Super-Dark: Quarantine

It had only been three days since Krystal had been pulled back from the Dark Realm by the Wonder Teens, her skin-tight costume torn to shreds, but otherwise her normal, spunky self.

Sure, she couldn’t remember what happened between getting dragged into the Hell Portal and being summoned back to reality by her team. But she’d only been gone for a few hours, and temporary amnesia wasn’t anything new to the super hero game.

Krystal crossed her arms and paced her transparent, force field cell, cursing Eclipse Girl. It was her mumbled warning about Dark Demons setting traps for mortals that had convinced the team to quarantine their returning hero.

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Editor Wanted

So I’m about 9 pages into my first big story. 

VoidGolem provided me with an original outline, and I’ve been going all in on it for the last couple of weeks.

It’s proving to be much more involved than planned, and I suck at self-editing anything longer than a couple of paragraphs.

If there are any readers out there that feel up to wading through my rough draft, send me a message and I’ll share the Google Doc link for viewing and commenting.

Note: This story is F2F bimbo/stepford transformation, with a heavy Asian stereotype. Most of what I have is set up, with hints of transformation and a short hypnosis scene near the end.

Image originally by ZKO, unrelated but hot.

The first chapter has been posted as Movie Night: Pretty Fate Machine

I’ve completed a rough draft of Chapters 2 & 3. If anyone is interested, I’ll be needing another round of editing.

Send me a DM and I’ll share a Google Docs link to comment!


Title: Halloween S2

“Trick or Treat” as the kids knock on Dani House. Dani mom open the house with a big smile and pass them lots of Candy. “Thank you” as they walk away.

“Ouch, Something hit my head” Rex look below and saw this Gun. Its look like a toy gun and just keep inside his candy bag.

“Eh wait for me” as he chase the girls. Rex, Jennifer and Annie was enjoy their halloween, they are all childhood friend and are very close to each other.

Jennifer call the rest, “lets go to my house and open up the candy”.

All jump with joy and rush straight to Jennifer house.

Back at Jennifer house, “Not Fair Annie you have more candy then me “ as Jennifer complain.

“Guys I found this toy gun! Its fall out someone house when we trick or treak” Rex pull out the gun from his candy bags.

“Wow you must be lucky to get a toy from space” joke Jennifer.

“That true”say Annie.

“Haha, shut up Jenni, you naughty Evil Witch” Joke Rex pointing the gun at Jennifer and shoot.

Suddenly Jennifer felt different, she was feeling something strange. She grew taller and more mature, her body was going tru puberty. Her hair grew longer and her costume change to suit her new teenage body. Makeup form on her face.

“Ohhhh I could feel the change! The evil fills in me! Give me more more power!” As Jennifer orgasm form the change.

Then a wicked smile form on her face.

“Thank you Rex, let me get that gun from you”

Annie and Rex was in shock from what is happening to their friend.

“Now now I feeling Horny and need a strong man to fuck my Pussy, well Rex I got something in mind”

Jennifer zap Rex as his body grew and looking mature, he was becoming more muscular and rip. He look at his own body cannot believe what is happening.

“Now that a boyfriend that I wanted” as Jennifer touch Rex.

Annie was scare and was trying to crawl to the door but then it was lock.

“Naughty Annie you be a good girl and stay there” Annie felt unable to move

“Now Rex show me what you got”

Rex rips Jennifer costume and lick her pussy. She just use her Magic and remove Rex firefighter costume.

“Now fuck me hard and don’t you ever Rest till I orgasm really hard”

Rex Fuck Jennifer as she look at the little scare girl and smile.

“Ohh babby that the spot !! Give me more you beast!”

They fuck for hours, all Annie could do is cry in fear of what have become of her friends.

Then she felt she could move and thinking if she could get the gun she could change everything back to normal. She jump to the gun but Jennifer was to quick to react and pull the gun toward her hand.

“Hmmm what you doing Girl, wanting to use the gun to get back your boring friends” Annie fall back cant move cause of the fear that Jennifer posses.

“What should I do to you, be my pet or change you into something else.”

“Ahhh yes, You be my sweet Sister and we can be together and rule the night” Jennifer point to Annie and Shoot her.

Annie was in horror as her body grew older, her hair grew longer. She could felt pain and pleasure from the transformation. She was looking mature and her body curve to fit her new dress.

