Going Viral

The new trend takes the world by storm.

It was the newest viral trend. “Ahgg-ing” the kids called it.

The basic premise was simple: get stupid enough that you reflexively made the ‘Ahgg’ face (‘ahego’ to the old timers).

At first, everyone was doing it. Celebrities, Instagram models, Twitch streamers. But then things started to escalate.

Soon, it wasn’t enough to pretend to be stupid. Now you needed to be truly be ‘Brain Drained’.

TMZ started running hit-pieces on celebrities caught ‘faking’ Ahgg faces. BuzzFeed made listicles on the best ways to actually, temporarily, reduce your IQ (#7 was sleep deprivation, #5 was pot, #2 was nitrous, #1 was edging with all of the above).

More feminist-forward sites like Jezebel wrote lengthy posts on how to responsibility Ahgg. The cover of Teen Vogue loudly declared “Brain Drain on your own terms!”.

A cottage industry popped up overnight of Ahgg ‘supplements’. They were everywhere. When a Kardashian backed brand launched (‘B1MBO2’) it sold out everywhere, from 7-11 to GNC.

At the end of the year heath experts started to raise concerns about how permanent the effects were. The FDA’s report on oxygen deprivation and permanent brain damage came too late.

By the time the public was aware of the long term impact of true Ahgg-ing, no one cared. All the major influencers, from Twitter to Snapchat, were mindless, giggling bimbos.

It was cool to get your brains literally fucked out on camera. Social media sites had to relax their content standards to stay relevant. Seven top ten posts on YouTube were girls going Full Bimbo, having their IQ points drained while orgasming. The most of them were the cocksucking method, but lesbian assisted ‘conversion’ was also popular.

In the end, this generation was left with millions of dumb, horny teens; unable to have a future beyond performing and fucking. There was some moral panic about the future of the country, but that quickly quieted down with the baby boom.

Soon, a new class of mother’s were everywhere. The original Ahgg-ing generation, raising the next wave of airheaded teens.

Now, we’re bracing for the Bimbo Boom, as the media has taken to calling it. Everyone’s speculating on what will happen to society, how norms and fashion will change.

Me? I’m just happy to have a near infinite pick of objectified sluts. In person, on TV and online, there’s no shortage of mindless girls to watch and use.

I can’t wait for my daughter’s ‘graduation’ this May. I know she and her friends will blow up the porn scene, just like her mother.

They’re already planning a ‘forced conversion’ series, with anti-bimbo resistance members fucked into submission. It’s all smoke and mirrors, with some consenting actress playing the victim, but I think it’s going to be big. She has a bright future ahead of her.

New and Improved Traditions

“Like, trick or treat Mister!”

The world had changed so much, it was difficult to tell exactly what I was looking at.

Was this a “little girl” who had been kept in a state of perverse arrested development by her “daddy”? Maybe sent out on Halloween to show off her curves as her favorite cartoon character.

Or was this a “bimbo mommy”? One of the new wave of self stylized post feminists, the ones advocating for slut-pride teaching from childhood. They’d already successfully lobbied to reboot My Little Pony into a Rule34 inspired network hit. I’d seen a couple Disney princess out tonight already, dressed in the offical ‘new and improved’ outfits that only fit the Double-D Plus sizing that was quickly becoming the minimum standard.

I must have been staring too long.

“Het Mister? Are you going to, like, spank me or let me suck your cock?”

“Oh, uhh, yes. Treats at this house tonight.” I mumbled while unzipping my pants.

“Yay!” The cute ‘Dora’ exclaimed, bouncing up and down, then dropping to her knees.

I have to say, even in this new world, Halloween was still my favorite holiday.


Sidney was creeped out by the way all the other women acted at the office. They all did everything they were told, no matter how lewd.
Not that she was worried. The men never asked her to do any of that. They probably just took advantage of women they knew would do it.
Still, she felt guilty acting so superior. Which is why she agreed to let them throw her a birthday party.
The stripper was a surprise. She did not mind so much, even though he “danced” to really lame dub step that seemed to make her dizzy. When the girls encouraged her to give him a handjob, she figured she would humor them.
When his jizz hit her cheeks, chin and lips though, everything changed. Gone was the old Sidney, here to stay was the new, more fun Sidney.
“Alright ladies,” Mr. Morrison chided them. “Party’s over. Sidney, it’s time for my afternoon blowjob.”
“Of course sir.” She wiggled after him, excited to get a nother dose of cum.

Raped By Twitch Chat


Warning: Very intense!
Mindrape, public, blackmail, exhib, humiliation, crying.

Script from vocawriter112, with some crude format editing.

Audio version from kara-chameleon available here.

(distractedly playing a game)
Oh fuck..oh fuck…reload…DAMMIT…come on…come on…YES! GOT HIM…you guys saw that right? Tell me you saw how awesome that was.
(in cheery, fake voice)
Ohhh, thank you PrincessGuyGuy421! Welcome to the funcrew! Thanks for the 4 month sub. I hope you have a very berry cool day!
(back to normal voice)
and I’m totally going to dedicate my next kill to you-
SHIT…that was total bullshit…next round!…next round…I swear this time, knife-only

   //I’m so fucked up right now. The ponies on top of my head told me to give you money//

Uhh…you might want to see someone about that…but…thank you, and thank you…ponies for the 5 dollars!
(frustrated sounding)
Stay still…just one sec…come on…I’m gonna stab you. Just stop for a second…stop…YESSS!
That was amazing! Totally worth it.

