Like, an update!

“Heeey everyone!”

“I know my new look is, like, totally different?”

“A couple of subs mentioned they’re worried, that I’ve been acting like more ditzy and stuff?”

“But, everything is, like, really really fun now! I don’t even mind all the dickpics!”


“Like, anyway! After my last warning, some really helpful guys got me all set up on OnlyFans!”


“It’s, like, perfect! I can show my boobies now without all those annoying warnings!!”

Image source: aariabb

Going Viral

The new trend takes the world by storm.

It was the newest viral trend. “Ahgg-ing” the kids called it.

The basic premise was simple: get stupid enough that you reflexively made the ‘Ahgg’ face (‘ahego’ to the old timers).

At first, everyone was doing it. Celebrities, Instagram models, Twitch streamers. But then things started to escalate.

Soon, it wasn’t enough to pretend to be stupid. Now you needed to be truly be ‘Brain Drained’.

TMZ started running hit-pieces on celebrities caught ‘faking’ Ahgg faces. BuzzFeed made listicles on the best ways to actually, temporarily, reduce your IQ (#7 was sleep deprivation, #5 was pot, #2 was nitrous, #1 was edging with all of the above).

More feminist-forward sites like Jezebel wrote lengthy posts on how to responsibility Ahgg. The cover of Teen Vogue loudly declared “Brain Drain on your own terms!”.

A cottage industry popped up overnight of Ahgg ‘supplements’. They were everywhere. When a Kardashian backed brand launched (‘B1MBO2’) it sold out everywhere, from 7-11 to GNC.

At the end of the year heath experts started to raise concerns about how permanent the effects were. The FDA’s report on oxygen deprivation and permanent brain damage came too late.

By the time the public was aware of the long term impact of true Ahgg-ing, no one cared. All the major influencers, from Twitter to Snapchat, were mindless, giggling bimbos.

It was cool to get your brains literally fucked out on camera. Social media sites had to relax their content standards to stay relevant. Seven top ten posts on YouTube were girls going Full Bimbo, having their IQ points drained while orgasming. The most of them were the cocksucking method, but lesbian assisted ‘conversion’ was also popular.

In the end, this generation was left with millions of dumb, horny teens; unable to have a future beyond performing and fucking. There was some moral panic about the future of the country, but that quickly quieted down with the baby boom.

Soon, a new class of mother’s were everywhere. The original Ahgg-ing generation, raising the next wave of airheaded teens.

Now, we’re bracing for the Bimbo Boom, as the media has taken to calling it. Everyone’s speculating on what will happen to society, how norms and fashion will change.

Me? I’m just happy to have a near infinite pick of objectified sluts. In person, on TV and online, there’s no shortage of mindless girls to watch and use.

I can’t wait for my daughter’s ‘graduation’ this May. I know she and her friends will blow up the porn scene, just like her mother.

They’re already planning a ‘forced conversion’ series, with anti-bimbo resistance members fucked into submission. It’s all smoke and mirrors, with some consenting actress playing the victim, but I think it’s going to be big. She has a bright future ahead of her.

Movie Night – Hesitation Marks


Excerpt from my ongoing story Movie Night: The Line Begins To Blur

There’s a lot I wish I could change about that summer.

I wish I’d gotten Naomi out of there, out of Bedford. Especially after realizing how lost she was that day on the side of the highway. I could have just kept driving, fuck the school and the plan to download the ghost file.

I wish my horny, immature, 18 year old self could see I was constantly hedging. Betting Naomi’s freedom, her mind, on the chance I could… I don’t even know…

The change take advantage of her?

I hate myself to even say it. To talk about my wife, the mother of my child like that.

But I’ve come to terms with that a while ago. As much as I tried to obscure it to Naomi and even myself at the time, the truth is I was weak and selfish.

And I’ve been trying to make up for it ever since then.

The thing that makes it difficult to clear my conscious is how fuzzy things got by July. Not just the imperfect memories that come with age, but the programming and the chemicals I now know were influencing Naomi and I that whole summer.

That fog and the ambiguity it brings is a double edged sword.

On one hand, there’s the specter of absolution; everything I did or didn’t do may have been beyond my control. I can point my judgement and revulsion at the men (and woman) who drugged and hypnotized me for their own gains.

On the other hand, I can’t be certain what actions were my own. I’d like to imagine with a totally clear head and full understanding of the consequences, I would make better choices. That I would have acted like a decent human being.

But then, some nights, when Naomi is particularly horny and spaced out, she begs me to save her.

