Master PC: Wireless

Excerpt from Master PC: Wireless by Dr. Fakes

“Oh, you big stud guy. Me not know English good, but me know hot to fuck real long and good! Sandy fuck you real good. Me love you to shove dick up Sandy’s hot ass. Shit, I would love that dick in me right now big man. I fuck you so long and good baby!” Sandy said sounding just like a cheap Asian whore now.

“Ok, your turn Sandy. Come on over here and stand next to me.” Sandy bounced over in her little ‘Hooters’ outfit and stood smiling next to me.

“Oh, Mark are you going to make me more sexy too?! I’d love you to do that. I feel so fucking hot now, but I know I can be even hotter. It would be great to be even a bigger bimbo slut than I already am I think.” Sandy said giggling and smiling some.

“Well, ok Sandy. I think I can arrange that. You know I have seen a lot of Asian type girls at ‘Hooters.’ I think I’ll make you Asian now. Yes, that’s a good idea. Sandy I want your face to turn into a hot Asian whore. You should have dark eyes, long straight black hair and become a bit thinner overall. Shrink down a couple of inches too but keep your sexy figure. Yeah, I want you to end up looking like a hot Asian porn star that works at ‘Hooters’ right now.” I said to her.

Again the changes happened fast. Sandy’s face became oriental and her hair changed into deep black long tresses flowing down her arching backside. Her eyes became almond shaped and very dark as her face rounded some. She thinned out like I had said and got a bit shorted. She looked like she could do a whole platoon of marines now all by herself. There really wasn’t much left of the old Sandy now.

“Oh, man that was weird. I feel so odd, but so cock hungry too now. I’d love to serve some army guys some beer and let them paw all over me in this outfit. Yeah that would be fucking hot!” Sandy said as she also ran to look in the mirror.

“How do you like the new you Sandy? I think you look like a real Asian whore now baby!” I yelled at her from the other room.

“Oh, I love it Mark. I love my hair and eyes. I look like a some kind of geisha whore right now! God, it feels so good.” Sandy said coming back and tossing her arms around me. She gave me a kiss on the neck and started to fondle my cock outside my pants.

“Well, Sandy let’s finish you up. I now want you to talk like an Asian whore would. I want you to have a real dirty mouth and try to attract and guys by talking to them or showing off your hot body. Now, I want you to start acting like that now and try it out on me.” I told her. I could see her head shake a little then she got a big grin on her face.

“Oh, you big stud guy. Me not know English good, but me know hot to fuck real long and good! Sandy fuck you real good. Me love you to shove dick up Sandy’s hot ass. Shit, I would love that dick in me right now big man. I fuck you so long and good baby!” Sandy said sounding just like a cheap Asian whore now.


Hey there stud. Like what you see?

Well you’d better! I used the Master PC to turn myself into a perfect fantasy girl for you.

It was actually really easy. First I just changed my personality so that I’d share all of your sexual fetishes, and then it was just totes obvious how freakin’ hot it’d be to look like a little manic pixie dream red-head.

Ya know, I was thinking that we should use it to turn our neighbor, Amanda, into my BFF Mandy.

‘Cept you’d have to do it for me. The moment I clicked OK on the app I forgot how to read.


Hacking Player 2

My wife moved the slider all the way to the right. ‘Max’ displayed in bright red.

“Aww, that’s no fun!” She said with a slight pout. “I can’t make her boobs any bigger.”

I keep my opinions to myself, still in awe of how well this was working.

“Hmm, if I shrink her waist… Hey! That DOES make her chest and ass look fucking HOT! Look, honey!”

She tilted the screen towards me, showing off her new avatar.

“She’s Asian?” I asked.

“Yeah! She’s hot as hell, right! I know you have a thing, and I mean, they can’t be all blonde valley-girls. That’s just BORING.” She flipped back to the profile menu, scrolling through the dozen or so ‘avatars’ she’d built since I passed her the app a couple hours ago.

“Soooo many good options.” she murmured to herself

“I take it, you’re happy now? You’re not still mad I played with you-” I caught myself, “- the program first.”