“Omg this is so intense, the feeling is so wonderful. I could feel the evil and slutty feeling. I am feeling sexy.”

As Annie look at Jennifer, running her tongue tru her lips.

“Ohhh I am feeling sexy horny, this is much better then be a Little scare girl Sister” Annie touch her breast admire herself.

“Well Sister, lets go out find more Prey to Fuck. The night aint over yet”

Jennifer,Annie and Rex continue their night trick or treat Party and enjoying their own wicked fantasy bullies and terrorising the night.

This night could not get more interesting then that.

About the gun, we will never know what happen to it.

(Hope You Like It)


Skinnyfat. What does that even mean. Ugh, seriously!

I can’t believe he called me skinnyfat. That chauvinistic, simple-minded, basic, prurient jerk! It’s bad enough I have to work with him at the office, the last thing I want is to talk to him at the gym.

Besides, it’s not like I enjoy going to the gym in the first place. I’m only here because I know that people judge you based on first impressions and if I’m gunning for that promotion I need to look the part.

So far I’ve lost 20 lbs, so I’m pretty sure I don’t need any help — especially not from a jerk like him. And I most certainly don’t need any special workout powder or whatever the hell it was he was rambling about.

Seriously. Skinnyfat? What the fuck!

Seriously. What the fuck. Check. Me. Out!

That powder is ah-mah-zing!

I look uh-maize-ing.


I’ve got abs! So long skinnyfat – hello skinny bitch!

Even my hair looks great. 

And look at my shorties! I mean, I remember back in high school when all those dumb popular girls would walk around with their shorts all rolled up like this and I thought it was… like… you know… lame or slutty or whatever.

But now I totally get why they did it.

Unf! I look good!

Just one problem. I’m almost all out of the powder. I mean, I know I look pretty good, but I think I just need a little more so I’m perfect for that promotion interview.

Ugh, I’ve just gotta talk to Mr. Jerk and see if he’ll lend me some more. I just hope he doesn’t, like, stare at me like some perv or whatevs.

So if you’re going to stare at me like some perv I might as well start charging by the hour.

Kidding! Seriously, you don’t have to be some jerk about it.

But anyways, thanks for the powder. I just need a little more before my interview. Ya know, I’ve gotta prepare my notes, go over questions they might ask, find a professional outfit, slam in a more gym sessions, and…

Relax? How can I relax at a time like this? I can relax once I nail that promotion, Mister Work Jerk. Then I’ll be your boss and then you’ll be fucking my ass.

I mean kissing my ass! Kissing it!


Maybe I do need to relax.


OK, I don’t know how you convinced me to go out on the night before my interview, but I think you might be onto something. A drink or two is exactly what I need to calm my nerves.

And maybe I’ll find some boy toy to spend my big fat paycheck on when I finally get my promotion. Those dumb popular girls can’t have all the fun, now can they?

*slurp* *suck* *unf*

I bet you always wanted to get your dick sucked by one of the popular girls, right?


Tell me… tell me I’m a dumb popular girl.

Say that you jerk off to me after homeroom. … that…. that you want to shoot your jizz on my little PE shorties.


Fuck yea


Oh I’m so going to get that promotion tomorrow.

So I didn’t get the promotion.

They didn’t like that I showed up late.

And that I was hungover.

And that I was still wearing my outfit from last night

Screw them, who cares. The gym is way more fun anyways.

Work is lame and I’d much rather be a hottie than some skinnyfat supervisor or whatever.

Ugh, but I do need get a paycheck one way or another. Rent is due soon.

Hey Mister Jerk, thanks for letting me move in with you.

This shirt? Oh still can’t take a joke, huh? It’s not like they had one that said Trophy Roommate With Benefits.

Besides, I don’t hear you complaining when I clean your apartment all day and have dinner ready for you when you come home and then fuck like horny teenagers all night.

You don’t mind, do you daddy?

By the way, we’re almost out of powder.


“Oh god, what’s happening!?!” Casey cried out as she rubbed her exposed pussy, she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as the pleasure shot up her spine and buried itself in her mind.

“Why whatever do you mean Casey?” Professor Thompson asked with an over the top innocent smile.

