Good Girl: Part 2

I released my grip on the carpet as daddy pulled his cock from my pussy and the euphoria of my last orgasm faded enough to almost hold a thought in my head. “Isn’t this better baby girl?” Daddy asked as he squeezed my ass.

“So much better daddy” I moaned, feeling the sensation of his cum dripping from my pussy and rolling down my inner thigh. It was better than anything I could have dreamed possible, I couldn’t even fathom not living on my knees servicing daddy, it’s hard to believe I ever resisted.

8 Months Ago….


I tried to block the thoughts out of my head after the trip and things slowly returned to normal. I went back to the dorms, my mom went back to work and my stepdad never seemed to be home when I was there on the weekends. “It’s so nice to have you around the house so often” my mother told me as she did yoga, “I figured you’d want to just spend your weekends on campus.”

“It’s relaxing here” I lied. The truth was I kept coming home because I wanted to see my stepfather. I was both relieved and disappointed each time I came home and he wasn’t there. “So where’s your husband been?” I finally worked up the courage to ask.

“Oh I never ask” my mom responded, “That way I appreciate it more when he blesses me with his presence. But his number is in the phone he gave you if you want to tell him you miss him.”

“Gross…” I lied again. How had I never noticed that he put his number in my contacts under Daddy!? I fixated on it for a long time before I nervously began to compose a text. Stop. I don’t want this…I’m only excited about the idea of it, I don’t actually want him, I told myself before hitting SEND – Hi 🙂

Just as I hit the button the door opened and he walked in. My mom ran to the door to greet him. My heart raced and I felt my pussy get wet at the sound of his voice “That’s the kind of welcome I love.”


“Well if it isn’t my lovely stepdaughter” he said sitting down across from me, “To what do we owe this honor?”

“I just happened to be…near home…” I said losing my confidence as his bright eyes seemed to look right through me.

“Honey?” he called to my mother without taking his eyes off of me, “Why don’t you go out and get us dinner tonight?”

“Yes dear…” she said and began to gather her things.

“Mom aren’t you already cooking?” I asked, trying to avoid eye contact now.

“She can put it in the fridge” he said, “I’d like daddy-daughter time.” I let out a moan at his words and hated myself for it.

“You two have fun!” mom called out before I heard the door close. I looked back and his eyes were still on me, this time scanning my body. I bit my lip nervously… what was he going to tell me to do this time? Why do I want him to make me do his bidding?

“You like your new phone baby girl?” he asked without a hint of emotion in his voice.

“Yes…” I answered worried this might be about the charges I’d racked up on expensive apps.

“I bet you have your eyes glued on it all day, just like all the girls your age” he smirked at his own remark. I hated when old people complained about how much kids my age used our phones.  “I bet you take a lot of selfies.”

“Yeah I guess so?” I said

“And why aren’t you sending them to me?” he asked in his serious deep tone. “Do you think I care about getting smiley faces?” He held up his phone showing my text to him under the name ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’

“I’m sorry…I just thought…” I stuttered out. Why did I care what he thought? Why would I send my stepdad selfies?

“Stop thinking and take off your panties” he ordered


“Yes daddy” I said instantly removing my panties and reacting to his command without thinking. He held out his hand and I hesitantly handed them over.

“These are soaking wet,” he said with a raised eyebrow and I felt my cheeks flush with embarrassment. “Have you been thinking about me little girl?”

My lip quivered as my mind attempted to lie, but blurted out “Yes daddy” as he stood up.

“Get on your knees for daddy” he commanded and I slipped off the sofa to my knees. He stood there, towering above me as I looked up at him with my heart racing. Was he going to let me…I mean make me suck his cock?


He unzipped his pants and pulled out that beautiful cock, putting it inches from my face. “Is this what you want baby girl?” he asked petting my head.

“Yes daddy” I said feeling my pussy juices dripping to the rug. I was so close, just say it daddy…tell me to put it in my mouth. Make me taste you. Make me swallow you. Treat me like a little….

The door opened, mom was back with dinner. “Wash up and get ready to eat” Daddy commanded while putting his cock back in his pants and walking away.

After dinner I was a wreck. Sitting across from him as we ate was too much. I wanted to leave but he told me to wait until everyone was finished before leaving the table. Then he proceeded to eat slower, even having my mother rub his shoulders while he finished desert. “You may go now” he said.

I practically ran to the bathroom and jumped in the shower without even caring about the cold temperature. I started playing with my pussy and sucking on my thumb like it was his cock. “Yes daddy” I moaned as I sucked. “Make me daddy, make me be a bad girl. Make me please you. Make me your little fucktoy.”


After cumming three times I finally actually started washing my body. When I stepped out of the shower I saw a text…from daddy. It just said Send Pic I held up the camera to the mirror, arched my hips slightly and sent him a selfie.


“Your daughter just sent me a nude selfie. Do you want to feel me cum inside your mouth knowing I’m staring at her teen body?”

“Yes master, anything for you…”