“Huh? Oh, totally. To be honest, seeing you reprogram me… I…” She trailed off a bit confused as to why she had been so upset. “I think I was just being jealous. Like, if you’re going to make me all slutty and sexy, at least let me have fun with it!”

I chuckled to myself. Making her want to ‘roleplay’, having her design her own fate, it was all too easy.

“OK! Let’s try one out!” She squealed with excitement, passing me back control. “Ohh, make it a really stupid one! I want to be completely brainless when you fuck me. It’ll be easy to forget who I am, and just enjoy your cock!”

I chose one of her creations, the new ‘her’.

With a click my wife disappeared, replaced by an impossible wet dream.

I knew I’d bring the old her back, at least partially. But I wasn’t in a rush; I has so many new versions of her to play with.

iNanno – The Future Is Yours™

We’re proud to announce the formal opening of iNanno Technologies. If you’re seeing this, you’ve likely already participated in our beta test for True Augmented Reality™.  

We’d like to give a special thanks our benevolent corporate partners for their generous donations. Your families and co-workers were excellent subjects and we hope you’re as satisfied with the results as we were!

Disclaimer: due to intellectual property issues, iNanno will be operating as Ishtar Technologies in Syria, Turkey and other EMEA regions.


Do you only transform people into Asian Bimbos?

iNanno™ actually has the ability to alter the reality of any individual. Our most high-profile tests to date have included Asian Bimbos.

Are you all racist/sexist/misogynist?

Our leadership advocates for diversity of mind and background. That’s why True AR™ is not limited by sex, race, kink, or the laws of physics. We believe everyone should be subject to the whims of our customers!

What advantages does iNanno offer over OTTII/MasterPC?

Our competitors have demonstrated the market demand for downgrading difficult employees and general omnipotence. iNanno™ bridges the gap with a complete, scalable, prosumer solution. God-like power is no longer just for the international conglomerates!

Success Stories

Meet the iNanno™ team: Linda joined us back when she was a talented coder. See how she’d adapted to the office culture!

See the results in an archive of the first Brand Ambassador: activist vlogger turned cosplay cam girl,  Ann Akira!

How easy is it to set up and use True AR™? Check out how this couple found a new revenue stream!

Bug Notes

As part of iNanno’s commitment to full transparency, we’re disclosing all new projects and testing. 

Below are the ongoing results of our new Passive-Automated plugin for True AR. What happens when you let our cutting-edge desire detection software take the wheel of reality? Our engineers give three teen ‘volunteers’ a sneak peak!

Alpha Testing Phase 1 – Innocent Corruption

The next chapter in my too long, slow burn story. Read the prologue here.

This Josh kid, I was giving him whatever his teenage heart desired.

Sure his ‘heart’. Let’s cut the crap. You tuned it into whatever the kid wanted to fuck, and let reality shift to whatever was bubbling around his hormonal daydreams.

Not to trivalizie the shitstorm that followed, the automated system performed beautifully. I mean, when we first cracked Master-

Mark, shut the fuck up.

What, are we still pretending this wasn’t all reverse engendered from some mythical freeware ‘MasterPC’ that you stumbled on-

*audio file corrupted for next 30 seconds*

Ahem. Our FULLY in-house breakthrough did have some surprises. DIDN’T IT MARK.

Oh yes, ha. I mean, it would be LUDICROUS to think we could know everything this stuff could do. Even if WE BUILT IT COMPLETELY FROM THE GROUND UP!

Christ, man. You don’t have too sell it that hard…

Three days earlier…

Josh waited around the corner from the house, killing time, trying not to show up too early. He’d had a crush on Ashley since he’d first seen her in Econ 101, and he’d spent the first week of orientation working up the courage to talk to the striking brunette two seats over.

Ashley was one of those rare hot girls who seemed to be oblivious to just how attractive she was. Some innocent Facebook stalking revealed a timeline of a slightly chubby, but unabashedly cheerful teen that had struggled with acne. Sometime after senior year, Ashley had taken up running, shed the awkward adolescent baby fat. Her skin had cleared and bam, the ugly duckling was a jaw dropping swan.

