Movie Night – Excerpt


A sample of Chapter One from my current work in progress.
Concept and characters were generously provided by VoidGolem.
Special thanks to @talesforsluts for some great edits and suggestions.

Naomi was chewing her hair absentmindedly, which stuck me as out of character. But then, I’d never seen her this nervous before.

“Hey…” I said leaning in and putting an arm around her. “Maybe it’s just porn?”

She blinked, then cracked a pained smirk. “Oh god…” She was half laughing, half crying. “You’re the worst.” She leaned in and buried her head in my chest. I kissed the top of her head and pulled her close. This whole thing was surreal for me, I couldn’t imagine what was going through Naomi’s mind.

She looked up at me and started to say something when the TV blared out.

The Perfect Wife Program!” a loud, movie-trailer styled voice read off the cheesy-80’s title that faded on screen. Generic background muzak faded in; the slight warble in the old tape’s tracking gave it an eerie sound.

The picture faded into a generic, windowless office, where a grey-suited man was sitting at a comically large oak desk.

Welcome! We here at Perfect Wife Inc. are happy you’ve chosen to subscribe to our full Platinum Service. We’re confident this new program will bring our trusted brand into the future, with all the technology the 1980s will have to offer!

Now the nameless suit was walking through a busy office, grinning and continuing his pitch.

Our clients are realists, practical men who know times are changing. Women now have a more prominent role at work and at home.Why just take Susan here,” he gestured to a woman typing at a table behind him. She looked like a porn-star than a secretary, with huge tits, heavy makeup and blown-out platinum hair. “Sharp as a tack and cute as a button!

I can do anything a man can do!” The blonde mugged to the camera, delivering her lines in a stilted, high pitched voice. “Why would I stay at home?

That’s right Suzzie!” The man patted her head lightly.

“Christ, where did they dig up that bimbo?” Naomi muttered. I didn’t say it, but I was starting to suspect we’d already seen how Perfect Wife Inc. recruited.

But just because the world is changing, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have what every man wants.” The screen did a hacky, harp-scored dissolve to a generic 1950’s kitchen. The narrator and Suzzie appeared with a cartoon ‘pop.’

With the new Perfect Wife program, you have all the tools you need to build the family of your dreams!” The narrator snapped his fingers and Suzzie was suddenly a retro, pin-up housewife; a technicolor model that would have looked right at home in any Nick-at-Nite rerun.

But mister,” Suzzie cooed. “Won’t I get bored with this big brain?

“Oh fuck…” Naomi sat upright, just putting together what I’d already feared.

No worries missy. We’ll take care of that!” The narrator winked at the camera. “Now we’ve been keeping you at home waiting long enough. Be sure you’ve read all the included instructions. And, as always, our customer service team can assist you if any glitches arise!

The narrator and Suzzie faded out, replaced with bold text on a black background:


“What did we just watch?” Naomi asked, “And what’s that awful tone?”

“What tone?” 

I looked over at her, expecting her to be in tears after all that, maybe even furious. 

Instead, she was staring blankly ahead at the screen, mouth slightly ajar. 

“Hey, Earth to Naomi. You doing ok?”

Police to Asian Bimbo



Emily Van Patten was unhappy with her life. He had many debts, a miserable job in a police station. I hated Asian girls and what I hated most was that they wore little clothes, laughed and laughed. Of course, I hated the men who attacked the woman, but that other woman could act like those bimbo shirts and that was no longer envy

But she from within wanted to be one of them
And meanwhile in a police investigation, the group of Asians were the first suspects.

So, it was to investigate a new strip club opened by a group of Vietnamese

The day after the investigation, he went into the strip club and asked them some questions

“Listen, racist police, we Asians have come to the United States to find opportunities.” The manger said with a smile on his face.

“First of all, do not miss me, and second, I promise that by the end of the week I’ll close this place!” “I am law here!” She screamed and slammed the door behind her.

«Well, we’ll see about that.» said the manager to himself with an evil smile on his face.

When Emily got home, she logged in online to investigate a bit about the strip club and find a way to investigate the Vietnamese mafia. A few moments later he saw that he had received an email from someone unknown.

“Problems for some scam, but it does not hurt to take a look”. She said and clicked to open. In the mail, a long text witch seemed to be a kind of fairy tale about an American woman she had encountered yet had not found her true potential.

In the story, the American realized her envy towards the Asians and a very kind man told her that he could help her become a beautiful Vietnamese princess so that she could really become what she should be. At the end of the story, he said … he will continue.

In the story, the American realized her envy towards the Asians and a very kind man told her that he could help her become a beautiful Vietnamese princess so that she could really become what she should be. At the end of the story, he said … he will continue.

Even you, who went against everything Emily and the law represented, simply could not stop reading.

After having read everything, a great wave of pleasure flowed through her body and she felt more horny than she had ever been.

This time she did not even have time to think about resting before her fingers were deep in her pussy and the other hand on her tits. This time she was even more wild than before and orgastered several times before she eventually went naked on the floor.

That night she dreamed of being the queen of striptease and with a new name Kim Lee

When she woke up the next morning, her pussy was soaked with her finger inside.

“Oh no … Something is wrong, very bad.” She said worried and ran to the bathroom to throw a little more water on her face to cool off but when she saw herself in the mirror she froze.

«Noooo, this is not possible. I can not be me! “Scream.

“I look like an Asian slut with horny hair, plump lips and huge tits … I mean breast! … even your tits sound much hotter (giggle) … No! This is not me, I look like a Vietnamese stripper stripper.


screamed to herself as she tried to fight the growing bitch inside her.

«There must be a way to stop this. I need to see a doctor … with a huge cock (giggle) … Nooo, damn it. I am a strong and independent woman, a devout feminist … a huge and busty aunt with a thirst for cock! "The fox moaned and licked her lips.

"Mmm, my big juicy tits feel so good, Mmm, I bet they feel even better with a big cock between them,”



I … I … I have to fight against this. Even you feel so good being a horny jerk. I must resist, I must fight against this, I must … Get a cock between my delicious tits! Mmmm, I think I need to try my new lipps for. They are like sooooo to suck dicks. I moaned the new Emily.

“Maybe that strip club can give me what I want … but you like to get fucked from time to time … I know! There’s a porn studio a couple of blocks from here, that’s what I need, to become a porn star! "moaned the newborn whore in extecy.

"Hmm, but Susan is a pretty lame porn name, from now on Im Kim Lee.” Kimmy said in a low voice and licked her lips.

“I can not believe I used to be a boring and

miserable police  . Being a whore is much more sexy and fun. "Kimmy laughed and went to the porn studio.

She was employed at the time she entered the striptease and only a few weeks later she was one of the most popular stars they had.

She was on the set making a new video and now it was time for her. Three guys came in and Kim Lee. I just could not wait for them to fill all their holes with cum.