Curse of the Red Succubus

Very rough draft I threw together, loosely inspired by @hypnotizedselina. A bit outside the more male dominant stuff I post.

Planning on revisiting this at some point; I’d like to clean it up and expand the story.

Meghan always has a bit of a crush on Amy. It wasn’t anything Meghan hid, but Amy was straight… or straight-ish.

Amy wasn’t into fantasy, or much nerdy stuff at all. While they both binged some Doctor Who that summer before college, Amy mostly tuned it out while browsing BuzzFeed and Twitter. Meanwhile, Meghan was still writing Karen Gillan stories anonymously on AdultFanFiction.

Whatever their differences, they still kept close. So when Meghan had gotten addicted to the latest prestige fantasy epic, it took very little coaxing to get Amy to spend her Sunday nights playing catch up at her best friend’s house.

Sure, part of the thrill Meghan got from the show was the over the top sex scenes. But it was classy, and totally made sense in universe. It wasn’t like she was watching porn with her friend…

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