  //check your private messages//

Uhhh…thanks for the 2 dollars, I’ll check later. I really appreciate you supporting the channel. Right now, I’m gonna go for a second knife kill on that guy, double revenge for earlier.

   //you dumb cunt, check your messages NOW//

What the hell…what’s your deal?


Hold on…hold on…
(breathing harder)
Uhh guys, I need a quick break…to…deal with something

(dead silence)

annnd I’m back! sorry about that, I uh….needed to…find a way to block that guy…yea…
(breathing hard)
…no..it’s ok guys…really.
Ok..ok…I need to switch to a more relaxing game now since…yea.
(breathing hard)
Oh and…uh…I also just changed the donation address.

Ohhh, thank you…uh…SlaveOwner111111!
Welcome to the Funcrew! Thanks for the sub, and I hope you have a VERY berry cool day!
This game seems fun…hopefuly you guys don’t mind-
Ohhh, thank you…um…Your_Family_Will_See_This welcome to the funcrew
… yea I’ll just… read the rest of these subs later…let’s cool it for now.
(fake humming happily, pretending to be cheerful)
I really should play this game more. It’s so calm to just, you know…chill?

   //can you voice act for us? say welcome home oniichan//

Sure! ‘Welcome home oniichan’ and thanks for the donation oniichan

   //how about ‘I sexually identify as an attack helicopter’//

uh…ok… ‘I sexually identify as an attack helicopter’ (forced, nervous giggling) You guys are weird.

   //say you really want to be a cam whore//

(quieter voice)
really want to be a cam…whore. 
(breathing hard)
Guys can we not ask those things? I kind of like to keep things PG-13.

   //say you love being assfucked by big cock//

(frustrated, upset voice)
(breathing hard)
…I-I love getting…ass…fucked by big…COCK…
(nearly crying)

   //she wants to be a camwhore. chat stop being gay and do it right like this. show us your tits whore//

(softly crying)
…I’m taking my shirt off…

   //faster slut, I want to cum//

Making me strip for you

   //take the rest off too//



I’m doing it…
I’m naked now…

   //do you like stripping for 241 strangers?//

Nooooooo…I don’t like it!
(soft crying and soft moaning)

   //start rubbing your cunt//


   //what is wrong, why are you doing this. stop donating sick messages!//
   //stop being gay, cum for us slut//

(soft moaning, crying, whimpering)

   //cum for us//

I can’t! I can’t do that…
(moaning, crying)

   //lower the cam, stuff your cunt and ass with your fingers//

(breathing harder, moaning)
I don’t want this…please…just ask nice things…please…

   //put another finger in your ass//

(frustrated moaning)

   //whore likes this, use your cunt harder//
   //moan louder for us bitch//

(loud moaning, whimpering)

   //stop doing what they say for 20 seconds//

Thank you…thank you…
(breathing hard)
…please…more nice things…I don’t want to be a whore guys…I’m sorry…please…stop watching this…I’m sorry…I’m sorry
(softly crying)

   //don’t ever stop doing what we say again//

Nooooo…please…please…I don’t want to be your slave…

   //read out loud what chat is saying//

T-they are saying…whore…slut…you’re getting banned…

   //fuck yourself while saying it//

(crying, moaning)
L-look at her go at it….her holes need it….O M G…
…what is happening…faster…
…faster…harder…say dirty things…
…we can hear how wet she is

   //tell us to call you names in chat//
   //talk dirty to us cunt, make us cum//

C-call me names…please…call me names so I can…c-cum

   //make your holes cum for us//

(softly sobbing, moaning louder)
I’m sorry…I’m sorry everyone…
…this is the last stream…t-thank you for watching…
(moaning 10sec)
Welcome to the funcrew…thanks for the subs and
…donations…I-I hope you have a very…berry
(moaning, whimpering)
(loud moaning)
I can’t go any harder guys…it hurts if I go harder…please…my ass hurts…just let me fuck my pussy! please…PLEASE
You’re raping me…you guys are raping me…
(moaning, whimpering)
…you’re all jacking off to this…
…you’re masturbating to RAPE…please…
…I can’t stop it…I can’t stop it…I can’t-
(moaning, frantic)
Cum to this…cum to my rape. Watch me be a camwhore for you. Watch me stuff both my holes…fuck my ass…fuck my cunt…
noooo I really can’t cum for you…I don’t want to cum…I don’t want this!

This is so fucked up….just cum to me…please. I’ll talk dirty…cum on my fucking face…all of you…I’ll get closer.
This is what I look like when I fuck myself.
This is what you wanted isn’t it? Cover me…cum on my face, my tits…my cunt…my ass…CUM TO ME…cum you sick fucks…CUM WHILE I RAPE MYSELF HARDER.
(frantic moaning, nearly cumming)
Oh god…I can’t…I REALLY can’t cum for you!
 Of course I’m turned on…but I can’t do that! Please…stop it…
…please…don’t make me cum like this…I can’t cum…
(desperate to cum)
Oh fuck…oh fuck…I can’t stop it…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…I don’t want you to see this…
…I can’t stop…I can’t stop…I can’t-
(long, final orgasm + moaning)