there right now doing  wonderous things for you girls.  You’ll see once you’re done’”

“Next!” giggled Tammi as she poked her head through the door.

Cassie froze as Mr. Max pointed at her.  “You.  You’re next.”

Cassie didn’t want to move.  She just wanted to go home now.  She didn’t want to be a camp counselor anymore.  She didn’t want the pay.  She didn’t want to graduate high school.  She just wanted everything to go back to the way they were.  She didn’t want’  “Now,” Mr. Max commanded.

Cassie was compelled to obey.  She stood up and went towards Tammi’s smiling face.  Tammi took her hand and led her into the brightly lit room. Once inside she became more confused than scared.  There were several women in here, all smiling and holding various objects.

“First, let’s do the hair and make-up!” Tammi said.

Cassie was attacked from all sides as she was pushed into a chair and had her hair assaulted with chemicals and scissors by the women.  While this was going on, some women were painting her fingernails and toenails, while others were applying lipstick, blush, and eye shadow to her face.  When they were finished, Tammi held up a mirror.

Cassie couldn’t believe it.

“How did you…?” she asked, touching a hand to the face she hardly recognized.

She looked as if she had been at a beauty salon all day.  Cassie couldn’t believe how she looked.  She looked like one of them!  Her brown hair was platinum blonde and so thick!  And the make-up…  “You did that so fast’” she said, being cut off by Tammi’s next command.

“Alright, let’s get her clothes off!”

Before Cassie could respond, her clothes were ripped from her body.  The women all giggled and gasped, having a blast but seemed horrified by Cassie’s taste in clothes.  Tammi took Cassie’s bra and panties off, tossing them to the ground.  “Wait just a min’!” Cassie tried to protest, but it was no use.

One of the women walked up to Cassie with some sort of bottled chemical in her hands.  She poured some into her palm and then lunged at Cassie’s naked chest.  Cassie’s A-cup breasts disappeared under the woman’s small hands.  “This’ll make your boobies grow!” she said happily.  Cassie was horrified as she glanced at the breasts of the woman speaking.  They were ridiculously large.  Cassie had a pretty good idea of the proportions these sick women had in mind.

“Now for the uniform!” Tammi commanded.

A ranger’s outfit was presented to Cassie.  One just like the one all these women wore, only this one was bright yellow, not green.  Cassie was quickly dressed and stood up.  “All done!” Tammi said.  Cassie was quickly rushed across the room to a different door and shoved out of the room.

It was like the world finally slowed down to catch up with Cassie as she sighed and looked around.  The other girls were sitting in here, one crying, one pacing…

“Cassie?”  It was Sophie.

Cassie could still tell it was Sophie, but it looked nothing like her.  She still had her red hair, but it was short and spiky.  “Sophie!”

The two girls embraced.

“What’s going on?” Cassie asked, starting to cry.

“I don’t know.  But, I can assure you, we’re going to get out of here tonight’”

“You can’t leave…” a voice said.  Cassie and Sophie turned toward it to find the crying girl looking at them.  It was the first girl that had gone into Tammi’s room.  She now looked nothing like her formal self.  “This place is in the middle of nowhere.  (sniffle)  And they keep all the exits guarded at all times…”  The girl stared at the ground, “There’s no way to escape this place.”

Just then, the door opened and Nikki was pushed into the room.

“Nikki!” Sophie and Cassie shouted.

Nikki still looked stunning as usual, except Nikki had never looked like a full-out slut the way she did now.  Nikki looked over herself and looked up at her friends.

“I kinda like it…”


After all the girls were put through the changing process, Mr. Max assembled them all outside in the commons area.  The sun had set and the only light was the bright lamp poles scattered around the area.

“You girls will thank us when you’re through…” Mr. Max said looking over them all.

“We didn’t ask for this,” Linda said coldly, now sporting a long, blonde hairstyle that reached the middle of her back and glittery pink eye shadow.

“Oh, but you deserve it, young lady,” Mr. Max responded, “And you’ll come to realize this the longer you’re here.”

