Full Orientation

Linda has to adjust to some unexpected changes at her new job.

Full Orientation

“I don’t get it. When you interviewed me last month, you said you needed an experienced coder ASAP. Now, right when I’m about to begin orientation, you tell me you’re at go-live! After I’ve turned down an offer from OTTII and moved halfway across the country!”

Well now, Linda. Or Lin, can I can you Lin? I know you were hoping to be part of the launch team, but we’ve had a bit of a breakthrough since last we spoke. I’m sure there’s another role for you here.

“First off, NO – you can’t call me ‘Lin’. Second, if there’s no Development Director role, this is a blatant breach of our employment contact! I’m not going to be some beta tester on your live platform. I knew I shouldn’t have joined up with a bunch of brogrammers”

Let not get ahead of ourselves Lin – I mean Linda. You should really check out -heh- Orientation before walking away from this exciting position. We’ve done some wonder work in what we’re dubbing True Augmented Reality.


“Huh… what just happened… Wait WHAT AM I WEARING?! ”

It’s your new Beta Testing uniform. Once you’re done with Orientation, you’ll be free to leave for the day. Let’s not forget, you’ll be the one in breach of contract for absenteeism if you walk now.

“This is bullshit. But you know what, just keep digging your grave here you sick freak.”

I promise you, this is all in your initial contract. Since the product is going to market early, I thought the boys on the team here could get some use out of their hard work.

We had a vote, and to be honest, between the impression you made when you interviewed and Mark’s ‘Orient-ation’ pun submission, this ‘Horny Asian Schoolgirl’ stereotype easily won.

Now let’s see if the personality update is working yet.

“The personality update? Huh? I’m sorry it’s so difficult to think with all these pink clouds. Were they always there? You see those too, right?”

Ha! Looks like the update is working just fine. Why don’t we introduce you to the team? Give a nice smile!

“Ughh… guess it Lin’s job right? Tehehe… Hai everyone!”

Now let’s get you properly acquainted Ling. You don’t mind if I call you Ling right?

“Mister boss-san call Ling-Ling whatever he like!” *giggle*

Oh boy, Mark really went overboard with the stereotype part. Well, that’s what beta testers are for, right Ling-Ling? Why don’t you let the boys see how happy you are to be working with them.

Game Changer

As the last puzzle piece fell into place, Lara could hear the click behind the wall. Finally, after weeks of searching for the rune keys in the surrounding jungle, she’d finally get to see if the mysterious legends we’re true.

Pushing the stone door inward, she took the first careful steps into the darkness, her eyes still struggling to make out anything ahead.


Bloody hell. I should have know this was another trap!

“Man, this is boring. Seriously, this is the new Tomb Raider?”

The voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. Lara searched the inky black surroundings for some hint of the source.

A second voice chimed in. “Yup, another reboot. The graphics are amazing, and the AI is supposedly unbelievable…”

Reboot? AI? Lara wondered to herself. What is this, some dastardly hacking conspiracy? But why play her this recording?

“Check out this mod.” Said the second voice, a slight crack betraying the speaker’s immaturity.

They’re just boys. Teenagers. Too many questions. Where the hell is my flashlight?

She began rooting around her backpack, with the voices being replaced by faint keystrokes and mouse clicks.

“Oh man!” Voice number one was pleasantly surprised by whatever he was looking at. “Where did you get all these? Even that last one was fucking hot as hell. With that tan outfit?”

Some more clicks, then suddenly…

Load.Custom_Skin “Legend”

The lights came on (all the lights, so bright) and Lara watched the floor receed back, giving her vertigo.

Wait, no. The floor didn’t move, I’m taller?

“Almost done loading…” Said the squeaky voice.

She looked down for the rawhide, single strapped bag she’d been rummaging through.

Gone! Wait no, it’s on my back. How is that-

Her breath caught in her throat. Her backpack wasn’t the only thing that had changed. Her entire outfit was different, and her body…

“Those hips! Ha!” The first voice was amused.

She was going to cry out, but another wave of shock came over her. Her memories… They we’re being overwritten. A strange double vision clouded her mind.

“Turn her around, I want to see the model.”

While she should have been in shock, the voice of her new, over confident personality took it all in maddening stride.

Hmm. I’m still Lara Croft, even with these magic changes. And, really, I look quite sexy if I do say so!

Suddenly having the runway skill of a super model, Lara walked a slow, strutting circle for her unseen audience.

The remaining, old personality cried out for reason in silence. What am I thinking? This is madness!

“What else do we have. Is that one based on that movie? Holy shit, she was smoking. With the all black outfit?”

Load.Custom_Skin “Angelina”

Another parallel personality wrote itself over her already fragile mind. Lara wanted to believe it was her own endurance that made this next change easier, but deep down she knew it was her own self-identity eroding.

Her lips felt permanently pursed, outfit uncomfortablly tight.

<But damn I look good.>

The voices seemed to agree. “Oof. Her in that poster was the first thing I ever jerked off to.”

