Not Just a Phase – Part 3

The drive was an exercise in frustration for Mary. Though she’d gotten off that morning thinking about seeing her girlfriend for the first time in person in over a month, the two hours in the car with building anticipation was maddening.

Mary had even pulled over halfway there at one of those mega rest stops, unable to focus on the road. She sent some flirty, probably too-desperate sounding texts to Emily. Class be damned, she needed her girl so badly she spammed Emily with pink hearts and thirsty selfies until she finally got a short string of replies.

oh god mai

good girl

mommy is busy

cant wait to see u đŸ„°

It was enough for Mary, who had been holding off touching herself, but was already sweaty and wet. She quickly found a parking spot near the back of the lot, away from the families and tourists churring through the gas stations and food court. Her pants were already unbuttoned at the top – they were cute and made her ass look amazing, but cut into the soft stomach she’d grown over the summer. With a plausibly private distance, she squeezed her hand between her legs and rubbed.

In spite of her desire and the precarious location, she found herself edging. It was a habit she hadn’t intended to pick up, but all the engagement and influencer work had made it impracticable to just cum constantly whenever she’d gotten turned on. So now, sitting in this parking lot in the middle of nowhere, Mary was manically trying to push herself over the edge – in spite of a hard instinct to ride the pleasure indefinitely.

After what seemed like an eternity, she finally managed to re-mount her phone on her dashboard. With the screen auto-playing through the reaction feed to her latest TikTok, and another free hand to grope her newly-impressive breasts, she finally came.

Catching her breath, and looking around the parking lot to make sure no one had seen her, she saw a teenage boy in the distance. Old enough to be cute and on the cusp of a hottie, but young enough that he was still slouching around a picnic table, no doubt dragged around on some family car trip. While his parents were distracted by something this teen’s younger sibling was excitedly communicating – the boy was locked into eye contact with Mary – a slack jaw and shocked expression. Mary knew if she’d been close enough to see, the boy’s cock was probably pitching a tent under that table.

So she had an audience! Mary was surprisingly flattered. She’d been so worried about getting caught, she hadn’t even thought about how hot it was to be appreciated like this. He had a hoddie from Emily’s college, so Mary reassured herself he was probably just a young looking freshman boy.

A large semi truck, blaring it’s horn to clear a path, slid between them. Mary gave the gobstruck cutie a wink and little wave as they were separated.

Flush with the climax, not to mention the ego boost from her adoring fan, she grinned and cleaned herself up using the rearview mirror. 

Her hair was a bit frazzled, but nothing some product and a brushing couldn’t fix. Her shorts were wet with sweat and her juices, but a flannel tied around her waist would be good enough. 

Mary was surprisingly comfortable crossing the parking lot in her slightly disheveled state. Her outfit was probably a little to small and skimpy for her new weight. The heavy cream, the hearty breakfasts and delicious snacks from the local farmer’s market were worth some discomfort. Almost everything was going straight to her ass, tits and thighs but a little softness was still unavoidable. She actually liked it, and didn’t mind if her new curves peaked through a bit. These days, more attention always felt so, so, so good!