He paced around the front of the crowd of girls, “Everything Tammi did for you is permanent.  Don’t try to take the make-up off.  It won’t come off.  In fact, if you try to take it off, it’ll only make it heavier.”  The girls didn’t know what to think at this point.  “Don’t try to take your uniforms off.  They don’t come off.  Trying to remove them will only cause them to shrink…”

Girls muttered to each other, angry about what had become of their summer.  “Quiet!” Mr. Max ordered.  The murmuring stopped as all ears once again returned to Mr. Max.  “Your make-up, your hair, your uniform… They all have a special ingredient that will make you respond more and more to support and encouragement.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sophie asked, getting an attitude.

“It means that the more you’re treated like a good little girl, the more you’ll act like one…  Which is why you all are expected to help each other.  By the end of the summer, you should all be perfect little angels, no longer defying authority.”

The girls began to get rowdy, asking what kind of place this was and why they weren’t told about any of this.  Mr. Max decided to adjourn the meeting here, “That’s all for tonight, girls.  Please report to your assigned cabins and get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a big day!”

With much protest, but with the realization that they didn’t have a choice, the girls all got up and went to their assigned cabins for the night.

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Camp Whol-Nu-Yu: Chapter 1

Table of Contents

“Is that everything?” Cassie asked.

“Fuck yeah it is!  Let’s go!” Nikki said, with obvious excitement.

“Maybe we should double check the house one more time” Sophie suggested, running a hand through her red hair, but was cut off by Nikki’s unstoppable anticipation.

“We’ve already double-checked and triple-checked.  If we don’t leave now, we’re going to be late.”  The three girls looked at each other, then with a smile they boarded the jeep, the back packed with their belongings.  “Hell yeah!  This summer’s gonna be so much fun!”

Cassie started her jeep, rousing cheering from the other two girls as they sat parked in Cassie’s driveway.  Just as she was about to put the vehicle in gear, Cassie’s mother appeared at the front door in her robe.  Cassie noticed her and let go of the gear shift to see what her mother wanted.

Mrs. Jenna Hatcher walked up to the passenger window with a smile, “Do you girl’s have everything?  Do you want to double-check the house?“

Nikki sighed and sat back in the backseat, laughing to herself.  Sophie shook her head, “No, Mrs. Hatcher.  I think we have everything.”

Cassie spoke up, “We’re fine, Mom.  Stop worrying.”

Jenna nodded, laughing, ‘You’re right.  You’ve just never been away from home before.  This is just as different for me.  What am I gonna do alone with your father?’

Nikki found this funny.  Cassie spun around and gave her a disapproving glare, causing Nikki to stifle her laughter.  “You guys need some alone time anyway, Mom.”

Jenna smiled proudly at her grown-up daughter, “You’re right.” Jenna scanned the young ladies ambitious faces, “Most kids just sit at home all season the summer after they graduate high school, but you guys find yourself a summer job.  I’m really proud of you three.”

The girls smiled back at their compliment.

“What’s this place called again?” Jenna asked.

“Camp Whol-Nu-Yu” Nikki said, leaning forward from the back seat.

“You have all the information, Mom,” Cassie explained, “I left everything on the kitchen counter for you.  Phone number, address”

Jenna nodded, “Alright, alright.  Well, you girls be careful, okay?”

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Hatcher.  We won’t get her too drunk!” Nikki said laughing in her usual way.  Cassie playfully, yet slightly annoyed, reached behind her seat and slapped Nikki’s leg, telling her to be quiet.

“I love you, Mom,” Cassie said.

“Love you too, honey,” Jenna replied.

“I’ll call you tonight.”


With that said, Cassie backed the jeep out of the driveway.  Jenna stood in her front yard and watched the girls drive away.

“Are there gonna be any guys here?” Nikki asked, looking up from a compact in her hand.

“I hope so,” Sophie said.

Cassie looked in her rear-view mirror at Nikki, “I don’t think the owners are going to appreciate the counselors’ boy searching while they’re supposed to be watching grade-school kids.”

Nikki scoffed, “Whatever.” She went back to fixing her make-up.

“I’m just excited that we’re actually getting paid for having fun!” Sophie said excitedly.

