Hermione by midorikonton


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Commission for Jurodan based on pictures and outline they provided. Commission your own captions via my Patreon! (Please note that this is unusually long for a commission–I liked the premise and got carried away.)

Hermione hadn’t expected the spell to feel so good.

She’d known it would feel pleasant, of course. She’d created it,
painstakingly, secretly, over more than a month, as an anniversary present for
Ron. They’d married shortly after she finished her advanced studies
post-Hogwarts, and at first they’d both been very happy. Then, slowly, Ron had
started pushing things in the bedroom. Hermione knew he was more experienced
than her, but some of the things he wanted, the power and control—she just
couldn’t agree to that!

But she knew he was unhappy about it. He wanted more, and
she wanted to give him more—but she just couldn’t enjoy the things he wanted.
At least… not as she was normally. There was, she realized, a way she could
make herself enjoy it. Spells to increase libido, dampen the critical
faculties, enhance pleasure, reward submission. Dangerous spells, spells deep
in the gray area between the fully accepted and the Unforgivable. But she’d
found ways to study them, cracking the theory behind them, and slowly pieced
together a spell that combined elements of all of them, a spell that would make
her less intelligent, more submissive and sexually pliant. The hard part had
been making sure it would wear off in a day, but she’d… something.

It was getting hard to remember. The spell was working, and
it felt incredible. Her thoughts were
sluggish and she was getting more distracta—a wave of lust tingled through her
body. She’d put on her old Hogwarts uniform but left most of the buttons
undone—Ron seemed to have a… whatsitcalled. A thing for uniforms. And tits.

Tits! She’d never think that word before. It was a naughty
word! She giggled, still carefully aiming the wand at her head. The pink light
flowing from it felt like it was cleaning her out, sweeping away all the bad
stuff. All the nasty second thoughts and hesitations and implications and
rules. She felt so good, so happy and
horny, she just couldn’t wait until Ron got—

The door opened and Ron stared at his wife. “Um. Hermione?
What are you doing.”

The light faded and Hermione lowered the wand. “Uhhh… I
forget.” With Ron here, all she could think about was him tearing her panties
off and pinning her down on their bed. She waved in the general direction of
the little table by the door. “I left a note.” She giggled again.

Ron read it, his eyes getting wider as he read what she’d
done, and her promise to fulfill his every fantasy for the next 24 hours. Then
he looked up at Hermione. “Really?”

She smiled. “Uh-huh. Happy anni… thingy, honey!”

Ron grabbed her arm and half-dragged her to the bedroom, not
that he needed to. She laughed and followed him eagerly. She squealed as he
flung her onto the bed, and then spread her legs wide. “Please…” she moaned,
rubbing her va—her vaj… her pussy
through her panties. “Please Ron… fuck me…”

His trousers hit the floor, followed by his briefs a moment
later. His long, hard cock stood at attention, and Hermione’s mouth watered at
the sight of it. “How badly do you want it?” he asked her.

Hermione moaned. “Please… I’ll do anything, I need you so bad

Ron grinned. “Anything?”

They fucked four times that night. The first time was hard,
animalistic, desperate, the best sex either of them had ever had. The second,
Ron started by teasing Hermione, toying with her body until she thought she
would explode, or would have if she could still think, and only when she was
reduced to incoherent pleading did he finally take her and it was even better.
The third time he made her kneel and call him Master, licking and stroking his
cock until it was hard again, and then roughly ordered her to fuck him, which
was better still. By the fourth time they were both tired, but he ordered her
to get him hard yet again, then get on top and fuck him while chanting that she
was a dumb slut and his property—and that was the best of all.

Hermione woke the next morning feeling like her head was
stuffed with fuzz, which was pretty normal for mornings. But it didn’t unfuzz.
She remembered the night before like a whirlwind of pleasure and sensation,
vague images rising out of a general sea of bliss. She smiled at Ron’s sleeping
form, but something was tickling at the back of her head.

