Falling Up, Falling In

Another collaboration with the excellent Abby White.

This one’s from a while back, but haven’t gotten around to properly editing it. Also, super hard to find SFW tentai images for Tumblr.

Warning: Contains mind control, forced F2F transformation, tentai and oviposition.

it was a stupid idea. Aliens didn’t exist. Alice has told herself that for years, yet here she was with Genieve and Becca in a goddamn forest looking for little grey men. She shook her head well you two can keep looking at the stars imma go over here and call John she misses her boyfriend. She made her way to a small clearing and took out her phone, momentarily blinded by the sudden light and began to text away.

Alice was too fixated on her screen to notice the stars above her being blotted out silently, the night sky being replaced by an inky blackness. There was a barely audible hum of otherworldly machinery powering whatever massive machine that was now directly over her.

Her phone flickered and the signed died, she tugged and smacked her phone against her thigh come on you stupid thing it was then that the hairs on her body stood on end. Humans were animals though they claimed the questionable honour of being self aware, however, animal instincts screamed through Alice’s body as a fundamental sense of wrongness seeped into her “Hey guys! Guys where are you?” her voice seemed to have lost the echo it had mere moments ago

But it was already too late, her cries might as well have been a hundred miles away. Alice was not trapped, though she wouldn’t realize just how trapped until later.

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