Cassie nodded smiling.  They had been driving for a few hours now.  The sun had finally risen high enough that it wasn’t in their eyes while they drove.  The camp was somewhere deep in the woods, but they had to drive on the interstate for a while to get there.

They had gotten this job through one of Nikki’s mother’s friends.  They had said that Nikki would be perfect for the job of counseling at a camp for middle school aged children.  Most of these kids were “trouble-makers”.  The camp’s mission was to show them a way to have fun while following the rules.  Why Nikki was seen a “perfect” for a job like that, Cassie didn’t understand.  Had Nikki been that age, she would have been sent here herself.

“I can’t wait to see what there is to do after the little brats go to bed,” Nikki said, trying to elicit excitement from the other girls.  “We’ll have to make some friends with as many of the counselors as possible on the first day.  Maybe we’ll strike gold and find someone who knows where to get some booze.”

Sophie and Cassie just glanced at each other, having lived through the same behavior from Nikki all through high school.

“Don’t forget, Nikki, we are here for a reason,” Cassie explained.  “These kids need us.”

“Yeah, as babysitters!” Nikki said, “Our job is just to make sure they don’t run with scissors or some shit like that.”

“It’s more than that”’ Cassie argued.

“You’ll see once we get there”’ Nikki said, going back to her make-up.

Cassie’s jeep slowly crept along the gravel road through the woods.  The crunching of the rocks beneath them were the only sounds in the silent forest.  They had finally reached their destination, after a six hour drive.

“Where the hell is this place?” Nikki asked no one in particular.

“Somewhere on this road, Nikki.” Cassie said, getting annoyed with being trapped in the car with her.  Nikki had already had four bathroom breaks on their trip, further delaying the end of their trip.

“Well, duh’’ replied Nikki, “But where?  We’ve been on this road forever now.”

“Well, the brochure said it was ‘secluded from the rest of the world’.  So” Sophie explained, “It probably isn’t going to be right on the side of the road.”

“Stop!” Nikki yelled, causing the other two girls to jump and Cassie to slam on the breaks.  The three girls looked forward to see that they had reached a rusted wrought iron gate, which Cassie had come close to driving into.

“Shit,” Sophie said.

Cassie caught her breath then asked, “Where did that come from?”

“Nevermind that,” Sophie said, “How do we get through it?”

Her question was answered by a woman wearing an ill-fitting ranger’s outfit emerged from a small hut next to the jeep.  A pile of thick blonde hair hung from underneath a ranger’s hat and her ridiculously large breasts, close to bursting through her uniform, bounced with every perky step she took as she approached the jeep.

“Are you guys gonna be the new counselors!?” she asked giddily, not sounding too bright.

Cassie answered, “Uhhhh”

“Awesome!  I’ll let you guys in!”  She giggled and produced a key from between her boobs, then proceeded to unlock the large metal gate.

“Hey,” Cassie called, “Why do you have a gate like this here?”

The woman seemed to struggle with a reply, as if thinking almost physically hurt her.  Finally, she smiled and answered, “Well, if we didn’t have the gate, people would, like, try to leave”’

The girls exchanged glances, “You mean the kids?”

The woman seemed to get confused, then straightened up, “Oh right!  Yeah, the, um, the kids!  Hee hee!”  Cassie, Sophie, and Nikki looked at each other again, this time bringing Nikki to snicker to herself.  “So go ahead in!   A few girls have gotten here so far, maybe you guys could get to know each other before the orientation!”

The woman giggled again.  Cassie just nodded, “Yeah, ok.”  She slowly started going forward, “Thanks.”

The three girls drove off down the gravel road, leaving the woman by herself, still smiling.  With a perky walk, she closed the gate back and locked it.  After doing this, she walked back to her hut and sat down at her desk, which sat adorned with fashion magazines and a porno playing on a small TV in the background.  She picked up a phone sitting on the desk and pushed a button on the keypad.  After a minute, someone answered, “Mr. Max!  Hi!  Three more girls are on their way!…Yes sir… Yes sir, and they look yummy!”

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