It’s an act. She’s beyond saving now, and she knows it. We both are.

Still, my wife will look up at me, with a mimicry of her old, teenage self. She’ll lock eyes with me and beg me not to take advantage of her. She’ll plead with me not to turn her into a slutty, mindless caricature. She’ll say she doesn’t want the same fate as her mother.

Naomi says all this because she knows it drives me wild. It’ll always been in the middle of some heavy foreplay, right when she knows I’m struggling to pace myself. She’ll turn on her ‘old’ self, and watch me swim with guilt and desire.

Not that it really matters. The deed is done and Naomi is who she is now. But she likes seeing it play out again, watching me break because I want her so badly.

And I lose that battle every time. I always fuck her. And Naomi smiles and slowly lets her facade drop, turning her pleas into giggles and moans of pleasure.

I’d like to imagine with a totally clear head and full understanding of the consequences, I would make better choices. That I would have acted like a decent human being.

But deep down, I know that’s not certain.

And Naomi? Poor, mindless Naomi?

She somehow still knows my shame.

And she loves to watch me fall, again and again.

Movie Night: Chapter 3


Read Chapter 1 – Pretty Fate Machine

Read Chapter 2 – The Line Begins To Blur

Concept and characters generously provided by VoidGolem.

Further Down The Spiral – July 1999

“It’s too big, it won’t fit. I told you this would be painful, but you’ve got a one track mind.”

I leaned back in my chair, not ready to give up yet. “I can’t stop now, I’m close. It’s right in front of me, if I could just…”

Aaron cut me off. “It’s not happening with your internet connection. Your trying to download a full disk image, almost a gig, over a 56k connection. The server will keep timing out… hell, I’m surprised you can connect at all.”

Two weeks of searching online for Prefect Wife Inc. and this was all I had. A ghost… or to be more specific a .ghost image file. I had no idea what the hell it was, or how I could open it. That’s why Aaron, my old Debate Club partner and class ‘hacker’ was on the phone with me.

“Are you sure you can’t just come over and walk me through this in person? I can’t talk and browse, my house only has one line.” I glanced down at the notes I’d made so far, and already knew I was lost. “How do I even install the FTP? Just bike over here.”

“No can do, good buddy.” I could hear Aaron typing away while he was talking. “House arrest. You know that.”

He was exaggerating, but not by much. After accessing some teacher’s personal documents on the school network, he’d been suspended and grounded. Aaron didn’t even walk at graduation; he got his diploma mailed after some community service.

“So how do I download it? Can you do it for me? I could swing by and pick it up…” I was desperate.

“Nope. You’re going to need a T1 line if you want to snag that baby.”

“And where do I find one of those?”

“Not in Bedford. We’re not wired for fiber. Closest one is…” he stopped typing. “Say, aren’t you going to State this fall?”

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Policy Changes



A small snippet from a long lost story I stumbled upon. All credit to the the original author, James Craft.


From:“James Craft” <>
Subject:Policy Changes
To:“Abbiko Harding” <> 

Poor, poor, sexy dolly.

Why is Abbiko so confused?  First she says that she knows her name, then she is confused?
Abbiko should just wear her sexy pink dolly clothes, her sexy pink dolly makeup, her sexy dolly hair, have a protein shake and go to her Japanese lessons.  She should not worry about such confusing things. She should just giggle and smile, and flirt like Kuman-san wishes.  She should learn to walk sexy and look sexy, like Kuman-san wishes. Kuman-san knows how to train a silly girly dolly like Abbiko.  He knows that OTTII wants Abbiko to be this way.  He will help her to be this way if only Abbiko-doll is a good girl and obeys Kuman-san’s instructions.
Master will send power of attorney papers to Abbiko-doll to sign.  Then she will not have to worry about confusing things anymore.  OTTII will care for her from now on.
Good news!  OTTII management is very-very happy with Abbiko-doll. They are considering moving her to Kobe office to be closer to them.  But first Abbiko-doll must sign power of attorney papers, and Abbiko-doll must obey Kuman-san when he gives her instructions.Think about it Abbiko-doll.  Working at the head office with all the top OTTII executives.  Is this not what Abbiko-doll wants?  Be a good dolly and show your appreciation to Okejimi-san when you see him next.


