Ouroboros Just Wants To Play

I want to be molded into a corrupting force by my future victim.

To be enabled into a powerfully selfish and perverted being so I can find the old them and twist them into the faithfully subservient plaything they’re destined to become.

I want to send my good toy back to make me fall and accept my own wicked desire.

I’m not sure why it’s so confusing to you.

Why are you still fighting it?

It’s a perfect loop.

Let me show you.

Warm Welcome

Even though she kept muttering ‘please mommy’ she wasn’t our daughter.
Actually, she could be, if my wife wanted it.
With her mind wiped, her old life erased, she could be whatever we wanted.
Right now she was happy, and that was enough. No more worries, no more thoughts about work or school.
She was just a good girl, it’s the only thing she knew now because it’s all we told her.
She was a good girl, and good girls did whatever mommy and daddy asked.
Why would she ever want anything else, when she felt so good?


I know what you’re doing. I know all about the remote.

I know that I didn’t used to be blonde, or wear lingerie all the time. I know that it didn’t used to turn me on when you called me a little dummy, and it didn’t make me cream my panties when I sucked your dick.

Change me all you want. I don’t care anymore.

Life sucked before this. My job was going nowhere. My dating life was awful.

At least I’m enjoying this, even if I know you’ve made me feel like I enjoy it.

But I do feel it.


There’s just one thing.

You see, I’m kinda lonely sometimes. And… well…

Oh Daddy thank you!

She’s perfect!

We’re perfect!



Hey there stud. Like what you see?

Well you’d better! I used the Master PC to turn myself into a perfect fantasy girl for you.

It was actually really easy. First I just changed my personality so that I’d share all of your sexual fetishes, and then it was just totes obvious how freakin’ hot it’d be to look like a little manic pixie dream red-head.

Ya know, I was thinking that we should use it to turn our neighbor, Amanda, into my BFF Mandy.

‘Cept you’d have to do it for me. The moment I clicked OK on the app I forgot how to read.



“I love my wife. She’s a sick fuck just like me. Any other woman would catch their husband spying on their daughter and what…yell at him? Divorce him? Call the police? My wife isn’t like that, oh no…she helps me. She offers to buy my daughter extra-revealing tanning-only swimsuits so long as she promises not to wear them outside of our property. My daughter isn’t the brightest, although I don’t know how many daughters would think ‘oh it isn’t that Mom is open-minded…no she wants to help me get Daddy’s cock hard.’ She plays her role in our sick games though. Every weekend she lays in the back yard while my wife jacks me off. I tell her just what I want to do to our daughter, how I want to fuck her, use her…god…usually she gets so hot that after I cum she drags me into the bedroom for round two. If only my daughter knew she was foreplay for her parents, porn to get us in the mood.”


“That’s it honey. If you’re going to wear cockteasing clothes like that around the house, then you’re going to need to take care of what they cause. Open your mouth a little wider, wider…there you go. Remember, your father’s cock is even bigger. He won’t be gentle like your brother.”


“My daughter and I have a sick game. She’ll pick a friend of hers and then we’ll bet how long it takes for me to seduce that friend. Sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes just one sleepover. My favorite thing to do is to eat her friend out while my daughter pretends to sleep. It’s incredibly hot hearing my daughter’s friend moan ‘shhhh, we can’t wake her’, ‘this is so fucked up, your daughter is right next to you’ all while I make her cum. Little does she know that the second she goes home it’s my daughters turn.”


Walking in to grab a drink, He saw laurie scrubbing the kitchen and couldn’t resist. She purred as He lifted her dress and slid into her wet pussy.

“You love your new life, don’t you laurie?”

“Yes, Master!” she moaned as His dick thrusted in and out. “Cleaning my house for You makes me so happy and wet!”

“Don’t you mean My house? Remember, you signed it over to Me, along with everything else you own.”

“Yes, Master! Sorry. You own everything now, and i have nothing. i don’t need anything but You!”

“Don’t stop cleaning, laurie. It’s what makes this so hot! …

I’m so glad we see eye-to-eye now. It’s almost a shame I had to break your mind. Almost!”

“Well i did deserve it, Master! i was such a cruel, selfish woman before You met me. i was obsessed with money and never happy, now i don’t care about money and i’m always happy! Thank You for brainwashing me!”

“That’s alright. your life is completely perfect now that I’m here to take care of you. Now show Me how much you love the taste of pussy juice.”

“Oh God! Yes, Master!” she said, twirling round. she relaxed her head and let Him use her mouth.

“you’re such a great cocksucker, laurie.” he chuckled. “Have I ever told you that?”

“Yes, Master. Thank You, Master!” she gasped as she pulled his cock out. “You told me last night, and then again this morning!” Another breath. “You’re so kind and thoughtful!”

“Huh, well, it’s true. Your mouth is amazing! And just to prove it, here’s your reward.”

Pulling out, He sprayed His seed on her face and watched her cum from being used.

“Now that you’re properly housetrained, I think we should talk about getting another maid. What do you think, laurie?”

“i think whatever You tell me to, Master! But i’m pretty sure i’ll love watching You brainwash and fuck other women!”

Author notes: Huh, well that was a little dark! I grabbed these pics from the video a while back and I’ve been wanting to use them for some time.