The spell’s wearing
. It only lasts 24 hours, I cast
it yesterday evening, and it’s early afternoon now. That means there’s only—

She shook her head. Whatever, that was boring. The spell was
fun, she didn’t want to think about
it ending, she wanted to fuck Ron some more. She snuggled against him, sliding
her hand slowly down his body to his cock. Hermione gently stroked him, feeling
him getting harder in her hand.

She looked up into his open eyes. “Hmm, I bet I know what you want,” he said teasingly.

“Cock?” she asked hopefully.

“Sure,” he said. Then he took her hand and pulled it off
him. “After breakfast.”

Hermione pouted. “Pleeeeaaase, Master?”

“Breakfast first,” Ron said firmly. “Then fucking.”

She sighed and slid out of bed. Obeying him felt good, but
not as good as fucking him. As she
walked toward the kitchen, she thought about what to make. Weirdly, she had no
trouble remembering what ingredients they had or what recipes she knew.

That’s the exception
for domestic tasks and roleplay
, she thought. Since Ron likes French maids so much.

It was like there was another voice in her head, the smart,
boring Hermione she used to be, and it kept poking through the nice fluffy pink
clouds before they covered it up again.

Metaphor. I’m getting
smarter again

But the thoughts were distracting. She needed to focus on
breakfast! Cracking eggs, whisking them, scrambling them. Ron watched her from
the kitchen table while she cooked. He was naked and rock hard, and that was so
distracting there wasn’t room for anything but that and cooking.

She set the plate of eggs and bacon down in front of him and
then knelt by his chair. “What about your breakfast, pet?” he asked, and
gestured to his cock.

It took Hermione’s addled brain a moment to understand, but
then she eagerly rushed to obey, engulfing the head of his cock in her mouth. I didn’t used to like this, she thought,
but that was silly. It felt so good, how could she have ever refused?

Ron—Master—soon came in her mouth, and she swallowed him
down happily. Not much longer, she
thought as she gazed up at him. “I wish I could feel like this forever,” she

Ron looked down at her. “You mean that?”

She nodded emphatically. “Uh-huh! This feels so good! But
the spell’s gonna end soon…”

Ron stroked her cheek. “We could do this again some time.”

Nononono I hate this
I’m only doing it for Ron! “No,”
Hermione said. But she didn’t hate this, how could she hate something that felt
so good? “Feels so good, I don’t wanna ever stop.”

Ron smiled nervously. “If… if you really mean that, if you
want to keep going, we could… cast the spell again?”

No! Don’t make me stay
like this longer!
“Then I’ll stay like this longer! You’re so smart,

He leaned down to kiss her. “Never thought I’d hear you say
that. C’mon, show me where your notes are? I might not get the theory, but I
can probably figure out how to cast the spell.”

Hermione struggled to remember where she put her notes,
while at the same time some other memory was clamoring for her attention,
something about wanting to make this temporary. But then they found the notes,
and Ron read through them.

By the time the shadows outside were growing long, he was
ready. Hermione knelt in front of Ron, both naked, while he pointed his wand
between her eyes. Her mind whirled as she stared up at him. This was what he
wanted. It felt so good to do what he wanted! But I don’t want to stay—The sex last night was so good! She loved
serving, fucking, sucking, being on her knees! But—There was some reason she should tell him to stop, but it was
so hard to remember it! So hard to think about anything other than that pink
light, how good it felt when it wiped her mind clean of sad, boring, smart-girl
voices. So much easier just to kneel and wait while he double-checked the

And then her mind cleared. Her eyes widened as she realized
the spell had worn off, and Ron was about to cast it again! She opened her
mouth, about to shout “Stop!” And then the pink light flowed over her from
Ron’s wand and pleasure filled her thoughts. Her jaw dropped as it filled her
head, the pleasure, the submission, the desire. She was supposed to tell him to
stop, because, because… because why? It felt so good, and it was so easy to let
it happen…

I’m never going to be
the old me again
, she thought, and then there was only pink.

364 days later…

Hermione knelt at her Master’s feet, gazing up at him
happily. It was their usual evening ritual, when Master cast the spell that
kept her dumb and happy and enslaved. Then they would play, and go to bed, and
tomorrow she would slowly get smarter and more confused until evening, when
Master would make her dumb and everything would be simple again.