From:“Abbiko Harding” <>
Subject:Policy Changes
To:“James Craft” <>

Dear Master Craft,
Abbiko is soooo happy OTTII is pleased with her!!! They want Abbiko to move Kobe office!!! This is what Abbiko always want, to get respect as woman and work in Head Office where Abbiko can be noticed for her skills!! Abbiko is so happy when she read this, she go to see Okejimi-san right away. He is very happy that Abbiko is so pleased, but he does say it would be shame to lose Abbiko as she help his department very much. Abbiko give Okejimi-san long, sloppy blow job to say thank you, and then pull up her skirt so he can fuck Abbiko. Abbiko is in Okejimi-san office for nearly 90 minutes.
Abbiko will try extra hard with Kuman-san now. Abbiko know she have something to aim for and that OTTII are pleased with Abbiko, and not just overlook her because she is woman. Abbiko think this many time before, but now Abbiko know she was wrong. OTTII is right to give Okejimi-san promotion over Abbiko, so Abbiko can maybe go to Head Office instead.
Abbiko get power thingy papers earlier and sign right away, not even read them. Abbiko know that OTTII is good to her. Master Craft should get papers in company mail soon.
Abbiko have to go now, she have lesson with Kuman-san. Abbiko so happy now!!!

Abbiko Harding
Office Girl
OTTII Shares Division

Found an archived version a while back and forgot to share it.

If you’re into speech changes, this is the gold standard IMHO.


zzz… zzz… “Huh? W-what?!”

Hey-mphhhfff! <What the fuck?!>
You’ve been thinking a little too much lately.
So I gave you a little something to help solve the problem.
Shhh… Just take the cock…

That’s it… Just take it in…
mmmpphhh… <f-feels… w-weird… k-kinda, good?>
Good girl. Let me push it in…
mphfff… mmm… <in… push it… in…>
All the way into your brain…
mmmm…. <b-brain? into… m-my… w-wait…>

“W-wait! I don’t… don’t- uh…”
*smack* *smack*
“d-don’t uh… uh…”
Shhh… Don’t fight it, hon.
*smack* *smack*

Here we go. All the way in now.
Mphmmmm… mmm… <all way in – n-no…>
Right into your mind now…
Mmmmhmmm… <into… mind… brain… cock… w-wait… s-stop…>
Helpless to fight it…
mmm… mmm… <helpless… no… fight… f-fight… f->

mmmpph! <f-fight… it…>

mmmpph! <f-figh…>

Mmmpphffft. <f-f…>
MMMMMMM! <fucking… fucking… out…>

Good girl. Much better.
*suck* mmm… … <thoughts… out…>
No more thinking now…
*suck* mmm… … <no… thinking…>
Fucking every little bit left…
*suck* mmm… <fuck…>

Mmmmggrr… Good little doll…
*suck* <doll…>
That’s what you’re going to be.
Just a doll that doesn’t think.
*suck* <doesn’t… think…>

Ughh… Gotta get that last bit…
*suck* <last… bit…>
Make sure you… ugh… never…
*suck* <never…>
Think again… mmm…
*suck* <never… think… a-a-again… n-no…….!>
Now take it. There you go.
<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!> *suck* <!!!!!!!> *suck*

Finally. Nothing left now.
… <…>
You’re just an empty fuck doll.
… <…>
No more thoughts. No mind. Just holes.
… <…>

Good little fuck doll.
… <…>
You’re going to be my brainless fuck doll forever.
… <…>
You’re gorgeous now you mindless cunt.
… <…>

Ugh… Good mindless… cunt…
… <…>
Take my cum, fuck doll.
Aghhhh! Ungggh… Good girl…
… <…>
Fucking good doll. I’ll clean you up later.
… <… … … … … …>


“Oh yeah, that’s soooo good.”
You like it.
“I do.”
It wasn’t a question, sweetie.
*giggle* “mmmm…”
Slick. Wet. Open. Dripping.

Go ahead and reach inside.
“Oh no… no, no, no… I’ve got class.”
Just a little.
“Fuck you’re naughty, no no… mmmm!”
Good girl. Harder now.
“No… no no… fuck! mmmm…”
Rub it out, sweetie.
*giggle* No, no, no! *laughs*

You stopped. I’m impressed.
“I have class, honey!”
That’s supposed to be ‘sir’.
“I have class, SIR. You’re very naughty, SIR.”
Someone’s bratty today.
“Mmmhmm. Fuck, I do have to go.”
Why are you still wiggling?
“Cause I’m horny, SIR.” *giggles*

“Okay, honey. I’ll catch up with you later.”
You sure you don’t want to stay?
“Pussy wants to stay. Me? I have to go.”
Maybe I should just come over and fuck you stupid.
*laughs* “Down boy! I’m already gonna be late!”
You’ve got an A, plus if I fucked you stupid you won’t need class.
*giggles* “True. Okay mister, I-”
“f-f-fFUCKKK!” *squirms* *cums*
“Fuck!” *laughs* “Stop!!”