While in some alternate universe, Josh may have actually had a shot with this beauty. They got along great, had the same tastes and humor. Once they began jogging together, Josh almost had the balls to ask her out. It was between out-of-breath banter (fuck, Ashley was hot when she was flushed and sweaty) when she dropped the news her boyfriend, Grant, would be visiting for the weekend.

To top it all off, this boyfriend from high school was just a great guy. Josh had been prepared to hate his guts, but the dude was just as charming and chill as Ashley. As much as he hated to admit it, Grant and Ashley were perfect for each other.

So hot, funny and unavailable. Well, at least he had a solid wingman. Ashley had taken to trying to set him up with Megan, a redhead from her dorm that was unquestionably out of his league. Ashley had set up a thinly veiled attempt to matchmake by inviting Megan and Josh to join her and Grant for pizza and studying.

Ashley had the suspiciously cushy job of house sitting some tech millionaire’s cookie-cutter mansion in this well-to-do subdivision. So Josh sat sweating in his beat up, hand me down car, wishing he had saved enough this semester to fix the AC.

God time was crawling. He’d already gotten some sideway glances from the preppy looking assholes at adjacent golf course. As much as he hated to admit it, the he was jealous of the pink polo wearing yuppies, especially when their tanned, fit wives dropped off some cold drinks on the green.

Hate the preppies, but jealous of their snobby bimbos. Is that hypocrisy? Or am I just dying of thirst?

It was still a little early, but Josh decided the humility of showing up now was better than sitting in this pathetic sweat-box.

“Yay! Josh is here!” Ashley gave Josh a friendly hug, not noticing his blush behind his already heat-flushed face. “God, you look completely overheated!”

“AC’s still broken,” Josh squeaked as he shuffled through the foyer. “Sorry if I’m early. First one here?”

“Nooope! You boys will need to catch up!” came a loud, slightly slurred exclamation from the living room.

“Hey Megan.” Josh called out, making his way to the voice. “I guess studying’s off the table?”

Megan was sprawled out on the sofa, face in her phone. In front of her was a half-empty bottle of vodka and a sweating pitcher of lemonade.

“Come one geek, it’s college! You need to learn to multitask!” Megan didn’t look up, but loosely gestured to the pitcher. “Solo cups are on the kitchen counter.”

“Umm… I think I’ll wait for the food.” Josh muttered.

“Megan, I’d like to introduce you to the campus lightweight.” Ashley said, putting a hand on his shoulder. “You always give me shit for getting tipsy off one drink, but this boy’s even worse.”

“Ha! Didn’t think that was possible!” Megan finally looked up, and Josh was immediately struck off balance by her smile. She was gorgeous all right, but any chance of impressing her probably just evaporated. Now she was going to think he was some buzzkill…


Who was really, really smiling at him. How drunk was she?

“Ashley, Ashley, Ashley…” Megan put on a half pouting face and pulled herself off the couch. “I told you I like them innocent, but you’re making it too easy.”

Josh was at a loss for words. Was Megan really coming on to him? Was he really this lucky?

“I’ll take good care of Joshy boy tonight… I promise to get his pants off before he passes out,” Megan said with a wink. “Consent is the word. I want you to remember anything that happens tonight.”

“Well, mix him a drink then! I just ordered pizza and Grant will be here soon.” Ashley responded with an eye roll.

“Errrr…” Josh was still struggling to find a reply. Megan was laying it on thick, and Ashley seemed oblivious to how freaky this was. Megan had always brushed Josh aside, and normally was Miss Ice Queen at parties.

“Hey,” Ashley leaned into Josh to half-whisper “I told you she was totally into you!”

“What the hell are you talking about? You never said-” Josh was cut off by a vibrating phone.

“Oh, it’s Grant! Hold on a sec, Josh.” Ashley swiped left and put the phone up to her ear. “Running a bit late? That’s…”


“That’s totally cool! K, see ya soon!” Ashley put down the phone. “Guys pizza will be a little late. They’re really busy tonight. Guess we’ll just have to start drinking now!”

Josh was confused. “Pizza? I thought it was Grant calling? I saw his name on the ID. Is he bringing the pizza?”

Both girls looked at him with confusion.