The voice of Boring Hermione nagged at the back of her mind,
like it always did before the spell, but Hermione had a lot of practice
ignoring her smarter side. She just thought about how good the spell was going
to feel, how great it was to have Master to make all the decisions for her so
she could just fuck and suck and have fun and be happy.

But something was different today. Where was Master’s wand?
For a moment, Hermione panicked. Did he forget? Was he going to let Boring
Hermione take over?

“Happy anniversary!” Master said, and held out something for
Hermione to take. She looked it over in confusion. A collar? With writing on
it. It said… she bit her lip while she tried to work it out. S… l… u… t..? She
looked up at Master in confusion.

“It’s yours!” he said. “It took me ages to figure out on my
own, but it’s got the spell woven into it! As long as you wear it, I won’t need
to cast it—it’ll be permanent, never weakening, never wearing off.”

Hermione stared up at Master, trying to work it out. Deep
inside her, Boring Hermione was screaming. It’ll
be permanent! I’ll never be able to think for myself again!
So I’ll… I’ll be like this forever?”

Master nodded. “Exactly.”

Boring Hermione screamed and screamed as Hermione smiled
dazzlingly. “Oh, Master! Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” She held the
collar up to him, and he took it from her solemnly.

No! Boring
Hermione cried. Stop, let me out, I don’t
want this, I—
And then the collar was around her neck, and the voice went

“Now, slut,” said Master, “for my present. I’ll let you pick
it out—where do you want my cock?”

Hermione gazed up at him in dazed bliss and gestured to her

“Right answer,” said Master.

And then there was the cock in her mouth, and the pink bliss
in her brain, giggles and sex and outfits, serving and pleasing her Master,

She couldn’t have been happier.


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Wish Come True

Danielle was a nice girl, pretty, smart. Everything people like about young adults. She has a boyfriend Called Frank who was a little shy and small but she loved him anyway.

Her and Frank were helping her mother move house, while in the attic packing boxes, Frank finds a very old lamp. He throws it to Danielle, “Hey is this your mom’s?” She takes it and looks at it. “No way! It’s nothing like I’ve seen in this house and I grew up here.” Giving it a rub a big cloud of smoke fills the room and with a flash of light they are stunned. A person only that can be described as a genie is standing in front of the stunned couple. She looks at Danielle. “You have freed me. Since you both held the lamp I will grant each of you 3 wishes. Who would like to go first?”

Danielle looks at Frank in shock and steps forward as she wants to go first. She never really wanted anything for herself but she looks back at Frank and wonders if she can fulfil his life a little more. He has always being shy, it has held him back in his job and his life she decides when will help him.

“What is your first wish?” The genie asks. “I wish Frank was a more assertive.” She sees him turn his head quickly to the side like he has just been hit with something he seems dazed so she makes her other wishes. “I wish he was better with money”. Same again, he looks to be hit and dazed. “And last I wish he was a bit more muscular” she says biting her lip. “Maybe that last one was a bit more selfish” she thinks to herself.

Closing her eyes and turning around to see her new boyfriend. She feels a hand grab her waist and pulling her in before she can open them. It didn’t feel like Frank but it she knew it was him. Opening her eyes after and embracing kiss. Frank looks at her and rubs her cheek softly, he then looks up at the geine and says “I wish Danielle had the body of a stunning blonde bimbo”.

The genie nods and Danielle cannot believes the words the came out of his mouth! She pushes him away but before she can say anything she feels like she has just be hit. She feels her lips plump up and her vision is blurred for a second. The changes stop long enough for her to run to find a mirror. Her lips are so full and sexy, her eyes seem bigger and are now blue. She feels another hit, this time her hair changes to golden blonde. Her waist pulls in and she feels her hips and ass stick out turning around her pants struggles to contain her new figure. She feels her nails grow and change colour, tingling now travels up her arms into her chest she can feel her breast swell, It seems to stop but soon starts again this time like they are being filled. Soon she knows she now has huge fake breasts. She falls to the floor she seems to shake and convulse as the last of the changes take hold. Her skin tans, legs take more shape and lengthen, all blemishes disappear and makeup appears on her new stunning facial features and perfect straight white teeth match her new sex lips, she feels her pussy tighten and expand out to look pump and moisten to match her new lips. She lays there as the changes stop. She tries to stand up but now finds herself wearing high black heels. Stand up and looking in the mirror she sees nothing familiar, that wasn’t her. Black bra, Tight thong and sexy black stockings and suspenders to match is all that covers her. She looks at the geine and back at Frank, cleary with a big erection in his pants and a smile on his face. She turns to the geine in desress “I wish I was back to normal!”