“My… my… my clothes and… and… oh god… and ooooooooo!” she cried out as her fingers slipped between he wet pussy lips and her whole body shuttered with pleasure.

“What’s wrong with your clothes?  And you certainly seem to be enjoying yourself…”

Casey managed to get her fingers out of her pussy and go back to simply rubbing her outer lips, “They’re… they’re… wrong!  I came her in… in jeans and a… oh god… a sweet shirt!”

She could clearly remember it, knocking on his front door, her runners squeaking slightly on the smooth surface of the patio stones, the slight chill of the fall air being fended off by the soft thick fabric of the sweet shirt and the large sack of books and her laptop over her shoulder in her backpack.

Casey was Professor Thompson’s teaching assistant, she’d come over to mark the student’s mid-term papers with him and then… and then… she couldn’t remember what had happened until she was sitting across from him, barely dressed and rubbing her pussy.

“Don’t be silly Casey, do you see any jeans or a sweet shirt around here?”

Casey wanted to protest, but something felt off, she looked around and could only see a white shirt and a tiny little backpack that wouldn’t have held her wallet let alone all of her books and laptop.

“But… but…”

“Now Casey, don’t you remember why your parents sent you here?”

Casey furrowed her brow as best as she could to concentrate as her fingers continued to send waves of pleasure through her, “My… my… parents?  But.. they’re so far… away.”

“So far away?  Why they just live down the block!  You come her once a week after school, still dressed in that little uniform that silly high school makes you wear, so I can help you with your problems.”

“My problems?  Oh god mmmmmmmph… High school?”

“Yes, that right, your problem.  I’m Professor Thompson form the university, I’m a psychologist and have known your parents for years.  I was happy to agree to help them out with they troubled little girl when they asked.”

“I’m not… I’m not a… little girrrrrlllll!” Casey cried out as a small orgasm crashed over her, her fingers continued to work their magic as it did.

“I know, I know, you hate being called that, but that is all you are, a little girl with so many problems.  Nymphomania, exhibitionism, rape fantasies, oral fixation, verbal degradation… why there’s barely any sexual fetish that doesn’t turn you on.”

“That’s… that’s… that’s no true!” she cried out and Professor Thompson simply smiled, reaching out and placing his thumb just in front of her lips.

“Really?  Then I can just leave this here for a minute…”

Casey stared at it as she continued to masturbate, a sudden urge welling up from the pit of her stomach… maybe… maybe he was right?

There she was, masturbating in front of an older man, her mouth half open as she stared almost cross eyed as his thumb, the urge to take it between her lips rising higher and higher… maybe she did have all those problems?

She tried as hard as she could to resist but it was too much, her lips trembled as she wrapped them around his thumb and sucked it in.  The tsunami of pleasure nearly consumed her as she did.

“There’s my good little girl Casey, suck that thumb like the little cock obsessed slut you are.”

The words pushed her closer and closer to the edge, unable to control herself she plunged her fingers back in to her pussy and sucked on his thumb like it was the most glorious cock she’d ever seen.

“That’s a good slut, stuff those fingers in that cunt and work them hard.  I want to see that slutty look on your face when your eyes roll back in your head and you cum like a freight train.”

It was too much, she sucked his thumb in as hard as she could as she titled her head back and felt the orgasm crash over her, her eyes rolling back in to her head and her whole body quivering from the power of it.

Moements later when she could think once more, she felt the Professors hands on her hips, lifting her up and turning her around.  Then he pushed her down over the foot stool so that her ass was in the air, flipping her skirt up over and up on to her back.

“Uh… Professor?”

“Yes Casey?”

“Are you gonna help me with my problems now?”

“I’m afraid not Casey, it turns out I like you just the way you are, so instead I’m just going to fuck that tight little cunt of yours until you beg me to make you my own personal whore.  How does that sound?”

Casey let out a moan and bit her lower lip, “God Professor, I love your big hard cock in my pussy so that sounds just wonderful!  The guys at my high school just can’t satisfy me the way you do!”

She didn’t have to wait long as he plunged right in to her eager pussy and she cried out in pleasure, “Oh god yes Professor!  Fuck my hot little cunt!  Make me your personal little whore!”

He pound in and out of her for several minutes, at some point Casey had looked up and across the room and saw her laptop sitting open on the couch, the spinning pattern still displayed there and she cried out once more as yet another orgasm washed over her.



