For the Fans

After considered and careful discussion with our design team, it’s been decided that Tifa shouldn’t be a realistic character at all. 
This will apply to both her design and personality, removing any semblance that she may have things like free will. We’ve embraced that she’s a sex object, as all good girls should be.

Square Enix (now an OTTII company)

Warm Welcome

Even though she kept muttering ‘please mommy’ she wasn’t our daughter.
Actually, she could be, if my wife wanted it.
With her mind wiped, her old life erased, she could be whatever we wanted.
Right now she was happy, and that was enough. No more worries, no more thoughts about work or school.
She was just a good girl, it’s the only thing she knew now because it’s all we told her.
She was a good girl, and good girls did whatever mommy and daddy asked.
Why would she ever want anything else, when she felt so good?


In my experience, it’s not the dumb girls who are easiest to take advantage of. It’s the smart, ambitious ones.

They want to badly to get good grades, to get a good letter of recommendation, whatever it is they need their trusted teacher to do for them. I always offer to speak with them after school when they want to ask what they can do for better grades, to make sure their academic career goes as well as possible.

It takes some pushing and probing, especially with the virgins, but the ones who really want the boost give it up. Their tight little cunts and their sweet moans compare to nothing else. I always fuck them raw too. If they get pregnant, that’s their issue and not mine.

I always keep my promises, though. Any one of those brainy little sluts that gave up their pussy always advances more than any of those that didn’t.