She feels stuck again but this time no changes, she is forced to her knees. “These are not your wishes to make.” Frank walks over to her, dick in hand. “Well Danni, my bimbo, how great you turned out. Thanks for making me a dominate male, maybe you should becareful what you wish for. Now act how your new body looks, like the slut you are or I will give you a mind to match it!” She stares at his cock. Is this something she could be? A bimbo? Her and Frank were very vanilla and nornally just had sex. She puts her new lips around his head and grabs his shaft, she can feel him tense. She tries to take it further but shakes her head and pulls pack. “I can’t this isn’t me!” She cries. Frank pulls her golden hair and forces her back on his cock, to her throat and turns to the geine…“I wish Danni had a submissive personality to suit her new body”. Danni’ s eyes scream and they turn a shade of pink and her vision goes white. Her head fills with pink, cocks and orgasms all she wants now is a cock in each hole. She starts moving her head back and forth on his hard shaft. She starts to moan and suck like a pro. Danielle was gone and the bimbo Danni now exists in her place. She feels Frank ready to cun in her new tailored mouth and grabs his hips and forces herself as far down as she can on his dick. He cums in her mouth she feels a wave of pleasure hit her as she cums herself from the changes taking hold. She pulls herself off kissing the tip of his penis and stands up. “Hey babe thanks for the hot load I love sucking your cock Babe” she giggles and faces the geine. “Thanks for the body, I feel incredible! Frank Babe, what’s your last wish? Let’s get out of here and fuck, I can’t wait to try out this pussy on you.” She kneels down on all fours in front of the mirror and sticks her ass out in his direction and starts to rub her new plump pussy. “Hurry babe I need cock”

“Well let’s see…I have a new body as you wished for me and a personality like you wished for me. Let me think. How do I be better with money? I know, I wish all your friends were exactly like you.” With that said the geine nods as the last wish is granted. The lamp fades away and isn’t anywhere to be seen. Frank laughs as he moves to fuck his new slut in the attic. “I can’t wait to see what the others look like. I’m going to be rich whoring them out.” He grabs the bimbo by her hips and lines up to her ass. “Maybe I’ll whore you out if I like the other girls more” Danni didn’t care nor heard what he said, all she could think about as he pushed himself deep in her was ways to make self sexier for her man. She opens her eyes to see Frank fucking her in the mirror and a dildo appear in the mirror in front of her lips. She opens her mouth and sucks it like before knowing it’s a gift from the geine, she closes her eyes and sinks into bliss as she has everything she wants.

Great first post by @bottlemagic

I’m a sucker for ‘male corrupted’ setup! Hope to see more.

Family Magic – Chapter 1


Before I met Jean I had never considered fucking my family. She changed that.

Let me back up a bit. My name is Alistair. I’m twenty years old and my family situation isn’t the most normal you’ve seen. I have two moms, Kristine and Candice. Kristine is a doctor at the local hospital, while Candice teaches English at Springvale high. Neither of them wanted to go the sperm donor route for their kids so they adopted me and my two sisters.

Keri’s a few years older than me, twenty-four, and even though she had never said so I was sure she was a lesbian like our parents. She was super sporty, especially loving hockey and soccer, and kept her brown hair in a short pixie cut. When she wasn’t in uniform she usually dressed in sweatpants and tight tank tops that showed off her toned arms and large tits.

Sasha’s seventeen, and a real bookworm. She used to be cute as a button, always the center of attention, bouncing off the walls and with a glowing smile for everyone and everything – especially cute critters like dogs and horses. In the last few years she had taken a turn for the bitchy, always ready with a sarcastic putdown on the rare occasions she left her room. I often found myself missing her younger, happier self.

