Amy stroked her stepfather’s cock in desperation. She needed his cum so badly. She ran home as quickly as possible just like he commanded. Daddy said if she pleased him she could have an extra taste today. “Maybe we should stop, your mother will be home soon.”

No! She wasn’t being a good girl. He wasn’t going to reward her. Think Amy… what do good girls do? They beg!

“Please daddy….I’m yours…..your pet….your toy….anything….please daddy….I want to please you….I know I don’t deserve you….I know I’m just a cum addicted whore….but I beg you….please cum on my face!”

Her eyes began to well up with tears and she felt her daddy get harder. She began crying harder, she was so close to being his good girl. What did he want? Think Amy.

“I am nothing without you daddy….I will do anything for you….please daddy….if you cum on my face I’ll save it and dose my friends….would that please you?”

Daddy’s eyes began to roll back. That’s it! Daddy wanted to fuck her friends!

“Oh daddy….I’ll dose all of them….all my cheerleader friends….would that please you?….we’ll wear our uniforms for you daddy…..so you can undress us and use our tight teenage bodies….” God daddy’s so close.. “I’ll even dose Janet, would you like me to dose my little sister daddy? So you can have two fucktoys living with you, worshiping you?”

At that daddy came all over his sweet little girl’s face. “Oh thank you daddy, thank you!”

“Clean me” daddy commanded. “Oh yes of course daddy” Amy’s tongue went up and down her daddy’s cock. “Save the cum like a good girl. I’ll give you a load everyday this week, so when you have your sleepover this weekend daddy can enjoy your friends.”

“Anything you wish daddy. What about Janet?”

“Don’t worry about her. I’ve already begun her training”