“I love my wife. She’s a sick fuck just like me. Any other woman would catch their husband spying on their daughter and what…yell at him? Divorce him? Call the police? My wife isn’t like that, oh no…she helps me. She offers to buy my daughter extra-revealing tanning-only swimsuits so long as she promises not to wear them outside of our property. My daughter isn’t the brightest, although I don’t know how many daughters would think ‘oh it isn’t that Mom is open-minded…no she wants to help me get Daddy’s cock hard.’ She plays her role in our sick games though. Every weekend she lays in the back yard while my wife jacks me off. I tell her just what I want to do to our daughter, how I want to fuck her, use her…god…usually she gets so hot that after I cum she drags me into the bedroom for round two. If only my daughter knew she was foreplay for her parents, porn to get us in the mood.”


“That’s it honey. If you’re going to wear cockteasing clothes like that around the house, then you’re going to need to take care of what they cause. Open your mouth a little wider, wider…there you go. Remember, your father’s cock is even bigger. He won’t be gentle like your brother.”


“My daughter and I have a sick game. She’ll pick a friend of hers and then we’ll bet how long it takes for me to seduce that friend. Sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes just one sleepover. My favorite thing to do is to eat her friend out while my daughter pretends to sleep. It’s incredibly hot hearing my daughter’s friend moan ‘shhhh, we can’t wake her’, ‘this is so fucked up, your daughter is right next to you’ all while I make her cum. Little does she know that the second she goes home it’s my daughters turn.”


“My daughter has always been a bit slow in the head. She’s much too old to goof around and play with Daddy. My wife thinks it’s cute but she doesn’t know how I act when she’s gone. Instead of telling my daughter to cover up when her shirt slides up…I just stare. I watch my daughter innocently play and suck on her candy all while I lick my lips and try to stop myself from asking her to play something very different with Daddy.”


“But I grew ‘em all huge jus’ for you, Daddy. I see the porn you look at.”

“N-no, no, honey, I can’t. This is wrong and fucked up. You’re my daughter and-”

“-and I want to be my Daddy’s slutty bimbo. Don’t you wanna fuck me, Daddy? Don’t I look sexy?”

“That’s not the point, baby, this is wrong and fucked up and-”

“You said that before, Daddy. How about a hug? That’ll be innocent. Jus’ a hug with your daughter’s big tits pressed against you.”

“How did you even do this to yourself, Kara?”

“I just rubbed my clit every day thinking about my own Daddy fucking me.”

“Fuck, I can’-”

“Jus’ try it, Daddy! I can see your boner so I know you think I’m sexy. Jus’ try sliding that big Cock of yours into my soaking bald li’l pussy jus’ one time. I want it sososo bad.”

“Your begging won’t work this time, Kara.”

“But Daddy. My begging works every time. An’ that was before I drained my brain an’ puffed out my tits for you. Fuck me, Daddy, please? Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me.”

“God, Kara, I just ca-”

“Fuck your little girl, Daddy, fuck me with that big hard Cock.”

“S-stop it-”

“Mmmm, I can feel it inside me filling me up already. Just fuck me already please, Daddy!”

“What is your mother going to say?”

“Who cares, Daddy? She’ll probably leave you, but that means you’ll be free to use me like your fucktoy all day long. We hated her anyway, didn’t we, Daddy?”

“That’s no way to talk ab-”

“Didn’t we, Daddy?”

“Kara, y-”

“Fuck me, Daddy.”

“Kara, stop”

“Mmm, your Cock feels soooo good in my little hand.”


“Yes, Daddy?”


“Yes, Daddy?”

“T-that feels. Um, that feels good, Kara.”

“I know, Daddy. You haven’t had anybody taking care of your amazing Dick, have you? I have no idea why you’re resisting your busty slutty daughter.”

“Be-because, I, Oooooooooofuck”

“That’s right, Daddy. That’s my hand on your bare Cock. I can’t wait until it’s in my little pussy.”

“…me neither, baby.”


Incest Confession: I really did have to work hard to get Daddy to buy me a car. Like, not in a shitty store or anything. No, I made a deal with him. I knew he’d been craving someone much younger than my mom, and he was sniffing around my friends. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me on a daily basis, and surprise-surprise, he took his chance. All I asked in return for him using my pussy anytime he wanted was a tiny little car. By the time i’d passed my driving test, he’d already brought me the car, but I have to admit, I never stopped letting him fuck me. I used to take him out in the car he got for me, and park up in a lay-by somewhere quiet and let him use me. In the end the car really did not matter to me. All I wanted was Daddy’s cock and cum for the rest of my life.