It was hard growing up surrounded by beautiful women. My moms were not shy with their affection for each other, kissing in front of us all the time and often groping each other lightly when they thought we weren’t looking. My friends often joked with me about asking them for a lesbian show, and I couldn’t help but be a little turned on at the image. Still, they were my parents, even if not by blood, so I suppressed those thoughts.

Keri was another source of taboo temptation. She developed pretty early, and was always around the house in her exercise gear, which only got tighter as she grew older. I have to admit that she was a frequent source of masturbatory fantasy in my hormonal teenage years, even if I never would have made a move on her. She was my sister, after all.

The constant visual stimulation of my mothers and older sister, combined with my lack of success with the girls in my school, led to me becoming very sexually frustrated. I had at least lost my virginity in a drunken encounter on prom night, but with no steady girlfriend my sex life was pretty much nonexistent, leaving me with just my hand and increasingly weird internet porn.

Until I found Jean.

It was a Sunday, my day off from my dead end job as a burger flipper. My moms were being especially affectionate today, kissing and fondling each other as they watched an old movie on TV. It made me happy that they were still so in love after all these years, even as it made me unwillingly horny to see them at it. I decided to go for a walk, hoping the fresh air would calm me down a bit and wanting to give them some privacy.

Mooching around the block, I turned a corner into a part of the suburb I hadn’t really explored before. It looked a bit sketchy to be honest, as sketchy as suburban America can anyway. I would have passed right on if I hadn’t seen the sign: YARD SALE.

Never able to resist a good yard sale, I approached the tables laid out in front of a nice looking house. I was the only customer, and the middle aged lady running the sale waved at me from her deck chair.

“Just holler if you find anything dear!” she said cheerfully, returning to her magazine.

I looked over the tables, quickly passing over most of the junk that normally litters yard sales. Stacks of DVDs and crappy board games, old belt buckles, broken paperbacks, all that shit. I was just examining an old stopwatch when I saw it. A lamp. I shit you not, it was an oil lamp, like from Aladdin or something. It looked really old and beat up, with stains covering most of the surface. I reached out to it, mostly to confirm that such an odd item was really here, and felt a tingling in my fingers as I touched its strangely warm surface.

“How much for this lamp?” I called over to the lady, waving it at her.

“What lamp?” said the lady, standing and coming over. I showed it to her. “How strange,” she said, “I don’t remember ever seeing that before. Perhaps another customer left it here by mistake!” She shook her head in mild confusion. “Oh well, it’s here now so I suppose I can sell it to you. Five dollars seems fair to me, don’t you think?”

I agreed, and handed over my cash. I don’t really know why I was so eager to own the lamp, but something about it called to me. I didn’t bother to look over the rest of the stuff on sale, thanking the lady and leaving, grasping the lamp tightly in my hand. I hastily made my way home, rushing past to my room and doing my best to ignore the giggles and moans coming from my mom’s bedroom door as I passed by.

I set on my bed and examined the lamp. It really did look old. I felt really silly now I was home, having bought this ridiculous piece of junk. It didn’t feel warm or tingly now, just rusty and dented. I almost threw it in the trash, but then made the all important decision. I rubbed the lamp.

“Holy crap it’s good to get out of there again!” said a voice in my ear.

I nearly had a heart attack! I jumped sideways, away from the girl who had suddenly appeared on the bed next to me. I backed into the corner, clutching the lamp defensively and looking her over while I waited for my heart to stop hammering furiously.

The girl was looking at me with a slight smirk, and she was hot. Long black hair flowed down her back, framing her tanned face. Her makeup emphasised her exotic green eyes, which seemed to glitter as they looked me over. My gaze naturally fell to her fantastic tits, wonderfully presented by a low cut shirt. The shirt was short enough to display her flat stomach and navel piercing, and the torn sleeves revealed a winding snake tattoo that travelled up her left arm and disappeared over her shoulder. Ripped jean shorts showed off her long smooth legs and bare feet. Overall, she was the sexiest woman I had ever seen in real life, and she was on my bed.