“Fuck… okay, I’m going.”
You’re already late.
“I know but I’m-”
“b-b… oh… no, no… oh, I-” *rubs*
Good girl. So diligent and cute.
“b-but… c-class…”
You’re not going to class. CUM.
“Ughhh! not… going… class… ugh…”
Good girl.

That’s it. Much easier this way.
Good girl. We can always trance you to study when we need you smart.
“yes… Sir…”
But you don’t need to think now. Just rub.
“no think… just rub…”
Rub your horny mind away.
“away… mind… away…”

Good girl. Nice and mindless. Obedient.
“m-mind-less… ob-obeee-d… o-obey…”
You may be smart but you sure love being dumb in a trance…
“d-dumb… trance… rub… mind… out…”
Good girl. Now you’re going to stay and be my fuck pet and skip class.
“f-fuck… pet… skip… c-class…”
Good girl. And 3. 2. 1. WIDE AWAKE!

So how do you feel?
“Good… I just wanna be a good fuck pet, Sir.” *soft giggle*
You’re going to stay and rub and cum as much as I want?
“mmmm… Yes, Sir. Anything you want…”
I like when you rub your cunt for me.
“For you, sir… mmmm… wanna cum, Sir.”
Good, just like that. Tonight I’m going to come over and fuck you.
“mmm… w-wait, Sir… I can’t… tonight. mmmm…”
Fuck. Why not, pet?
“My s-sister is staying with me. Mmmmmmm… so good…”
The law studies sister from State?
“Yes, Sir. please… need to cum again, Sir…”

Don’t fight. Get all of it.
Cum every bit of control you have out your slick cunt.
“c-cunntttt! uughghughhhh…”
Everything. You have no will. No control. CUM YOUR BRAINS.
“b-bra!!! c-ca–!!!!!!!!”
Stop fighting. You know what I’m going to do, you don’t care. CUM!
“ughghhghh…. .…. ….”

Good cunt. You are in a CUM TRANCE now.
*cum* “ugghhgh” *twitch* *twitch*
You will now do everything I instruct you to.
*twitch* *cum* *twitch* *cum*
You will not resist anything I ask.
*twitch* *cum* *twitch* *cum* “a-a-any..thnggg…”
You will change any plans I ask you to change.
*twitch* *cum* *twitch* *cum*
You continue to Love, Obey, and Adore me.
*twitch* *cum* *twitch* *cum* “….”
Good girl. 3. 2. 1. WIDE AWAKE!

Keep rubbing while we talk.
“y-yes… Sir…”
You understand now?
“y-es, Sir. i’m a g-good girl. Anything y-you want.”
Focus. Keep rubbing. I’m going to come over.
“yes, sir.”
I’m going to fuck until you can’t walk straight.
“yes, sir.”
Then tonight you’re going to help me brainwash your sister.
“y-yes, sir…”
And I’m going to fuck you both senseless all night.
“y-y-yessss, sir.”
Good. Now MIND BREAK CUM until I get there.

*scrams* “aghhghhghhh….”
*jiggles keys* Good girl. MIND BREAK CUM. *hangs up*
“i- ahghgh.. ..nee-…..” *cum brain* *break* *rubbing*
“ahghh… .m-mus… no.. .f…” *cum brain* *break* *rubbing*
“ot… saggh….” *cum brain* *break* *rubbing*

“… … … … …” *cum brain* *break* *rubbing*


Alright, now let’s not go crazy here. I agreed to do this for our anniversary, but remember the rules. You’re only allowed to change my looks. Want me to be a copy of Ariana Grande, or a look-alike for some girl you had a crush on in college? Or how about just a bimbofied version of myself? That’d be hot, right sweetie? Just don’t mess with my mind. I swear, if you do that…


It’d be like so freakin’ hot. Fer realz! *giggle*

Can you even imagine if I tried to say some smart girl stuff or whatever but instead I was like blah blah blah math is hard?


It’d be even funnier, too, cuz I don’t even look the part, ya know?


Like, ditzes are s’posed to have implants and mine are real.

JK! You bought these for me, Daddy! 

I swear. Boys are always checking me out. And girls too! One time my friend Tiffany tried to grab up on me and I was like no way. I’m not gonna lez out with you.


Not unless my man is here to watch! So Daddy, when are you gonna change me?