“Dude! Too much detail!”

“Sorry. Come on, look at her.”

“… Ok, yeah. But these fan mods are kind of a mixed bag. I’m worried it’s going to corrupt the AI.”

“Fuck it, you can always just reinstall. I mean, this is totally worth it.”

<Yeah boys, I’m worth it.>

Wait, no! What am I saying?

<Oh, I know men look at me. That’s girl power! Getting men to think you’re hot! And I’m so bloody hot.>

No! This isn’t me! This doesn’t make sense!

“Umm, she’s glitching pretty hard.”

“I told you, these mods can corrupt her personality. Seems like there’s a serious conflict. Let me try a full conversion…”

Load.Custom_Skin “Fantasy”

The warring voices stopped. Now Lara’s head was clear. It was simple, she was a sex object.

Her outfit was impractacle on every level. Her physique impossibly curvy, more a wet dream than femme fatale. But who needed to be a treasure hunter, when you could just pretend to be one in the bedroom?

“God. Damn.”

Hehe. I bet they really like me now.

Lara didn’t even wait for commands. She posed, sticking her ass in the air and thrusting out her massive tits.

“Umm. I think I’m going to head home and play this myself. Can you send me this mod?” Voice number one mumbled.

He sounds distracted. Mhmm, I wonder if they’re both hard? I bet I can make them so fucking hard.

“Yeah. I’m going to keep playing with Lara- err, the settings.” The second voice sweaked out. “I’ll forward over the skins, as well as this template. It’s a starting point for building your own.”

Oh, yay! They’re both going to keep playing with me.

Load.Custom_Skin “Classic.Blank”

Lara was plastic and empty.

The AI needed content, so the closest thing to a thought was just a stream of simple commands.

Pose. Obey. Do whatever is asked.

Now she was just a shell of a being. A doll waiting for instructions, ready to preform without a moment’s thought. Desperate to be played with, to be molded into whatever fantasy her user had.

Lara waited, patiently, for the next change. She knew she was going to love it.

So magic is real, and you have unchecked power to alter the universe. No, I’m not kidding. Try it for yourself.

Sure, you could save the world or feed the hungry. But wouldn’t it be so much fun to play with it yourself?

No, no. I didn’t try it before you got home. Seriously, I wanted you to have first go. I swear, I didn’t alter your mind before you got here.

I mean, you’ve always dreamed about changing into a mindless bimbo. That’s been your fantasy since you were a teenager, remember?

Honey, of course I’m not going to judge if you use it on yourself first. Go ahead, see what it can do. I have a feeling it’s very effective.

Clouded Judgement


Small part of a longer outline I had. Not sure if it’s worth it to expand out, as I kind of like the ambiguity of this section. Let me know if you think I should continue.

“You know, you can still stop this at any time, right?” My wife said with a knowing smirk. At least I think she was my wife, it was getting difficult to focus. Even without the distraction of her impossibly fit body grinding against me. I could barely count on to what was ‘real’.

“You could change everything back and make us all forget this even happened.” She was teasing, not even trying to sell authenticity in the slight whimper that escaped her lips between each sentence.

My ‘wife’ was just teasing out the moment, knowing that in spite of my half-hearted pleas, I wasn’t going to save her. I wasn’t going to save myself.

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Regressive Progression

Warning – contains raceplay and forced transformation

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I”m supposed to be here, remember?”

“Oh.” she said, wondering how she could forget she had invited him over? “OK. What were you doing here anyway?”

“You were…” he paused, distracted with something on the small gizmo he had in his hand “…you were about to apologize for being such a bitch to me.”

She scoffed. “I really doubt that.”

He typed away furiously at the the small screen in front of him, then looked up with a distrustful smile. “Oh, I think that’s exactly what you’re going to do.”

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Melo Imai gave up boarding after the 2006 Turin Games under intense scrutiny from the media and took to earning money as a hostess in a bar, as well as becoming a porn star in soft-core films.

Imai, a national hero at the time, competed for Japan as an 18-year-old in Italy but failed to win a medal in the halfpipe event.

“After the Olympics, I was making as much as a company president, and sometimes I’d go party at a host club and drop $9,000 in a single night,” Imai said of the career change.

Who needs a gold medal when you can be an Asian bimbo?

Social Studies

She looks up at me, her skin flushed, her eyes glazed a bit, goosebumps on her bare skin, only her black panties still on her slim body. She stares at me for a moment, takes a step towards me, obviously undergoing some furious internal struggle, then take another step.

“Jake, listen. You’re so wrong. I want you to know, you offend me… with everything you say. You’re a racist, sexist pig. Fuck. I hate you, so much. Everything you stand for, you misogynist fucking pig, I… I hate you.” 

She takes another step towards the bed. 

“Tell me again… tell me what your friend said to that girl. Tell me what he said to her when she was… when she was sucking his white dick.”

excerpt from Social Studies by Ling00