“What’s the matter?” she said, her smirk turning into a grin, “Never seen a genie before?”

“A genie?” I said, struggling to get the words out, “You’re saying you’re an actual genie, like you can grant wishes?”

“Yep!” she said, “The traditional three wishes. I can make you rich… I can make you famous… I can give you your heart’s desire.”

“But… you don’t look much like a genie.” I said, still not quite believing the situation.

The girl giggled and clicked her fingers. Her shirt and shorts were instantly replaced by a silky green bikini top and loincloth, somehow revealing even more of her perfect body.

“Hey, I keep up with the times! But if this suits better… convinced?” she said.

I nodded, suddenly thinking faster than I ever had before. Three wishes. I’ve always had those idle fantasies of what I would do with three wishes, and they mostly involved working out how to get more. Considering the sight before me, I was frantically modifying my ambitious plan.

“Ok, I think I know what I’m going to wish for.” I said.

“Oh, I like a man who knows what he wants.” said the girl, climbing onto all fours on the bed in front of me and giving me a fantastic view of her wonderful cleavage.

“First,” I said, thinking carefully about my words, “I wish that you are in love with me, want to be my girlfriend, but that you will not be jealous if I pursue other women as well.”

She looked surprised at this.

“Seriously? You want me to be your girlfriend? Well, if that’s your wish.”

She clicked her fingers before closing her eyes and shuddering. Opening her eyes again, she looked at me with a new desire. Where before she had a flirty, superior look in her eye, now she was clearly staring at me with lust.

“Baby,” she said huskily, crawling up the bed towards me. “You have your foxy magical girlfriend in your bed and you haven’t fucked me yet! And I’m so horny after being cooped up in my lamp with nothing but my fingers for company. Give me your cock baby, fill me up…”

She was on top of me now, her face inches from mine. I could hardly believe my luck as she lowered her head and kissed me, her tongue slipping into my mouth to dance with mine. She lowered her barely clothed body onto mine and I dropped the lamp in my rush to explore her with my hands. She moaned into my mouth as I found and squeezed her firm ass, bare under her loincloth, and I moaned back as her hand found my rock hard dick and started rubbing it through my jeans.

“Take it out.” I said between kisses. She obliged, unzipping me and fishing my cock out. She began stroking slowly as she positioned herself above me.

“I need your cock honey,” she said, placing my cockhead at her entrance. “It’s been so long since I had a big, hard dick in my cunt. Fill me!”

She slowly sank down onto my dick, taking me deep into her tight, wet pussy. The feeling was incredible as she began rocking back and forth, riding me hard. I looked up at her wonderful body as it bounced above me, her large tits jiggling within her skimpy bikini. I reached up, pulled her breasts out and massaged them, feeling her nipples harden into my palms. She cooed and bounced more rapidly on my shaft. It was more than my inexperienced body could take.

“I’m going to come!” I groaned, thrusting into her as best I could.

“Come inside me baby!” she squealed, squeezing her cunt muscles around my dick, trying to milk the cum from me. “Fill my hungry pussy with your seed!”

Her encouragements were enough to tip me over the edge, and I thrust as hard as I could and blasted inside her. Stream after stream of sperm shot from my cock, filling her cunt and leaking out from the point where we were joined. She moaned again as I came inside her, leaning down to kiss me hard as I finished.

“That was wonderful babe,” she said, rolling off me, “It’s great to know that I still got it. But you got so excited I didn’t get to come!” She pouted. “I guess we’ll have to go again!”

“Again?” I said, eager but unsure of my abilities, “I’m not sure I can!”

“Well let’s see what we can do about that…” she said, and placed her hands on my temples. “Let’s just see what turns you on, stud…”

I felt a strange tingling in my head and I realised that she was looking into my thoughts! Before I could stop her she pulled away, smiling again.

“Oh you are a kinky boy!” she said, “You’re going to be a great boyfriend, I can tell… and I think I know how to get your motor running again.”

She clicked her fingers, and suddenly changed to look exactly like my sister Keri, dressed in lycra shorts and a sports bra. Her skin glistened with sweat as if she had just been exercising.