I don’t often get specific, but I had a crazy idea earlier – what if we had bimbofication, but for specific girls? Such as, say, Hitomi Tanaka, everyone’s favorite Japanese porn star with impossible tits? And not just the person – who is actually a smart and sweet woman, but specifically the persona she puts on for her AV work?


Imagine a normal European/American girl, frustrated with how her boyfriend seems obsessed with Japanese porn, suddenly finding her English is suffering, and her voice is pitching up a little. Her body is getting fit and tight, suddenly, but her boobs seem to be getting…bigger. WAY bigger. And over the course of a few days, she’s downright huge.

She likes the flat tummy and nice legs, but her boobs are growing out of control, not even her old C cup bras filling them. Every bikini seems to just have her titflesh hang out around and underneath, like they have lost almost all of their shape and firmness. Her bras don’t fit anymore, even though she’s gone up two cup sizes in a matter of weeks.


She looks down at herself, and barely recognizes what she’s looking at. A tight, slim body, and huge squishy tits that refuse to go into any bras. She’s given up and just wears shirts, but no matter what color they’re all see-thru and flimsy, exposing just how gargantuan and soft her boobs have become. The idea to wear sweaters or jackets just…doesn’t occur to her.

She gropes herself a moment, and a tingle of pleasure shoots up her spine. She feels…amazing.

No, she thinks, firmly, trying to stay focused. Her attention is drifting as of late, and she feels a low-key arousal humming in the back of her head. She can’t stay focused, and thinks a lot about masturbating, groping her tits, and sucking on some yummy cock.

Y-yummy? she thinks, shocked, and stumbles into her bathroom to splash water on her face. This isn’t real. It’s a dream.

But she takes one look in the mirror and realizes that it’s all real – this is all happening.

She didn’t see it before, but her black hair has slowly been lightening until it was a soft brown – a color she has never been in her life. 

The girl touches her face, feeling her cheekbones – they’ve changed. Her face has changed, jawline morphing and her eyelids flattening. She looks Japanese, in a way she never did. She’s a completely different person now. She can’t even recognize her own reflection.


Touching her face in the mirror, she whispers, “N-nani?! Watashi ni-”

She claps her hand to her mouth. That was Japanese! Not thinking, she blurts, “Nihongo o hanasenai!”

Again, she shrieks in horror, stumbling out of her bathroom and into her living room, bursting out her doors into the street, still dressed like a porn star, trying to find some help. Someone, anyone, to help her out!

A cop sees her panic, and he approaches her – openly staring at her appearance. “Miss, are you, uh,” he asks.

She finds herself confused by what he’s saying, and her brain is doing overtime trying to process what she was upset by earlier. Was she upset? There’s fuzz where her brain once was, and she can’t seem to remember what was getting her so worried.

“Oh,” she blurts, and gives a dim smile to the cop. “Gomenasaiiii~” she says, cutely, and gives a little peace sign. “Tanaka-kuuuuun~!”

Full Orientation – Going Live

Read part one – Full Orientation

Now, as happy as everyone here is with ‘Linda’ and the first round of -ahem- internal testing. I think we need to expand our closed beta to get a better idea of how True Augmented Reality will be received out in the wild.

I mean, come on Mark, Linda is American-Thai and she’s appending ’-san’ every chance she gets. And I don’t think even hentai girls say ‘arigato’ as much as that girl does after a facial.

Ok, I admit it’s been a boost to morale. We just need something more believable for the Round B investors. Something well documented, something that shows off all the hard work we’ve done.

Without further ado, I’d like to official confirm our first brand ambassador and public tester:

Ann Akira!

Enough with the groans, guys. She has a reach of 2 million followers across platforms and has already agreed to waive all personal rights for the time of testing. Plus, after her feud with her last big sponsor, we’re getting her for a steal.

Yes, there are some of you who aren’t a fan of her whole ‘War Against Objectification’ series. But that’s what makes her a perfect subject! Her sponsors will get to see a nice, improved revenue stream and we’ll have every marketing department in the country at our door, just in time for the wide rollout.

So, we’ll just take Ling-Ling’s profile and stretch it out a bit. See how a three month implementation takes, gather any bugs and enjoy the show.

Let’s get to work!

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