“Who’s Grant? Did you invite another guy, Ashley?” Megan asked. “I thought tonight we’d… you know…” She gave a not-too-subtle shrug and wink.

“You bitch!” Ashley said with teasing humor, slapping Megan’s arm. “I told you that when I was drunk!”

“Hey, umm… “ Josh was painfully curious where this was going, but he couldn’t get things straight. “So is Grant coming tonight?”

“Is this code or something?” Megan said, pouring herself another vodka lemonade. “You two are so fucking cute with your inside jokes! I wish I’d met the love of my life back in highschool. If you and Ashley aren’t going to let me in on the joke, I’m going to be jealous.”

Something was seriously off here. Was it something in the drink? Or a strange joke?

“Awww, Megan’s getting jealous again!” Ashley leaned on Josh and gave an overly loud kiss on his cheek. “Isn’t she cute when she’s jealous?”

Ashley leaned in and licked Josh’s ear, causing him to jump away.

What the fuck…. He was torn between the strangeness of the situation and the sudden hardness in his pants.

“Ha!” Megan nearly did a spit take. “You scared him. Hey, no need to be shy! I’m cool with some PDA… and then some.” She winked at Ashley, who shot a death glare back at her friend.

“Megan! I told you not to say anything!!” Ashley was legitimately blushing. She added through clenched teeth “Not yet at least!”

Josh had zero idea what was happening, but decided to just play along.

“Well, let’s kill some time before the pizza gets here. Unless you’ve got something else planned, baby?” He raised he eyebrows at Ashley.

“Uummmmm….” Ashley looked genuinely embarrassed. “Cups! You don’t have a dink yet, you need to catch up!” She bolted to the kitchen, avoiding eye-contact with both of them. 

”Ha! Her face gets so red when she’s nervous! Josh, does she blush in bed? I bet she does!” Megan grabbed Josh’s hand and dragged him along to the kitchen.

Ashley was pulling the cups out of the plastic, still beet red.

“Hey Ash!” Megan jumped onto the counter next to Josh’s inexplicably new/long-time girlfriend. “Josh said he’d totally be cool with what we had planned! Right Joshy?” Megan winked and tilted her head at Ashley.   

Josh just shrugged. He had no earthly clue what was going on, but he was loving it, Now if only there was some way to keep cool. Collected. Confident.

Hell, if those country club jocks across the road could pull in the Stepford Bimbos, he could navigate this.



Brooke loved her husband and was confident that he’d never cheat — she even fulfilled all of his sex fantasies just to make sure.

But still, he had been acting weird. Going out at strange hours. Talking to her differently. Even sex had this bizarre mix of hot and cold.

So before going to her job as a yoga instructor — she taught the ever-popular all-girls tantric bikram class — Brooke decided to snoop on her husband’s laptop, just to see if there was anything weird in his emails or text messages or whatever. 

Brooke wasn’t sure what she’d find — maybe a new girl at work was being a little too friendly. Or maybe he was planning some sort of surprise for their upcoming anniversary.

But she certainly wasn’t expecting to see a picture of herself on something called Master PC. It even listed a bunch of random personal information about her: weight, job, breast size, sexual orientation. All the info was correct, but, well, weird.

It said “Sexy yoga instructor” under the “Job” listing — accurate, Brooke thought to herself with a smile — but next to that was the word “psychiatrist” with a line though it.

She skimmed over the pages of info:

Breast size: A-Cup D-Cup

Skin tone: Pale Tan

Sexuality (0-10): Four Nine

Hair length: Shoulder Mid-Back

It was all too much to take in, though Brooke definitely saw the words “exhibitionist” “sporty” and “loves posting in Instagram.”

But it was the last paragraph all the way at the bottom under “Contingency” that caught Brooke’s attention.

“If Brooke ever finds Master PC on her husband’s computer,” she read to herself. “She will use it to make herself sexier for her husband, whom she loves and adores.”

Brooke paused for a second.

“Well,” the former psychiatrist said as she clicked a few keys. “Goodbye gag reflex.”

And with a smile, she closed the laptop, took a selfie of herself, posted it to her Insta page, and walked out of the apartment in her shorts and sports bra, ready to teach a bunch of cuties how to sweat it up.