“Hey little brother,” she said, winking, “I got really turned on from my run, you know what showing off my fuckable body does to me, so how about I suck you off and you fuck me up the ass?”

I almost choked at hearing such language coming from my ‘sister’, but couldn’t deny the effect on my dick, which was beginning to stir again. ‘Keri’ saw this and moved down my body until she was facing my crotch. I could feel her hot breath on my shaft, which quickly hardened until it bumped against her lips.

“Maybe you’re not my ‘little’ brother after all”, she said, before reaching out with her tongue and licking the head gently. I instinctively thrust forward in response, so she apparently decided to skip the teasing, instead taking me in her mouth and sucking me into her throat. Her nose pressed against my pubes, and she used her tongue to lick my balls briefly before moving her head back and forth, taking me to the root every time like a pro.

After a minute of deepthroating me, ‘Keri’ pulled back. She turned around and climbed on all fours into doggy position before looking back to me.

“Come on bro, pull down my shorts and fuck your sister’s tight asshole.”

I leapt up and pulled at her shorts hard enough to rip them slightly, revealing her sculpted ass and shaved pussy. I had a different goal, so I spat on her asshole and lined my dick up.

“Just push right in bro,” she said, “Your slutty sister’s been getting assfucked since she was a teenager.”

I took her advice and slammed into the hilt. Despite what she had just said, her asshole was incredibly tight, more than her cunt. I began pumping into her ass slowly, enjoying the amazing experience of fucking my sister’s asshole.

“Fuck me rough, big brother,” she said between moans. “Pound my ass and pull my hair!”

I wanted to please her so I started slamming in hard, bottoming out in her guts with each thrust. I reached out and grabbed her short hair as best I could, pulling her head back as I used it as a handle to better ravage her asshole. She reached down with one hand to play with her clit, her moans reaching a fever pitch.

“I’m coming!” she squealed, “Come in my ass, bro! Shoot your spunk into my guts!”

Her words combined with her spasming asshole were enough to make me come as well, and I shot my second load of the afternoon into her tight hole as she writhed on the bed beneath me.

We finished our climaxes together, and I pulled out of her to lie back in my bed, my eyes blissfully closed. I started as I felt something on my wilting dick and looked down to see the girl, back in her own naked form, cleaning me off with her mouth.

“You’re incredible,” I said, stroking her hair. “What’s your name?”

“You can call me Jean,” she said, pulling off my cock and climbing up my body to cuddle me. “Cliche I know, but there it is. And you’re Ali! A good name for my new master.”

“Master? So are you trapped in the lamp?” I said, idly playing with her nipples as we lay together in exhausted happiness.

“Yeah…” she said. “I have to give wishes to whoever owns the lamp, unless someone is nice enough to free me.”

“And if you’re freed, will you still have your powers?” I said, desperately hoping for a positive answer.

“I think so,” she said, nodding and stroking my chest, “But I won’t have to obey a master. I can be my own woman.”

The answer made me very happy, but also guilty as I planned out my remaining two wishes.

“Okay then Jean, here’s my next wish.” I said, “I wish that if I freed you, you would stay with me and use your powers as I wanted forever.”

Jean pushed herself up to look down at me disapprovingly.

“You’re lucky I love you so much, or I’d get mad about that.” she said, snapping her fingers, “Wish granted, you lucky boy.”

I grabbed her face and pulled her in for a long kiss before moving my lips to her ear.

“Then my last wish is for you to be free from your lamp.” I whispered.

She smiled at me, and clicked her fingers.

“Wish granted,” she said, “Now we can have some real fun.”

So magic is real, and you have unchecked power to alter the universe. No, I’m not kidding. Try it for yourself.

Sure, you could save the world or feed the hungry. But wouldn’t it be so much fun to play with it yourself?

No, no. I didn’t try it before you got home. Seriously, I wanted you to have first go. I swear, I didn’t alter your mind before you got here.

I mean, you’ve always dreamed about changing into a mindless bimbo. That’s been your fantasy since you were a teenager, remember?

Honey, of course I’m not going to judge if you use it on yourself first. Go ahead, see what it can do. I have a feeling it’s very effective.