Just a Phase

Mary finds herself staying with her Uncle during the last few months of high school. He doesn’t approve of her girlfriend, her style or her politics. She hates to admit it, but maybe he has a point. Maybe she’s just ‘going through a phase’. It’s difficult to argue when her mind’s cloudy and he’s so convincing…

Part 1

It was a shit situation. Mary’s mother had been laid off from her job right after New Year. Though she didn’t know the exact details about their finances, Mary was certain whatever slim savings her single mother had been able to set aside had been quickly wiped out while unemployment was being sorted out.

Between the bureaucracy, the costly COBRA health insurance and Mary’s deposits for college, they were in dire straights.

That’s why, as shitty as it was to be left behind, Mary understood why her mother had to take the new job immediately. There were lots of nights of yelling and crying over the details. The how, the when, the why. Mary had only a few months left until she graduated high school, but those few months were more than they could afford to live without a paycheck.

In the end, it was her Uncle Adam who’d saved the day. Mary’s mother had no family locally and few close friends left in the area. Adam wasn’t even Mary’s real Uncle, just a close neighbor that had always looked after them both through some tough times.

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Going Viral

The new trend takes the world by storm.

It was the newest viral trend. “Ahgg-ing” the kids called it.

The basic premise was simple: get stupid enough that you reflexively made the ‘Ahgg’ face (‘ahego’ to the old timers).

At first, everyone was doing it. Celebrities, Instagram models, Twitch streamers. But then things started to escalate.

Soon, it wasn’t enough to pretend to be stupid. Now you needed to be truly be ‘Brain Drained’.

TMZ started running hit-pieces on celebrities caught ‘faking’ Ahgg faces. BuzzFeed made listicles on the best ways to actually, temporarily, reduce your IQ (#7 was sleep deprivation, #5 was pot, #2 was nitrous, #1 was edging with all of the above).

More feminist-forward sites like Jezebel wrote lengthy posts on how to responsibility Ahgg. The cover of Teen Vogue loudly declared “Brain Drain on your own terms!”.

A cottage industry popped up overnight of Ahgg ‘supplements’. They were everywhere. When a Kardashian backed brand launched (‘B1MBO2’) it sold out everywhere, from 7-11 to GNC.

At the end of the year heath experts started to raise concerns about how permanent the effects were. The FDA’s report on oxygen deprivation and permanent brain damage came too late.

By the time the public was aware of the long term impact of true Ahgg-ing, no one cared. All the major influencers, from Twitter to Snapchat, were mindless, giggling bimbos.

It was cool to get your brains literally fucked out on camera. Social media sites had to relax their content standards to stay relevant. Seven top ten posts on YouTube were girls going Full Bimbo, having their IQ points drained while orgasming. The most of them were the cocksucking method, but lesbian assisted ‘conversion’ was also popular.

In the end, this generation was left with millions of dumb, horny teens; unable to have a future beyond performing and fucking. There was some moral panic about the future of the country, but that quickly quieted down with the baby boom.

Soon, a new class of mother’s were everywhere. The original Ahgg-ing generation, raising the next wave of airheaded teens.

Now, we’re bracing for the Bimbo Boom, as the media has taken to calling it. Everyone’s speculating on what will happen to society, how norms and fashion will change.

Me? I’m just happy to have a near infinite pick of objectified sluts. In person, on TV and online, there’s no shortage of mindless girls to watch and use.

I can’t wait for my daughter’s ‘graduation’ this May. I know she and her friends will blow up the porn scene, just like her mother.

They’re already planning a ‘forced conversion’ series, with anti-bimbo resistance members fucked into submission. It’s all smoke and mirrors, with some consenting actress playing the victim, but I think it’s going to be big. She has a bright future ahead of her.

For the Likes

“Are ya sure this is a meme or whatever?”

Oh, totally. The Banana Challenge. All the kids are doing it.

“And I gotta suck it afterwards?”

Only if you want it to go viral. You want everyone to see how big you’re titties have gotten, right?

“You’re, like, so freaking smart! I can’t believe I ever thought I wuz smarter than you.”

That’s right. Now say the magic words again and I’ll put this online for you.

“Good girls do whatever boys say, cuz boys have all the brains!”

Close enough. Smile into the camera and let’s show all your friends how dumb and slutty you are now.


Supportive Partner (Part 2)

Sequel to this caption

It had been a week, at least, and my girlfriend still was drifting further away from her old self.

I know that she had lost all her college education, and probably what she’d learned in high school years too.

She’d likely forgotten what it was like before, when she was a skinny, pasty, prude.

Maybe she thought it had always been like this.

Maybe, deep down, she had always wanted to be like this, and had just been waiting for me to change her.

Whatever the case, now she was having fun playing a naive little girl for the camera. Hummping her teddy bear when ‘daddy’ wasn’t home.

Of course, I still saw everything on her live shows. And I knew she was hoping to get ‘caught’ and punished.

I’d make sure that would happen very soon. Tomorrow, she’ll apologize for being such a slutty little girl, live on camera, while she road my cock.

If she did a really good job telling me how sorry she was, maybe a little crying and begging, then I might even let her have some new toys to play with on her show.